Best Light Up Shoes Reviews 2022

If you want to grab some attention, get yourself a pair of light-up shoes! It might be difficult choosing one from the several options out there. If that’s the case, you’re in luck! We’ve helped you out by researching the numerous types, and have come up with our top 5 brands with the best light-up shoes around. It might happen you don’t find one that pleases you among the featured products. In that case, note that these brands make many other designs of light-up shoes you can check out.
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Our Top Choice
For years, Venshine has been making and marketing high-quality and durable fashion footwear for men, women, and children.
They’re good quality shoes, with bright and quickly-charging lights.
You can’t wear them in the rain.
Men and women
Available in 12 sizes
Fabric; rubber sole
7static colors;4 dynamic colors
USB cable / 2-3 hours charge
Best Value
Affinest Kids LED Flashing Fashion Shoes
Affinest is experienced in making long-lasting and well-designed sneakers that perfectly complement your outfits.
They’re well-made, and have a Velcro alternative for the shoe lace. You can charge both shoes at the same time and they’re easy to clean.
They have little arch support.
Boys and Girls
Available in 15 sizes
PU leather, rubber sole
7static colors;4 dynamic colors
USB cable / 3 hours charge
Joansam LED Flashing Sneakers
Joansam is known for making top-grade footwear that is long-lasting and comfortable. Its colorful designs make it popular among young people.
They’re affordable, are made with high-quality materials, and are quite comfortable.
The sizing is an issue. You have to order a size bigger to get a good fit.
Available in 12 sizes
Textile, rubber sole
7 static colors
USB cable / 3 hours charge
CIOR Light Up Flashing Shoes
CIOR is known for making LED shoes with stunning designs that appeal to trendsetters and party-goers.
They have a gold accented design, are easy to clean, and the pair can be charged simultaneously.
Isolated complaint that the lace is not well made. Luckily, that can be easily replaced.
Men and women
Available in 12 sizes
PU leather and rubber
7 colors
USB cable / 3 hours charge
Odema Light Up LED Sport Shoes
Odema is a well-known marketer of quality and durable footwear of all types and uses, and that are available at affordable prices.
They have a beautiful fabric design, are comfortable, and their lights are bright and long-lasting.
Isolated complaint that there is no real arch support.
Available in 8 sizes
Knit mesh vamp; rubber sole
7 LED colors in 2 working modes
Mini-USB cable / 3 hours charge

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What is the Best Light Up Shoes?

Now you know your light-up shoes. We hope the knowledge you gained has helped you decide which features and options are most important to you. Keep those needs in mind as you read through our reviews of individual brands/products. We hope you’ll be able to find a suitable product that has all you need, within a reasonable price.
Our Top Choice
The Venshine Adult Light-Up Shoes are sure to make you stand out in a crowd. It’s a beautifully designed shoe on its own. The LED lights further add a ‘cool’ appeal to it. If you would like a fabric and leather design, you can check out the Venshine High Top Flashing Sneakers.

VENSHINE Men’s Women’s LED Luminous Glowing Flashing Sneakers – Available in 12 Sizes & 4 Colors

Venshine is a company that is experienced in making top-quality fashion footwear for the leisurely enjoyment of men, women, and children. It’s committed to using only the highest-quality materials for making its products. Its wide range of products includes light-up sneakers and boots. It makes LED footwear that has glowing lights of different colors emanating from its sole. They’ve become quite popular among young party and concert-goers.

The Venshine Light-Up Shoes (Suggested Retail Price: $38.99 - $80) is made of fabric with a quality fly weave that will stay intact for a long time. It has a flexible sole that gives off soft, warm lights all around it, and the LED lights in the sole are available in seven different colors. They can be worn during autumn and winter.

The lights on this shoe don’t just stay permanently on; you can control it with the hidden switch beside the charging port. The light will go off if the switch is pressed for 3 seconds, and press once to turn on the flashing mode. Even though the switch and charging ports are well-hidden, they are quite easy to find inside the shoe.

This pair comes with a USB cable for charging. You can also charge the shoes with your Android phone charger or power bank. A full charge will take about 2 – 3 hours charging from 0%, and will last for 8 – 9 hours. This shoe is available in 12 sizes for both youngsters and adults. They are also available in black, blue, red, and white.

