Best Litter Box Reviews 2023

As a pet owner, you certainly love your feline friend – but the smell and mess from a cheap litter box, not so much! Choosing the right litter box for your home ultimately comes down to two things – how much you want to spend and how much work you want to do. We’ve chosen 5 of the best litter box brands to give you an idea of what’s out there.
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Our Top Choice
Petmate Giant Litter Pan
Petmate, founded over 50 years, is run by a team of experts who understand owners and they’re pets, because they’re owners themselves!
Simple design with neutral color. Wide size. Suitable for large or multiple cats. 30lbs litter capacity. 2 side compartments for accessories.
This litter tray takes up more space than necessary due to the large lip around the edge.
34.7 x 19.8 x 10-inches
30lbs litter
Plastic with micro ban
2 accessory pockets
Best Value
Nature’s Miracle High Sided Litter Box
Nature’s Miracle is under the Russell 1000 Index company, Spectrum brands. They focus on pet products for your cat, dog or bird with a range of high-quality options.
High-sides prevents litter mess. Corner design saves space. Special plastic technology. Reduces odor, mold and mildew. Non-stick sides for easy cleanup.
Although it’s high-sided, the entrance is low so the cats can push litter out this area.
High-sides, corner
26 x 23 x 10-inches
Not specified
Non-stick plastic
Modkat Flip Front Entry Litter Box
Modkat is focused on manufacturing high-quality, functional and stylish cat litter trays and accessories. Their products have been referred to as “the iPod of litter boxes”.
Minimalist, stylish design. Spacious interior. Lid adjusts to 3 positions. Comes with a scoop and reusable liner. Reduces litter mess. Available as a bundle.
Not as big as some people expected.
Closed, front entry
20.5 x 15.8 x 16.7-inches
Not specified
Durable plastic
Scoop and reusable liner
PuppyPan Litter Pan
PuppyPan is a brand who manufactures a huge range of litter trays in all shapes and sizes. Although targeted towards dogs, these trays are ideal for cats too.
Simple litter pan designed for puppies/dogs. Low entrance good for cats with special needs.
Not all dogs adjust to using a litter tray.
4 sizes available
Not specified
LitterMaid Disposable Litter Boxes
LitterMaid has been around for over a decade manufacturing cat litter trays that are functional, affordable and practical. Their line up even includes self-cleaning trays!
Made from recycled materials. Disposable. 3-pack. Good size. Leakproof and water resistant. Keeps litter fresh. Odor resistant. Suitable for all litter types.
Some found it smaller than they expected.
Open, disposable
17.1 x 12.4 x 6.2-inches
Not specified
Recycled paper

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What is the Best Litter Box?

With a good understanding of the factors that are important when it comes to picking out a good litter box for your cat, let’s take a look at some of the options that are available. We have selected a sampling of the different types – all of which we think are worth recommending.
Our Top Choice
The Petmate Giant Litter Pan has a large 30lbs litter capacity which means you don’t need to refill it as often. If you would prefer a hooded tray, check out the Petmate Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan which comes in assorted colors.

Petmate Giant Litter Pan for Cats

Petmate was founded over 50 years ago by people who understand pets and their owners. They’re pet lovers themselves and therefore they’re committed to providing high-quality, functional pet products for all your furry or feathered companions. Their lineup includes bedding, feeding products, apparel, grooming products, toys, travel and shelters.

The Petmate Giant Litter Pan is a simple, effective litter tray made using eco-friendly plastic. The plastic is treated with micro ban which helps prevent odors and stains, making your life easier when it comes to cleaning. The wide design of this tray can hold up to 30 pounds of litter, perfect for large cats or homes with multiple cats. With 2 side compartments you can store your scoops and other essentials close to hand.
Best Value
The Nature’s Miracle High Sided Litter Box has a great space-saving design that fits into any corner. The high sides prevent your cat from kicking litter out of the box. If you’re cat sitting or travelling with your cat and don’t need a permanent cat litter tray, you could opt for the Nature's Miracle Disposable Litter Box which comes in a 1, 2 or 3-pack.

Nature’s Miracle Advanced High-Sided Corner Litter Box

Nature’s Miracle is under the Spectrum Brands umbrella which is a member of the Russell 1000 Index. Nature’s Miracle is a brand focusing on pet products for dogs, cats and other animals. They range includes odor eliminators, training aids, grooming products, litter boxes and a range of cleaning products.

