Best LED Headlights - LED Headlight Bulbs and LED Conversion Kits for Cars, Motorcycles, and Passenger Trucks

LED Headlights are starting to pop up in many automobile stores, but some people might still be wondering what's so great about them? LED headlights are supposed to guide you home safely with a clearer, more natural light. To help you determine the right light headlight for you, we have searched widely for the best LED headlight brands and settled on five top companies.

This review focuses on LED headlight bulbs and LED headlight conversion kits, not the full headlamp (however some of the brands we featured to offer them). Because there are so many different vehicles as well as types of LED headlights, it wasn’t possible to get all the best brands into 5 spots. Sadly, this means we had to leave off some great companies.

We want to give a special shout out and honorable mention to SeaLight, AutoOne, and Fahren. These brands have a wide range of LED headlight bulbs and conversion kits to replace halogen bulbs, if you don’t find what you need from our featured brands.
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Our Top Choice
OPT7 FluxBeam LED Headlights
With a culture of continually improving their design standards, the OPT7 brand has emerged as a leader in building automotive lighting systems such as the OPT7 FluxBeam LED Headlights.
Easy to install. Durable. Highly adaptable. Reliable.
Dimmer than HIDs. When installed in a projector, they appear split into upper and lower sections, although its performance remains unaffected.
Best Value
JDM ASTAR LED Headlight Conversion Kit
As specialists in automotive LED lighting systems - such as the JDM ASTAR G2 CSP Chipsets LED Headlight Bulbs - the JDM ASTAR brand continues to gain popularity among motorists.
Sleek design. Easy to install. Highly durable. Cost efficient.
May not work properly on European automobiles without circuit modification.
Rigidhorse H7 LED Head Light Conversion Kit
The Rigidhorse brand has risen to become a force to be reckoned with in the automobile lighting market with highly efficient products, such as their Rigidhorse LED Headlight Conversion Kits.
Easy to install. Highly durable. Built for safe night driving.
Its heat sink is big, making it hard to install in housings with small clearance.
XtremeVision 8G Dual Beam LED Headlights
XtremeVision has been consistently producing automotive lighting systems that have won the hearts of many consumers, such as the XtremeVision 8G Dual Beam LED Headlights.
Easy to install. Designed for superior night vision. Waterproof.
Not compatible with vehicles with stock HIDs.
SiriusLED H11 Combo Bulb LED Headlight Kit
The USA based company, SiriusLED, employs the use of top-notch LED SMDs to design high quality automotive lighting systems, a technique producing impressive models that include the SiriusLED X2 LED Headlights.
Easy to install. Highly durable. Cost efficient.
Some cars may require an adaptor to work well with these LED headlights.

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What Are the Best LED Headlights for Cars and Trucks? Read Our LED Headlight Reviews!

Since you are aware of what you need to look for as you shop for LED headlights, let’s take some time and look at the special features of the selected LED headlight bulbs. You will be pleased to note that each choice has unique qualities which make it the most suitable choice for your driving.

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Our Top Choice
The OPT7 FluxBeam LED Headlights give you a well-focused beam for superior night vision. If you are looking for a motorcycle option, we highly recommend the OPT7 Motorcycle LED Headlight Kit. Designed to fit the OEM housing of your motorbike, this one bulb kit is waterproof - making it a perfect choice for rainy weather.

OPT7 LED Headlight Bulbs w/ Clear Arc-Beam Kit - Find the right size LED headlight with Amazon’s Search Tool


Since its establishment in 1998, the OPT7 Company has expanded its production of HID Kits to include the highly innovative FluxBeam LED Headlights.

Designed to produce revolutionary daylight-quality vision on the road, these headlights come with an exceptional design that offers highly focused beams of light. With only $99.95, you can revolutionize your night driving experience while getting excellent value for your money.

