Best LED Strip Lights Reviews 2023

Perhaps you have witnessed the magical effects of LED strip lights or have seen amazing pictures of ambient colors lighting up kitchens, ceilings, or TV backgrounds. Well, you could get that creative with your lighting by getting yourself a good LED strip light. Read on and discover some of the best LED strip light brands out there and 5 cool options to get started. You’ll love the results!
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No. Of LEDs
Our Top Choice
WenTop Strip Lights Kit
WenTop is synonymous with quality. It’s known to manufacture quality LED lights, making the world an exciting place to live.
They come in a 16.4-foot tape, giving you more coverage. The color of lighting can change, making them suitable for décor and indoor lighting.
These LED strip lights might not stick well on wet surfaces.
Indoor lighting, car
300 LED lights
16.5 feet
12V power supply
Remote control, power adapter
Best Value
Bason Lighting USB LED TV Backlight Kit
Bason Lighting is a known supplier of quality DIY LED snake lights, combining quality manufacturing with quality performance.
It’s available in different sizes so that it can cover the four sides of your TV set. The LEDs display 16 stunning colors, all of which are dimmable.
These snake lights won’t stick on wet surfaces so you might want to keep the surfaces dry and clean before fitting.
TV, home theater
Different options
Available in 7 sizes
Remote control, dimmable
Toplus Flexible LED Rope Lights
Toplus boasts impressive LED strip lights that are easy to work with, making your life more exciting.
The installation is super easy as the package has all that’s needed. They come with a remote control that allows you to dim and brighten, for both outdoor and indoor use.
Even though these LED lights are waterproof, the adhesive will not stick well on dirty surfaces.
Indoor, outdoor, TV backing
300 LED lights
16.4 feet
12V power supply
IR control box, dimmable
Supernight LED Strip Light Kit
Supernight began in 2009 as an LED light and table case manufacturer. Today, it has expanded into a modern production business that offers affordable quality lighting fixtures.
It’s super bright, offering your reliability and high intensity. It comes with cutting marks after every 3 LEDs, allowing you to set it up conveniently.
Sadly, this LED strip only produces a green light. However, the brand has lots more with other impressive colors.
Indoor, outdoor
300 LED lights
16.4 feet
12V power supply
Can be cut every 3 LEDs
HitLights Premium Luma5 LED Strip Lights
HitLights strives to offer its customers quality and affordable LED lighting solutions to brighten up their lives.
They can work with a variety of dimmers, connectors, and switches, making them even more convenient. The package comes with adhesives and instructions for easy installation.
These LED Light Strips are not waterproof and should be stuck on dry surfaces.
600 LED lights
16.4 feet
12V power supply
Can be cut every 3 LEDs

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What is the Best LED Strip Lights?

From back-lighting banisters to kitchen counters to TV backgrounds, there’s no limit with what you can achieve with LED strip lights. You can use them just about anywhere! But getting the right one for your needs could prove a hassle, considering some of these strip lights are made to suit different places (outdoors/indoors). To help you with your shopping process, we’ve reviewed some great options from renowned brands, going into detail to showcase what each has in store for you.
Our Top Choice
The WenTop LED Strip Lights feature 300 LEDs to give your home a nice ambient lighting. Have a power supply and want just the LED strip lights that are waterproof? We think you’ll love the WenTop Waterproof Led Strip Lights.

WenTop LED Tape Lights Kit with 300leds 44Key Remote and 12v DC Supply

WenTop is a top brand that produces quality LED lights. Its products are known to satisfy customer demand, with high ratings that attest to their quality. Its customer care also promises quality delivery that can be trusted.

The WenTop Led Strip Lights are ideal for making that party livelier or giving your home an ambient background. It features brightness and dimming control features that allow you to get the right amount of lighting. Currently, it retails at around $32.99, which is a good price for the quality that this LED strip light offers.

Let’s look at some of its features:
  • Allows you to cut and link it up while fitting a good number of flat surfaces
  • It’s made for both indoor and outdoor lighting, especially under cabinets and during parties
  • Built to consume minimal power for convenience
  • Produces a smooth and even spread of light
  • Has a life span of more than 50,000 hours, giving it great durability
  • Its package includes a 12-month warranty with a money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Its remote has 44 keys with ‘DIY’ features that make controlling it a breeze
Best Value
The Bason Lighting USB LED TV Backlight kit is made to give your home entertainment systems super brightness, saving a cool 85% of energy. Want a different design for your kitchen cabinets or TV stand? We bet you’ll love the BASON 16.4ft Addressable Programmable LED Strip.

Bason Lighting USB Programmable LED Strip Lights – Available in 7 Sizes

Bason Lighting enjoys a significant influence in the US and Europe thanks to its quality products and friendly services. Over the years, the company has gathered enough industry experience to deliver just what consumers want.

The BASON USB LED TV Backlight kit is designed to impress with its dimmable 16-color display. It comes with a 3M VBH adhesive tape that makes it easy to stick to any flat surfaces, including your big TV set. It also has a memory feature that remembers the previous color setting, making it easy and convenient for any color setting. You can grab these LED strip lights for $25.99 and enjoy its performance.

