Best Lensatic Compass Reviews 2022

Are you planning an expedition in the woods or mountains or going camping? If you’re unable to choose a good compass from the thousands on the market, we’re here for you. We’ve researched the best lensatic compass brands on the market, showcasing one compass from each of our top five, to help you pick one for your next outdoor adventure.
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Our Top Choice
Eyeskey Pocket Geology Military Compass
Founded in 1999, Eyeskey manufactures innovative optical instruments, such as binoculars, for fun outdoor observation activities.
High degree of accuracy and versatility. Luminous arrow for night visibility. Has a scale with two metrics. Estimates scope and distances. Has adjustable prism lens.
Lid does not open all the way down.
Liquid filled/floating disc
1 degree
-20 to +50 degrees Celsius
3.4 x 2.5 x 1.1inches; 7.1 ounces
Best Value
Coghlan’s Liquid Filled Lensatic Compass
Founded in 1959, Coghlan’s is a family-owned business, renowned for producing high-quality and innovative outdoor camping accessories.
A sturdy plastic casing, lightweight and accurate. The letters are luminous for visibility. Can be easily laid out on a map.
Not highly versatile, as it measures direction only.
Liquid filled/plastic casing
2 degrees
-20 to +50 degrees Celsius
3.8 x 4.5 x 8 inches; 3.2 ounces
Cammenga Waterproof Lensatic Compass
Cammenga was founded in 1992 and is a manufacturer of high-quality, military-grade navigational products.
Waterproof, shockproof and sand proof. Aluminum casing for rugged use and durability. Needle settles and steadies quickly and easily.
Quality and durability of the compass is wanting.
Non-liquid filled/aluminum casing
+/- 40 mils (2.5 degrees)
-50 F to +150 degrees Fahrenheit
9 x 6 x 3 inches; 6.4 ounces
Silva 360 Lensatic Compass
Founded in 1946, Silva is renowned for manufacturing highly accurate compasses for beginners and professionals.
An aluminum casing for durability. Dials have luminous markings for night visibility. A magnifier for easy visibility. Mil graduations for artillery.
Does not have base markings to use on a map.
Liquid filled/aluminum coating
2 degrees
-20 to +50 degrees Celsius
3.1 x 2.1 x 1 inches; 3.0 ounces
Rothco Camouflage Lensatic Compass
Rothco was founded in 1953 and supplies the military with clothing and other high-quality tactical and survival gear.
High accuracy and lightweight. A magnifier and sighting hairline for easy reading. Has both mil and degree scales.
Cancerous chemical that can cause birth defects.
Liquid filled/plastic coating
2 degrees
-20 to +50 degrees Celsius
9.5 x 5 x 1 inches; 0.3 ounces

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What is the Best Lensatic Compass?

Choose an accurate and lightweight lensatic compass to support your outdoor activities. Make sure it’s versatile enough to measure various aspects, such as temperature, latitude, direction, etc. Find out if one of our recommended lensatic compasses is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Eyeskey Pocket Geology Military Lensatic Compass is built with a true sighting optic with a one-degree resolution for direct reading of its internal card. If you prefer a professional-grade compass in a bright finish, opt for the Eyeskey Professional Grade Lensatic Compass.

Eyeskey Pocket Military Army Geology Metal Lensatic Compass with a Floating Dial – Available in 2 Colors

Eyeskey has been in business for many years, manufacturing premium optical products meant to make outdoor observations enjoyable and accurate. The company offers not only high-quality products, but also unparalleled customer service. It also ensures the customer is educated on how to use its optic products for a superb viewing experience.

The Eyeskey Pocket Geology Military Lensatic Compass is pocket-sized and comes with a high-quality carrying pouch and strap, making it easy to carry around. The compass has a rugged metal construction for durability and protection in case it falls. If you’re looking for a lensatic compass you can use to measure different variables, then this is the compass for you. It can measure longitude and latitude and give direction.

With the small, built-in scales, you can calculate distance based on ratio. Use the reference table on the back of the compass to comprehend the compass readings. The arrow of the compass is luminous, so it glows in the dark. The compass allows you a direct sighting of the internal compass card through the true sighting optic. This ensures you can easily and quickly read the direction variable.

The compass has a line on the sighting window to quickly show deviation from the north for accurate readings. Inside the sighting window is the floating arrow with a 360-degree scale. Lower on the screen also lies a rotary scale with a 360-degree scale. To enhance your view of the scales is an adjustable prism lens. This ensures you can make readings down to the narrowest accuracy of one degree.

