Best Latex Mattress Topper Reviews 2022

Having the right support and comfort at night makes such a big difference in how refreshed you feel when that early-morning alarm clock goes off. A latex mattress topper can change the firmness or support of your mattress, and at a portion of the price of buying a whole new mattress—so now everyone can have a great night’s sleep every night. Have a look at our favorites from the five best latex mattress topper brands!
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Our Top Choice
Organic Textiles Organic Latex Mattress Topper
Organic Textiles is committed to delivering on modern styles using safe, natural materials that benefit its customers, workers, and the earth.
Pressure point relief system relieves weight and stress. 100% natural and organic materials with no toxic chemicals or pesticides.
Natural latex smell may be hard to get used to.
Medium firmness
2 inches
Queen: 60”x80”
Pressure point elimination
Eco-harvested rubber tree
Best Value
eLuxurySupply 100% Latex Mattress Topper
eLuxurySupply is built around generosity, prosperity, and kindness, and creates a range of luxury linen products to make your life softer, smoother, and lush.
Innovative industry technology. Comfort and support. Plush and firm side. USA-made. Constructed without seams or fillers.
Firm side may be a bit too soft for some.
2-sided / plush or firm
2.5 inches
Full XL
Natural ventilation
Eco-latex, soap
Dreamfoam Bedding Latex Mattress Topper
Dreamfoam Bedding was founded by two brothers who have led the way in affordable, premium bedding with a great customer experience.
Excellent comfort with Talalay material. 3-inch topper depth for increased support. Long-lasting design. Multiple size and support options.
Medium size may not be most ideal; get the one best suited to your preferences.
Medium firmness
3 inches
7 sizes / Twin - California King
Cushioning filling
Talalay latex
Ultimate Sleep Natural Latex Mattress Topper
Ultimate Sleep carefully selects high-quality materials for the bedding range, from organic cotton pillows to natural latex mattresses and toppers.
Talalay latex for more plumpness than other options. 100% natural botanical latex. No fillers. Hypoallergenic. Well-ventilated.
May not be firm enough for some users.
Soft with some firmness
2 inches
4 sizes/ Twin - Queen
Comfort-zoned hole sizing
Natural botanical latex
Sleep On Latex Pure Latex Mattress Topper
Sleep On Latex designs and manufactures all its products in its own factory to ensure it consistently delivers on customers’ expectations.
Dunlop latex is reactive when you move, releasing weight off pressure points. 100% natural latex with no synthetic materials. Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial.
May not be as soft as expected.
1, 2 or 3 inches
6 sizes/Twin - California King
Pinpointed support
100% natural latex

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What is the Best Latex Mattress Topper?

What is comfortable can vary so much from person to person, and so knowing what you like—whether that’s firm support or a soft, squishy bed to sink down into—is important; it’s all about you! Now that you know it’s all about what you like, you need to know what you want to change about your mattress and look for a topper that can do that for you. Take a look at the five great toppers below that offer different types of support.
Our Top Choice
The Organic Textiles Certified Organic Latex Mattress Topper increases your comfort with its Pressure Point Relief System imbedded in the core, for a balanced and healthy sleep. If you’re looking for that something more, take a look at the All Natural Latex Non Blended Mattress Topper with cool air ventilation.

Organic Textiles Certified Organic Latex Mattress Topper

Organic Textiles is proud to be focused around eco-friendly, organic, and safe products for the earth, workers, and consumers. It has removed pesticides and toxic chemicals from the manufacturing process and ensures from the design, to manufacturing, to marketing, that it has high-quality products. This is certainly a company worth checking out!

The Organic Latex Mattress Topper is made from eco-harvested latex tress with no toxic chemicals, or synthetic or petroleum-based fillers for your safety and long-term health. The Latex Core includes its own Pressure Point Relief System, taking the stress and weight off your body whilst you sleep. With a focus on your spine and neck, the topper molds to your body to ensure you get support and comfort all night. The topper is made with solid edges for double the strength and durability. Attention to detail is a high priority for Organic Textiles, resulting in a topper free from heat sensitivity and a static surface; a small detail that makes all the difference.
Best Value
The eLuxurySupply 100% Latex Mattress Topper with Two Firmnesses is made using a unique process with natural, carefully-selected materials, giving you two comfort levels to choose from. Not sure a latex topper is right for you? Check out eLuxurySupply’s Plush Mattress Pad, which is used at the Marriot hotels!

eLuxurySupply 100% Latex Mattress Topper with Two Firmness’s

eLuxurySupply prides itself in making luxury, high-quality linen products for the home and has expanded the range of materials on offer, including rayon from bamboo. eLuxurySupply commits to success by being generous, prosperous, and kind in its approach to its customers and business.