There are a couple of features that make this LED strip light unique. Here’s what we’re talking about:
  • The package comes with a remote control for convenience
  • Features a USB connectivity that makes it easy to power it up with your TV’s USB port
  • It’s available in a variety of sizes to fit the four sides of your TV set or home theater
  • It’s easy to install with a super brightness feature that saves energy up to 85%
  • It’s made to last for more than 30,000 hours
  • Sticks well on flat surfaces as it’s made of heat resisting and moisture-proof adhesive tape

The BASON USB LED TV Backlight kit comes in different sizes with variations from the 32” to 47”, 48” to 50”, 55”, and a 90” to 105”. There is also an option for TV Stand Décor design and the Promo DIY Kit available.
The Toplus Flexible LED Rope Lights are waterproof and come with an impressive 300 LEDs that display different light colors. Want to get a strong LED lighting for your home as well? Get the Toplus Solar String Lights and enjoy solar-powered lighting.

Toplus LED Strip Light Kit Waterproof with Dimmable Color Changing LEDs, 12V Power Supply

Toplus is a well-known brand in the world of lighting fixtures. Its products are safe to use and guarantee quality performance. With high ratings and competitive prices, there’s enough evidence that its products offer value to consumers.

The Toplus LED Strip Light Kit is a waterproof strip light that’s ideal for decorations. It features an impressive 300 LEDs that work to give you attractive lighting, while consuming less energy. It comes with a one-year warranty that’s part of the quality customer service.

Currently retailing at around $35.99, here are some of the features that you’ll enjoy with this LED strip light:
  • You can cut it into two strips as the adapter can load up to 5050 LED lights
  • Comes with a 12V/5A power supply that has connectors and an IR control box for convenience
  • It’s safe to use as it consumes less power and can be used around children
  • It’s ideal for backlighting mirrors and automobiles, and can be used for weddings and other party decorations
  • Its waterproof feature makes it durable even in harsh conditions, plus it has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours
  • It’s easy to install with its strong adhesive tapes that safely hold the lights to any flat surface
  • It features a flexible all-in-one kit that has a remote control with 44 keys for reliability
The Supernight Green LED Strip Light Kit is waterproof and runs on low temperature and power consumption, making it a great choice for exterior and interior decorations. Want a multi-color LED strip light that’s powered by USB instead? We think you’ll love the USB LED Light Strip Kit.

Supernight Green Flexible LED Snake Lights Waterproof with 300 LEDs - Brand Makes Other Colors

Supernight does one thing and does it exceptionally well – it makes quality LED light fixtures to satisfy consumer demands. It has achieved in innovations and market research.

The SUPERNIGHT New Green Strip Light features a flexible and waterproof tape that makes it ideal for decorating your interior and exterior spaces. Installing this LED strip light is a breeze as it comes with self-adhesive tape that sticks well on flat surfaces. At the moment, its price is set at $17.99.

The SUPERNIGHT New Green Strip Light comes with unique features that make it a fantastic deal. Here are some of them:
  • Long power cord of about 1.2m (almost 4 feet) for convenience
  • Produces a bright green light while consuming minimal power
  • The lights are smoothly spread to give an even luminous effect
  • Built to light up windows, trails, and hallways with a stylish green LED light decoration
The HitLights Premium Luma5 LED Strip Lights promise bright lighting and low power consumption. They’re thin and discreet, allowing you to mount them on most surfaces. Want a different design instead with less LEDs? How about you go for the Warm White 8 LED Tape Light Strip Kit? It might be just what you’re looking for!

HitLights Premium LED Tape Lights with 600 LEDs – Available in 9 Styles

Since 2010 HitLights has demonstrated a steady growth with a variety of products such as LED-lit t-shirts to high-quality lighting that meets customers’ standards. If you’re looking for quality and pocket-friendly deals, this is the brand to go for!

The HitLights High Density Premium is a thin and discreet high-density LED strip that gives you lighting effects with a touch of professionalism. It’s powered by 12V DC power that allows you to use a variety of switches, dimmers, and connectors.

Retailing at around $17.97, this LED strip light is easy to install and long-lasting. Here are a couple of features to expect:
  • Gives you an easy and safe installation with its adhesive tape that lets you cut it into two
  • Comes with a high-density LED for longevity
  • Available in a variety of colors for convenience
  • Features a high-quality UL-listed certificate and a 2-year warranty

The HitLights Premium LED Strip Lights are available in a variety of styles. You can choose between the warm white standard density, warm white high density, the cool white density, or the cool white design, and give your home or patio a new look.

How Do I Choose the Best LED Strip Lights?