The structure of the compass is meant for rugged use in extreme weather conditions. It’s also shake proof and waterproof, making it suitable for all outdoor activities such as mountaineering, camping and hunting.
Best Value
The Coghlan’s Lensatic Compass is liquid filled for fast and easy readability of direction. Prefer a simple lensatic compass to find the direction on a trail the next time you go backpacking? Opt for the Coghlan’s Trail Lensatic Compass with a rotating bezel to enable you to set direction.

Coghlan’s Liquid Filled Lensatic Compass with a Jeweled Pivot and a Sturdy Plastic Case

Coghlan’s is a family-owned business that runs under the core values of high product quality and innovation. The company was started decades ago to manufacture outdoor products and accessories. Today, it has over 450 accessories to make outdoor life easier for you. The company distributes its products worldwide and also offers exceptional customer service for all its products.

The Lensatic Compass supports easy readability and is liquid filled so the scale is easy to see. It also comes with a magnifying glass so you can read with ease. If you’re looking for a compass you can easily carry in your pocket for your outdoor excursions, you won’t go wrong with this compass. Made with a plastic body, the compass is lightweight for use on the go.

The plastic casing is sturdy for durable and rugged use. Most of the time, you want a lensatic compass you can place on the map for easy navigation. The compass has a lid that opens all the way down, making it possible to place the compass on a map. With the loop on the compass, you can easily clip it to a chain or your backpack for easy portability.

When navigating, you need a highly accurate lensatic compass to get you as close as possible to your target. A compass that misleads you can take you miles off course. This compass ensures you get exactly where you’re going with two degrees of accuracy. It’s also usable in a wide range of temperatures.

Here are some other Coghlans lensatic compasses you might be interested in:
  • Coghlan’s Compass Thermometer – with a thermometer
  • Coghlan’s Combination Compass – with five map scales
  • Coghlan’s Compass with LED – battery powered, with LED lights
Cammenga’s Phosphorescent Lensatic Compass features a non-liquid-filled housing that’s not affected by temperature changes to navigate terrain. Opt for the Cammenga US Military Tritium Lensatic Compass if you want a waterproof and an official US military-grade lensatic compass.

Cammenga Phosphorescent Lensatic Compass with Waterproof and Shock Proof Properties – Available in 2 Colors

Cammenga is a US-based and family-owned company. It’s the world’s leading manufacturer of military compasses and other military-grade navigational and tactical gear. The company’s clients include the military and other law enforcement agencies. It’s known for manufacturing products that use tritium as their source of light. The company is the official supplier of tritium lensatic compasses to the US military.

The Cammenga Phosphorescent Lensatic Compass is of the same quality as military-grade compasses. However, it uses phosphorescent powder for illumination instead of tritium. Although the powder is a brighter light source than tritium, it requires you to shine a light on it for a few seconds for it to glow and offer better visibility. You can use your flashlight at night to get it to glow.

Since the compass is waterproof, sand proof and shockproof, it can withstand various weather conditions. Furthermore, the casing of the compass is constructed from aluminum for lightweight and durable use. The high accuracy of the compass is aimed at ensuring you can easily find your way across terrain. It’s also equipped with a slit you can use to align the compass with something far away from you. This ensures you get accurate readings of where you are headed. You can also read through the slit and the magnifying glass to get the most accurate reading from the compass.

There are distance markers with a scale of 1:50,000, making it possible to calculate the distance ahead of you up to 450 meters. If you want a scale for artillery, use the compass with the mils scale. It’s also available in realtree camouflage finish.

The compass is not liquid filled. Instead, it uses a sapphire bearing and a copper shell to stabilize the movement of the dial. The arrow settles quickly and easily when you’re taking the reading. The compass also comes with a carrying pouch and belt clip for ease of carrying the product when you’re out. It also has a loop you can use to clip the compass to anything you want for storage or transport. The compass can operate under a wide range of temperatures, as it’s not liquid filled.

Here are some other Cammenga compasses that you might be interested in:
  • Cammenga 3HJP Tritium Lensatic Compass – with tritium lights
  • Cammenga Destinate Tritium Protractor Compass – 4 map scales, protractor base
  • Cammenga Tritium Lensatic Compass – 7 tritium lights
The Silva 360 Lensatic Compass is a traditional military compass with a high degree of accuracy for optimal results. If you are looking for a highly versatile and accurate compass you can use on your map, opt for the Silva Ranger 515 Lensatic Compass, with three variants to choose from.