The 100% Latex Mattress Topper is made from high-quality latex from selected plantations to ensure it is controlled and tested for use during the production process. The topper is created with a foaming process, which applies compressed air into the compound to form a plush, padded topper. Due to the natural breathing properties of latex, the filling not only helps the circulation of fresh air, but discourages moisture and heat from building up, keeping you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

eLuxurySupply is committed to ensuring each product meets its criteria, from premium, carefully-selected material, to attention to detail during manufacturing; this offers you durability so you can have long-lasting comfort every night. Made in the U.S.A, the topper is produced using the newest, innovative technology in the industry as well as a unique process to form the mattress pad. Its two-sided design allows you to choose between a plush, sinking-into-the-bed feeling or a more firm and supportive option, at the ready by a flip of the pad. Shown here is the Full XL size, but it’s available in 2 sizes to ensure you can purchase the size most suited to your own bed.
The Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Talalay Latex Mattress Topper offers a more buoyant, comforting support all through the night, due to its exceptional Talalay material. If you love the sound of this mattress topper, why not go all the way and buy this Dreamfoam Latex Mattress? It’s available in multiple sizes and styles.

Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Talalay Latex Mattress Topper – Available in 7 Sizes and 3 Comfort Levels

Dreamfoam Bedding is dedicated to delivering a great customer experience, affordable prices, and a high standard of bedding, as its aim is for its customers to have the best sleep ever. It’s a family-run company founded in 1995 by two brothers who use their own experiences as customers to improve and enrich the experiences of their customers.

The Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Topper is made from Talalay latex, which is naturally more buoyant than other latex or memory foam. The 3-inch topper can release pressure from stressed or strained areas of the body. Encased in a natural bamboo fabric, the topper also offers a soft, comforting touch as well as the needed support for a good night’s sleep all through the night. Available in 3 levels of firmness, the medium topper is 28 ILD latex (Impression Load Deflection) giving you some much-needed softness to soothe you to sleep. If you’re looking for a top-notch mattress topper to provide you with years of good night’s sleep, this is a great choice.
The Ultimate Sleep Natural Latex Foam Mattress Pad Topper is made from 100% natural botanical materials for a healthy, cushioned sleep every night. A thicker topper has its advantages; if you think you’ll need that extra padding, look at the 3 Inch Natural Latex Topper.

Ultimate Sleep Natural Latex Foam Mattress Pad Topper – Available in 4 Sizes

Ultimate Sleep offers a wide range of bedding solutions for latex mattress toppers and organic cotton pillows. It combines high-quality products with reasonable pricing so everyone can enjoy the deep, refreshing sleep they deserve. Not only are its products good for you—and your wallet—but also reduce the negative impact on the environment that might otherwise occur. This is the brand to go for if you’re looking for comfort while you sleep and in knowing that you’re supporting an eco-friendly process.

With its Natural Latex Mattress Topper, you get exactly what it says on the tin. Made using the Talalay process, this latex topper is made of 100% natural botanical latex and doesn’t have any filler foams or polyurethanes. Each topper is molded to the correct size, making it one carefully crafted latex piece, rather than combining two together with a seam. Without these joints, the mattress is more sturdy and durable, and has a nice, elegant finish to it. Ultimate Sleep has included a pin core, increasing air flow for a better sleep. You might also like to know that the Talalay latex used is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and dust mite and mildew-resistant.

To make sure it can deliver on all aspects, you can choose from four available sizes, from twin to King-sized mattress toppers. Shown here is the Queen option.
The Sleep On Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper is made of 100% natural materials for peace of mind that what you and your family fall asleep on is completely safe. If you prefer a firmness to your mattress, the Pure Green Natural Medium Topper could be the perfect one for you.

Sleep On Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper – Available in 6 Sizes and 3 Depths

Sleep On Latex is committed to providing safe and high-value mattresses and toppers to its customers, resulting in all of its products being 100% natural. Made at its own factory in Chicago, the whole process of assembling, inspecting, and packaging is all done under one roof. It promises it never sells products with synthetic latex, fillers, or fire retardants because of its commitment to only using natural materials.

