Best Longboard Reviews 2022

Longboards are a fantastic way to get from A to B. You can choose to calmly cruise around, learn some cool tricks, or perhaps enjoy the fast-paced downhill style of riding. Whatever your style, you'll want to make sure you get a decent board that's going to suit your style of riding and last a long time. To make your life easier, we've reviewed five of the best longboard brands to find a mixture of types in a range of prices. Check out our review for the 5 Best Skateboards!
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Our Top Choice
Atom Longboards 41” Drop Deck Longboard
Atom delivers skateboards with a top-notch combination of sturdiness, stability, overall quality of parts, and value for beginning and intermediate riders.
41-inch drop deck. SHR 70 x 51mm urethane wheels. ABEC 9 bearings. High-speed lubricant. Full maple laminate. 9.6-inches of leverage. Reverse King Pin trucks.
Isolated complaints that the trucks have a weird smell.
Drop deck
Maple laminate
SHR 70 x 51mm urethane
ABEC-9 bearings
Reverse King Pin trucks
Best Value
Rimable 41” Pintail Longboard
Rimable is one of the brands under the Ydream Sports umbrella. They manufacture high-quality scooters and skateboards including pintail and drop deck boards.
Pintail shape is perfect for cruising. Mix-and-match wheel and board colors. 9-ply maple laminate construction. High-speed lubricated bearings. 70x51mm PU wheels.
Some customers received boards that looked slightly different to that in the picture.
9-ply maple laminate
70 x 51mm PU wheels
High-speed lubricant bearings
7-inch 180 aluminum trucks
Penny 36-inch Plastic Longboard
The plastic deck of this Penny longboard offers a great combination of durability, flexibility, grip and style. Soft wheels absorb shocks for a smooth ride.
Tough plastic deck is virtually indestructible but still offers top-notch performance. Available in 6 stylish colors. Smooth ride makes it an excellent choice for beginners.
Trucks may need tightening. A bit heavier than many wooden longboards.
Composite plastic
69mm red 83A wheels
ABEC-9 v-channel bearings
Reverse King Pin trucks
Playshion Freestyle Drop Through Longboard
Playshion was founded in 2013 and they manufacture high-quality, stylish skateboards, kid’s scooters, adult scooters, kid’s toys and scooter luggage.
Great for beginners. 9.1-inches wide. Construction with 8-ply maple. Dropthrough mounting. Rubber rise pads reduce vibration. PU wheels and bushings. 180mm aluminum trucks.
Isolated complaints of squeaky wheels.
Drop deck
8-ply maple
70 x 50mm PU wheels
ABEC-9 bearings
7-inch aluminum trucks
Quest 44-inch Super Cruiser
Quest Boards makes this traditionally shaped and styled 44-inch longboard. It’s a great choice for entry-level riders or for those looking for an affordable board for the long haul.
Great price for the quality. A perfect beginner’s board – big and easy to control. Can hold a good amount of weight (250lbs+).
Deck quality is fantastic, but some users may wish to replace other components for optimum performance (bushings, bearings, wheels).
Cruiser longboard
7-ply bamboo and hardwood maple
70 x 51mm 80A PU wheels
ABEC-7 stainless steel bearings
6-inch aluminum trucks

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What is the Best Longboard?

Choosing a longboard depends on a few factors. You'll need to consider how much you're willing to pay, choose a durable material, know what shape you need for your style of riding, what wheels you want, and a few more factors that we discussed above. Check out our top five picks now.
Our Top Choice
The Atom Longboards 41” Drop Deck Longboard features 70 x 51mm urethane wheels and a perimeter shape that eliminates wheel bite. If you’d prefer a pintail board, you should definitely check out the Atom 39-Inch Pin-Tail Longboard.

Atom Longboards 41-Inch Drop Deck Longboard

Atom Longboards makes a decent and varied range of boards with great value. The parts used are high-end quality, especially for the price, and many are made to suit multiple levels of riders. Our featured longboard is ideal for entry-level and intermediate riders.

