Best Liquid Glue Gun Reviews 2022

Caulking protects your home from air, water, dust, fire, and infestation. A dependable liquid glue gun can help you caulk your house or apartment, preventing damage and insuring you against hazards. In this regard, we’ve chosen five of the best liquid glue gun brands in the market to help you keep your windows, walls, and water-related appliances in perfect shape. What's more, each of these brands have a variety of models to choose from, so you can check out their whole range if you want to!
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Tube Size
Our Top Choice
Makita Lithium-Ion Caulk and Adhesive Gun
Makita has over 100 years of history innovating electric motors and power tools.
The 1,100 lbs of dispensing force works with even the thickest adhesives.
Versatile and powerful, this tool may be a bit much for a one-time home improvement job
Power Tool
10 oz - 300ml
Up to 1,100 lbs of pressure
LED for lighting
One Year
Best Value
Dripless Adhesive Dual Component Gun
Dripless was established in 1991 to share an invention that would change caulking forever.
The easy-squeeze handle has a 26:1 compression ratio with 2:1 and 1:1 mixing options.
Perfect for epoxy and cement mixes, this may be a little much for your shower.
Dual Component Glue Gun
2x 22 oz cartridges
26:1 Thrust Ratio
Perfect for 2:1 or 1:1 epoxies
Limited Warranty
DEWALT 310ml Adhesive and Caulk Gun
DeWalt is probably the best-known power tool company in the entire world.
With 650 lbs of pushing pressure and an adjustable chamber, this liquid glue gun is ready for any household project.
While it may be one of the best caulk guns on the market, it could be a little pricey for one-time use or small jobs.
Power tool
10oz, 1/10 Gal, 300-310 ml
Up to 650 lbs of pressure
Auto reverse drip prevention
3 Year Limited
Ryobi Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun
Ryobi is one of the largest innovators and manufacturers of power tools, generators, and landscaping equipment worldwide.
The modular design works with Ryobi ONE+ batteries and accessories to provide versatility.
Make sure you buy the battery and charger which is not included by default.
Power Tool
10oz, 1/10 Gal
Up to 500 lbs of pressure
Switch lock, puncture tool
3 Year Limited
Newborn Revolving Frame Caulking Gun
Newborn is singularly focused on creating the highest quality sealant and adhesive dispensers and accessories.
With a durable design and 18:1 thrust ratio, this liquid glue gun is versatile and affordable.
While it’s one of the best manual caulk guns money can buy, large projects may benefit from a battery powered option.
10oz, 1/10 Gallon
18:1 Thrust Ratio
Ladder Hook, Seal Puncture Tool
Lifetime Limited

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What is the Best Liquid Glue Gun?

While, on the surface, many caulking appliances seem identical, small differences in detail and craftsmanship make a huge difference when working with one. The best liquid glue gun has an ergonomic grip, smooth track for compression, and extra features for utility that make it both comfortable and functional. Let’s proceed to five of the best liquid glue gun brands in the market, hopeful that you will find a product among them that meets your needs.
Our Top Choice
The 18V Caulk and Adhesive Gun will make large jobs into easy ones with a powerful motor and flow adjustment. Do you work with larger cartridges? Check out the Makita 20-Ounce Cordless Caulk Gun!

Makita 18-Volt LXT 10-Ounce Caulk and Adhesive Gun – Tool Only

Makita has over a hundred years of electric motor and power tool innovation, making brushless motors of all shapes and sizes for a wide variety of applications. As the inventor of one of the first rechargeable power tools, it’s no surprise that Makita caulk guns all come with replaceable, rechargeable batteries and a dependable motor.

One of the first things you’ll notice is this caulk gun is completely controllable with a pressure-sensitive trigger that determines the flow of adhesive. The motor delivers up to 1,100 lbs of dispensing force with a 5-speed dial to release between 0 and 66 inches per minute. It has a built-in LED for illumination underneath sinks or in dark areas and the drip reduction reduces pressure to prevent wasted adhesive.
Best Value
The DC600 is a dual-component applicator for all types of adhesives. Need a simpler model for household tasks? Check out the Dripless 10oz Ergonomic Caulk Gun!

Dripless Dual Cartridge Capacity Adhesive Applicator - 22-Ounce

Dripless, from its humble beginnings in 1991, was founded with a revolutionary dripless design for caulk guns made by a tradesman in California. This dual component liquid glue gun is designed for two 22oz tubes to be used at once. These powerful adhesives - usually called epoxies - are highly versatile with their extreme strength and temperature resistant properties.

