Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews – Tow Behind and Push Lawn Sweepers for Home and Commercial Use

Tired of raking leaves? We have the perfect solution! Check out our top five picks in the best lawn sweepers to pick up leaves, pine needles, and a variety of lawn debris. Keep your lawn looking terrific and take the hassle out of tidying up your property.

For this review we featured a mix of home lawn sweepers and commercial lawn sweepers, as well as both tow behind and push lawn sweepers. Each brand was chosen because they offer multiple options, and we included links in the reviews to make it easy for you.

We also want to give a special shout out for the Craftsman 42-Inch Hi-Speed Tow Lawn Sweeper and the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper. Both are great options; we simply didn’t have enough room.
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Our Top Choice
Ohio Steel Spiral Brush Sweeper
Ohio Steel Industries has a long history in fabricating structural steel. It has been in business since 1958.
Large capacity for cleaning up lawn debris. Durably constructed with a steel gear to turn the spiral brush.
The hopper can be a bit heavy to lift when it is full of leaves.
Tow behind
42 inches
Steel gear turns spiral brush
22 cubic feet
51" x 18" x 16”, 95 lbs
Best Value
Brinly Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper
Brinly is expert in lawn care and garden attachments. Its roots go back to 1839. Its line includes lawn aerators, utility carts, and ice melt spreaders.
Six high-velocity brushes get the job done quickly. You can store it in an upright position in your shed or garage to save space.
Some users had difficulty with the height adjustment of the brush staying in place.
Tow behind
42 inches
Empties from tractor
22 cubic feet
55" x 20" x 17”, 80 lbs
Agri-Fab Pull Behind Lawn Sweeper
Agri-Fab is an American company, and one of the largest producers of lawn sweepers.
Great design that eliminates loose nuts and bolts with a reliable brush height adjuster. You can offset the sweeper tongue for one-pass cutting and sweeping.
This sweeper can be a little difficult to assemble.
Tow behind
44 inches
Cuts and sweeps in one pass
25 cubic feet
53" x 18" x 17”, 92 lbs
Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper
Agri-Fab manufactures lawn and garden attachments at a 350,000-square-foot facility that employs close to 400 workers.
This is a fully adjustable and lightweight push sweeper that comes with a three-year limited warranty.
Best for flat surfaces; not for high-volume jobs.
Push sweeper
26 inches
Light and compact
7 cubic feet
33" x 15.5" x 13”, 25 lbs
Karcher Driveway & Sidewalk Push Sweeper
Karcher is a German family-owned business that makes a variety of cleaning equipment for homes and businesses.
A great solution for driveways, sidewalks, and garages that get bogged down with debris, especially in the fall. Lightweight and easy to store.
Small-capacity container, not for very large jobs. Not for actual lawns, just lawn debris on hard surfaces.
Push sweeper
24 inches
Light and easy to unload
16 liters
24" x 21.5" x 21”, 24 lbs

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What Is the Best Home Lawn Sweeper? Commercial Lawn Sweeper? Read Our Lawn Sweeper Reviews!

Enjoy the beauty of fall without the hassle of raking up endless leaves. Select one of our top five picks in lawn sweepers to save time and energy, and keep your property well-groomed and maintained. Among the most popular brands with high rates of customer satisfaction, there is a range of sizes to choose from. Whether you want a push sweeper or a tow behind, we have several options and price ranges for you. There is even a sweeper that is specifically designed to keep your driveway and walkways free of debris. Let’s take a look.

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Our Top Choice
The Ohio Steel 42” Lawn Sweeper gets lawn maintenance done efficiently, with a generous width of 42 inches and a capacity of 22 cubic feet. Still not wide enough for your tastes? Need an industrial lawn sweeper? Check out the 50-inch Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper, with a capacity of 26 cubic feet.

Ohio Steel 42 Inch / 22 Cubic Feet Lawn Sweeper - Sweeper Spiral Brush


Ohio Steel Industries has been in business since 1958. It serves all kinds of industries with high-quality steel construction, including buildings and bridges. It also manufactures a variety of lawn tractor attachments and turf products.

Tired of spending hours trying to keep your property in pristine condition? Get the Ohio Steel 42” Lawn Sweeper to simplify the task.

This lawn sweeper is made in the USA, and using it is much easier than using a rake to clean up grass clippings, leaves, and other debris. It gets the job done efficiently with a generous width of 42 inches and a hopper capacity of 22 cubic feet. It’s also relatively easy to put together, and does a good job at tidying up your lawn with a steel gear that operates a sturdy spiral brush.

