Best Laser Hair Removal Reviews – Home Laser Hair Removal Systems, Devices and Machines for Women and Men

If you’re tired of unwanted body hair and sick of shaving, trimming and plucking, you might be considering laser hair removal. Professional laser hair removal can cost thousands of dollars, but there are many devices which can deliver comparable results in the privacy and comfort of your own home (plus, having a home laser removal system will quickly pay for itself). To achieve smooth skin and prevent regrowth, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do multiple treatments. However, your effort will be well rewarded. If you’re confused about which laser hair removal device to buy, we can help. We’ve looked high and low for the best laser hair removal system brands , and we’ve narrowed down our list to five of the very best and the magnificent products they sell.
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Good for
Our Top Choice
DEESS 3 in 1 IPL Laser Hair Removal Kit
DEESS makes highly sophisticated devices which are designed to eliminate hair from diferent parts of the body as well as acne and pimples.
Easy to use. Totally safe and painless. Achieve 90% hair removal in up to 12 weeks. Short sessions per leg/arm – about 8 minutes.
Very few people didn’t get the desired results, but maybe they didn’t followed the instructions correctly.
8 minutes
90% hair reduction in 3 months
2 additional lamps skin and acne
Leg, arms, armpits
Best Value
SmoothSkin Bare Laser Hair Removal System
SmoothSkin makes laser hair removal devices which can eliminate skin from various parts of the body such as arms, legs, and face.
Compact and lightweight. Safe and efficient. 100 flashes per minute. Built-in skin sensor. Easy to use.
Some people would have preferred a cordless design, but this model ensures no downtimes whatsoever.
100 per minute
10 minutes
92% hair reduction in 4 weeks
Whole body and face
Philips Lumea Advanced Laser Hair Removal
Phillips is one of the most renowned and prestigious brands of electronics out there, making hair removal systems, household appliances and even smartphones.
Easy to use. Delivers results in just a couple of weeks. Corded, so no downtimes. Safe and reliable.
Not suitable for people with dark skin.
10 minutes
75% hair reduction in 4 weeks
Carrying bag
Whole body and face
Braun Venus Silk-Expert 3 IPL Laser Device
Braun makes high-quality electronics and household appliances such as blenders, coffee machines, laser hair removal systems and more.
Compact, lightweight and portable. Ideal for body and face. 10-minute session, 80 pulses per minute. Built in skin sensor.
Minor reliability problems reported by a few customers, but the product itself comes with a warranty period.
10 minutes
80% hair reduction in 4 weeks
Gillette razor
Leg, arms, armpits
MLAY IPL Hair Removal System
Mlay makes hair removal systems for both men and women. Its products are highly effective, safe, and can be used on most skin types.
Attractive design and easy to use. Corded version, no need to recharge it. Choice of pink or blue. Results in just 1 month of use.
Might heat the skin a little bit, but if you think it's too hot for you, adjust the device to a lower tolerance level.
10 minutes
82% hair reduction in 4 weeks
Goggles, disk
Whole body and face

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What Is The Best Laser Hair Removal? Read our Review to Find Out

It might seem like all of the available laser hair removal systems are the same, but there are some big differences you should be aware of. Different devices employ different laser and pulsed light technologies, and they offer different features and treatment methods. You’ll also want to make sure that you choose a device that will work for your skin and hair type. To learn more, read on and see our top picks. We’ve selected five trusted brands and chosen a great product from each.

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Our Top Choice
The DEESS hair removal beauty kit is ideal for eliminating undesired hair from your legs and arms within just a couple of months of regular use. This device is completely safe and it doesn’t irritate your skin. If you have a bigger budget, you may want to take a look at the DEESS Upgraded Permanent Hair Removal System for men and women. It has 3 in 1 functionality and promises 95% hair reduction in 6-12-weeks.

DEESS Hair Removal Beauty Kit - For Home Use, Corded Design, 3 in 1 System, 3 Buying Options Available


DEESS is a brand that makes high quality hair removal systems and devices which can rejuvenate your skin. Its products incorporate advanced technology which doesn’t harm the skin, but effectively reduces hair growth over a period of several weeks, until complete hair removal is achieved.

