Best Leather Backpack Reviews 2022

You don't have to sacrifice style in your search for a great bag. High-quality leather backpacks come in a wide variety of looks, and are a great way to carry anything you might need. They might use zippers, buckles, straps, or magnets for added convenience. We've searched for five of the best leather backpack brands and found an option for every style and budget.
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Our Top Choice
David King & Co. Top Handle Backpack
David King & Co. is a Boston-based expert in fine leather and bold design. It offers a range of durable options with adjustable straps and convenient pocket sizes.
Easy magnetic closure. Gusseted front pocket with pen holders. Durable aluminum frame. Adjustable strap.
On the expensive side, but a fair price for the quality you get.
Top handle casual
Tan, black, café
5.5 x 17 x 13", 4 lbs.
Best Value
Le Donne Leather Laptop Backpack
Le Donne has offered rugged Columbian leather bags and accessories for over 20 years.
Fully padded inside. Laptop compartment. Six exterior pockets. Cellphone/PDA holder. Card holders.
Less durable than higher-end products, but still reliable.
Tan, black, café
4 x 16 x 12", 3 lbs.
Tumi Roll Top Leather Backpack
Tumi leads the industry with bold style choices and carefully chosen materials.
Durable, rugged-look leather. Durable zippers. 12 pockets. ID window slot. Laptop compartment.
Expensive, but well worth the price.
High-end casual
5 x 10 x 14.5", 6.4 lbs.
Vera Bradley Leather Amy Backpack
Vera Bradley specializes in beautiful, lighthearted travel items and accessories, focusing on every detail along the way.
Unique quilted look. Easy drawstring closure. Side and back pockets.
Doesn't hold as many items as larger backpacks.
16.1 x 13.9 x 5.4", 2.5 lbs.
Coofit Girls Leather School Bag
Coofit designs a variety of bags, costumes and toys that can add a little joy to anyone's life.
Stylish bowknot. Faux leather. Great price.
Lower quality leather. Less durable than higher-end options.
Women's schoolbag
Black and Beige, Black
Bow-tied flap
14 x 12.4 x 2.6", 1.2 lbs.

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What is the Best Leather Backpack?

We looked at brands that specialize in high-quality leather accessories to make sure you can find a product that's made properly. We compared the price of each bag against its durability and customer ratings to find a range of options. We focused on a range of bags with different compartment sizes, so you can find one that holds whatever you're carrying. Now, go ahead and pick a model that suits you!
Our Top Choice
The David King & Co. Top Handle Backpack is built with fine leather, reliable straps and a versatile design. For a more classic knapsack style, try the David King & Co. Expandable Backpack.

David King & Co. Top Handle XX Large Backpack – Available in 3 Colors

David King & Co. is based in Boston. It sells high-quality leathers to other retailers. It also has its own bold designs, which it creates using expert knowledge in leather. Its bags are created with either smooth vaqueta leather or super-durable imperial leather.

This backpack is made with vaqueta leather, which has a soft feel and rich look. It uses straps, zippers and magnetic closure for convenience when packing and unpacking. The aluminum frame and rugged leather are built to last long, and the adjustable padded strap makes it easy to carry. It's available in tan, black and café colors.
Best Value
The Le Donne Leather Computer Backpack combines style and practicality with seven pockets and a padded interior to keep your laptop safe on the go. For a shoulder bag version with the same high-end leather, check out the Le Donne Leather Shoulder Bag.

Le Donne Distressed Leather Laptop/Computer Back Pack – Available in 3 Colors

Le Donne was created over 20 years ago to distribute fine Colombian leather. Its products are created by skilled Colombian craftspeople, and the end-product is always elegant and practical. They aren't afraid of the occasional range mark or tiny scar, since it's "nature's way of saying this is the real thing" – and it happens to give Le Donne's leather a natural, rugged look.

The Le Donne Leather Computer Backpack is made with several highly practical features you don't always find with a leather bag. Its interior is padded, so you can safely take your laptop on the go along with other valuables. The main compartment has two areas to separate your laptop from any books or other items you may have. The straps are easily adjustable, and the six exterior pockets provide plenty of extra space. There are also special pockets for small items like pens and cell phones.
The Tumi Alpha Bravo Luke Leather Roll-Top Backpack features bold colors and an ultra-durable design. For a more traditional backpack with the same top-grade leather, check out the Tumi Luggage Alpha Bravo Knox Leather Backpack.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Luke Leather Roll-Top Backpack

Tumi is passionate about perfecting each step in its process. From the screws and zippers to its exclusive imported leather, Tumi makes sure to make and get the best materials. It began business in 1975 and introduced an innovative and popular travel bag in the 1980s that catapulted it into the limelight.