Whether you want to feel the thrill of downhill riding, cruise around town or go on a long-distance ride, the Atom Drop Deck Longboard could be the board for you. Drop deck boards are becoming more and more popular due to the extra control and stability you get. The super high rebound 70 x 51mm urethane wheels will keep you rolling for hours with ease and the ABEC 9 bearings are improved with a high-speed lubricant.

The 41-Inch Drop Deck Board is made of full maple laminate and has a unique perimeter shape that eliminates wheel bite. That’s not all; the perimeter shape also offers 9.6-inches of leverage in every turn. Reverse King Pin longboard trucks with 245mm axles and high quality 80s grip tape make this a board that’s going to let you cruise in style for years to come.
Best Value
The Rimable 41” Pintail Longboard features a 9-ply maple laminate construction making it durable and sturdy. If you’d prefer a freestyle board to a pintail one, check out the Rimable 42 Inch Freestyle Topmount Longboard.

Rimable 41-Inch Pintail Longboard – Available in 15 Colors

Rimable is a brand under the Ydream Sports umbrella. Ydream Sports has been manufacturing skates, scooters and skateboards for 6 years now. Rimable focuses on the production of high-quality scooters and skateboards with various pintail and drop deck boards to choose from.

We’ve decided to feature the Rimable 41” Pintail Longboard due to its durable construction and multiple color and design options. You can choose from 15 colors with mix and match wheel and deck colors. They’ve got black, blue, red, pink and green boards to mix up with green, red, black or blue wheels. The 41 x 9.5” pintail shape of this board is ideal for cruising and carving through crowds.

Constructed with 9 ply maple laminate, this board is durable, sturdy and the underside is stained for a natural, rugged look. 7-inch 180 aluminum trucks and high-speed lubricant bearings means you’ll be speeding around town on this board, especially when you couple those features with 70 x 51mm PU wheels.
Penny is well-known for its original small skateboards with plastic decks. The 36-inch Complete Longboard is their only longboard, but the quality and performance are excellent. If you want one of Penny’s original skateboard designs, you can’t go wrong with the Nickel Graphic Complete Skateboard.

Penny Complete Longboard – 36-inch Plastic Longboard with Caper and Concave

Most people who know a bit about skateboards associate the Penny name with the brand’s small, colorful plastic-decked skateboards. The 22” and 27” models are popular among youngsters. College students like them for traveling around campus. Penny has expanded to suit even more types of riders with its attractive and innovative longboard design.

With the same durable construction as Penny’s smaller skateboards, the 36” longboard brings good looks and high-quality components together into a solid package. This longboard should appeal to commuters as well as to beginning and intermediate recreational riders. Many users report that the trucks need tightening, but that’s easy enough to do on your own. Another thing to note is the high center of gravity. You have to dip down kind of low to push off (as opposed to the drop-down models), but cruising is so good that it hardly matters. One push should get you pretty far.

Besides good looks, the Penny longboard comes with the following features:
  • Non-slip waffle-top plastic deck with granular textured grip
  • Half-inch camber through length of deck
  • Side-to-side concave with riser pads
  • Reverse Kingpin 180mm trucks
  • 69mm 83A wheels – wide, soft wheels for a smooth ride
Even users who aren’t a fan of the original Penny skateboards report that the longboard is a pleasure to ride.
The Playshion Freestyle Drop Through Longboard features an 8-ply maple construction with dropthrough mounting for stability and durability. If you’re looking for a great skateboard for your child, the Playshion 22 Inch Beginners Skateboard is ideal for 3-12 year old’s.

Playshion 39-Inch Freeride Freestyle Drop Through Longboard – Available in 7 Colors

Playshion, or Yongkang Playsion Leisure Supplies Co., was founded in 2013 and manufacture skateboards, kid’s scooters, adult scooters, scooter luggage and kid’s toys. Their range of skateboards includes freestyle drop through boards, beginner skateboards and longboards.

