Best Leather Dog Leash Reviews 2022

Are you looking to take your dog for walks but have no leash for added control? With hundreds of leather leashes on the market, choosing the right one becomes hard. Therefore, we’ve researched the best leather dog leashes on the market, showcasing one from each, to guide your buying decision.
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Our Top Choice
Leatherberg Leather Dog Training Leash
Founded in 2016, Leatherberg is a family-owned company that manufactures high quality leashes and collars to enhance the bond between dogs and their owners.
Stylish, soft on hands, and functional. Durable and robust. Withstands your dog’s pulling.
Snap hook can get rusty.
Adult dog walking, puppy training
Brown, double stitched, snap hook
6 feet
3/4 inches
Latigo leather
Best Value
Fairwin Short 12” Leather Dog Leash
Fairwin was founded in 2016 as a manufacturer of high quality outdoor sports equipment to enhance healthy living.
Affordable, durable, soft, and stylish. Simple, practical, and easy to use. Has strong tensile resistance.
The hook makes the leash a bit heavy.
Walking, training
Brown, snap hook
1 foot
3/4 inches
Genuine leather
Dean & Tyler Soft Touch Leather Dog Leash
Dean & Tyler is a global company renowned for crafting high quality, comfortable, stylish, and safe pet products.
Well crafted using tanned leather. Durable and scratch resistant. Doesn’t fray on the sides. Great for everyday use. Has a ring on the handle.
Might be too thick for small hands.
Walking, training
Black, snap hook
6 feet
3/4 inches
Full grain leather
Dogs My Love Round Rolled Leather Dog Leash
Dogs My Love is a California-based company that manufactures quality dog care products and accessories.
Genuine leather for durable use. Well-crafted and strong. A round design to offer good grip and style. Ideal for large and extra-large dogs.
Dogs can take some time to get used to its vibrations.
Walking and training large dogs
Black, rounded, snap hook
3.5 feet
1/2 inch
Genuine leather
Signature K9 Double Handle Leather Leash
Signature K9 is a company popularized for dog training that has partnered with Allen Manufacturing to produce professional k9 equipment since 2009.
Stylish and made from genuine leather. High strength and durability. Sturdy and made for large dogs.
The lower handle can be too low for tall people.
Walking & training large dogs
Black, snap hook, double ended
4 feet
3/4 inch
Latigo leather

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What is the Best Leather Dog Leash?

Choose a strong, comfortable and durable leather dog leash for prolonged use. Make sure it’s of a desired color, design and size. Find out if one of our recommended leather dog leashes is what you want.
Our Top Choice
The Leatherberg Brown Leather Dog Leash is double stitched and riveted with metal on the inside for increased strength to keep you and your dog safe. Is your dog medium sized or large and in need of a leash for heavily trafficked sidewalks? If so, opt for the Leatherberg Traffic Leather Dog Leash with a shorter length for more overall control.

Leatherberg 6 Foot Long ¾-Inch Wide Leather Training Dog Leash – Available in 2 Colors

Leatherberg was established about a year ago with the vision of keeping you and your dog happy. This company uses strong and natural materials to handcraft leashes and collar to ensure that you get a unique product with exceptional craftsmanship. With every leash or collar you buy from this company, you obtain a stylish and highly functional product that brings forth impressive handling ease when dealing with your dog, allowing you to spend quality time through walks and training, without compromising safety.

The Leatherberg Brown Leather Dog Leash is double stitched and riveted, using 100% Latigo leather for increased durability guaranteeing prolonged use. This leash also has a snap hook you can easily attach to the collar of your dog for any outings.

The leather is soft for gentleness on your hands keeping your hands comfortably cushioned in case your dog decides to suddenly pull away. At six feet long, your dog is able to experience some limited freedom, coupled with ¾-inches width for additional strength and durability. This adheres to the recommended leash size for medium to large breed dogs, allowing for ease of use during both leisure time and training.

Walking your dog on a stylish and well-crafted leash is bound to turn heads. The leather is given proper workmanship, accompanied with personal touches through attractive and functional stitches, and you do have the option of opting for a black finish if the brown doesn’t suit your taste.
Best Value
The Fairwin Short Leather Dog Leash is made from genuine leather to lend you control and strength while handling your dog during walks. Looking for a long, comfortable, and convenient leash? Check out the Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Leash for military-grade training of your dog.