Silva 360 Liquid Filled Lensatic Compass with High Accuracy and Aluminum Casing

Silva was established when the founder saw a need to produce highly accurate compasses for the orienteering sport that was fast gaining popularity. Since then, the company has been known for manufacturing a variety of compasses that incorporate innovative designs and functionality, making them some of the best on the market. They have products designed to favor beginners and professional navigators, such as military personnel.

The Silva 360 Lensatic Compass is constructed with an aluminum casing. This ensures it supports durable use and is lightweight for long expeditions. The dial of the compass is housed in a liquid-filled casing so the dial can freely rotate when taking readings. As a result, the scale becomes visible when under the liquid. Built with a magnifying glass, the readings on the compass become more visible.

With an accuracy of two degrees and a mil scale, you can easily take your readings from both scales or use the artillery with the compass. On the cover is a sighting slit you can use to have a good and accurate view of the scale. Attach the compass to a hook or backpack using the built-in loop. The dial is also graduated with a line so you can easily take readings from your compass. Follow the line so you can see the exact graduation that coincides with the dial.

Here are a few other Silva lensatic compasses you might like:
  • Silva Explorer Pro Lensatic Compass – high visibility
  • Silva 1-2-3 Starter Lensatic Compass – for beginners
  • Silva Polaris Lensatic Compass – friction-free sapphire bearing
The Rothco Camouflage Lensatic Compass is built in an ACU digital camouflage to blend in with the military uniform. Prefer a ranger-type compass for your next outdoor activity? Opt for the Rothco Orienteering Ranger Type Compass for accurate readings.

Rothco Camouflage Lensatic Compass with a Sighting Wire and Magnifying Glass – Available in 2 Colors

Rothco is a family-owned company that has been manufacturing premium-quality and innovative survival, technical and military products for over six decades. The company supplies products you can use for survival, outdoor and camping activities. It offers excellent customer support for its products and boasts at least 60,000 dealers globally. The company also serves militaries around the world.

The Rothco Camouflage Lensatic Compass comes in the exact camouflage colors used by the navy seals, giving them stealth without giving up their positions. The compass also looks great when in the hands of a civilian. It gives you the pride of owning and experiencing military-grade navigation. A compass is no good if it can’t pinpoint directions with accuracy and precision.

The magnifying glass makes reading a breeze. It also has a sight hairline to ensure you get absolute precision when it comes to aligning your destination with the compass or taking a reading through the lid. The compass is liquid filled so that the dial can rotate freely. The compass also has a loop so you can attach your compass to a string or to your backpack.

Taking a reading from this compass is made easy for you through the scale with two-degree increments. You can quickly see where you’re headed. The dial of the compass also features luminous markings to enhance your visibility at night. The plastic exterior makes the compass easy to carry around, as it’s lightweight.

Here are some other Rothco lensatic compasses you might like:
  • Rothco Military Matching Compass – with map scale, LED light
  • Rothco Carabiner Compass – with a coupling link
  • Rothco Map Compass – with a graduated palate

How Do I Choose the Best Lensatic Compass?

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast with love for camping, hiking, mountaineering or any other outdoor activity, you know that finding your way through the bush to your destined camping point can be a challenge. For soldiers and other security personnel, getting to the exact position they’re required to be at can be the difference between life and death. This explains why the best lensatic compasses are made reliably, to suit your various outdoor needs.

A lensatic compass is an essential piece of outdoor gear you can use to find your way around unfamiliar terrain. A lensatic compass can be used to orient yourself with a map or help you identify where you are and navigate to where you should be heading to. If you’re out hiking and get into an accident, you’ll need to reach civilization in the shortest time possible. A lensatic compass and a map can help you get there as quickly as possible.

The greatest advantage you can get from a lensatic compass is that it’s not powered by batteries like a GPS is. With a lensatic compass, you don’t need to worry about being far from a power source, as it works by pointing to the magnetic north of the earth. A compass is a good piece of survival and tactical equipment that every outdoor enthusiast should add to their backpack.

What’s more, some lensatic compasses can measure temperature, latitude, longitude and direction. This is a review of various lensatic compasses in different designs, and we hope this guide will help you pick the best lensatic compass for you.
Lensatic compasses have different prices, depending mostly on the construction and the features the compass brings to the table. Not all compasses are made equal and, therefore, it is important to look for one that carries all the necessary features and durability you need. Cheap lensatic compasses are also available but should be avoided, as they might not be accurate, or could be of poor construction.

