Best Laundry Hamper Reviews 2022

A good laundry basket not only helps your home achieve tidiness, it can also bring style and elegance to your home. There are countless laundry hampers out there with loads of features, and it can be overwhelming trying to make a pick. But don’t fret! We have already stepped in by researching many brands, and carefully reviewing these top five options of the best laundry hampers brands, thus sparing you the stress. Please, note that these brands have other products just in case the featured ones do not capture your interest. You can check them out too.
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Our Top Choice
Whitmor Round Laundry Hamper
Over the years, Whitmor has remained committed to innovation, high ethical standards, and an excellent drive for customer satisfaction. Its various products attest to this.
It comes with strong wheels to support heavy loads, has bumpers on its wheels to protect walls and edges, accommodates lots of clothing, and is easy to assemble.
Its large size won’t suit people with space constraints.
23.6 x 23.6 x 32 inches; 14.2 lbs.
Steel and polyester
Comes in 3 sizes
Best Value
Rubbermaid Folding Laundry Basket
Rubbermaid is dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative products that bring a lot of ease to your everyday domestic activities.
This laundry basket is suitable for smaller space requirements, can be collapsed and put out of sight, holds a lot of clothes, and is easy to mount.
It can be awkward carrying the basket up or down the stairs due to its design.
23 x 14 x 14 inches; 0.3 lbs.
Comes in single, 2, 3 value packs
BirdRock Natural Woven Hamper
Where high-quality and long-lasting products are concerned, BirdRock is a brand that won’t let you down. It also has excellent customer support.
It has two compartments and the large hamper can accommodate laundry cloths for a week; it is very attractive.
Its lack of wheels makes it difficult to move around.
28 x 14 x 27 inches; 20 lbs.
Rattan and wicker
Honey or espresso
Comes in 10 styles
StorageManiac Foldable Laundry Sorter
StorageManiac is driven to provide products that meet high standards. It brings efficiency to your laundry with well thought-out products that deliver much value for money.
Its wheels allow for easy transportation and its multifunctional design allows for ironing and easy sorting of clothing items.
It takes a lot of time to assemble.
31 x 16.3 x 33 inches; 15.1 lbs.
Stainless steel & polyester
Has iron board and 3 hampers
Household Essentials Pop-Up Laundry Hamper
Quality, class, experience, style, and a drive for customer satisfaction; these are the things that make Household Essentials a brand to reckon with.
This laundry basket is affordable, has springs for easy pop-ups, doesn’t tip over when full, allows good airing of stored clothing, and has ample storage space.
You have to avoid sharp edges when moving it around as the net can tear off easily.
Collapsible mesh
16 x 16 x 25 inches; 1.7 lbs.
Black and charcoal
Comes in single and 2 value packs

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What is the Best Laundry Hamper?

In selecting the right laundry basket for your use, you now know from the buying guide that there are quite a number of considerations you might want to explore: How big is it? What material is it made of (wood, plastic, or linen)? How easy is it to move around? So, keep these questions at the back of your mind while going through the following reviews in order to pick what’s best for you.
Our Top Choice
The Whitmor Round Laundry Hamper comes with strong wheels that help you move bulky clothing items around the house with ease, regardless of the weight. Its elegant design makes it appealing. If you would prefer a smaller and more conservative laundry basket you can check out the Woven Laundry Hamper with Liner also by Whitmor.

Whitmor Commercial Round Laundry Hamper – Available in 3 Styles

Whitmor started its business in 1946 making garment bags. Over the years, it has grown into a renowned brand through the manufacture of high-class innovative products that always deliver customer satisfaction. It has increased its business from a domestic brand to an international brand cutting across Asian markets. Despite numerous setbacks, Whitmor has continued to wax stronger, making sure its products maintain the quality it is known for, thus keeping customers happy.

The Whitmor Commercial Round Laundry Hamper (Selling for $60.60 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is well-built and has sturdy wheels that allow you to move bulky clothing items easily. Its elegant design makes it worthy of hanging around in your house corners. See some of its other features below:
  • Comes with strong wheels to support load
  • It has bumper on its wheels to protect walls and edges
  • Accommodates many clothing
  • It is easy to assemble
This laundry basket even comes with tools to make for easy assembling.
Best Value
The Rubbermaid Folding Laundry Basket saves a lot of room. Made of canvas, this laundry basket is lightweight and needs no installation tools. If you don’t like a laundry basket made of fabric, check out the Rubbermaid Flex 'n Carry Laundry Hamper, made of plastic.

