Best License Plate Frame Reviews 2023

It’s time to add some style and color to your rather boring license plate. You can do this by simply adding a license plate frame of your preferred design, and one that matches your personality and interests. Since there are so many designs around, we’ve identified five from some of the best license plate frame brands and reviewed them to help you choose one or two that meet your style.
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Bolt Slots
Our Top Choice
Rico NFL Chrome License Plate Frame
Rico Industries offers sports accessories for every sports enthusiast, from bumper stickers to bottle openers and license plates.
With a zinc metal frame and a visible imprinted team name, this plate will boost the appeal of any car. Plus, it's weather-resistant and easy to attach.
It may not fit every car model.
12.2 x 6.2 x 0.2 inches
Chrome finish
2 pre-drilled slots
Zinc metal frame
Best Value
Lpsusa Chrome Metal License Plate Frame
Lpsusa has a variety of metal plates that are either license plate frames, or imprinted signs with funny messages.
This stylish and funny license plate frame will bring a smile to passersby It's made from chrome, it's weather-resistant, and its four holes make it easy to install.
It is available only with black paws.
12.2 x 6.2 x 0.2 inches
Chrome finish
4 pre-drilled slots
Die cast metal
Great for any truck or car
Carfond Pure Handmade License Plate Frame
Carfond designs license plate frames, some of which are handmade, and have shine and bling.
With a beautiful and stylish design, this product ensures that your car will never go unnoticed again. It comes with matching screws.
It's a bit pricey.
14.2 x 8.6 x 1.1 inches
3 colors available
2 pre-drilled slots
Stainless steel
Chroma Graphics Chrome Frame with Vehicle Logo
By offering quality automotive accessories since 1972, Chroma Graphics strives to deliver innovative designs worldwide.
The frame has a nice design and comes with multiple holes for an easy attachment. Chroma has many other styles for non-Jeep owners.
Jeep design only comes in black/chrome.
12.4 x 6.3 x 0.5 inches
Chrome finish
4 pre-drilled slots
Stainless steel
Fits standard license plates
Cruiser Accessories Daisy Chrome Frame
Cruiser Accessories makes amazing, one-of-a-kind license plate frames.
This is a weather-resistant frame with a beautiful design. Plus, it's suitable for all vehicles.
Some people don't like the flowery style, however Cruise has a wide variety of other selections.
12 x 0.8 x 6 inches
Chrome finish
4 pre-drilled slots
Zinc metal frame

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What is the Best License Plate Frame?

Plate frames come in a variety of colors, designs and sizes. The best license plate frame is one that fits properly, has your preferred design and is legal in your area. We’ve tried our best to break down what you need to look for in this guide and, thus, have confidence that you’ll be able to choose the right one. Check out the five we’ve reviewed and pick yours today.
Our Top Choice
The Rico Ravens Chrome License Plate Frame offers an easy way to show that you're a true fan of a sports team. It comes in numerous team name options, and it is easy to install. If you're looking for a different style, go with the Rico Dallas Cowboys Laser Chrome Frame. It's made from die cast metal, and it is suitable for cars, trucks and RVs.

Rico NFL Chrome License Plate Frame with Team Name and Logo - Pick Your Team and Show Your Support

Rico Industries is the company you're looking for, if you're a true sports fan. It has everything you could want, from key chains and bottle openers, to magnet sets, street signs and license plates. This means that you can now arrange your home, office, or car exactly the way you have always wanted to.

The Rico Ravens Chrome License Plate Frame is a nice accessory that will improve the looks of your car and reveal to the world where your team loyalty lies. Go ahead and indulge in this little guilty pleasure, and let everybody know that you're rooting for your team. With a zinc metal construction, this frame won't be damaged by the weather, so ride without worries and be a proud fan!

This plate frame comes in multiple styles, including Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and many more. It can be installed quickly and easily, as it requires only two screws to attach it to your car.

Before wrapping it up, we want to let you know that there are a few other exciting license plate frames for you to choose from. Here are a few examples.
  • Rico Industries License Plate Frame, San Francisco Giants - pre-drilled and durable, show your support for the San Francisco Giants!
  • NFL Bling Chrome Plate Frame - similarly, this is more suitable for you if you support the Oakland Raiders
  • Rico Industries MLB Chrome White License Plate Frame, Chicago Cubs - attractive, affordable ideal for a true Chicago Cubs fan
Best Value
The Lpsusa Chrome Metal License Plate Frame is made out of die cast metal and imprinted with an animal paw design. It is suitable for most cars and trucks. If you want a plate that is dedicated to the 101st Airborne, get the Screaming Eagles License Plate Frame, which is also chrome-plated.