The DC600 has durable steel gripper plates, composite straps and braces, steel push disks and an aluminum handle. The side-by-side design can be used with a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio, and the handle has a squeeze ratio of 26:1 or 3.5mm advancement per trigger pull. Engineered with an adjustable screw to cut thrust gaps, this dual-component liquid glue gun is a professional-grade epoxy applicator at an affordable price.
The 18-Volt 310-ml Adhesive and Caulk Gun is powerful and versatile. Need a hot glue gun for smaller projects? Check out the DEWALT Rapid Heat Glue Gun!

DEWALT 18-Volt 310-ml Adhesive and Caulk Gun – with Auto-Reverse Feature

DeWalt is a company that needs no introduction. For nearly 100 years, it’s been creating a legacy built on dependable hand and power tools to become one of the largest global manufacturers of tools for consumer and professional use. Commitment to hard work and innovation is a celebration of the tradesmen DeWalt serves, and the 18-Volt 310-ml Adhesive and Caulk Gun is perfect for large projects, industrial use, or even home maintenance.

The cartridge holder fits the standard 10oz tubes most common around the house, as well as 1/10 gallon, and 300-310 ml tubes. It’s rotatable 360 degrees and stabilizes cartridges to apply 650 lbs of pressure for even the thickest of liquids. The auto reverse design reduces waste, prevents spills, and makes clean-up easier. The variable speed control can keep flow constant and protect you from accidental over or under discharge.
The Ryobi Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun has a powerful motor and durable components for longevity. Need Ryobi quality for smaller projects? The 18v One Hot Glue Gun may be perfect for you!

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun

Ryobi is an innovator and manufacturer of landscaping equipment, generators, and power tools. Its power tools are extremely modular, and the ONE+ battery system allows you to charge and switch batteries between almost all their tools. At less than $55, this is one of the most affordable battery powered caulk guns on the market (even with battery and charger purchase considered).

The 18v battery powers a variable control with up to 500 lbs of pushing pressure for extra thick adhesives and liquid glues. It fits the standard 10oz caulk cartridges you would find at a local hardware store, and has a lightweight design with a center-balanced handle. The switch lock prevents accidental discharge, and the durable metal plunger allows for quick changing of tools. The ergonomic design also features an on-board puncture tool to break the tube seal, making this a powerful and versatile liquid glue gun for any home.
Simple and dependable, the Newborn Revolving Frame Caulk Gun is everything you need and nothing you don’t. Need a super-portable model with lower thrust? Check out the 1\/10th Gallon Super Ratchet Rod Caulk Gun!

Newborn Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun – High Thrust Ratio

Newborn is a specialized manufacturer of caulk and adhesive liquid glue guns. With a singular focus, it’s engineered some of the most effective, best-selling caulk guns, outselling and performing larger brands. The website is dedicated to helpful resources for professionals and consumers, and every caulk gun has thoughtful design put into every detail.

On the surface, the Model 250 Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame looks like any department store offering at an affordable price. But every detail - from the slope of the star burst reverse punched gripping plate to the patented spout cutter - was designed by professionals for efficiency and easy clean-up. The 18:1 thrust ratio of the zinc alloy handle and trigger is perfect for medium to thick consistency adhesives, with a precision sintered friction plate for secure placement. The addition of a ladder hook and seal puncture tool make is the icing on top for an impressively functional tool that will last a lifetime.

How Do I Choose the Best Liquid Glue Gun?

We all have that one friend who swears by gaffer tape and has made it their life mission to use it to fix every problem they come across. Uses range from fixing a loose microphone on a gaming headset and repairing a defective door of a microwave oven to fixing the rear window of a car. As good as this product is, there are areas where it performs dismally, particularly when aesthetics is involved. A liquid glue gun is the answer to where the tape fails, making it a valuable addition to your toolbox.

A liquid glue gun has massive dispensing power, ensuring that you’ll even be able to use highly viscous caulk to carry out repair and maintenance tasks. Further, you’ll have a high degree of control over the amount of adhesive substance you apply on a surface. This is because this tool comes with a speed dial, enabling you to apply the material on surfaces evenly. A liquid glue gun also does away with those annoying drips that chip away at the quality of your work. Further, its dispensing speed is favorable if you work in an industrial setting where your output directly impacts your income.

At the end of the day, as a handyman, you want to sit back and savor the quality of your work. By considering our selection of liquid glue guns, you can rest assured that you will never have an off day because of a poorly applied adhesive.
If you’re looking to improve the quality of your work when using caulk, price should not be a hindrance as the affordable liquid glue guns on our list will serve you well. However, if you really want to enjoy top-line features such as drip control, we suggest that you avoid cheap liquid glue guns and, instead, go for a high-end one.