In addition, here are the features that make this product popular among motorists:

  • Uses high power CREE MK-R LEDs and Arc-Beam TM lenses to produce light beams free of dark spots
  • Designed to be compatible with the computer system of any vehicle
  • Comes with an advanced heat control system comprised of a TurboCool Fan and an Aluminum heat-sink
  • Designed to last 50,000 hours of non-stop operation
  • Comes with a two-year warranty

Not sure whether these headlights are suitable for your car? Don’t panic. Check out the whole range of OPT7 FluxBeam LED Headlights to get your right size.

Best Value
The JDM ASTAR G2 CSP Chipsets LED Headlights are designed for exceptional performance while providing maximum safety to drivers at night. If you are looking for fog lights, we highly recommend the JDM ASTAR Extremely Bright Max 50W LED Fog Bulbs. These lights come in sets of two and with 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

JDM ASTAR LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit Y8 Series ZES Chips Extremely Bright 6500K Xenon White - 8000 Lumens


In an effort to keep abreast with changing technology, the JDM ASTAR Company continually improves their designs with the latest LED inventions – striving to offer the best products in the market. They handle all manner of vehicles, ranging from trucks to lawn mowers. Whether you need headlights or interior LED bulbs, you can be sure you’ll get help at JDM ASTAR.

Each of their CSP LED Headlight Bulbs is built with 12 high-power LED chips for exceptional performance. With only $59.99, you can turn your dark night trips into blissful driving escapades.

Moreover, here are the features that make these LED bulbs truly amazing:

  • Waterproof bulbs
  • Comes with a cooling mechanism built to function well without harming your vehicle’s electronics
  • Easy plug and play package
  • Has a long operational lifespan of 20,000 hours

If H1 size headlights is not what you are looking for, JDM ASTAR offers these bulbs in H3 base type - which is also compatible with the 9008 size.

The Rigidhorse Perfect Beam Pattern LED Headlight Bulbs are designed to cool very fast without the need for a fan. This increases its lifespan significantly. For your fog lights, look at Rigidhorse Dual Color LED Headlight Bulbs. It’s an all-in-one conversion kit with Fan CSP Chip.

Rigidhorse H7 LED Headlight Bulbs, CREE Chips Conversion Kit – Find the right size LED headlight with Amazon’s Search Tool


Besides designing and manufacturing LED Headlights, the Rigidhorse brand also makes LED light bars with various automotive applications.

The Rigidhorse H7 LED Headlight Bulbs are designed to produce a flawless beam pattern using the CSP technology. Retailing at only $199.00, these headlights are sure to serve you for a longtime, making them a valuable investment.

Additionally, here are the features of this product that make it the preferred choice for many users:

  • Designed to allow you to adjust the beam angle
  • Compatible with EU E4 standards
  • Uses superior Philips Lumileds combined with a Luxeon Zes Chipset
  • Designed to produce a light beam that mimics the original headlight of your car
  • Offers plug & use installation
  • Bulbs are twice as bright as normal Halogen headlights
  • Come with a 2-year warranty
  • Can last up to 30,000 hrs of continuous operation

Is the H7 base size different from that of your car’s headlights? Do not worry. These bulbs are also available in H4(9003), H11(H8), H3(9008) and 9006 base sizes.

The XtremeVision 8G Dual Beam LED Headlight bulbs are built to withstand shocks, making them extremely durable. If you need a newer model, we recommend the XtremeVision DOT Approved - Hi\/Lo Sealed Beam CREE LED Headlights. These bulbs bring you the latest technological developments in the LED lighting sphere.

XtremeVision 8G Dual Beam LED Headlights Conversion Kit – Available in 8 Sizes


The XtremeVision brand specializes in producing lighting systems for all vehicles. Besides headlights, some of their popular products include interior bulbs for cars and trucks. They also make HID Replacement Bulbs.

Their 8G Dual Beam LED Headlights are designed to eliminate glare defects to enhance the safety of motorists on the road. Selling at only $79.99, these bulbs come with a 3600 beam angle.