Fairwin Short 12-Inch Leather Dog Leash with Copper Alloy Casting Snap Hook – Available in 2 Colors

Fairwin manufactures outdoor products and has become influential in the sports industry due to their high-quality and innovative products. The company also provides a fast, safe, and easy shopping experience to all customers. They have successfully sold tens of thousands of products, made with premium materials to last a lifetime, since 2016.

The Fairwin Short Leather Dog Leash is made from genuine leather imported from the US, allowing you to experience both the tough and subtle qualities that are attributed to leather products. The leather is bound to be gentle on your hands if your dog pulls away, while providing all the style that comes with fine handcrafted leather.

Built for durability, the leash is treated with a finish to be highly durable and weather-proof, lasting many years of regular use. The snap hook on the leash is on another level all together; made of copper alloys finished through a high-quality, rust resistant plating process, it brings forth a strong and capable attachment that can withstand five hundred pounds of pull weight, making the leash ideal for big dogs.

The leash is only twelve inches long to allow for easy handling in training or close quarter walking instances. Furthermore, it’s backed with a twelve months warranty for replacement if there’s any manufacturing fault.

Here are some other Fairwin leather dog leashes you might be interested in:
  • Fairwin Foldable Leather Dog Leash – Heavy duty, foldable
  • Fairwin K9 Leather Dog Leash – 4ft leash, heavy duty
  • Fairwin K9 Reflective Dog Leash – Reflective nylon braided
The Dean & Tyler Soft Touch Leather Dog Leash is built with a Nappa leather padded handle for protection from sudden movements. If you prefer a shorter, more cost-effective, and braided leather leash option, check out the Dean & Tyler Simply Braided Short Leather Dog Leash for another functional and stylish lead.

Dean & Tyler Soft Touch Leather Dog Leash with Ring On Handle and Stainless Steel Snap Hook

Dean & Tyler is a company dedicated to providing premium pet products. They manufacture pet supplies aimed at enhancing the comfort and safety of both you and your pet. With exceptional craftsmanship, the company utilizes natural raw materials tested for quality to bring forth only the best products for your dog.

The Dean & Tyler Soft Touch Leather Dog Leash is six feet long to let your pet roam around as you take a walk. This gives you control of your dog while still allowing for a little controlled freedom. Made from pure leather, the leash is durable and comfortable not just for your pet, but also your hands, while making a fashion statement in terms of style and class.

The process used in making the leash ensures you enjoy using a quality product built to last a lifetime. First, the leather is tanned using chrome salt solution, making it heat and scratch resistant. Next, the leather is put through a vegetable tanning process to make it firm and water resistant, ensuring you buy a product you can enjoy using, regardless of the weather conditions.

The safety and comfort of your dog come first. With this leash, your best friend is protected from the danger of the leash breaking when the dog gets excited and pulls. It also comes with a stainless-steel snap hook that’s weather-proof, heavy duty, adding to its ability to withstand pull force, and with the handle padded with Nappa leather, it’s soft and easy on your hands.

Built with a ring on the handle, you’re able to achieve various functionalities such as snapping two leashes together, attaching your keys or a waste bag, or shortening the leash for comfort or competitive outlets.

Here are some other Dean & Tyler Leather Dog Leashes that you may be interested in:
  • Dean & Tyler Simple Pleasure Leash – Multifunctional leash
  • Dean & Tyler Tamed Beauty Leash – 1/2 inch width, rope construction
  • Dean & Tyler Comfort Braid Leash – Braided
The Dogs My Love Round Rolled Leather Dog Leash is built with a shock absorbing coil for exceptional handling control. Opt for the Dogs My Love 6 Ft Rolled Leather Dog Leash if you want a similar leash with a longer length to experience increased versatility and movements when going for walks.

Dogs My Love Round Rolled Shock-Absorbing Leather Dog Leash with a Heavy-Duty Swivel Bolt Snap

Dogs My Love is a company with a focus on changing the way you relate with your pet. They subject their pet supplies to rigorous quality tests to ensure only premium products get to the consumer. The company uses top of the line materials to manufacture pet products that can withstand years of regular use while remaining comfortable and safe.