Lpsusa Animal Paws License Plate Frame - Chrome Plated Metal with Free Screw Caps

Lpsusa designs funny accessories that are suitable to hang in your home or office, or to decorate your license plate with. They're made from metal, so they'll last a long time, even if it rains or shines. The metal will give a vintage look to anything, so why not boost the appeal of your personal space with a funny saying, and your car with a funny touch?

The Lpsusa Chrome Metal License Plate Frame is a one-of-a-kind metal frame that will make any car look lovely! All the different-sized paws are an accent that draws the eye and will definitely put you in a good mood every time you see it. It's designed with four holes, it's easy to mount on your license plate, and it's water-resistant as well! This license plate frame measures 12 by 6 inches and will give a splash of personality and style to your vehicle, whether you drive a car, truck or RV.

In a similar fashion, let's take a look at a few more attractive license plate frames from Lpsusa.
  • Blank Chrome Metal License Plate Frame - simple and minimalistic, comes with 2 pre-drilled holes
  • Blank License Plate (Flat Aluminum BLACK) - this also features a simplistic design, but on a black color
  • U.S. ARMY SPECIAL FORCES License Plate Frame - Metal Chrome - this model is trendy and very eye-catching!
The Carfond Pure Handmade License Plate Frame is made from stainless steel and has six rows of crystals that will reflect light every step of the way. It is also available in three different styles. If you prefer a different style, the Tasiro Bling Bling Plate Frame mightbe more suitable for you, as it also comes in multiple colors. This would be an ideal gift idea!

Carfond Pure Handmade License Plate Frame - 6 Row Crystal Bling Bling Rhinestones, Waterproof, Made from Stainless Steel

Carfond is in the business of manufacturing amazing license plate frames that are handmade and designed with the utmost care. You can buy them for your own car, or offer them as a gift for your loved ones. This brand ensures that all its frames are waterproof and can withstand any weather conditions or car wash.

The Carfond Pure Handmade License Plate Frame will draw attention like a magnet and ensure that your car doesn't go unnoticed, whether you're driving or parked. Why not boost the flair of your vehicle with this stainless steel frame that offers six crystals per row, similar to rhinestones? It has a 6 by 12-inch size, so it will fit every car, and it won't ever rust! This license plate frame is also available in three color options, crystal, drop or glass. It is designed to be suitable for any US license plate.

Wait, if you want to explore more buying options, check out 3 more attractive models from this brand.
  • Carfond 7 Row Pure Handmade Waterproof Bling Bling Rhinestones - eye-catching and beautiful frame finished in black
  • Carfond 7 Row Pure Stainless Steel Metal License Plate Frame with 2 Holes - exquisite design, available in red or champagne colors
  • Carfond 7 Row License Plate Frame with 2 Holes (clear/red lip) - brilliant and featuring red lips, will definitely draw attention in traffic
The Chroma Graphics Jeep Treadplate Chrome Frame has the "Jeep" logo imprinted on it and has pre-drilled bolt slots. It is designed to fit standard license plates from the US. If you like cats, we recommend the Hello Kitty Glitter License Plate Frame from the same brand. This frame is as cute as it gets, and it comes with pre-drilled bolt slots.

Chroma Graphics Jeep Grill and Bumper Chrome Frame with Pre-Drilled Bolt Slots - Many Other Styles to Choose From

Chroma Graphics manufactures automotive accessories, from license plate frames to auto ornaments and car toys. With stylish designs and a colorful palette, this brand meets clients' expectations and delivers appealing and fun things that will boost the looks of your car.

The Chroma Graphics Jeep Treadplate Chrome Frame has the logo "Jeep" imprinted on the bottom of the chrome frame. This durable material is water-resistant and will improve the looks of your vehicle. Its size is suitable for every car, and due to having pre-drilled bolt slots, it can be easily mounted on your license plate. It is something different from what you see on most cars in traffic every day, as it has a clean and minimalist design while still being attractive. This plate would look excellent on your Jeep or any other 4x4 vehicle you might have.

Before making a decision, take a look at these license plate frames as well, they are made by the same brand and currently hugely popular on Amazon.
  • Chroma 001438 Black Blank Metal Tag License Plate - simple, black finish, looks classy and elegant
  • Chroma Graphics 1846 Auto Tg Harly Bar/Shld - made from aluminum, show your appreciation for Harley Davidson Motorcycles
  • Chroma 42525 Black Star Wars Millennium Falcon Plastic Frame - Star Wars fan? This is probably for you!
The Cruiser Accessories Daisy Chrome/Painted License Frame is made from die cast metal and hand-painted with floral motifs. It is an excellent accessory that will easily fit your vehicle, as it comes with four pre-drilled holes. If you'd like a simpler design, take a look at the Cruiser Accessories Slim Rim Chrome License Plate Frame, which is available in two colors.