Additionally, these features make their 8G Dual Beam LED headlight bulbs very popular among users:

  • Offer three times brighter beams than the normal Halogen lamps
  • Comes with a self-cooling design comprising of an air flux and a fan
  • Offers 30,000 hrs of continuous operation
  • Passes EU quality standards
  • Built with high quality aluminum metal for superior performance

If you are unsure that these bulbs will fit your car, just take a look at their selection of bases. XtremeVision has this product in H11(H8/H9), H13(9008), 9006(HB4), 9005(HB3/9011), 5202(9009), and 9004(HB1) base variations.

The SiriusLED X2 LED Headlights come in a set of two bulbs for an exciting makeover of your fading Halogen lights. If you need an option built with CREE chips, we highly recommend the SiriusLED All-In-One Extremely Bright Cree XM LED Headlights. These bulbs come with a fan-less cooling feature that guarantees a steady optimum output.

SiriusLED H11 LED Headlight Bulb High Low Beam Combo Conversion Kit - Find the right size LED headlight with Amazon’s Search Tool


The SiriusLED Company specializes in manufacturing LED bulbs with specific applications in the automobile industry. They use carefully selected LEDS to produce impeccable products harnessing LED technologies that include CREE, Philups, Canbus and Switchback Chips.

The SiriusLED X2 LED Headlights are built with COB technology to offer maximum brightness. Retailing at only $49.99, these bulbs have the chips placed on two sides in a back-to-back arrangement for optimum operation.

Here are the features that have attracted many to this product:

  • Comes in a compact design
  • Offers a flawless light beam
  • Its heat sink is built from aviation grade aluminum
  • Designed to give you 30,000 hours of continuous operation
  • Comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comes with a plug-n-play connection
  • Waterproof design for operation in extremely wet conditions

If this headlight conversion kit is not for you, check out the many options from SiriusLED to pick you best option.

Best Automotive LED Headlight Guide – What to Look for in an LED Headlights Kit for Cars, Pickup Trucks and Passenger Vehicles

Cars provide you with the convenience of moving from one place to another when you wish to do so. In order for your car to serve you well, it needs to be in good condition to ensure superior performance and your safety. For instance, the tires of your car must be in good condition at all times, so that they give you the quality grip and friction needed for safe driving. Other devices such as jump starters and remote car starters also come in handy in emergency situations.

When driving at night, you need headlights that are bright enough to maximize the visibility of the surroundings. How far you can see when on the road affects how you drive and your interactions with other drivers. LED headlights are built to give you a clear beam similar to natural light for better vision.

LED headlamps for cars are built using various technologies such as COB, CREE, and CANBUS. Regardless of the technology used for their manufacture, these lamps are famed for their efficient power consumption. They also come in a variety of headlight base types to allow easy swapping of existing halogen lights.

Video: Halogen vs HID vs LED Headlights Bulbs

Which is the Best - LED or HID or Halogen?. | Courtesy of Headlight Revolution

The cost of an LED headlight will depend on the technology used in its manufacturing process, and other design features such as power output. For instance, a 36-watt COB headlight with 30,000 operating hours costs about $50, while the price of a 40-watt SMD Cree LED headlamp can go up to $200. There are also cheap LED headlights on the market, but they may not provide you with uniform luminance and long hours of operation. It’s important to check out these features before buying such lamps. Fortunately, we don’t feature such products in our reviews, so you should have no cause to worry when assessing our picks.


When choosing headlamps for your car, you need lights that give you a superior beam with a long range. This allows you to see fine details of a road, such as rough patches and markings, for safe nighttime driving. To pick a lamp that will give you the performance you deserve, you’ll need to examine its key features.

Below are the important features to look for in an LED headlamp:

  • The size of the headlight base (H11, H7, etc.)
  • Estimated operating lifetime
  • Power output in watts
  • Color of the emitted light beam
  • The technology used to develop the LEDs (COB, CREE, etc.)

Each of these features contributes to the final price of an LED headlight, and considering them will help you choose a lamp that’s within your budget.