The following are some other light-up shoes from Venshine:
  • Venshine High Top LED Sneakers – High-quality fabric weave. Can be worn anytime. Available in black and gray.
  • Venshine White High Top LED Flashing Sneakers – High-quality PU leather and charges with USB cord.
Best Value
The Affinest Kid’s Light-Up Shoes are made with PU leather and have LED lights shining out of their rubber soles. The pair is comfortable and aesthetically appealing. If you want adult sneakers that have LEDs too, try out the Affinest Unisex Adult High Top LED Shoes which comes in different sizes.

Affinest Boy and Girls Led Light Up Fashion Shoes – Available in 15 Sizes & 5 Colors

Affinest is a popular manufacturer and marketer of high-quality and trendy sneakers, and this brand will not compromise on the quality or aesthetics of its footwear. It has several creative designs that are always in vogue and are also trendsetters. It has shoes for men, women, and children; even toddlers are not left out from enjoying Affinest’s comfortable and well-made sneakers. It mainly sells its merchandise online, which is partly responsible for why its sneakers are widely worn by trendy youngsters around the world.

The Affinest Kid’s Light-Up Shoes (Suggested Retail Price: $29.98–$34.22) has rubber soles with LED lights in it. The lights have seven static colors and four dynamic colors that change intermittently. The location of the button that controls the colors and flashing modes is beside the charging port, just above and forward of the inner ankle. Pressing the control switch turns on the light, each subsequent press changes to a different light mode, and pressing for 5 seconds switches the lights off.

The charging port is nicely positioned not to cause any form of discomfort. It takes about two hours to charge and will last about seven hours on a full charge. Both shoes can be charged simultaneously with the dual micro USB cord that comes with it. You can charge the shoes with a power bank if you want, or even your phone charger.

This shoe is made with quality PU leather with a slick surface. This makes cleaning as easy as wiping dirt off with a damp cloth. It also has soft rubber soles that give you that cozy sneaker feeling. They’re comfortable and the insides are well-padded. The shoe is available in five colors and fifteen sizes, so your tiny-legged toddler or bigger-footed older child will not be left out of this comfy and exciting LED flashing shoe rave.
The Joansam LED Flashing Sneakers bring out the beauty in simplicity. They’re made with durable PU leather and have soft rubber soles that make walking a pleasurable experience. If you would prefer sneakers made with fabric from the same brand, check out the Joansam Luminous Unisex LED Sneakers.

Joansam USB Charging LED Flashing Sneakers – Available in 12 Sizes & 4 Colors

Joansam makes superior-quality fashion shoes that perfectly complement your casual outfits. This brand knows that durable and good-looking designs are what keep its customers coming back, so it has an unwavering commitment to making its shoes to such standards. And this commitment does not only keep its teeming customers, it also increases Joansam’s market share.

The Joansam LED Flashing Sneakers (Suggested Retail Price: $39.99) is a lace-up type made with PU leather. It features a well-padded collar that protects your feet and keeps them comfortable. It also has a durable rubber sole from where the LED lights flash; the lights have seven different colors, which can be changed using the button located beside the charging port. You can also use the button to change from the static mode to the flashing mode. The lights will automatically go off when charging and come back on when it’s fully charged.

This sneaker is well-padded on the inside, protecting your feet from the rigors of walking. The seams around the shoes are doubled, ensuring durability. It’s made of high-quality PU leather that is easily cleaned by just wiping with a soft damp cloth. Charging the shoe is as easy as charging your phone, as it uses the familiar micro USB port, and you can even use your phone cord to charge. It takes about three hours to charge both shoes and a full charge will last up to eight hours.

This shoe is ideal for night parties, clubs, raves, concerts, etc. You can even choose to rock it when you’re just taking a walk around the neighborhood at night. Whichever way you decide to use these shoes, they will sure get you lots of attention and compliments.