The Pure Green Latex Mattress Topper is claimed to be the best-selling latex mattress topper by Sleep On Latex. Like all its products, it is 100% natural with no synthetic materials, fire retardants, or fillers, meaning its latex foam is certified by international testing institutions.

The mattress has pinpointed support for those sore or pressured areas of your body, for an uninterrupted sleep with reduced aches and pains in the morning. By using the Dunlop process to make the latex, it makes it reactive and plump while still having more firmness than Talalay. Latex foam has millions of microscopic chambers that air can flow through freely and doesn’t absorb body heat. Further, because the material is resistant to heat change, it will maintain its firmness at different temperatures, which is not the same for memory foam.

This latex foam has received 99/100 for durability and performance from the internationally-recognized LGA physical properties test. Sleep On Latex offers this mattress topper in 6 sizes, Twin through California King, and 3 depths: 1, 2, or 3 inches. Shown here is the Queen size with the 2-inch depth.

How Do I Choose the Best Latex Mattress Topper?

Snuggled up underneath your warm, cozy comforter in the morning… laying back after a long day to watch a movie in bed… or waking up on the weekend without hearing your music alarm blare; there’s something about being in your own bed that nothing else can compete with. However, if your bed isn’t quite right, it can affect your body and your mind. A latex mattress topper uses natural material to either firm-up or soften your mattress to improve the quality of your sleep. No more tossing and turning to find the right position or waking up multiple times with aches or neck strains!

Some latex mattress toppers have covers on them, making them accessible for people who have a latex allergy. However, if you have a strong allergic reaction and you don’t want to risk it, take a look at mattress toppers made from other materials that could be more suitable for you.
Compared to the price of a whole new mattress, toppers are very reasonable; but to make sure you’re investing in something worth-while, the cost will be in the hundreds, even on the cheaper end. To purchase a cheap latex mattress topper, you’ll be looking at spending around $200. This will give you a well-designed, thin layer to add to your mattress. However, if you’re experiencing fairly big problems in terms of comfort, this price range might not have the drastic revamp you’re looking for.

If budget isn’t as much of a concern, other options go up to around $350, which will give you tried and true products using a special process to make the latex comfortable and supportive.
When looking for the right latex mattress topper, the most important thing to keep in mind is…you! For example, if you want to slightly tweak your mattress, a thin 1- or 2-inch topper would suffice. However, if you need a drastic change but don’t have the money to splash on a new mattress, then think about getting a thicker one to feel that change. There are a few factors that can have an affect on the success of your purchase, so let’s take a look at them now.

Here are a few things to think about and decide before buying your latex topper:
  • Thickness
  • Firmness
  • Allergies (If you have a mild latex allergy, some toppers come in covers)
  • Latex process
  • 100% natural or blend used
  • Technology such as memory foam
Once you’ve decided what’s important to you, it should be easier to find the right match!
Construction and Design
The filling is the majority of the design, and consequently the comfort you will receive; so, making sure you know what it’s made of is vital. Some are made from 100% latex; others are combined with other materials such as memory foam, cooling gel, or other such materials. Pick the one best-suited to what will improve your sleep; for example, if you’re often over-heating during the night, a topper with cooling gel could keep the temperature down, letting you sleep all through the night.

Each topper varies in how firm or soft it is, as people are looking for different solutions based on the mattress they already have and the comfort they dream of. Look for a topper offering the right solution for your problem, and if you need a big change, then make sure to look at the thicker options—they will naturally make a more noticeable difference.
Performance and Ease of Use
A handful of toppers come with covers of their own, while others you can cover with a bed sheet or purchase your own cover for. Either way, make sure you know what’s included in the price and how you can keep your bed fresh and clean without too much hassle.

One of the most frustrating things is purchasing something, investing a decent amount of money into it, with the expectation of a good product that will last… just to be disappointed. We’ve picked our five top brands, but make sure that you get what you’re expecting for your hard-earned money. Finally, some toppers will last longer than others. Take a look at each of our picks to find the one that will best suit your needs.

Get the Best Latex Mattress Topper of 2022!

That was all of our top five latex mattress toppers! We hope we’ve shown you what you’re looking for so you can finally enjoy a restful night again! If you haven’t found your ideal latex mattress topper yet, keep in mind that our featured brands have other excellent options to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Organic Textiles Organic Latex Mattress Topper
Best Value
eLuxurySupply 100% Latex Mattress Topper
Dreamfoam Bedding Latex Mattress Topper
Ultimate Sleep Natural Latex Mattress Topper
Sleep On Latex Pure Latex Mattress Topper