The Playshion Freestyle Drop Through Longboard is a great board for beginners and intermediate riders alike. A regular 42 or 44-inch longboard is sometimes too long for first-timers, so the 39-inch length of this board is perfect to practice on. With a 9.1-inch width and drop deck design, you’ll be able to control this longboard with ease wherever you’re cruising. Constructed with 8-ply maple with dropthrough mounting makes this board strong and durable.

Rubber riser pads help absorb impact, reduce vibration and prevent wheel bite. Speaking of wheels, the 70 x 50mm polyurethane wheels, coupled with 180mm aluminum trucks and high responsive PU bushings, means this board will cruise and turn easily. If you have the need for speed, you’ll be pleased to know the ABEC-9 bearings are made with a stronger bearing steel, rather than the traditional carbon steel, which means they are quicker and quieter than ever. Nylon ball cages also reduce friction, giving you that extra speed.

As if this longboard wasn’t great enough, it comes in 7 awesome designs. You can choose from black, coconut tree, fruit bamboo, purple, simple line bamboo, sunshine bamboo or surf.
Quest Board skateboards and longboards are designed for performance and durability, and priced for affordability. The 44-inch Super Cruiser is a great beginner’s longboard, but may be too large for some. If you prefer a shorter longboard, you might want the 34-inch Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard.

Quest Boards Super Cruiser Complete Longboard – 44-inch Bamboo and Maple Deck with Kick Tail and Nose

Quest Boards makes longboards and skateboards in a range of different sizes, shapes, and designs to suit all kinds of riders. We’re featuring the Super Cruiser Longboard because it’s a well-priced, popular option that looks great and is a pleasure to ride.

The Super Cruiser has a 44-inch deck constructed of 7-ply bamboo and hardwood maple. The deck is classically styled, nice looking, and practically indestructible. As far as ride-ability goes, this is a very easy board to get used to. Beginners will appreciate that it is maneuverable but easy to control. More advanced riders can use this board as well, but they may want to replace some of the hardware.

Here are some of the features you’ll notice on the Quest Super Cruiser:
  • Lightweight 6-inch aluminum trucks with reverse kingpin configuration
  • Kick tail and nose
  • 70 x 51mm 80A PU wheels
  • ABEC-7 stainless steel bearings
It’s hard to go wrong with this board, especially for the price. If you are new to longboarding, you can upgrade parts as you progress.

How Do I Choose the Best Longboard?

Originating in Hawaii, just like skateboards and electric skateboards, longboards have become an increasingly popular way to cruise the streets, with the difference being that they allow you to do so at higher speeds and over longer distances. These longer skateboards generally come pre-assembled and ready to go right out of the box, and can be had in a myriad of shapes, construction, styles, and features.

Before you head out, you should determine your ability level, and decide on the best longboard that will help make your riding experience safe and fun while helping you progress easily to the next level. Further, you should consider where you’ll be cruising with your longboard, whether to and fro class, or exploring gnarly hills, to gauge the riding style you’re after (cruising? freeriding? downhill?). And it goes without saying that you should also pack the right safety gear before you head out, such as a nicely padded helmet, in order to minimize injury.

Although we’ve featured five amazing brands, there are more out there that we didn’t have room to feature! Whitewave is one such brand. They’ve got an excellent range of bamboo longboards in a variety of shapes and colors to suit you. Another great longboard brand is Minority. Their Downhill Maple Longboard is highly rated and is actually an Amazon Choice product! With many options on the market, it’s really useful to know what you want and what features to look out for. Read through this guide to get a better idea of the features you definitely want.
Longboards can be big-ticket purchases, with prices ranging from $80 to upwards of $500. And if you’re wondering if there are any cheap longboards—of course there are, and several of them. But they generally showcase poor craftsmanship owing to use of low-quality materials, so it’s best to avoid them from the get-go.