The price of our selected liquid glue guns ranges from around $15 to $250, with the difference in price being accounted for by the brand and features. For instance, a product made by DeWalt is going to cost you more than one produced by a lesser-known brand, as the former is known for producing high-quality hand and power tools for the woodworking, manufacturing, and construction industries. Similarly, a liquid glue gun that has features such as drip control and a speed dial is more expensive than one that doesn’t.
The primary purpose of a liquid glue gun is to deliver adhesives and caulk in a smooth and steady fashion. Let’s examine the features you need to consider before getting one.
  • Type - A liquid glue gun is either manual or battery-powered.
  • Power - How much pressure does it exert when you pull the trigger?
  • Tube Size - A large capacity allows you to load more caulk or adhesive.
  • Flow Rate Optimization - You should be able to control the speed at which the adhesive is leaving the gun.
  • Drip Reduction - The quality of work improves markedly once unwanted drips are done away with.
  • LED Lighting - This feature makes it easy to use the tool in dark spaces.
  • Warranty - Can the manufacturer repair or replace your tool if it starts malfunctioning?
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction and design of a liquid glue gun, we’ve got four main things to discuss; type, power, tube size and flow rate optimization. Let’s look at them in detail.


The type of liquid glue gun that you select may depend on where and how often you intend to use it. If your intention is to use it to make minor repairs and improvements around the house, a manual one will do the job. However, if you plan to use it in an industrial environment where speed and accuracy are of the essence, a battery-powered liquid glue gun is what you need.


Power is also an important factor to consider when selecting a liquid glue gun. Some of the sealants and adhesives we use are highly viscous, making them a nightmare to work with. Some of our featured brands are aware of this and have fitted their liquid glue guns with a motor that enables them to deliver pressure that ranges from 500 to 1,100 pounds.

Tube Size

If you work in a busy environment where large quantities of caulk and adhesives are used, it helps a lot if the size of your liquid glue gun’s tube is large. A large capacity allows you to load more substance, ensuring you don’t have to interrupt your workflow to refill the tube. The tube sizes of our selected liquid glue guns range from 10 to 22 ounces, which is a respectable capacity range.

Flow Rate Optimization

Adhesives and caulk vary with regards to viscosity. While some flow freely, others have more resistance in them than the Tank Man in Tiananmen Square. In order to get the best results, it really helps to have a way in which you can control the rate at which the adhesive flows. Some of our selected brands have made this possible by installing a speed dial in their liquid glue guns. That way, you never have to worry about expending more substance on a surface than is needed.
Performance and Ease of Use
Now, the performance of your glue gun will be measured by the adhesive quality but also drip reduction. There are some extras like LED lighting and warranty that’ll make the whole liquid glue gun ownership all that more enjoyable. Here’s some more on these aspects:

Drip Reduction

All fluids demonstrate cohesion; that is why when you close a tap, water does not stop running at once and continues to drip for a few seconds. This principle applies to adhesives when using a liquid glue gun. Unfortunately, these drips can severely compromise the quality of your work, particularly if the surface on which you’re applying the substance is thin. Some of our reviewed brands have worked hard to help you manage those annoying drips by adding an auto-reverse feature.

LED Lighting

In some cases, you’ll find yourself working in spaces where visibility is limited due to poor lighting. Unless your father’s name is Jor-El and you can, therefore, seen in the dark, chances are that you won’t do a good job in such a situation. However, by purchasing a liquid glue gun that comes with an LED light, you’ll never have to worry about doing shoddy jobs in dark spaces.


Finally, warranty is an important factor to consider when buying a liquid glue gun. After all, nobody wants to engage in cat-and-mouse games with a manufacturer when it emerges that a product is defective. Our selected products have warranties with durations ranging from one year to a lifetime.

Get the Best Liquid Glue Gun of 2022!

We’re confident that this review has made it much easier to select the liquid glue gun that meets your list of requirements. With one of these bad boys, we can assure you that you will always look forward to doing repairs and maintenance around the house. If it turns out that you haven’t found that perfect liquid glue gun, keep in mind that the featured brands have other options that you can have a look at.

Our Top Choice
Makita Lithium-Ion Caulk and Adhesive Gun
Best Value
Dripless Adhesive Dual Component Gun
DEWALT 310ml Adhesive and Caulk Gun
Ryobi Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun
Newborn Revolving Frame Caulking Gun