The following are some other awesome shoe designs from Joansam:
  • Joansam Women High Top LED Sneakers – Fast-charging with dynamic lights. Comfortable on the feet.
  • Joansam Unisex Summer-Style LED Sneakers – Has a breathable mesh design and is well-cushioned on the inside.
The CIOR LED Sneakers have a glossy finish with a gold-plated zipper and Velcro flap design. It has 7 LED light colors you can choose from with a button inside the shoe. If you would like a LED shoe with a great design that kids love, check out the CIOR LED Sneakers for Kids.

CIOR Men’s & Women’s High Top White Flashing Shoes – Light Up in 7 LED Colors – Available in 4 Sizes

CIOR is passionate about making available high-quality shoes that make you stand out from a crowd because of their awesome designs. Its wide range of LED shoes are setting a trend in the casual shoe genre as they are fast becoming the ideal choice for party-goers, raves, and concerts, or just a regular stroll down the road. Rocking its LED shoes will surely have people admiring and asking you how to join the trend.

The CIOR LED Sneakers (Suggested Retail Price: $38.98–$46.98) is made with PU leather with a slick finish that allows you to clean it easily. Its rubber soles are wear-resistant which ensures they are long-lasting. The switch is neatly tucked beside the charging port inside the shoes; it switches on the bright light, which starts with a steady red color. Subsequent presses change the color, and a long press of about five seconds will switch the lights off.

Charging these shoes is quite easy. Simply locate the micro USB charging port and plug it in as you would your phone and other devices. If you want, you can even use your phone charger. And if you need to charge on the go, plug it into your power bank! You can charge both shoes simultaneously using the dual micro USB cord that comes with the shoes. Both shoes will take about three hours to charge, and a full charge will last eight to eleven hours.

This shoe is recommended for casual and everyday use. They are not to be used for running or any sports activities, as too much heavy use might damage the light system.

The following are some other great light up shoe designs from CIOR:
  • CIOR Wings Ankle LED Sneakers – Long-lasting bright lights with a beautiful wing design.
  • CIOR LED Dancing Sneakers – Made with high-quality materials. Available in 10 colors.
  • CIOR Kids LED Sneakers – Wear-resistant and comfortable design. Velcro alternative to lacing.
The Odema Men LED Shoes are made of knitted fabric with round grommets for quick and easy lacing. The rubber soles are made to give you an even balance when walking. If you would like a simple PU leather design for women, check out the Odema Women LED Shoes, which come in four colors.

Odema Men’s Low-Top USB Charging LED Light Up Shoes – Available in 8 Sizes & 8 Colors

Odema is an American registered fashion brand. It is well-known for its wide range of shoes that are manufactured to meet strict quality and comfort standards. It has shoes of all types for men, women, and children in many attractive designs. It makes customized shoes and clothes for customers.

The Odema Men LED Shoes (Suggested Retail Price: $42.99) is made of textile fashioned into a knitted mesh, giving a colorful hand-made-looking finish. The rubber sole is well-serrated underneath, putting comfort into every step you take in this pair. The sole has seven LED colors you can select from, and the power switch is conveniently hidden between the second and third eyelet of the shoe. It has two light modes: the single static color and the multiple flashing colors.

The charging is as convenient as it is with your phone; simply plug it into any standard USB charger. The charging port is located a little above the inner ankle of the shoes, and charging takes 2 hours to get a full charge, which will power the bright lights all night. You can rock these shoes to nightclubs, rave parties, and concerts, or just an all-nighter around town with friends. This cool pair is available in eight colors and multiple sizes you can choose from.

The following are some other cool designs from Odema:
  • Odema Women Low Top LED Sneakers – High-quality finish with multiple lighting modes. Available in 16 sizes.
  • Odema Children Mesh LED Sneakers – Made with PU leather with a glossy finish and easy to clean.
  • Odema Zipper Ankle LED Sneakers – No lace design with a zipper on the side. Made with PU leather and a rubber sole.

How Do I Choose the Best Light Up Shoes?

Are you tired of being invisible at parties? Have you had enough of people walking past you like you weren’t even there? It would be nice if people showered you with compliments often, and even tried to start up conversations. Here’s one way you can make all that happen: Get yourself light-up shoes! You won’t go unnoticed at parties again. These awesome kicks come in all sizes. I bet your kid will look super cool riding his/her trike or bike in them.

