Best Lingerie Reviews 2023

There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who looks and feels confident. If you need a little pick-me-up, or are looking to spice things up in the bedroom, a sexy little outfit is sure to do the trick. To help you in your search, we’ve reviewed five of the most affordable and best lingerie brands on the market.
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Our Top Choice
Avidlove Lace Kimono Nightgown
Avidlove is an internationally renowned brand that takes pride in helping men and women create romantic experiences.
It’s available in five alluring colors, and boasts an intricate floral lace design with beautiful detailing.
However, some users dislike the feel of its nylon and spandex mesh design.
Night robe
Nylon, spandex
Pink, black, purple, red, white
Hand wash
Best Value
Ruzishun Chiffon and Lace Sleepwear
Ruzishun is a Chinese company that specializes in high-end sexy lingerie and sleepwear.
Stylish white lace cups, an inviting satin bow, and a black body offer the perfect balance of mystery and seduction.
However, Ruzishun’s garments run small, so consider ordering up a size.
Babydoll chemise
Hand wash
Unilove Sexy Lace Lingerie Set
Unilove has built a reputation for quality lingerie, nursing bras, and women’s clothing.
This set, available in black or white, boasts crotch-less panties, a peekaboo bra, and vintage-inspired lace robe.
However, if ordering through Amazon, be sure to select Unilove as the vendor.
4-piece robe, bra, and panties
S/M, M/L, L/XL
Black, white
Hand wash
AdoreJoy Sexy Babydoll Lingerie Set
Romantic evenings are a breeze with any of AdoreJoy’s sexy offerings.
This baby-doll is made of mesh and lace and is available in 10 stunning colors.
However, you should note that this set may run large, so consider ordering down a size.
Babydoll chemise
Nylon, lace
10 colors, including blue and red
Hand wash
Bluetime Lace Babydoll Lingerie
Bluetime is known for its extensive line of women’s high fashions, including seductive lingerie.
This piece comes in 5 beautiful colors and a modern style that emphasizes your best assets.
However, the top, like most lingerie, doesn’t have any support.
Babydoll chemise
Nylon, lace
Blue, black, purple, green, red
Hand wash

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What is the Best Lingerie?

Lingerie is one of the most intimate, personal purchases you can make, so “what’s best” really depends on your personal preference. We think that the best type of lingerie is the type that makes youfeel the most confident and beautiful. We’ve reviewed five affordably-priced, highly rated lingerie sets in different colors and styles so that whether you want a slimming baby-doll chemise or a revealing thong and bra, you’ll find the perfect outfit in this review. And remember, if the product we chose to feature isn’t the right match for you, take a look at the other quality lingerie that these reputable brands have to offer.
Our Top Choice
The Avidlove Lace Kimono Nightgown is an affordable-priced night robe that would look stunning on any body shape. A nightgown is very flattering, but if you like the look of baby-doll chemises, take a look at this Avidlove Babydoll Lace Chemise.

Avidlove Women's Lace Kimono Sexy Nightgown Transparent Mesh Lingerie – Available in 5 Sizes & 5 Colors

Avidlove is an international company that takes pride in facilitating amazing romantic experiences between partners everywhere. They offer all of the products a couple needs for a night of romance and pleasure, including sexy lingerie, sex toys, sleepwear, men’s underwear, leggings, and other garments. All of their products are very affordably-priced, which takes the guilt out of wanting to buy one of everything!

The Avidlove Lace Kimono Nightgown retails for $12.50 and includes one sheer night robe and a matching G-string. It’s available in five beautifully rich colors: Red, White, Pink, Black, and Purple from sizes Small through XX-Large. We chose the Avidlove Lace Kimono Nightgown for our Top Choice position because its timeless style would complement any body type. This seductive robe’s butterfly sleeves, delicately scalloped trim, satin tie sash, and glorious floral pattern will leave your honey swooning! When cared for properly, this 95% nylon and 5% spandex garment should last for years – which means you have plenty of time to sweep your lover off their feet (although one glance in your direction should do it!).

As we’ve mentioned, Avidlove offers tons of different sexy lingerie, night robes, sleepwear, and slips. They have it all, ranging from skimpy bodysuits that let it all hang out to modest cotton Victorian-style dressing gowns. Avidlove is truly a one-stop-shop for bedroom delights!
Best Value
The Ruzishun Chiffon and Lace Sleepwear is a gorgeous chiffon baby-doll that feels as sexy as it looks. If you’re looking for a more supportive top, the Ruzishun Deep V-Neck Halter Lingerie may be perfect for you!