For example, the iLight 3 Plus from DEESS is available in several buying options and it is based on IPL light which is known for its therapeutic benefits. The kit contains a lamp for hair removal which is capable of offering up to 350,000 flashes, a device for skin rejuvenation and another one for acne and pimple clearance. You might need to use the device for up to 8 minutes for each arm or leg and in about 3 months of continuous usage, more than 90% of the hair will be removed from that area. This device is completely safe and tested by specialists, it is totally painless and you don’t need to apply a cooling gel on the skin afterwards. In the package you'll also find goggles which should be used when treating and the manufacturer offers a warranty period of 2 years for this product which is highly convenient.

Best Value
The Bare Ultrafast IPL Hair Removal System from SmoothSkin can produce amazing results in as little as 4 weeks and one session takes less than 10 minutes to complete. If you want a higher end hair removal system, check out the Pure IPL Intelligent Hair Removal System from the same manufacturer. It has unlimited flashes so you’ll never have to worry about running out.

SmoothSkin Bare Ultrafast IPL Hair Removal System – FDA Cleared, 2 Years Warranty


Just as the name implies, SmoothSkin specializes in devices which can make your skin smooth as silk in a safe and effective way. It creates a couple of laser hair removal systems which provide unlimited flashes and can be used for eliminating hair from arms, legs, and face.

For example, the Bare Ultrafast IPL Hair Removal System from SmoothSkin is available at an affordable price and it can be used to get rid of body hair quickly and efficiently. The device provides up to 100 flashes per minute and it comes with a special sensor which basically checks the skin before applying the flash. In as little as 10 minutes, you can complete a hair removal session and it is necessary to do one or two per week. In as little as 4 weeks, you'll see that your skin is much smoother and most of the hair has been removed, leaving a beautiful and supple skin on your legs or arms.

This product is FDA cleared and it comes with a Gentle mode which is more suitable for removing hair from delicate areas. The manufacturer offers a warranty period of 2 years for this product, so you have nothing to worry about.

The New Philips Lumea SC1999 IPL Hair Remover from Phillips is one of the most advanced and effective hair removal systems currently available on the market. It is designed by experts and can provide up to 8 weeks of hair-free skin. This model is corded, but if you want a cordless version which also comes with more attachments and accessories, check out the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Hair Removal Device for body, face and bikini area.

Philips Lumea Advanced IPL Hair Removal System For Body, Face And Bikini >250,000 Light Pulses Shots 


Philips doesn’t need any introduction as it is a leading manufacturer of electronics, including shaving devices for men and laser hair removal systems for women. The products made by Phillips are not only highly reliable, they are also designed to be safe and efficient when used correctly.

The New Philips Lumea SC1999 IPL Hair Remover is one of the most advanced and easy to use hair removal systems on the market. It can deliver more than 250,000 light pulses and it is suitable for people who want to eliminate hairs from various body areas such as legs and arms. In as little as 4 weeks and by using it two times per week, this device can ensure the removal of up to 75% of body hair, leaving the skin supple and smooth as silk. You will eventually have to use it from time to time to eliminate additional hairs which grow on their own, but up to this point, this device is highly appreciated by more than 1 million women out there. It has been designed with the help of numerous dermatologists and experts in the field!

The Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert hair removal device produces up to 80 light pulses per second and it automatically adjust the light setting depending on the skin tone, to deliver the best results possible. This particular model is a bit older, so it will cost you less. But if you want Braun’s latest generation IPL take a look at the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL Laser Hair Removal Device.

Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert 3 Permanent Hair Reduction IPL - Intense Pulsed Light, SensoAdapt Technology, Body Hair Removal System with Razor


You definitely have heard of Braun before as this is a renowned manufacturer of household electronics, selling its products in USA, Europe and Asia. Apart from laser hair removal systems, it also makes shaving devices for men, hand blenders, desk calculators, even alarm clocks. Braun is a German company and as you probably already know, German engineering is one of the best in the world.

The Gillette Venus Silk-Expert laser hair removal from Braun comes with a special razor for completing the elimination of body hair and it is capable of delivering up to 80 light pulses per minute. The duration of a treatment session is just 10 minutes and by using the device 1-2 times per week for 4 weeks, you ensure that most of the hair from the treated area will be gone! The IPL technology incorporated into this device is very modern and efficient, so you have nothing to worry about.

