Best Loading Ramp Reviews 2023

A loading ramp is the surest way to get your machinery and equipment into a truck or trailer bed with as little stress as possible. Its versatile nature means that there is an inevitably large number of different types available on the market, so getting the right one can be a real headache. To make the process easier, we researched and came up with five great products from some of the best loading ramp brands out there. Having reviewed one product from each brand, we’d like to also let you know that our featured brands have other great loading ramp options that you may want to check out. We’ve included navigation links to that effect, so go right ahead and take a look at them.
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Best For
Our Top Choice
Rage Powersports Black Ice Snowmobile Ramps
RAGE Powersports began in 1993 as a small aluminum loading ramp manufacturer, and has grown into one of the biggest names in the industry.
Huge weight capacity, letting you load even heavy machines. Low-resistant dual carbide ski-glides for seamless loading.
Doesn’t come with a locking feature to keep the sections secured once you fold it up.
Heavy-duty ramp
Heavy-duty aluminum
1,500 lbs
94” x 54”
Best Value
Caliber LowPro Grip Glides
Caliber is built on the idea of integrity and high-quality standards, something that has helped it win the hearts of customers. Its products have been received well by consumers globally.
Made with strong polyethylene that drastically reduces friction when you are loading or unloading snowmobiles. Uniquely made to be supported by the trailer’s deck.
A bit hard and time-consuming to install.
Heavy-duty ramp
1,500 lbs
32” x 9”
Snowmobiles, ATVs
Extreme Max ATV RampXtender
Extreme Max has been in the game of loading ramps for long enough to understand what quality entails.
Wide enough for you to seamlessly load and unload your ATV or motorcycle. Arched design allows you to use it as a bed extender.
Doesn’t come with straps to prevent sliding when loading or unloading.
Ramp bed extender combo
Aircraft aluminum
1,500 lbs
50” x 24.5”
ATVs, lawn equipment, motorcycles
Titan Ramps ATV Truck Loading Ramps
Titan prides itself on making products with high quality and performance.
Rubber-tipped fingers on the plate tops for excellent traction when you are loading or offloading. Made from high-quality aluminum to make them sturdy, yet lightweight.
Not ideal for use in snow or ice.
Arched loading ramp
1,500 lbs
91” x 11.2”
ATVs, lawnmowers, snowmobiles
Vestil Steel Pick-Up/Van Ramp
Since 1958, Vestil has gathered enough experience to become a top brand in the industry. The company has become synonymous with quality.
Features serrated ramps that are designed to provide minimum slippage. Overlapping lip ensures that you have a smooth transition when loading and offloading.
A little heavy, making it less portable.
Light duty loading ramp
1000 lbs
72” x 9”
ATVs, lawnmowers

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What is the Best Loading Ramp?

A great loading ramp should be sturdy enough to hold the weight loaded on it without caving. Now that you’ve gone through our buying guide, we assume that you’ve gleaned enough relevant information to aid your search. We have five great loading ramps in our review section, so please go and take a careful look at them.
Our Top Choice
The Black Ice Snowmobile Ramps are made of lightweight aluminum and easy-glide polyethylene runners, allowing you to load your snowmobile effortlessly. If you are looking for a model made of heavy weight aluminum for your ATV, we think you will love the Dual Arched Folding Aluminum ATV Loading Ramp.

Rage Powersports Loading Ramp (94' x 54' Snowmobile with Extra Wide Glides)

RAGE Powersports has been in business for over two decades, producing quality products for outdoor sport enthusiasts. The brand has expanded and thrived thanks to improved innovation. Currently, it has a significant influence on the industry, with its products available in the US and Canada.

The RAGE Powersports Black Ice Snowmobile Ramps are designed to help you quickly load your snowmobiles into a pickup or trailer. However, they could also be used to load other wheeled machines, provided they do not exceed the 1,500-pound capacity. They come with polyethylene runners on the sides that glide easily to protect your snowmobile's skis. These loading ramps rest in 4" rubber-coated fingers that prevent scratches. They are also easily portable, and you won't have much of a hassle when it comes to storage.

These loading ramps are a must-have for those who own snowmobiles. Here are features they promise:
  • Lightweight aluminum build for durability and quality performance
  • Tailgate protection that features a 4” rubber-coated fingers ramp
  • Two cam buckle straps for safety
  • Protects skis with easy glide runners on the sides
  • One-year warranty for convenience
  • Threefold design for easy portability and storage
Best Value
The Caliber LowPro Grip Glides are built to provide excellent traction when loading snowmobiles and ATVs. Want a loading ramp with more weight capacity and a different design? You might like the 90" Caliber Ramp PRO Snowmobile ATV Loading Ramp.

Caliber LowPro Trailer Loading System

Caliber's products are designed with high levels of performance in mind. The brand has a team of sports enthusiasts who work to produce quality trailer accessories.

The Caliber LowPro Grip Glides allow you to enjoy the flexibility of transporting your ATVs and snowmobiles. If you own an enclosed trailer, these ramps can be useful, as they're made to prevent slipping. They also have an affordable price tag of just $189.95.