Construction and Design

Unlike halogen headlights that depend on gases to emit light, LED headlamps are based on solid state semiconductors. This makes them emit a lot of heat that, if not dissipated well, reduces the lifetime of the LEDs. For this reason, LED headlights for cars are designed with cooling mechanisms, such as highly conductive aluminum heat sinks and fans.

Different LED technologies are used in the production of these headlamps. For instance, SMD Cree LEDs are larger than their COB counterparts. This means that fewer SMDs are used in a lamp compared to COB LEDs on the same surface area. These technologies also differ in terms of luminance and visual angle produced by the LEDs.

Whatever its technology, each LED lamp needs to connect to the power source of a car. While some feature a plug and play design that integrates flawlessly with your car computer, others require adapters to function. These lights are also built to fit specific headlight bases. Make sure that you pick a lamp of the right size.

Video: How to Aim and Align Your Headlights

How to Aim the Headlight Housing. | Courtesy of Headlight Revolution
Performance and Ease of Use

COB and SMD Cree are among the top-notch technologies available in the market today. They are known to produce focused beams with great luminance for improved visibility. In the design of most headlights, LEDs are placed in a back-to-back arrangement, producing a 3600 beam angle without dark spots.

A quality heat dissipating mechanism improves the performance of the headlamps and their durability. This means that your headlights last for a longer time, consequently saving you money. LED headlights are also stylish and fashionable. If you care about your car's appearance, feel free to spruce it up with matching LED headlamps.

Get the Best LED Headlight of 2023!

Now that you've read our review on the best LED headlights, we hope you’ve found one that tickles your fancy. In addition to the featured headlights, these trusted brands have other LED headlamps that you may find interesting. Follow the links on this review page for details.

Our Top Choice
OPT7 FluxBeam LED Headlights
Best Value
JDM ASTAR LED Headlight Conversion Kit
Rigidhorse H7 LED Head Light Conversion Kit
XtremeVision 8G Dual Beam LED Headlights
SiriusLED H11 Combo Bulb LED Headlight Kit

LED Headlight FAQs

How to install LED headlights?
To install LED headlights, you should start by selecting the right kit, which could be a single beam or dual beam. Preparation for installation involves pulling out the old headlights. Before that, you should park the vehicle some 20 feet away from the garage with the headlights on. Shine the headlights on the wall and mark the maximum height of the beam. The new headlight kit should include two ballasts, two bulbs, terminated connectors and wiring. Start with installing the ballasts (if the headlights don’t have built-in ballasts) and secure them by drilling pilot holes and fastening screws. Check out our review on LED headlights for more information.
How to adjust LED headlights?
To adjust LED headlights, start by cleaning the lenses. Next, drive to a wall or other flat surface. Prepare the vehicle by shaking it to ensure that the suspension system is stable and inflate the tires until they attain the right PSI level. Check that the gas tank is at least half full and have someone occupy the driver’s seat. Once the vehicle is steady, turn on the headlights to low-beam. Draw a line on the wall showing the position of the headlight beams. Reverse the car for up to 25 feet (or what’s recommended in the manual) from the wall. You can then remove the old headlights, install new ones, and adjust the beams to the level you had drawn earlier.
How long do LED headlights last?
How long LED headlights would last depends on many things and could be anywhere between 10,000 and 50,000 hours. In terms of days, that translates to 417 to 2,084 days. That is 1 to 6 years of continuous use, depending on the quality, brand, and manufacturer.
What are the best LED headlights?
The best LED lights are those that produce bright light to help you drive around at night. While most LED are bright, not all of them are affordable. So, it helps if you buy one that fits within your budget and has the right features. For example, the headlight should have a base that’s compatible with the vehicle. Also necessary is the wattage or power level of the headlights. The color of the light will also determine whether you can see clearly or not. Finally, the construction and design of the headlamps should be one that provides top-notch performance, ease of use, and durability.