The Dogs My Love Round Rolled Leather Dog Leash is crafted from genuine leather in a round, ergonomic design to ease grabbing and holding of the leash when taking your dog for walks or during training without added fatigue during longer sessions. The leash also has a heavy duty nickel plated snap to prevent it from rusting.

To ensure you have total comfort and control of your dog, regardless of its size, the leash has a shock absorbing coil. This prevents shock from reaching the handle by dampening it, therefore adding to your safety if your dog tries to dash away.

Every dog owner wants a leash that can keep them intimately close to their dogs without stopping their pets from roaming around as they walk. Measuring about 3.5 ft long, the leash gives you a chance to enjoy both worlds. The finish on the leash is attractively crafted so you can walk your dog in style.

Here are some other Dogs My Love Leather Dog Leashes that you might be interested in:
  • Dogs My Love Multifunctional Leash – Versatile, adjustable
  • Dogs My Love Brown 6 Way European Leather Leash – Adjustable from both sides
  • Dogs My Love Long Braided Rope Dog Leash – 6 feet, black with blue
The Signature K9 Double Handle Leather Dog Leash is built with two handles for increased functionality. Are you into professional dog training and require military-grade leash? Opt for the Signature K9 Biothane Leather Leash for ease-of-use, secure grip, and comfort.

Signature K9 Double Handle Braided Leather Dog Leash with Beveled Edges for a Firm Grip – Available in 2 Sizes & 2 Colors

Signature K9 was started as a dog training company by a passionate dog lover, Matt. He later partnered with Allen Manufacturing to start production of high quality K9 products to help dogs perform better, especially those owned by security agencies. The collaboration has seen the development of premium, innovative K9 products, most of which were designed by Matt himself.

This double handle braided leash is the epitome of style and functionality. The leash comes with two handles to support optimal use and control. You can use it as a short leash when you need total control in busy streets or use it as a long leash when you want your dog to roam freely during walks. This saves you the hassle of having to buy two leashes, short and long, depending on your intended use.

Most dog lovers and owners want a leash built to last the lifetime of the dog it’s bought for, and with this leash, you get nothing less. It’s made of high quality genuine leather. The leash also has braided and smooth parts for a stylish look that’s bound to turn heads. Constructed for law enforcement and military-grade training, this leash is highly functional in supporting the needs of training large dogs.

It also comes with a snap hook made of brass coated metal, making it a rust-free and stylish addition to the leather. The beveled, Latigo leather ensures that your hands don’t become fatigued as you walk or train your dog for prolonged durations. Made for everyday use, this leash ensures you get to enjoy spending quality time with your dog anytime you want to without additional hassle or stress.

Here are a few other Signature K9 leather dog leashes you might like:
  • Signature K9 Latigo Leather Classic Agitation Leash – 7/8 inches wide, burgundy color
  • Signature K9 Braided Leather Leash – 3/4 wide, 6 feet
  • Signature K9 Knot Braided Leather Leash – Heavy duty, 6 feet

How Do I Choose the Best Leather Dog Leash?

The bond between man and dog is one that cannot be severed. Companies that manufacture pet care products and accessories such as dog crates for both the handling and training of dogs aim to offer customers high quality products to enhance this bond, and leashes, in addition to dog collars, are one of the most functional accessories any dog owner or trainer can have.

Leashes enable you to walk your dog without fear of them breaking loose, running free, and potentially becoming lost or causing panic by easily attaching to their collar. Shorter leashes offer you enough control to allow you to navigate through crowds and heavily trafficked sidewalks with ease, while longer leashes allow more mobility and freedom to your dog when going on outings such as visits to beaches or parks. In addition to the assistance a leash can provide to handling the strength and mobility of your dog, most public locations within the U.S. require dog owners to maintain a leash restraint on their dogs, making it a necessity to invest in a long lasting and quality leash for your furry baby.

Furthermore, during training you need to be able to direct your dog physically as you give it instructions, a leash helps you lead while keeping your dog safe throughout the training sessions. With a good leash, both of you can be comfortable during whatever endeavor you set out on, and you can add to that comfort and boost style by choosing a well-made leather option.