Let's see what features the Caliber LowPro Grip Glides have in store for you:
  • Holes make them easy to wash and maintain
  • Built to get support from the trailer's deck for the expected performance
  • Easy to use with a 14” stance ski variance
  • Effectively reduce loading friction
The Extreme Max ATV RampXtender comes with a weight capacity of 1500 pounds for more functionality, and 12 feet of arched aluminum for added clearance. If you prefer a model made with dense aluminum mesh links, check out the Aluminum Folding Mesh Ramp Set. It might be just what you are looking for!

Extreme Max 7.5' ATV Ramp and Bed Xtender Combo (Pair)

Extreme Max makes a range of outdoor gear that's known to perform exceptionally well. It has a variety of outdoor products that are capable of withstanding harsh conditions such as rough terrain, low temperatures, and high speeds.

The Extreme Max ATV RampXtender comes with a universal design that allows you to fit it in all kinds of trucks or pickups. It is built for easy loading with its aircraft aluminum construct. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which means that the brand is confident of its capabilities. It costs $355.75, which is a fair price for a ramp of this caliber.

If you get the Extreme Max ATV RampXtender, here are some of the features you will enjoy:
  • Loading strap for safety and convenience
  • It is made out of aircraft aluminum that makes it strong and lightweight
  • Optimization that allows you to increase gas mileage
  • Made to work well with motorcycles, ATVs, and garden equipment
  • Custom tie-down straps that prevent noise and movement while giving you a firm and secure grip
  • Comes with a universal size that fits easily in any truck
  • Easy to use and deploy
The Titan Ramps ATV Truck Loading Ramps come with a 1,500-pound weight capacity and an arched design for more functionality. Want a different design with serrated crossbars? We think you might like the Titan Pair Aluminum Lawnmower ATV Truck Loading Ramps.

Titan Ramps 7.5 ft Aluminum Plate Top Lawnmower ATV Truck Loading Ramps

Titan first started with a simple culture of creating products that customers find useful. It has grown and improved its customer satisfaction, maintaining its top brand status.

The Titan Ramps ATV Truck Loading Ramps are made to offer you sustainable solutions for loading ATVs, lawnmowers and other four-wheel items on a trailer. They're lightweight, making them portable and easy to use. At a price of $129, these ramps offer a range of benefits that you will love.

Here are some features that come with the Titan Ramps ATV Truck Loading Ramps:
  • 1500-pound capacity
  • Plate top style for easy use
  • Rubber-tipped fingers for protection and durability
  • Built with sturdy aluminum
  • Includes safety straps for more convenience
  • Arched design that provides excellent clearance
The Vestil Steel Pick-Up/Van Ramp is a unique model, as it comes with a steel construct for sturdiness and durability. It has a longer length for more efficiency. Want a different design with a cool 500-pound weight capacity? Get the Vestil MRR-2310 Rubber Multi Purpose Ramp and load things outdoors.

Vestil RAMP-72 Steel Pick-Up/Van Ramp - 1000lbs Capacity & 72" Length

Vestil is an industry leader in manufacturing material handling equipment. With a variety of products, it offers value to its customers at competitive prices.

The Vestil Steel Pick-Up/Van Ramp is a lightweight aluminum ramp that offers excellent performance when working with both small and large types of equipment. It's easy to store, with a 16-11/2" wide fold that makes it even more convenient. You can add plywood to the ramp’s surface when loading small-wheeled equipment to make your job easier. Its price is set at $118, which is affordable considering its value.

The Vestil Steel Pick-Up/Van Ramp's features include:
  • Made of steel that provides more strength and durability
  • Ramps are serrated to prevent slippage
  • Single bolt-on lip that makes it sturdy
  • Overlapping lip that gives you a smooth cargo area transition

How Do I Choose the Best Loading Ramp?

Going back in time, back to the days when we were in school, you’ll remember science classes and how the teacher went on and on about angles and planes. One topic that made a lot of impact then was the inclined plane, due to its numerous real life applications. If you were paying attention in your physics or math class, then you’ll perfectly grasp what this is all about, but if you were not, well, here’s another chance to learn or do a quick catching-up with your basic sciences.

The ramp is simply an application of the principles of an inclined plane, in other words, the loading ramp can be said to be an inclined plane. It connects the ground level to an elevated platform in an inclined layout so loads can be moved up or down without exerting as much energy as would have been the case in manually lifting the load.

There are basically three major types of ramps: a wheelchair ramp, used to get a person in a wheelchair or scooter up the stairs without having to carry the person, a car ramp, which is the heavy-duty version and used to drive vehicles up an inclined plane to a loading bay and finally, the loading ramp, which is kind of a general, all-purpose tool, used mainly to get heavy stuff (lighter than cars, actually) loaded up into a truck or trailer.