If you’re looking to buy a compass, consider the accuracy offered and how well the compass can serve you. If you’re always outdoors camping or hiking, opt for a compass that’s built to last years of use. You’ll find a good lensatic compass in the price range of about $8 to $150. Advanced models might cost more.
The most important feature of a compass is its accuracy. Being off by even one degree can translate to a big difference over a distance, meaning you’re off target, depending on the radius you need to cover. This explains why a lensatic compass should be able to give you the best accuracy possible. Since you’ll be using your compass outdoors, you also need a waterproof and shatter-proof compass to withstand harsh conditions when you go camping.

Here are some of the features to look out for in a lensatic compass:
  • A versatile compass with night visibility
  • Capability to use it with a map
  • Durability and high accuracy
  • Rugged construction to withstand harsh conditions outdoors
  • Lightweight and portable to bring with you when camping
  • Ability to work within a wide range of temperature
  • Clinometers to measure differences in height
With the right lensatic compass built to give accurate readings, you can expect to maneuver your way easily through different terrain when you engage in an outdoor activity.
Construction and Design
There's a few main things to consider when you're looking to buy a lensatic compass and they are:


The compass can either be liquid filled or dry. As the name suggests, the liquid-filled compass has liquid inside the dial. Although the design depends on your preference, most compasses are liquid filled because this kind of construction is affordable to make.

Liquid-Filled Lensatic Compass – The dial is housed in a casing filled with either alcohol or some type of oil. The liquid is responsible for dampening the movement of the arrow in the dial, causing it to stop oscillating. This ensures you get a stable compass so you can take the reading quickly. Furthermore, the liquid used is non-compressible, enabling the compass to be used underwater if it’s made waterproof.

Dry-Capsule Lensatic Compass – This kind of compass doesn’t have liquid in the dial. The dial is housed in a dry capsule containing only air. It uses a different mechanism to dampen the oscillatory movements of the arrow. These compasses use induction damping to stop the needle. This makes the needle stop quite easily and quickly.

Besides these two designs, other features to look for in the design of a compass include a clinometer that measures the height differences to the target. Other compasses come with a scale you can use to measure distances on a map and calculate the distance to the target. Look out for a compass that incorporates enough in the design for your intended use.


Accuracy is measured by the precision of the measurements. For instance, a compass that can allow you to take a reading of 214.50 degrees is more accurate than one that shows 214 degrees only. The higher the accuracy, the more likely you are to reach your target.


Liquid-filled compasses can be affected by temperature changes because the liquid they contain changes in consistency when the temperatures change. The liquid used in the compass should allow you to use the compass in a wide range of temperatures. This means it should be a liquid that can neither freeze easily nor evaporate easily. This is why the liquid used in the compass is usually oil. Therefore, you can use the compass in low, winter temperatures and high, summer temperatures.


A lensatic compass should not be bulky, because you’ll be carrying it all the way through your expedition. It should be lightweight and portable, so you can easily move around with it in your backpack.


The material used in the construction of a compass is also important. Most compasses will have a plastic or an aluminum body. Those made of aluminum have a premium look and feel, atop being built to last longer. The plastic ones are light in weight and also last long, especially when the plastic used is high-quality plastic that’s hardened.
Performance and Ease of Use
With a lensatic compass, there isn’t much that’s required of you in terms of maintenance. The only requirement is to ensure the compass is not stored near magnets, since the needle reacts to magnets and hence, can lose its magnetic properties. The compass should allow you to navigate at night, because they have self-illuminating products inside, luminous or phosphorescent materials.

If you need to calculate the distance to the target, most brands of lensatic compasses come with a scale with graduated lengths to do that. Above all, make sure your compass is durable and highly accurate.

Get the Best Lensatic Compass of 2022!

Whether you’re a beginner or professional in using lensatic compasses, there’s one out there for you. We hope this guide was resourceful and you found a good compass for your needs. If you need something different, check out our other outdoor gear reviews.

Our Top Choice
Eyeskey Pocket Geology Military Compass
Best Value
Coghlan’s Liquid Filled Lensatic Compass
Cammenga Waterproof Lensatic Compass
Silva 360 Lensatic Compass
Rothco Camouflage Lensatic Compass