Additionally, this product has a skin sensor which checks the skin tone and automatically adjust the light intensity to deliver the best results. It has a beginner's mode as well as a delicate mode which can be activated if you haven’t used a laser hair removal system before or you're eliminating hairs from delicate areas such as armpits.

The IPL Hair Removal System from Mlay is available in several buying options and it can eliminate more than 80% body hair in just 1 month with bi-weekly treatments. If you are looking for a 3 in 1 IPL laser device for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and clearing acne, MLAY offers that as well. It will cost a little bit more, but the increased features are worth the investment.

MLAY T3 Laser Hair Removal System for Women and Men — Painless Permanent IPL Hair, 5 Levels for Different Skin Areas and Types


The last product in our list comes from Mlay, a company which specializes in care products for body and face. It makes laser hair removal systems which are greatly appreciated by the general public as well as eye massagers, wrinkle removal systems and more.

The IPL Hair Removal System from Mlay is available in 2 buying options – you can either go for 1 or 3 lamps at once. A lamp is capable of delivering approximately 300,000 flashes throughout its lifetime and each session might require just 2,000 flashes of light to eliminate hair from your body or face. This product is designed for both men and women, it can remove hair from arms, legs, back, armpits and bikini line and it comes with a warranty period of 2 years from the manufacturer.

The beauty of this product is that it can be used for different skin types and it has a sophisticated skin detection system which automatically adjust the light intensity as needed. In just 4 weeks with 2 treatments per week, customers can experience eliminating up to 80% of the hairs from the treated areas. This is an impressive result for such a tiny device!

Best Laser Hair Removal Machines Buying Guide — What Is The Most Effective At Home Laser Hair Removal System?

There are several ways to beautify your skin right in the comfort of your home and without paying top dollar, not to mention several trips to the salon. These include a microdermabrasion machine to get rid of dead skin cells, an ionic foot spa to detoxify your feet, a face cleansing brush to achieve glowing skin and a laser hair removal system to get rid of unwanted body hair quickly and efficiently. Before setting out to buy the best laser hair removal system, it is important to first consider your skin tone and hair color, because some machines work best on light to medium skin tones, while others work miraculously on all skin tones.

Another equally important aspect to consider is the part of your body you’d like to remove hair from, since some laser hair removal systems are designed to work on your face and body, and others only on the body. If you’re going to be hauling the laser hair removal system on the go, look for a kit that’s lightweight and features a compact footprint.

When we did our reviews we had to narrow things down to five brands. However we came across some others that deserve a shout out. To give you few examples, take a look at the COSBEAUTY IPL Permanent Hair Removal System, the Beamia At-Home IPL Hair Removal System and the BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device, which are currently very popular and appreciated by customers. To learn more about such products, keep reading this article and you're time will be well spent!


Video: Dr. Oz Investigates if Laser Hair Removal is Safe

Dr. Oz Takes a Deeper Look at Laser Hair Removal. | Courtesy of DoctorOz

The prices of laser hair removal systems vary considerably and depend for the most part on their features and performance. For example, a laser hair removal system with a digital display is going to cost a little bit more than one only appointed with buttons. Apart from hair removal, some systems provide extra functions such as trimming capabilities for a little higher price, but it works out to be cost efficient, given that you don’t have to buy two separate devices.

To give you an idea, prices for budget-friendly laser hair removal systems can go up to $250, mid-range devices can cost between $250 and $300 depending on the included accessories while high-end laser hair removals systems can cost between $300 and $400. By all means, stay away from cheap laser hair removal systems, no matter what they claim to do. The safety of your skin is at stake, so this is not a place to cut corners just to save a couple of bucks.

Regardless of whether you choose a laser hair removal system from the lower or higher end of the spectrum, know that it works out to be highly affordable compared to visiting physical laser hair removal clinics that probably use almost the same devices, only charge an arm and a leg to render the services. Professional hair removal at the salon can cost a whopping $1000 to $2500 for one body area, whereas you can perform the same treatment with similar or better results for under $200 with a home laser hair removal system.