The Nature’s Miracle High Sided Litter Box has high sides to avoid any litter spillage, also aided by the corner design. Constructed with Nature’s Miracle plastic technology, this litter box is odor blocking, mold and mildew resistant and non-stick. The non-stick property of this litter tray is important if you want to make clean-up easier and prevent odor build up due to litter caking the sides of the tray. Measuring 26 x 23 x 10-inches, this tray will fit easily in any sized home. Nature’s Miracle also sells this litter tray with a hood, for even more protection against litter spray or if your cat prefers more privacy.
The Modkat Flip Front Entry Litter Box is a stylish cat litter box with a reusable liner and lid that adjusts into three positions. This is a front entry litter box, however, if your cat prefers a top entry model, they might prefer the Modkat Top-Entry Litter Box which also includes a scoop and reusable liner.

Modkat Flip Front Entry Litter Box with Scoop and Reusable Liner, Available in 2-Pack and as Bundle

Modkat is a brand focused solely on manufacturing high-quality litter boxes in a range of designs to suit each owner and their cat. Some of their products have been referred to as “the iPod of litter boxes” thanks to their high functionality and minimalist design.

The Modkat Flip Front Entry Litter Box is easy to use for both cats and owners thanks to the functional design. It’s easy to clean with custom-fit liners that cover the bottom. You can choose to have this box completely closed, half open or fully open depending on your cat’s preference. This litter box comes with a reusable liner which clips securely in place, is rip resistant and can last up to 3 months. If you love the look of this modern litter box, you can get it in a 2-pack or as a bundle which comes with 2 reusable tarp litter box liners and a Katch litter mat.
The large PuppyPan Litter Pan is great for training dogs up to 20 pounds – as well as disabled cats and rabbits. They also sell a smaller size litter pan for cats, puppies and dogs up to 6 pounds.

PuppyPan Pet Litter Pan, Indoor Training System – Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors

PuppyPan is a brand focused on manufacturing high-quality, functional and versatile litter trays. They’re targeted towards dogs and their owners as they’re a great way to potty train your pup, however, they work just as well for cats too!

You might be wondering why we have included a litter box with the name “PuppyPan” in our review, especially if you are a cat owner. Well first of all, our review was for the “best litter boxes” – and we never said that they were just for cats. But even with that being said, there are cats that have special needs – like an easy entrance without any obstacles in the way and this litter pan meets that criteria.

The low entrance is a feature that most cat litter trays don’t have which is perfect if you have a disabled cat. We’ve heard that rabbit owners love them too. In addition to home use, some dog owners use it in the car when they are on long trips or in hotel rooms when vacationing with their pet.

The PuppyPan litter pan is available in two sizes -
  • Miniature Pan: 20x24x5 – Designed for dogs up to 20 pounds, for example breeds such as miniature bull terrier, Shih Tzu, miniature schnauzer, miniature pinscher, Boston terrier or toy poodle.
  • Toy Pan: 15x20x5 – Designed for dogs up to 6 pounds, for example breeds such as Bichon Friese, Yorkshire terrier, Pomeranian, Maltese or Chihuahua.
The pans are also available in a wide variety of colors such as coral, black, harbor blue, summer green, gray, and apple green (although all colors are not available in both sizes).
The LitterMaid Disposable Litter Boxes are leakproof, water resistant and prevents odors. If you want something that doesn’t require any maintenance, try the Littermaid Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box instead!

LitterMaid 3-Pack Disposable Litter Boxes

For over a decade LitterMaid has been at the forefront of the cat litter tray industry, providing affordable, practical solutions to your cat litter issues. Their products aim to help you and your cat live in a cleaner, healthier environment and they’ve got a range of designs to suit all needs.

The LitterMaid Disposable Litter Boxes are a great option if you want a simple, easy way to clean your litter box every couple of weeks. The litter boxes, made from recycled materials, offer an easy one-step cleaning process. They’re water resistant, leakproof and won’t shred even if you have a playful cat. Suitable for all litter types, this will also protect against nasty litter box odors. This durable set of 3 litter boxes will easily last 4-6 weeks.

How Do I Choose the Best Litter Box?

Yeah, you could be one of those pet owners who has the patience to train your kitty to use the toilet (they just don’t flush so well) but if you are like most people you are going to choose to have a litter box. Separate from the actual features that a litter box offers, you will need to consider the age of your cat. Kittens or older cats will need a place to do their business that has easier access, probably with lower sides. Your average cat though would probably be happy with a top entry litter box, like the IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box which is available in multiple sizes and colors.

Another personal factor to consider is how much work you want to do to keep it clean. If you want to do as little as possible, there are some really great self-cleaning litter boxes – some of which are so automated that they make it possible to go away on vacation without worrying that your cat will find another place to “go.” Of course, you will need to make sure there is enough food – and there are automatic feeders for that too! Other litter boxes are not self-cleaning, but they do have a non-stick coating on which makes cleaning a whole lot easier. The PetFusion Large Cat Litter Box is an excellent example of this.