Are you looking to design that perfect theater room where you can relax and watch your favorite movies? How about spicing up your kitchen with some accent lighting? Well, you’re in luck because LED strip lights will help you do the trick. There’s really no limit to what you can do with these lights – from lighting up your patio with some ambient lighting to giving your bike or car an amazing glow at night. And when you’re doing decorations for Christmas or your little munchkin’s birthday party, you could pair these LED strip lights with some of the best outdoor string lights and achieve fantastic results. Don’t worry about the power cable or adapter not reaching your wall socket; you can get a good extension cord and avoid spending more on longer strip lights.

But before you make the decision to get those strip lights you see on Amazon, it’s imperative that you arm yourself with enough information to help you get the right set for your needs. You ask why? Well, for instance, if you want to spice up your kitchen with accent lighting, you’ll want to go with subtle and probably soft light for aesthetic and practical reasons. On the other hand, if you’re looking to design your theater room, you might want to choose multi-colored lights so that you can set the movie-night mood. All in all, there are more than enough variations to give you what you want.

If you enjoy having creative lighting in your home, you could also get a nice LED shower head and transform your bathroom. Trust us – you’ll want to have a shower for hours with one of these!
While budget is a major determinant when it comes to shopping, we suggest that you don’t base your LED strip lights purchase merely on the cost. These lights aren’t expensive as you can get a quality one for around $15. However, the really popular brands tend to charge their strip lights a bit higher, sometime going to around $40.

Besides the brand reputation, what really affects the price is the number of LEDs each strip has, the lumens, and of course, the length. There are some that come with extra features such as the ability to be cut into different sections and a control to dim the lights. But this doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice some of these exciting features if you go with the cheap LED light strips, no. There are pocket-friendly options that work just as great as their expensive counterparts, though sometimes without the myriad of add-ons and special features.
So, what exactly should you look for when purchasing an LED strip light? Well, first understand why you need the strip light – whether for outdoor or indoor lighting—and then proceed to specific features of each. Here are a couple of factors that should help you get the right deal:

  • Power – LED strip lights are either powered by electricity or USB. Those that are powered by electricity will come with a 12V power adapter that you can insert into your wall socket. Such options are meant for outdoors or certain areas indoors, such as the ceiling and kitchen cabinets. The USB versions, on the other hand, can be inserted into a PC or TV. You’ll see these sold for those who need background lighting for their TV sets or home theater systems.
  • Controls – Some strip lights are programmed to work in a certain way, giving a constant brightness. However, there are others that come with controls allowing you to add brightness or dim the lights.
  • Brightness – How much light do you want your strips to have? Do you want to stick them on your patio where a lot of light is needed, or do you want just to give your TV background a nice, inviting light? The brightness is measured in lumens, and not watts. The more the lumens, the brighter the LED strips.
  • Number of LEDs – Basically, most LED strip lights will come with 300 LEDs, but you will find some with up to 600 LEDS.
  • Length – Most LED strips come in a standard 5m (16.4 feet), but you could get longer ones if you want to cover a big area. Some strips even allow you to cut them at every 3 LEDs to make customization easy and fun!
  • Colors – If you want LED snake lights that come with multiple colors, say white, green, red, and purple, you’ll find plenty in the market. Same case if you want one that displays only one color, say blue or green. It’s just a matter of what you want.
Construction and Design
Nearly all LED strip lights are made the same, but you will find some with extra features to suit different applications. They are programmed to produce either a single color of light or multiple colors of light. Some come with a remote that allows you to control the lighting from the comfort of your sofa. Watching a romantic movie with your love? Well you can easily dim the lights to create a romantic mood in the room. Same case if you want bright colors when you’re having a party over at your house.

A good point to note about LED strip lights is that some come with an aluminum channel housing that’s meant to protect the LEDs from physical damage or dust. Some have a white cover along the channels to diffuse any harsh brightness, thus displaying a smooth, ambient light.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance, the LED strip lights won’t disappoint you, provided you go with a reputable brand and the right one for your application. If you want an option that allows you to alter the brightness, either adding or dimming, you can get plenty with a control to help you do just that! And that’s not all – some even allow you to cut the strip at every 3 LEDs, meaning that you can customize your lighting the way you want it.

There’s also the factor of waterproofing. Some LEDs are made with a waterproof material, allowing you to stick them on areas that are regularly exposed to water, such as the kitchen and garden.

Installing LED tape lights is a breeze! Most packages come with all that’s needed, including an adapter (for those that use electricity), or a USB plug. All you need to do is use an adhesive or a staple gun to stick it to a surface, plug it in to your power source, and voila! You get your lighting.

Get the Best LED Strip Lights of 2023!

Whether you want to add a splash of dazzling colors to your patio or backyard, subtle ambience to your TV background or kitchen units, or super-bright colors to your backyard to make your party livelier, you’ll be happy with what these lights have in store for you. We hope you found the right one for your needs, and if not, go ahead and see what other options these brands have to offer!

Our Top Choice
WenTop Strip Lights Kit
Best Value
Bason Lighting USB LED TV Backlight Kit
Toplus Flexible LED Rope Lights
Supernight LED Strip Light Kit
HitLights Premium Luma5 LED Strip Lights