Rubbermaid 23 in. Foldable Laundry Hamper in Natural – Available in 3 Pack Sizes

For many decades, Rubbermaid has remained committed to bringing out high-quality products that make life easy for its numerous customers. Rubbermaid has been recognized as one of the many companies that have made an impact on the American culture. This recognition depicts Rubbermaid as “the brand of the future”. It has a dedicated team of about 30,000 employees.

The Rubbermaid Folding Laundry Basket (Selling for $18.94 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is foldable and made of good-quality canvas material that allows for easy washing. Its unique design makes it easy to carry about as a travel companion for laundry duties. This laundry basket has other features which include the following:
  • It can be collapsed and put out of sight
  • Takes in a lot of clothes
  • It is designed to fit into any closet
  • It is easy to mount
The BirdRock Natural Woven Hamper, with two compartments, provides ample space to store laundry items in a way that doesn’t rob your room of its elegance. Need something made of fabric? Then checkout the BirdRock Home Double Laundry Hamper with lid and removable liners.

BirdRock Natural Woven Abaca Hamper – Available in Various Styles & with Matching Storage Products

BirdRock is wholly committed to providing the best quality. The uniqueness of its products is showcased in its various furniture collections with woven handles and style. BirdRock leads the field in the provision of convenience products and has excellent customer support.

The BirdRock Natural Woven Hamper (Selling for $154.99- Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has two compartments for clothing and a strong woven handle. It has two machine-washable cotton canvas liners and is available in ten styles and two colors.
The Foldable Laundry Sorter has a multifunctional design that allows it to be used as an ironing board and its three-faced compartment makes sorting easy. Need something more affordable? Check out Storage Maniac’s Foldable Pop-Up Mesh Hamper with side pockets for extra storage.

StorageManiac 3 Lift-off Foldable Laundry Sorter with Ironing Board

StorageManiac makes top home storage products and has made a name for its innovative ideas in producing quality household products. Over the years, it has helped keep homes tidy with products that not only stand the test of time but are also beautiful and classy. StorageManiac believes in creating tools that enhance efficiency.

The Storage Maniac Foldable Laundry Sorter (Selling for $83.99- Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has strong wheels that makes it easy to move around and also comes with an ironing board which makes that task of ironing easier as well. It has three laundry sorters for convenience, thick pads, and is designed to resist heat.
This pop-up laundry hamper, by Household Essentials, has an elegant spring design that allows it to pop up and collapse easily, without compromising its function. If you prefer a laundry hamper with magnetic lid closure and a moisture-resistant liner, you can checkout Household Essentials Double Hamper Laundry Sorter.

Household Essentials Pop-Up Collapsible Mesh Laundry Hamper – Available in 2 Colors & as a 2 Pack

Over the years, Household Essentials has grown, not only in product line, but also in profit volume. Household Essentials continues to pride itself as a leader in home laundry and storage products. It has an exclusive-distribution partnership with Leifheit in North America, that proudly offers German-engineered goods for kitchen, laundry, and personal health.

The Essentials Pop-Up Laundry Hamper by Household Essentials (Selling for $18.71 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is made of elegant spring designs that allow it to pop up and be easily pressed down. Its net body makes it stylishly transparent for you to see what items are in the basket. Here are some other features of this basket:
  • Can be carried about easily
  • Well rounded polyester bottom for good balance
  • Allows good airing of stored clothing
  • Good storage room for clothing

How Do I Choose the Best Laundry Hamper?

How do you pick your laundry hamper? You just pick one right off the shelf? Are you joking? That’s probably the reason you hate doing laundry so much that you put off doing it until the last minute. Buying a laundry hamper has evolved, darling. Get with the times! There is a science to buying laundry hampers now; maybe not Einstein science; but there are a few equations that need to be balanced before you purchase a hamper.

Equation one: a laundry hamper is no longer synonymous to “dirty, smelling, ugly box of stinking clothes”. The world of laundry has moved on from that. Now, laundry hampers are elegant pieces that make a strong statement of style even while doing the dirty work. Because they now come in an array of beautiful colors and designs, they can easily be placed anywhere in your house without causing you any embarrassment (still, keep it out of your living room, please, for goodness sake).

Equation two: one laundry hamper fits all, right? Wrong! One laundry hamper cannot fit all. There are different hampers for different spaces. For instance, if you have a room where you all keep your dirty laundry in your family; several mid-sized, labeled hampers with/without wheels placed close to your washing machine will work better than one long hamper for everybody’s clothes.

Equation three: you think a hamper will mess up the colors of your clothes? Yeah, maybe in the 1920’s but not anymore. There are sectioned hampers which help you to separate your whites from your colored clothes, saving you the time, not to talk of the extra washing detergent that would have been wasted in trying to get the colors straight—that is, if the color in question is merciful.