With all this being said, there are several things that you need to consider when choosing a litter box. By the way, if you already know that you want a litter box that cleans itself, we recommend checking out our review of the top 5 automatic cleaning litter boxes.
The price of a litter box will depend most on whether you go for a simple litter tray or one that will do some or all of the work for you. Cheap tray litter pans are available for under $10 and the automated ones go for as much as $400! Another factor related to cost what kind of litter you need to use with the box that you get – and again, this is connected to how much work you want to do.

Some of the automated litter boxes require special litter or “insert” that are designed just for that model. If you go for a less expensive litter tray, you will need to decide whether you want to use cheap litter or the kind that clumps and can be easily scooped. One more thing to take into consideration with regard to the “lifetime cost” is whether or not you will also have to purchase filters.

Needless to say, the less work you want to do – and the more odor free you want your home – the more you are going to have to spend.
A litter box is designed for one purpose – to have a place where your cat can eliminate waste. Beyond this, some of the more advanced litter boxes have additional features designed to make daily maintenance a bit easier. Sometimes even the basic trays will throw in an extra like a free scoop. When choosing litter boxes, don’t be in a rush and carefully scan the features section of every product in our list to find out what goodies are in for you.
Construction and Design
Generally speaking, there are three styles of litter box – litter trays, hooded litter boxes and self cleaning litter boxes – each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Cat Litter Trays – A litter tray is as basic as it gets – a rectangular plastic container that holds the cat litter. This is the least expensive way to go as far as initial outlay of cash but the problem with this type of cat box is that because there is no lid; odors will be released in to your home. This can be minimized by purchasing high quality, odor absorbing cat litter that easily clumps – and by regular scooping. They also have the advantage that they don’t take up a lot of space. If you have a kitten, an older cat or one who doesn’t like enclosed places, this is a good choice. Oh, one more downside – your cat is definitely going to get some of the litter outside of the box!
  • Hooded Cat Litter Boxes – A litter box with a hood is simply a litter tray that has a cover. Most cats like a bit of privacy when they do their business and having a hood gives them an “out of sight” place to go. The benefit for you is that the hood holds in both the odor and the litter. For cats that don’t like to be totally enclosed in, there are litter boxes that have very tall sides but an open top. Like basic litter trays, you can choose whatever litter you want. If you go with a self-clumping type of litter, you will need to scoop but the recommended weekly full cleaning will be easier – and there will be less odor. Some hooded litter boxes have a slot for a charcoal filter to help with the smell.
  • Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes – For the ultimate convenience, an automated cat litter box is the way to go, but it will cost you a bit more money – you’ll just have to decide whether it’s worth it. There are several different kinds, but they basic principle is that the litter box has a mechanical system that does the sifting and scooping for you, moving it away from the clean litter into a separate container. This container usually has a plastic bag which you simply lift and remove. Most self-cleaning litter boxes have a filter, usually charcoal, to reduce even more motors. These boxes are usually bigger, so they will take up a little more room in your home. The only real downside to these mechanical litter boxes (other than price), is that they make noise and it may take a little while for them to get used to it. However, some cats are simply too skittish and will never adjust to this type of litter box. For this review, we look at a few of the more “affordable” models, but we also have a separate review for the 5 best automated litter boxes – including a few really high end ones.
No matter what type of litter box you get, you will also need to consider the size and quality of materials. If you have more than one cat, you will want a bigger box for sure and you may even need more than one (especially if you have lots of cats).
Performance and Ease of Use
In terms of performance, no matter what features a litter box has – it only works if your cat uses it. Sometimes you can spend the money getting one that seems like it will do everything you want it to but your cat simply just won’t use it. Even if you go with a super cheap litter tray if you don’t keep it clean, they won’t use that either. Cats are clean and fastidious creatures – they are not going to go in a little box that is dirty or smells. With that being said, there are some factors that not only make it more likely that your cat will use it, but will also make life much nicer for you.

When choosing a litter box, the easier it is to maintain and keep clean the better. Ones that help to keep odors down to a minimum will also be exactly what you and your cat want as well.

Get the Best Litter Box of 2023!

Ultimately it will be your cat who “decides” what the best litter box is -- cats are like that you know -- but we think any of these five top litter boxes would be a great choice for your beloved friend.

Our Top Choice
Petmate Giant Litter Pan
Best Value
Nature’s Miracle High Sided Litter Box
Modkat Flip Front Entry Litter Box
PuppyPan Litter Pan
LitterMaid Disposable Litter Boxes