Tumi's Alpha Bravo Luke Leather Roll-Top Backpack is made with premium imported leather and lined with polyester to protect its contents. Its strong zippers and straps are built to last. The top pocket uses a hidden magnetic strap for easy closure. The bag has an iPad pocket, a laptop compartment, business card slots, media pockets for your phone and an open pocket.
The Vera Bradley Leather Amy Backpack combines a fun quilted look with high-quality leather and practical pockets. For something even more whimsical, check out the Vera Bradley Fringed Amy Leather Backpack.

Vera Bradley Quilted Amy Leather Back Pack in Black

Vera Bradley was founded in 1982 out of a passion to create more beautiful luggage. That's why its travel items and back-to-school essentials are made with bright, lighthearted designs. Its products are lovingly crafted with serious attention to detail. Many of its bags and accessories feature whimsical prints and designs as well.

The Vera Bradley Leather Amy Backpack is unique, but still has the classic feel of high-quality black leather. The inside is lined with a fun floral pattern, and the top closes with an easy drawstring. Two side pockets and a back slip-in pocket add some extra carrying space. It's also easy to clean with a soft, damp cloth. The straps are easy to adjust as well. Overall, this backpack is ideal for running errands and other short trips.
The Coofit Girls Leather School Bag features an eye-grabbing bowknot and comes at a great low price. If it's not right for you, try the stylish Coofit Fashion Girl's Leather Backpack College School Bag.

Coofit Contrast Color Bowknot Casual PU Student Shoulder Backpack Flap Bags Daypack – Available in 3 Colors

Coofit wants to inject a little joy into people's everyday lives. That's why it passionately creates quality bags, costumes and toys at great prices. Many of its bags and accessories are designed with unique prints and styles, so you can stand out no matter where you go. It also has more classic-look bags to choose from.

The Coofit Girls Leather School Bag fits right into the Coofit catalogue because of its unique design. The beige flap is fastened with a bowknot that's accented with gold tips. The bag itself is made with high-quality faux leather. Even though the design is unique, the basic color scheme means you can wear this bag with nearly any outfit and look great. Zippered pockets make it easy to carry small items, and you can adjust the straps any time so they fit you perfectly.

This schoolbag comes in three unique designs you can check out on Amazon: black and beige, sleek black and classic black.

How Do I Choose the Best Leather Backpack?

When it comes to going hands-free with backpacks, there are so many chic options to go with. Whether it’s an investment piece or a high street gem, we’ve got you covered. Our guide focuses on this season’s most useful leather backpack brands with great shapes.

For backpack enthusiasts, going with the wrong choice means you’re stuck with an awkward-looking bag with lots of discomfort for your back. A few factors for consideration will ensure you pick the right style, comfort level, and convenience wherever you go.

But how do you choose the right leather backpack with the myriad of options available out there? It depends on your lifestyle and how you plan to use your backpack. Whether you need a lightweight suitcase to take you around the globe, or a simple wallet that holds everything you have, leather makes great travel pieces that last for a long time and are convenient to maintain. Leather backpacks save us the agony of carrying unwieldy and bulky suitcases all day in the name of purpose. These backpacks are easy to carry and offer great style. If you choose a bigger size for travelling, go for a rolling backpack that you can easily pull along on pavement and carry on your back when walking on rough ground. Sounds convenient, right?

A leather backpack is also great for all-day adventure when exploring a new city. It provides a hands-free option that won’t let anything spill out. The last thing you need when visiting a foreign land is to scramble for your personal effects every time they spill on the ground and a hiking backpack would be too extreme for everyday use. Leather backpacks offer great practicality and style. And again, leather is a unique material that embraces the natural wear and tear; they only get better with age!

Leather backpacks may not be the cheapest bags on the market, but when you get a decent model that suits your needs, it will last for the rest of your life –– unless something unnatural ruins it. Since these bags can be quite heavy, they may not be convenient for kids. Consider lightweight kids’ school backpacks that are generally easy and convenient for youngsters.

Great! Now let’s go through the features to look out for when shopping for a leather backpack, then you can dive straight to our top picks.
Now, what goes into the price of a leather backpack? The price should reflect the quality of leather used and the craftsmanship, as well as the aesthetics of its design. One thing you should never do is compromise quality for price. It can be embarrassing to have your leather backpack tear down the sides and pour out your stuff while on public transport or in the street. A good leather backpack will cost somewhere between $20 and $650. We don’t recommend very cheap options since they are mainly mass-produced, which may influence the quality. Again the quality of the leather used may not meet your expectations.