Ruzishun Women's Sexy Lingerie Chiffon and Lace Sleepwear Underwear – Available in 4 Sizes

Ruzishun is a Chinese brand geared towards upper-middle class style gurus that want sexy yet classy lingerie for an affordable price. They have dozens of styles to choose from, with plenty of options to suit every body shape, height, and weight. Their specialties include flattering baby-dolls, cute teddies, pajamas, sleepwear, bras, and stockings.

The Ruzishun Chiffon and Lace Sleepwear comes with a G-string. It’s only available in one color, which we love because it invokes a little bit of innocence and a whole lot of naughty. The top features white lace cups with a sexy black satin bow and a sheer lace detail across the ribcage. It opens into a flowing, sheer black body that falls about hip-level. The back has a sweet little keyhole cutout and white tie that’ll leave your sweetie pining to let you walk away yet unable to let you go. The Ruzishun Chiffon and Lace Sleepwear is available in sizes Medium through XX-Large. The company says that their clothes run small, and advises customers to buy up a size if they’re in-between sizes.

Ruzishun specializes in stylish yet affordable lingerie and sleepwear. They have a ton of different options to choose from, ranging from dainty white lace baby-dolls to thigh-high silk stockings.
The Unilove Sexy Lace Lingerie Set is a flattering 4-piece set that’s perfect for an intimate evening. If you’re looking for more coverage, this Unilove Sexy Babydoll may do the trick!

Unilove Sexy Lace Lingerie Night Dressing Robe Chemises for Women Set of 4 – Available in 3 Sizes & 2 Colors

Unilove has a diverse product line centered on home, girls’, and women’s fashions. Most of their products are available exclusively through Amazon, though shoppers should double-check that Amazon and Unilove fulfill the order to ensure optimal quality. Unilove offers a little bit of everything, ranging from maternity underwear and nursing bras to formal gloves and sexy little lingerie outfits.

The Unilove Sexy Lace Lingerie Set is a 4-piece product that includes a high-quality lace robe with a floral design, silk sash, peekaboo bra, and crotch-less G-string panties. One of the best things about this outfit is that it comes with everything you need to give your lover the night of his or her dreams. You can start with a seductive little show in the robe, before unveiling this outfit’s erotic under layers – or channel the old-school Hollywood diva in you and cuddle up in this gentle, soft robe after a night out on the town. The robe is sheer and seductive, but appropriate to wear any time, even while enjoying your morning coffee with family. It’s available in black or white and three sizes: S/M, M/L, and M-XL.

Nothing sets off a woman’s confidence like a piece of well-made, flattering lingerie. Unilove is a great company because it has the ability to grow with your family. Since their product offerings start in girls’ sizes and include sexy women’s outfits, comfortable sleepwear, and maternity items, you can enjoy Unilove at any stage in your life.
The AdoreJoy Sexy Babydoll Lingerie Set glosses over the tummy area while emphasizing your curves. If you like Kimono-inspired sexy robes, the AdoreJoy 3-Piece Kimono Lingerie Set is another great option.

AdoreJoy Women's Sexy Babydoll Lingerie Set – Available in 8 Sizes & 11 Colors

AdoreJoy is an industry leader in sexy outfits designed to bring out you and your lover’s naughty sides. They have a ton of different styles to choose from, so if you want a little sex appeal or a lot, AdoreJoy has you covered. Another unique aspect of their products is that many are available in vivid colors, which is a nice alternative to traditional black, white, or red lingerie.

The AdoreJoy Sexy Babydoll Lingerie Set includes one sheer baby-doll outfit (no cup) and a matching G-string. It’s available in 10 different colors: Black, Blue, Red, Watermelon Red, White, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Rose Red, and Sky Blue. Unlike a lot of other lingerie brands, AdoreJoy offers extended sizing. The AdoreJoy Sexy Babydoll Lingerie Set is available in sizes Small through 5X-Large.

This is a great outfit for women that don’t want to show a lot but still want to feel like sex goddesses. The bralette, trim, and a seductive slit up the side are covered in floral lace and offer a little peep show while still leaving plenty to the imagination. The main body of the gown is made from mesh. As we’ve mentioned, AdoreJoy offers a ton of different lingerie options, including sexy outfits made entirely of mesh and snug halter one-pieces.
The Bluetime Lace Babydoll Lingerie’s intricately detailed halter suits all women, but especially those with large busts. This style is loose-fitting. If you want something snugger, try the Bluetime Sexy Lingerie Lace Chemise Babydoll.

Bluetime Womens Lace Babydoll Sleepwear Halter Nightwear Sexy Lingerie Outfits – Available in 5 Sizes & 5 Colors

Bluetime is an interesting brand that’s quickly building a reputation for its adorable dresses, high-fashion women’s apparel, workout clothes, and quality yet affordable lingerie. The best thing is, all of their products are very reasonably-priced and highly rated on Amazon. You’d be surprised what you can get with $20!