Best Value
The Brinly Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper has six high-velocity brushes to get the job done quickly and efficiently, with a large 20-cubic-foot hamper that can hold plenty of leaves, twigs, and pine needles. If you’re in the market for a dethatcher, you may want to check out Brinly's sturdy 40” Tow Behind Dethatcher of get a combo sweeper and dethatcher.

Brinly 42 Inch / 20 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Pull Lawn Sweeper


If you are in the market for excellent lawn care equipment, Brinly has a great line of products to help you keep your property well-maintained. It's been around since 1839, so it has plenty of expertise in manufacturing quality gardening and lawn care equipment. Its line of products is quite extensive, and includes lawn aerators, sprayers, utility carts, and snow and ice melt spreaders.

Lawns can get messy, so you are going to need a little help to keep all the debris out of your yard. The Brinly Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper does a lot of the work for you, saving you time and energy. This 42-inch lawn sweeper cleans up leaves, grass clippings, and pine needles much faster than a rake.

For your convenience, this sweeper can be emptied from the seat of your tractor. It also takes up less space than other models, with a handy upright storage position for your shed or garage.

Save time and energy with this mesh back sweeper that reduces emptying time. The Agri-Fab 44” Lawn Sweeper can be dumped from your tractor seat, and it has a no-slip height adjuster for the brush. If you like to go big or go home, you may want to up the ante with a 52” Agri-Fab Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper. It's a great home or commercial lawn sweeper.

Agri-Fab 44 in. 25 cu. ft. Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper


Agri-Fab is an American company, and one of the largest producers of lawn sweepers. This company likes to stay ahead of the game when it comes to lawn maintenance, with new products coming out each year to suit its ever-growing list of clients.

Save time and energy with the Agri-Fab 44” Lawn Sweeper. It's a mesh back sweeper that reduces emptying time. The design of the hopper helps to consolidate debris, so you can work more efficiently. The spring-loaded release for the hopper is also a nice feature, and makes it easy to remove.

You can offset the sweeper tongue for single-pass cutting and sweeping. You can dump the hopper from your tractor seat. This model features a no-slip height adjuster for the brush, and has a large 25-cubic-foot capacity.

Another factor that sweetens the deal is the collapsible design. It's a real space saver when you put your sweeper in storage.

The Agri-Fab 26” Push Lawn Sweeper has an ultra-light design of just 25 pounds. It's a great solution to cleaning up lawns with a relatively flat surface. If you are in the market for a tow lawn sweeper, the Agri-Fab 42-Inch tow model is another option (besides the 44" one we reviewed)

Agri-Fab 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper


Agri-Fab manufactures lawn and garden attachments. It has a list of gardening and lawn care equipment to choose from that includes spreaders, groomers, rollers, sprayers, and log splitters.

For those who are in the market for a push sweeper, the Agri-Fab 26” Push Lawn Sweeper is a great choice. The compact design is 26 inches wide, and the sweeper is super-lightweight at just 25 pounds. The capacity of the hopper is seven cubic feet, making it easy to handle and dump.

As proof of its commitment to excellent customer service, Agri-Fab offers a limited three-year warranty on all its lawn care products.

Need help tidying up your driveway and sidewalks? The Karcher S650 Push Sweeper is a terrific and lightweight solution to a build-up of debris. Have a lot of area to cover? The Karcher 28" Commercial Sweeper with dust control and side broom may be what you need.

Karcher S650 Push Cleaner Sweeper with 2 Stage Height Adjustment - Cleans Lawn Debris & Dirt from Driveways and Sidewalks 5X Faster than Broom


Karcher was founded in 1935 and is headquartered in Germany. It's a family-owned business that specializes in a variety of cleaning equipment for residential and industrial use. It's one of the leading providers of cleaning systems worldwide, and it has pioneered many innovations in roller brush technology.

The Karcher S650 Push Sweeper works quickly to clean up walkways. It's a great choice to tidy up your driveway, pavement, garden path, or garage. There are two height-adjustment settings, and the dirt is collected in a four-gallon on-board container.

This sweeper is easy to store and has a foldable handle to save space when not in use.

Best Tow and Push Lawn Sweeper Guide – What to Look For in a Home Lawn Sweeper or Commercial Lawn Sweeper

There is nothing quite like the gorgeous explosion of color in autumn. Spectacular red, orange, and yellow leaves create an awe-inspiring collage that might best be described as Nature’s candy korn. If you’re lucky enough to experience the beauty of the change of seasons in the fall, you know the pile of leaves that can build up is quite fun to jump in! Then, of course, somebody has to clean up all the falling leaves, and a lawn sweeper is the perfect piece of equipment for the job. A lawn sweeper is much different than a lawn mower. It whisks away all the lawn debris in your yard for a quick and efficient clean up.