If you’re going to races and rallies, riding trails, visiting camp sites, transporting your lawn care equipment or just preparing to move any heavy object, you’re sure going to need the loading ramp to get your stuff on and off the loading platform, which is raised to some distance above the ground, say, to the truck bed. Of course, you can try to use sheer muscle to lift the loads up into the vehicle’s bed, but when you consider your safety, especially the risk of snapping a spinal disk or some other delicate bone, and the safety of whatever item you’re handling, you’ll come to agree with us that the loading ramp is altogether a worthy investment.

Before investing in a loading ramp, there are certain features that you need to cross off your check list so you don’t end up with equipment that is flimsy, or something that’ll end up spoiling your truck. The features include the design, weight capacity, attachment design, weight, material and, of course, the price point.
With most machinery and equipment, you get what you pay for; simply put, you get more value when you pay more. Manufacturers are aware that people have different needs and budgets, so for items like the loading ramp, there are the high-end types with lots of bells and whistles (and more safety) that are quite expensive, then there’s the mid-range and the low-end types with just the basic requirements to get the hard job done.

Given the major role they play in lifting loads, a good loading ramp can cost anything from $110.00 to around $360.00; sometimes it might even be higher. We featured great products from trusted brands that cover the price range above, so you can make your choice based on your budget and what you need the loading ramp for. Although there are loads of cheap loading ramps out there, your safety is our major concern, so we decided to stick to only the best, as the cheap ones are usually poorly made and may pose a security hazard to the user.
Most loading ramps are good for loading different types of outdoor machinery, off-track vehicles and assorted bikes, provided they don’t go above the weight limit. Here are some features you’ll need to bear in mind when shopping for the right loading ramp:
  • Type and Design of the Loading Ramp
  • Material and Weight
  • Load Capacity
  • Attachment Design
Construction and Design
Loading ramps come in two major design styles; there is the tri-folding connector style and the one that comes as a set of two individual tire ramps. The tri-folding style folds width-wise and is often shorter (given the fact that it doesn’t fold lengthwise, usually) than the set-of-two style. The set of two individual loading ramps, on the other hand, has a shallow incline that makes it easier to transport a load across its surface. You might also require just one of the set if you’re loading up, say, a slim-wheeled pallet truck loader that won’t require the two sets.

Both design styles are good, and your choice boils down ultimately to preference.

When it comes to heavy-duty equipment designed to bear heavy weight, a sturdy and rust-resistant material is required for durable functionality. In the case of a loading ramp, the construction can be of either heavy-duty steel or aluminum, with the aluminum loading ramps being more commonly used because they’re usually somewhat cheaper than their steel counterparts.

When you talk about longevity and ability to withstand wear and tear, both materials perform excellently, although the steel loading ramp will outlast and outshine an aluminum loading ramp, with its rust-proof character, as opposed to the rust-resistant nature of aluminum.

When considering the durability of the construction material, however, you should note that the material also affects the weight of the loading ramp. That said, an aluminum ramp is far lighter than one made of steel, so if weight is an issue for you, you’d better consider this factor.

If you’ll be lugging the ramp all over the place when you’re on the job or on road trips, it would be good to consider the lighter aluminum loading ramp, but if you’ll be needing the equipment only occasionally, then you can go for the steel one.
Performance and Ease of Use
To ensure you get the best out of your loading ramp, make sure you check the maximum weight capacity. One sure way to get your loading ramp on a downward slide is to exceed the stated maximum load capacity. Most loading ramps have a load capacity of 1500 pounds, while a few others can hold up to 6000 pounds. If you need to lift heavier equipment or gear, then you’ll have to get a heavy-duty loading ramp designed to accommodate such loads.

Another important feature that plays a key role in the performance of the loading ramp is the storage ability. Most of them come in a folding design that allows you to store them away compactly, thereby maximizing space usage. If you do not have enough storage room, then these types will be perfect for you. The folding design also makes it a lot easier to carry the ramp from one place to another, thus improving mobility.

You might also want to check the type of attachment point where the loading ramp attaches to the loading platform. Some come with rope attachments, which you need to loop through pre-drilled holes on the loading platform and tie off securely, while others come with a hinge system that hooks right onto the platform.

The hinge attachment is usually more reliable than the rope type, and is recommended if you’ll be lifting really heavy equipment.

For a smooth transition from the loading ramp to the loading platform, some loading ramps feature overlapping lips that protect delicate gears and equipment from unnecessary bumps.

And to protect your truck’s tailgate, some brands outfit their loading ramps with rubber fingers or bearings underneath to cushion the effects of loads as they move up the ramp’s surface. They also prevent the ramp from rubbing directly against your tailgate and scratching the surface, or even denting it.

Get the Best Loading Ramp of 2023!

We are glad to be of help to you in selecting the loading ramp that best suits your needs. Go ahead now and place your order for the one you’ve chosen.

Our Top Choice
Rage Powersports Black Ice Snowmobile Ramps
Best Value
Caliber LowPro Grip Glides
Extreme Max ATV RampXtender
Titan Ramps ATV Truck Loading Ramps
Vestil Steel Pick-Up/Van Ramp