Portable laser hair removal systems have become increasingly popular lately and for good reasons. Owing to this surge of appeal, there are several laser hair removals systems to choose from, each with their own advantages.

That said, here are some of the important features to look for in the best laser hair removal machine.

  • Skin Tone Compatibility – Some laser hair removal systems are designed work on light skin, while others accommodate all skin tones.
  • Type of Machine – There are two common types of systems, one designed for the body and face and the other for body only.
  • Weight – This is how much a respective hair removal kit weighs, and this dictates how easy it will be to carry around.
  • Number of Flashes – The number of flashes determines how many treatments you can receive before replacing the bulb.
  • Spot Size – This is the area you will be able to cover at one time, where the larger the number, the more area you will cover.
  • Power Levels – A few laser hair removal systems offer a wide range of settings to adjust the power to cater to the body part you wish to treat.
  • Type of Laser – There are different types of lasers to choose from, most commonly IPL (intense pulse light), and diode laser.


Video: Laser hair removal: Be prepared with these 5 facts

Important Information about Laser Hair Removal. | Courtesy of American Academy of Dermatology
Construction and Design

Laser hair removal systems work by targeting darker hair on lighter skin, so some might not do a great job on extremely dark skin. For darker skin tones, look for systems that are suited to work without causing any burns. Hair color is an important aspect to consider when determining the type of laser system to buy, because the light of some lasers is more attracted to hair with a high concentration of melanin. The bigger the spot size, the more area you will be able to cover, so if you want to treat areas such as your face, a device with a smaller spot size is a great choice. It is important to buy a device that is fitted with a high-performance lamp in order to avoid expensive bulb replacements.

Performance and Ease of Use

Some of the best laser hair removal systems offer digital alerts, and others are even fitted with a display that provides you with several alerts such as light cartridge replacement, pulse duration and battery indicator. The slide and flash mode feature seen in some systems provides easy and continuous treatments. To ensure the respective hair removal system is safe to use, look for machines that are either FDA approved or come from a reputed brand. Considering that laser hair removal systems can be big-ticket purchases in some cases, look for hair removal kits that are backed by some level of warranty, at least against manufacturer defects.

Get the Best Laser Hair Removal of 2023!

Now that you’ve read about the best laser hair removal systems available for home use, you should be ready to choose. We did the hard work for you ─ by researching all the available products and selecting five of the very best! All you have to do is order the device that works for you, enjoy your smooth skin and forget about shaving.

Our Top Choice
DEESS 3 in 1 IPL Laser Hair Removal Kit
Best Value
SmoothSkin Bare Laser Hair Removal System
Philips Lumea Advanced Laser Hair Removal
Braun Venus Silk-Expert 3 IPL Laser Device
MLAY IPL Hair Removal System

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Is laser hair removal permanent?
Laser hair removal is not permanent. By heating the hair follicles, it prevents new hair from growing. The follicles remain dormant for a long time, but hair eventually grows back. Laser hair removal keeps you hair-free for longer than waxing or shaving. Do keep in mind though, that for the best results, experts recommend that you shave before doing a IPL laser treatment for optimum results.
How much does laser hair removal system cost?
On average, a laser hair removal system costs $250. You could pay slightly more or less than that depending on the brand and model of the device.If you are shopping for a home laser hair removal system, we have reviewed some of the best options.
How long does laser hair removal last?
If you want to know how long laser hair removal lasts, then you should remember we said it isn’t permanent. However, the length of time varies from one individual to another. Mayo Clinic recommends that you wait for up to six weeks before going for another session. For more information, take a look at our buying guide.
Does laser hair removal hurt?
Laser hair removal hurts only a little bit. It lies between shaving and waxing as far as the pain level is concerned. In the beginning, you are likely to feel some pain, which lessens with subsequent sessions.
Is laser hair removal safe?
Laser hair removal is safe for most people. That’s because a majority of users can tolerate this method of hair removal. However, the rest may experience side-effects such as redness, irritation, crusting, and change of skin color. Some have even reported skin infections or injuries to the eyes. Therefore, you should try it out on a small area to see your reaction to it. Then you can go ahead and remove hair from a larger part.