The Bluetime Lace Babydoll Lingerie includes a halter-style baby-doll chemise and matching G-string. The front of the G-string and the halter part of the dress both have elaborate silver detailing that makes them look both expensive and fashionable. You can choose from 5 colors: Black, Blue, Green, Purple, and Red in sizes S-XXL. This is a great style for any woman, but especially those that want to hide their tummy areas. The halter top bust is slimming and emphasizes your natural curves, while the body is loose and flattering.

Bluetime really is a one-stop-shop for women’s wear. In addition to cute and cheap lingerie, they have some beautiful dresses and outfits. You can find something for any occasion, whether that means hitting the club with friends and meeting your boyfriend’s parents.

How Do I Choose the Best Lingerie?

There aren’t a lot of things more personal than shopping for lingerie! We all have different body styles and personal tastes, so you’re the only person who really knows what type of lingerie is right for you. We can, however, help you pick a competitively priced, high-quality product that has been hand-picked by our team for its style and seductive nature!

The main things you should consider when purchasing lingerie are price, quality, comfort, and whether or not it’s flattering for your body shape. We’ve included several different styles for you to choose from, including baby-doll chemises, Kimono-inspired robes, and robe sets with a corresponding bra and panties. Some women prefer lingerie with a robe because it offers something comfy to slip into before or after a romantic evening, but trust us – these delicate, alluring styles are a lot sexier than your everyday bathrobe!

After researching the best lingerie brands on the market, we discovered that you don’t have to pay a fortune for a stylish, durable, and flattering piece of lingerie that you and your partner will both appreciate. Ready to start shopping? Grab your favorite wine glass, fill it with your favorite red or white from the cooler, and pull up a seat to learn how to pick the best lingerie for your next romantic evening.
The lingerie sets included in this review range from about $12 to $18. While this may sound incredibly affordable compared to some of those big name brands on the market, you’d be surprised how far your dollar can go when you’re paying for quality and style instead of a brand’s reputation.

The biggest factor in price is simple – cheap lingerie may look good, and it might last for a couple romantic sessions, but you’re not going to get long-term use out of it. We’ve reviewed some middle-of-the-road options that offer the best of both worlds: well-built designs that are also sexy. Some of the higher-priced lingerie included in our review include multiple pieces, such as a robe and bra and panty set.
Again, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to buying lingerie. Maybe you want a cheap piece of lingerie that you can wear once and toss! Or, you might be looking for a stylish, well-built product that will last for years. That’s totally up to you! However, there are a few factors that any quality piece of lingerie should have:
  • Built from a strong material that won’t rip during wear (unless you want it to!)
  • A price that corresponds to its overall quality
  • Soft, gentle material that feels comfortable against your skin
  • Sex appeal
  • Clasps that are easy to undo for easy removal
Logistics aside, the other two most important features to consider are whether the lingerie in question flatters your figure and if it will turn on your partner. Those aspects are totally up to you, but don’t forget to give them some consideration!
Construction and Design
Well-made lingerie should be firmly stitched and made from a material that feels good against your skin, such as silk, lace, or a nylon-spandex blend. Materials have come a long way in the last several decades, but you might be surprised to know that these days, man-made fabrics can be just as luxurious as silk – and way more affordable.

Another important part of construction and design is whether the lingerie is designed to fit your figure. Even though most lingerie brands use the standard S-XXL size chart, there isn’t a uniform standard for what classifies as a small, medium, etc. It’s important that the piece you ultimately choose fits your hips, ribcage, and cup size. Take a look at each manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing!
Performance and Ease of Use
How you use your lingerie is up to you! To be honest, most lingerie is worn to be removed. So, it’s important that the item in question has clasps or ties that are easy to put on and, more importantly, take off! Some of the pieces we’ve included even have crotch-less panties and peekaboo bras that make removal unnecessary!

Also, check on the care requirements for the lingerie you’re considering. All five of the pieces we’ve received recommend handwashing. This is up to you, but it will definitely help your lingerie last longer. Besides, your man will probably enjoy seeing your skivvies hang to dry!

Get the Best Lingerie of 2023!

While we can’t tell you how any of these five lingerie sets will make you look or feel, we can tell you that they’re constructed from luxurious and durable materials, are stylish, and that any man would be lucky to see you in them. Have fun!

Our Top Choice
Avidlove Lace Kimono Nightgown
Best Value
Ruzishun Chiffon and Lace Sleepwear
Unilove Sexy Lace Lingerie Set
AdoreJoy Sexy Babydoll Lingerie Set
Bluetime Lace Babydoll Lingerie