In the whole process of doing laundry: from sorting the dirty clothes to the actual washing, drying and ironing, the laundry hamper has played a multi-faceted role, often being the object of choice for storing and moving clothes from one stage of laundry to the next. You really should have gotten one, like, yesterday.
Good news! There is something for everyone here just like a Santa Claus goody bag. From a housewife on a budget to the sophisticated business executive who can spare a few more bucks, everyone is entitled to a laundry hamper. So, if you want a hamper with all the bells and whistles, you should be looking at about $100 but if you just want a “good old” laundry hamper then with about $15, you’re covered. Please, don’t get us started on those cheap laundry hampers all over the place like viruses. Not only are they painfully ugly, they look wobbly, and not very useful. Don’t even think about trying them!
When shopping a great laundry hamper, you should look out for the following:
  • Material
  • Size
  • Mobility
  • Capacity
  • Weight
Let’s see how they affect the functioning of your laundry hamper.
Construction and Design
Essentially, laundry hampers can be made from canvas material, plastic, wood, wicker or rattan; plus, they usually come vented to keep the already bad smell from the dirty clothes from escalating. Of importance is the fact that lidless hampers do not guarantee enough ventilation to decrease odors because clothes at the bottom will still stink since they are not getting enough air. Wicker, rattan, porous canvas, and large-holed plastic hampers deliver best on a properly vented hamper material. Plastic, though, has a drawback: it is prone to damage by cracking, if not carefully placed.

When it comes to style and design; although plastic hampers are less expensive, easy to clean, and light; they are often dull and not as attractive as wicker or rattan. Wicker, on the other hand, comes in many stylish designs, even though compared to plastic; it is a little more expensive and a chore to clean.

The wooden hamper is still, by far, the most expensive of the hampers. On the plus side, though, it is quite elegant and will fit superbly with the wooden furniture and décor in your home. On the flip side, it won’t be the best shot for cases where the laundry going into it will be damp, e.g. wet towels.

Canvas or cloth material is affordable, breathable and the easiest to clean, after plastic—simply throw it into the washing machine together with the laundry any day it begins to annoy you. Although cloth hampers come in more designs than canvas, canvas is a teeny bit more expensive.

Do not forget that the size and weight of a hamper is a major deal. First, look at your space (where you want to put the hamper), that should give you a few ideas on the right size to pick. Also, you want to buy a lightweight hamper. You can’t afford to buy a hamper that is already back-breaking enough without the laundry in it, especially if you’re going to be moving it about. If you must buy the heavier one, then check for something with wheels for easier mobility.

In descending order, wood weighs heaviest, then wicker, canvas, and then cloth and plastic.
Performance and Ease of Use
In a situation where you need to separate different categories of clothes (especially those ones that tend to give out color), you should buy a sectioned hamper. It’s only marginally more expensive and totally worth the extra bucks if it saves your $200 dress from permanent damage.

Moving your hamper around shouldn’t pose a problem as some hampers come with wheels that you can lazily push around. Others come slightly curved (so you can place them conveniently on your hip), and most are lightweight (especially plastic, cloth and canvas). Refrain from buying a heavy hamper that does not come with wheels; you won’t be able to use it anyway if you sprain your back or find it difficult lifting heavy objects.

You absolutely must check for the capacity of a hamper and compare it to your laundry load before you purchase. That’s just common sense, isn’t it? For instance, damp clothes go into large vents, tiny clothes in smaller hampers, infant clothes in larger hampers than hampers for school-aged children. Wash once a week? Smaller hamper. Wash once a month? Bigger hamper. Wash once a year? You might want to reconsider your laundry habits, just saying. You see, it’s really just common sense.

Finally, how to maintain your hamper will be dictated to you by the material used to make your hamper. But basically, you want to keep wood away from moisture, plastic away from experimenting 7-year olds (or else it will break to pieces), and cloth away from a blade or scissor-carrying toddler. For any other specifics, simply play by ear, maintaining a laundry hamper should be a breeze not a chore.

You can wash your cloth or canvas hamper in the washing machine. Wicker, wood, and plastic, on the other hand, will have to make do with dusting, or cleaning with soap and water, depending upon the state they are in.

Get the Best Laundry Hamper of 2022!

Now that you have gone through our reviews of top laundry hampers, we hope you are better informed and emboldened to make your purchase. Happy shopping!

Our Top Choice
Whitmor Round Laundry Hamper
Best Value
Rubbermaid Folding Laundry Basket
BirdRock Natural Woven Hamper
StorageManiac Foldable Laundry Sorter
Household Essentials Pop-Up Laundry Hamper