If you want to use the fallen leaves as mulch, check out our review for mulchers. Once you order your lawn sweeper, you’ll have plenty of leaves to turn into nutrient-rich mulch for your soil. Of course, you might need a snow blower once winter blows in; if that’s the case, we have some fine snow blowers for you too. But for now, let’s check out our top picks for lawn sweepers, and what factors you should take into consideration before making your purchase.

Video: How Well Do Lawn Sweepers Work?

Quick Demonstration of How a Lawn Sweeper Works. | Courtesy of Adam Janssen

In terms of cost, you can expect to pay anywhere from $120-$500 for a lawn sweeper. A cheap lawn sweeper makes sense if you have a small yard and won’t use it much, since these are lightweight and compact versions. However, if you have a larger property, you’ll want a sturdier design with a wider sweep path, which will run you $200-$300 on average.

Other factors in price include an adjustable brush height, and towing attachments for hooking your lawn sweeper up to a tractor. Top-of-the-line lawn sweepers will likely cost over $400. These ones include features such as being able to empty it without getting off your tractor, and a larger hopper capacity. Some even have a cut-and-sweep feature.


When you are selecting the right lawn sweeper for you, there are a few features you need to look for that will help ensure you get the right model. They include:

  • Width of the sweeper
  • Tractor tow-behind for large properties
  • Capacity of hopper
  • Adjustable brush height
  • Foldable when not in use
  • Spring-loaded hopper release
  • Other bonus features such as a cut-and-sweep design
Construction and Design

There are two kinds of lawn sweepers: push lawn sweepers and tow-style lawn sweepers. A push sweeper will work if you have a small or medium-sized yard, but larger property owners will probably want a tow-behind lawn sweeper, as long as they have a tractor to hitch it to.

Push lawn sweepers range from models with a narrow sweeper width of around 26 inches, to those with a generous mouth width that is 40+ inches. Tow-behind lawn sweepers tend to be wider and sturdier, and often have an easy release lever that allows you to empty the hopper directly from your tractor.

The hopper is the catch for picking up yard debris, and comes in a variety of capacity sizes. Small push sweepers may have a hopper capacity of around seven cubic feet, while large tow-behind lawn sweepers can have anywhere from 12 to 25 cubic feet of capacity.

Video: Pros and Cons of Lawn Sweeping

Does Lawn Sweeping Work? | Courtesy of Paul Szudzik
Performance and Ease of Use

For ease of use, small features such as a spring-loaded release for the hopper are a nice bonus. Also keep in mind how you plan to store your sweeper. A lightweight foldable sweeper is a good option for tight spaces and can even be hung from a wall to store it, but it only works well for smaller properties. If you need a large lawn sweeper, look for a foldable design to minimize space when not in use.

Another option you may not have thought of is a push sweeper for driveways and walkways. While your yard builds up lots of falling debris, so do your walkways, driveways, and other outdoor areas. We have an option for sweeping walkways that is a lot easier than using a push broom, so be sure to check that out. The onboard container makes it a cinch to catch debris.

So that’s it for the breakdown of construction, design, and performance. Now let’s get into a range of lawn sweepers that we recommend based on our extensive research.

Get the Best Lawn Sweeper of 2023!

There is no time like the present to invest in a piece of equipment that will keep your property well-groomed and maintained. One of our lawn sweepers is bound to be the perfect fit for you.

Our Top Choice
Ohio Steel Spiral Brush Sweeper
Best Value
Brinly Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper
Agri-Fab Pull Behind Lawn Sweeper
Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper
Karcher Driveway & Sidewalk Push Sweeper

Lawn Sweeper FAQs

What is a lawn sweeper?
A lawn sweeper is a garden tool that mechanically removes fallen twigs, leaves, pine needled, litter, or grass clippings from a lawn. It is also known as a leaf sweeper and operates by rotating a mechanism with a brush the sweeps up debris, depositing it in a hopper for collection and final disposal. Check out our review for more information.
What does a lawn sweeper do?
A lawn sweeper combs through the grass, removing all sorts of debris, and depositing them into a hopper. It can also sweep dirt and dust from a sidewalk, patio, or paved driveway. If your lawn has ½-inch thick snow, then you can also use a lawn sweeper to remove it.
How does a lawn sweeper work?
A lawn sweeper works through a simple mechanism that has a sweeping brush attached to a rotary shaft. Inside, some gears are driven by the wheels of the sweeper. When you push the lawn sweeper, the gears start rotating, turning the brushes. As the brushes turn, they comb through the grass, dislodging debris and clippings, depositing them into the hopper. You can then detach a full hopper and empty it into your home’s compost pile or trash can.