Cruiser Accessories Chrome 'Daisy' License Frame - Made from Durable Zinc Die Cast Metal

Cruiser Accessories develops top-notch designs for license plate frames that can have a matte or shiny finish, and come in an assortment of colors and patterns. This brand offers a larger variety of license frames than you'll possibly ever encounter anywhere else, and it has numerous positive reviews on Amazon.

The Cruiser Accessories Daisy Chrome/Painted License Frame offers a subtle touch of beauty to any car, and is made from durable metal. It's plated with chrome, so it will resist weather conditions and ensure that your license plate is always a step ahead of others! The fact that is hand-painted and hand-polished gives it originality and also enhances the look of the daisies. This frame can fit most vehicles, whether they are cars, trucks or RVs. Most customers who bought this item praised its sturdy construction, meaning that you will be able to use it for years, without worrying about damages.

Let's end this review by showcasing a few more great license plate frames from this company. These models are on fire on Amazon.
  • Cruiser Accessories 18545 Ribbon Bling License Plate Frame, Black - black design with a ribbon, classic and stylish
  • Cruiser Accessories 22835 Chrome/Black 'Fleur-de-Lis' License Frame - superb plate with "Fleur de Lis" emblem
  • Cruiser Accessories 23003 Chrome USA Flag License Plate Frame - attractive frame with a USA flag design

How Do I Choose the Best License Plate Frame?

Would you like your car to stand out from the rest, irrespective of its make? Do you want to make a statement every time your cruise around your city? Well! You can do this using a very small part of your car, but probably the most noticeable – your license plate. Adding a simple license plate frame in your preferred design will draw more attention to your car as you cruise around, enjoying some cool tunes from your car speaker, than when it has just a plain plate.

In addition to improving the appearance of your vehicle, a frame also protects your plate from wear and tear. Exposure to wind, dust and rain gradually gets your car beaten up. While we cannot entirely prevent this, we can definitely slow down the process. You can also invest in a good car cover to protect your car from extreme weather anytime you leave it in the open.

Also, make sure you don’t destroy your frame as soon as you get it. Sometimes, we are in a hurry and just reverse, carelessly miscalculating the distance between our car and other objects. A good wireless backup camera kit can greatly assist you with this maneuver, since you can gauge the distance easily by just looking at the camera.
Plate frames are an inexpensive addition to your vehicle’s overall look. With just $20, you can find a good steel frame. If you want one customized to your preferred design, then you can add just a few more bucks. The size and material the frames are made of also determine their prices. Those made of plastic cost less than those made of steel and other metals, but they wear out faster. Quality frames can cost as much as $50. There are, however, some very cheap license plate frames that cost even less than $5. Most of them are made of cheap plastic that breaks easily. Such will not serve their intended purpose.
A license plate frame should make your rather ordinary plate look good, on top of protecting it from wear and tear. The frame adds to the aesthetics of your vehicle by showing your personality. A good one should have your desired design, be the right size, and be easy to put on.

Here is a breakdown of the features you should consider…
  • Material- Plate frames can either be plastic or metal. Metal frames are sturdier and last longer.
  • Design- There are so many designs in the market, but you can also get a customized one.
  • Fit- Get a frame that precisely fits your number plate. Check the width and the length.
  • Installation- Some frames come with bolts and others with screws. Still others are designed in such a manner that your plate simply slips into it. Go for one that is easy to install.
Construction and Design
License plate frames have a very simple build. They are simply frames designed to either fit the front or the back plate with different designs. You’ll find frames with your local sports team names and animal designs, among others. You can also have one with your personal, unique design. The frames are mostly made of either plastic or metal, albeit of varying quality and standards. Some have pre-drilled bolt slots in which you fit in the bolts to the plate and others have mounting holes.
Performance and Ease of Use
The ordinary license plate looks bare and plain, especially on a sleek-looking car. Plate frames should complement the car’s appearance to give it a bit of life and personality. This means, therefore, that you should consider the design of your frame. Make sure it’s the art and color you want, and that it matches your vehicle. It should also be the right size and with the correct fitting mechanism to ensure that it fits and stays in its place. A loosely fitting frame can scratch the body of your vehicle, leaving it with ugly marks. Get frames in a high-quality material to ensure that they also protect your plate and last a bit longer.

Get the Best License Plate Frame of 2023!

Since we all have different tastes and preferences, we’d obviously choose differently from among good products. We’ve tried our best to list some of the best license plate frames to help you get the right one. If you fail to find one from our top picks, consider checking other options that these brands have.

Our Top Choice
Rico NFL Chrome License Plate Frame
Best Value
Lpsusa Chrome Metal License Plate Frame
Carfond Pure Handmade License Plate Frame
Chroma Graphics Chrome Frame with Vehicle Logo
Cruiser Accessories Daisy Chrome Frame