The best light-up shoes are made with quality materials and have attractive designs. These shoes are best for nightclubs, raves, concerts, or any kind of night out with friends. They are also worn by a number of celebrities. Imagine showing off your best skateboard tricks wearing a pair of these light-up shoes. Instant popularity, right? Handling and maintaining these shoes are basically the same as regular shoes. Just don’t go swimming in them.
As with every product, light-up shoes come at different prices. The price difference is usually affected by the material used and whether the shoes are handmade or not. The size of the shoe is another factor, along with the materials used for the lighting. We all want to have beautiful light-up shoes with all the good stuff, but money is often a deterrent. The high-end light-up shoes will cost you about $100 for a pair. While the not-so-expensive ones, which are also durable and of great quality, cost around $30.

We came across some cheap light-up shoes, which we took our time to analyze. We found out they’re made with substandard materials and are not well-finished. Imagine your shoes falling apart just while you’re showing off your skateboard skills, for example. We’re sure that’s not what you want, which is why they’re not included in our review.
Light-up shoes are a popular trend at the moment. You must think it’s a cool kick to have or you wouldn’t be reading this. There are certain things that bring out the ‘cool’ in light-up shoes, which essentially makes one different from another. The following are features of a light-up shoe you might want to look out for:
  • Audience
  • Material
  • Design
  • Charge
  • Battery life
  • Size
These points will make it easy for you to decide what features you want in your light up shoes. Reading our review will then give you a better idea of what these traits denote, and help you make up your mind on a particular shoe with the features you want.
Construction and Design
Light-up or not, a shoe is still a shoe. The qualities you look out for in a regular shoe still apply here. You want your shoes to last long, especially when they get you as much attention as these light-up ones do. These light-up shoes usually come in the form of sneakers, so they mostly have PU leather ‘uppers’. Some others are made with knitted textiles that are finished off in awesome patterns. Which design you go for depends on your preference in shoes. Whatever that is, you will find one that lights up. The soles, where the lights shine from, are mostly made with PVC rubber which is durable and comfortable.

These shoes are available to anyone. They come in different size ranges that accommodate adults and kids; even toddlers are not left out of the fun. The entire circuitry that runs the lighting show is well-hidden in the specially designed PVC rubber soles. The strip of LED lights and control button are connected to the battery and controller circuit. Most light-up shoes are fitted with a 400 - 450 milliamp hour battery with a 3.7V output; a micro USB port is used to charge the battery. These shoes usually come with the regular micro USB cable of about 19-inch length.
Performance and Ease of Use
The awesomeness of your already great-looking shoes suddenly skyrockets the moment you switch on the lights. The power button, which you also use for changing modes, is well hidden in the hem of your shoes. It’s usually located not far from the charging port. The common location of these ports is a little above your inner ankles. They’re quite easy to find and will not cause any discomfort when you have your shoes on. The USB cords for charging these shoes often have dual micro USB pins that let you charge your shoes simultaneously.

It takes about three hours to charge both shoes, and a full charge will last about nine hours. The lights are about 4 – 7 lumens, which is ‘bright’ for shoes, and the LED strips fitted in these light-up shoes have seven different colors (some have up to nine). They operate in static and dynamic (flashing) modes. The single button in the shoe is what you use for switching colors in the static mode (subsequent presses change colors). Each shoe is operated independent of the other, so you can have different colors emanating from the pair.

The standard USB ports adopted by these light-up shoes make them very easy to charge. You can charge them with your Android phone charger, your laptop, power bank, etc., as long as it works with the regular USB cord. There are phones that have ‘reverse charging’ now, so you can include those phones as a way of charging these shoes. How futuristic is that!

With all you’ve read, we’re sure it would be easier to find a light-up shoe you love that’s within your budget.

Get the Best Light Up Shoes of 2022!

Now that you’re done reading our reviews of different products/brands, we hope you have the information you need to make a buying decision. You might not have found a product you love among the featured ones; check out other variants made by these trusted brands through any of the links on this page, and you’re sure to find one that pleases you.

Our Top Choice
Best Value
Affinest Kids LED Flashing Fashion Shoes
Joansam LED Flashing Sneakers
CIOR Light Up Flashing Shoes
Odema Light Up LED Sport Shoes