Factors that contribute greatly to the price of a longboard are the materials it’s made from and the features/extras available. For example, an 8-ply maple-constructed longboard is going to cost a fair bit more than a bamboo or composite plastic board. Adding to this, the extras that a respective longboard comes with can also spike up the price (such as top-notch carving/cruising trucks), but works out to be much more cost-efficient than buying them separately. Plus, the trucks come professionally fitted, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of installing them yourself.
Although longboards may boast similar designs, there’s a lot more to them than what meets the eye such as the wheels and trucks under the deck.

Here are a few factors to consider that will eradicate the guesswork, and help you buy the best longboard for your cruising endeavors:
  • Deck Construction – Common materials used in the construction of longboards include bamboo, carbon fiber, or robust woods such as maple and birch.
  • Types – There are several different types to choose from, most commonly freeriding, cruise, and downhill.
  • Trucks – These are the T-shaped metal pieces that are fitted to the underside of the longboard deck.
  • Wheels – They vary by color, size, and durability, and are generally made from high-quality polyurethane.
  • Durometer – This is the level of hardness of the wheel on a scale between 1 and 100.
  • Wheel Shape – Yes, they come in different shapes, designed to suit various riding styles.
  • Risers – These prevent the wheels from rubbing against the deck, especially when you make sharp turns.
  • Bearings – You may have to swap factory-embedded bearings for high-quality ones if your longboard won’t move or if it deteriorates in performance. The best bearings are ones that have a higher ABEC number.
  • Warranty – Some longboard manufacturers offer a warranty against manufacturer defects, and if they don’t, the brand’s reputation should speak volumes about the quality you can expect.
Construction and Design
Deck Material

Longboards are basically made up of the same parts as a skateboard, with a few parts being modified or adjusted to cater to the extra length. Deck construction can involve the use of several different materials, where bamboo and maple are increasingly popular, and composite materials such as carbon fiber (though a little more expensive) are even more lightweight, making both a great choice for novice and seasoned longboarders.


Moving to the trucks, they attach the wheels to the deck, and are different from those of traditional skateboards in that they have an inverter or reversed kingpin. They not only provide great stability and control, but can also be adjusted in how easily they pivot. Every longboard is fitted with two trucks, and the size of each is measured by the width of the axle or hanger.
Performance and Ease of Use

Next up is the magical force that propels you (aka the wheels) of the longboard. The two main elements to consider in this department are their diameter and durometer. Although the best diameter and durometer for you are a matter of personal preference, the latter is available in several levels of hardness: 78a-87a (soft wheels for rough terrain), 88a-95a (harder grip ideal for street skating), and the gold standard—96a-99a and 101a+ for good grip and good speed. Most wheels are engraved with their durometer, where the “a” refers to a softer, rubbery wheel and “b” is more of a hard plastic.

Bigger and wider wheels are able to absorb shocks better, and provide you with a better grip through your turns. With regards to wheel shape, rounded lip wheels are a preferred choice for freeriding, cruising, and sliding; straight-edge lipped wheels are designed to provide more grip and control.


Bearings are basically what help your wheels spin, where the higher ABEC rating, the faster the wheels will spin. This is why you should perform regular maintenance on both the wheels and bearings, which can be easily done by removing, cleaning, and re-lubing them for optimum performance and long service life.

Get the Best Longboard of 2022!

Now that you've taken the time to look at these, you should have an idea of which board you like best or maybe just which brand takes your fancy. All these brands are reputable and will have other longboards to offer if you're not keen on the specific ones chosen by us. Go on, check out their other choices (we won't be offended, promise)!

Our Top Choice
Atom Longboards 41” Drop Deck Longboard
Best Value
Rimable 41” Pintail Longboard
Penny 36-inch Plastic Longboard
Playshion Freestyle Drop Through Longboard
Quest 44-inch Super Cruiser