You can still find high-end leather backpacks that cost as much as $1,500, but it all depends on your budget. Additionally, the price of a leather backpack will be influenced by its size and the brand. Store brands may be cheaper than reputable brands that you’ve known for years, like North Face, Gregory, and Osprey.
Now let’s look at some of the features to look out for when choosing a good leather backpack:

    To find the perfect size for a leather backpack, select one that is proportionate to your body size and can properly fit all your items. Check the torso length too and get a size that is appropriate for you. Additionally, consider backpacks with a comfortably snug grip on your hips. Some packs come in multiple sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, and can fit various torso lengths. Many backpacks are designed to be supported by your hips. If you find a choice with an adjustable hip belt, you can be sure it will accommodate different hip sizes.
Activity Needs
    Depending on your activity needs, you can choose between daypacks, travel bags, rucksacks, and minimalist leather backpacks. In addition to size, the design and build of the backpack should match your purposes. Check the number and kind of items you’re planning to carry and ask whether you’ll be moving a lot with the backpack from one place to another or sitting in an office or classroom most of the day. Also check the kind of weather you’ll be using the backpack in and check whether it’s waterproof.
    If you want everyone to envy your bag, choose a leather backpack that has a lovely design. As a discerning person, pick something that balances between practicality and sophistication in equal measure. Whether you’re going to use it to carry your gym attire or carry your files to work, a good leather backpack should harmoniously blend into your whole look.
    A leather backpack can come with elasticized side pockets, hip belt pockets, front pockets, or shovel pockets. Elasticized pockets are usually flat when empty but stretch out when holding water bottles or other loose objects. Hip belt pockets carry small items like snacks, smartphones, and anything you would like to reach easily. Shovel pockets served originally to hold snow shovels but can be used to keep a jacket, map, etc. Front pockets can sometimes be added to the shovel pocket to hold other, smaller items.
Construction and Design
Leather backpacks are typically designed for durability and convenience. Quality backpacks are crafted from durable leather that will last for several years to come. These are among the few items you can easily pass down to your offspring and they’ll still look great. However, the workmanship plays a critical role in ensuring that the backpack will live up to your expectations. Most backpacks begin to wear out on the shoulder straps and zippers. Ensure that the joinery is top quality.

Observe the sewing and the material used in the thread. Double or triple stitching is preferred for leather backpacks to support the heavy weight of the items you’ll be carrying. But again, avoid carrying excessive weight in your backpack if you want it to serve you for several years.

Another critical design feature is the capability to protect its contents. Generally, leather backpacks are waterproof, but you need an appropriate zip and design to keep it completely watertight. Also look out for padded backpacks that can be helpful if you’re using your bag to carry electronic items like a laptop or tablet.

The type of leather you choose will determine the strength and durability of your backpack. That’s why you’ll find similar designs in a wide range of prices. Full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather is the common material used for leather backpacks. It develops a unique patina with time, hence giving the bag an organic quality. These bags provide a formal outlook for use in the office environment, but you can also take them on a trip or any other daily hike.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance and ease of use, a good leather backpack should be comfortable enough to carry around. If it hurts your back, you probably won’t use it often and, in the worst case, it may even lead to injuries. The build of the backpack determines its user’s comfort level. Look at the shape of the back side, padding, as well as the shoulder straps.

Leather backpacks with a comfortable back panel, an optimal hip belt, and padded shoulder straps should evenly distribute the weight across your body to ensure utmost comfort. Adjustable shoulder straps also ensure that the backpack sits comfortably on your back, hence reducing back strain. A contoured back panel will follow the natural shape of your back and allow a natural arch, hence eradicating back pain.

Finally, a good backpack should be properly organized on the inside. Some models are bare on the inside and make it difficult to arrange various items such as documents inside the bag. Good designs have multiple compartments and pockets that make it easy to keep and access your items.

Get the Best Leather Backpack of 2022!

Think about what you plan to carry before deciding on a new leather backpack. Students may need a large compartment for books, while others may need only a few small compartments. Consider how often you'll use your pack since some options are more durable than others. Whatever you may be looking for, these brands have a range of options for you. Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the best leather backpack you’ve been looking for. Feel free to sample other models offered by these respected brands as well.

Our Top Choice
David King & Co. Top Handle Backpack
Best Value
Le Donne Leather Laptop Backpack
Tumi Roll Top Leather Backpack
Vera Bradley Leather Amy Backpack
Coofit Girls Leather School Bag