This is a review of various types of leather dog leashes for training, simple walks, or both. We hope that this guide can help you make an informed decision regarding the best leash for your dog.
The price of a leather dog leash varies mostly by the size of the leash, hardware used, and the finish. A leash with a double stitch, plated snap hook, and edges that don’t fray will likely cost more than one without such features. Cheap dog leashes are also available on the market but these should be avoided due to their poor quality and lack of lasting or useful features.

The price of dog leashes also depends on whether they’re meant for small dogs or large ones, or whether they’re meant for pets or service dogs, as such, military-grade leashes for a large breed dog, will cost more than their counterparts. With prices ranging from as low as $10 to $200 or more, there’s a leash out there for you, just ensure that you make your decision based on strength, durability, and comfort for both you and your animal.
When looking for a leather dog leash, you need to consider its functionality as the most important feature. Can it hold your dog? Is it comfortable on your hands? The leash should also be constructed to withstand various weather elements and scratching or biting from your dog.

Here are the important features to look for in a leather dog leash:
  • The length of the leash
  • The finishing on the leather
  • Any included hardware
  • Multi-use versatility
  • A color that matches your dog’s collar
  • Width of the leash for increased durability and comfort
With a good leash, you’ll be able to take your dog for walks or engage in training while keeping your hands cushioned and protected.
Construction and Design
The construction and design of your leather dog leash is very important and will be the main consideration factors when you’re looking to buy. The top things to think about are type, design, length, width and type of leather. Let’s see these in some more detail.


Leather dog leashes are categorized into four types depending on the function and the length of the leash. The leash can be for walking the dog, training, hands free and for traffic walks. If you want a leash for walking your dog, you need one that can serve you well when you’re out with your dog by withstanding pull force whenever the dog decides to pull away unexpectedly. The leash should also be able to tether the dog when need arises, while allowing the dog to roam, when appropriate.

Training leashes, on the other hand, are heavy duty and built for durability and functionality. They are made to allow the trainer ease when teaching the dog tricks or directing it wherever required. There are also traffic leashes that are usually short to allow your dog to be controlled with ease, being kept close to the walker, to maneuver around large populations of people.

Lastly, some leashes are made for hands free use. This means they have two snap hooks to attach it to your dog collar and to yourself, which are when jogging or during competitions. Aside from these main makes of leash, there are multipurpose leashes that are innovatively designed to incorporate all or most these functions in one leash.


Leather dog leashes come in different colors and finishes. Some come with bright colors such as blue, burgundy, and yellow while most will be made in colors that compliment natural leather products such as browns, tans, and black.

Some leashes can be retractable, allowing you to have the leash at favorable length and adjust as needed. Some leashes also come in rounded rope-like designs while others are made in a more flat style.


The length of a leash is an important factor to consider because it determines how well you will be able to handle your dog. A good walking leash gives the necessary space for your dog to walk and roam as freely as it can without bumping into you, while a short leash, on the other hand, gives you total control of the dog in situations that require it such as crowded areas. The recommended length for a long leash is six feet while for a short one is twelve inches inches.


The width of the leash allows you proper grip while ensuring strength and durability. Remember that some dogs are heavy and strong and therefore require a leash that can withstand the kind of force such dogs will exert when they pull or run. The recommended width of the leather leash is 3/4 inches.


There are various kinds of leather used in the manufacturing of leashes with the most common being latigo leather and tanned leather. The choice here is purely a matter of preference, as leather is a durable material in and of itself. It becomes softer with age, adding more comfort and a unique look, but remains firm and sturdy.
Performance and Ease of Use
Leather dog leashes are simple to use as they come equipped with a snap hook that easily attaches to the collar. Some designs also allow for versatility and multifunctional use of the leash. In terms of care, the leather is usually well finished and won’t require any maintenance practices to enhance use of the product. If it gets dirty, it’s easy to clean manually or with a machine, and will come with added instructions, if needed.

Get the Best Leather Dog Leash of 2022!

Whether you want to go for walks or engage in training, there’s a suitable leather dog leash for you. We hope that this guide was helpful enough to let you pick uncompromised data. If you need something different, check out our other pet supply reviews.

Our Top Choice
Leatherberg Leather Dog Training Leash
Best Value
Fairwin Short 12” Leather Dog Leash
Dean & Tyler Soft Touch Leather Dog Leash
Dogs My Love Round Rolled Leather Dog Leash
Signature K9 Double Handle Leather Leash