Best Lug Wrench Reviews 2023

Show us a person slowly but surely succumbing to depression and angry thoughts about life due to a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, and we'll show you a person badly in need of a lug wrench! These tools are as essential to one's cars and you can’t just drive out there without one of these simple contraptions. To learn what models are all the scream nowadays read through our top 5 reviews and learn more about the best lug wrench brands and 5 cool options!
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Lug Size
Our Top Choice
Gorilla Automotive Power Wrench
As far as marketing is concerned, the Gorilla Automotive folks don't waste time making their business seem like anything but a good ole rugged, reliable car workshop!
Comes with a convenient telescoping handle that lengthens; features tough steel construction and six point sockets.
Unscrewing takes time with this wrench, which isn’t ideal for changing tires.
2/3, 3/4, 13/16, 7/8 of inch
Hardened steel
Best Value
Cartman Telescoping Lug Wrench
Boasting a black steed as their company logo, the Cartman business seems to be all about its passion of building tough and durable tools.
Comes with a durable steel construction; sockets are made of chrome vanadium; rated for up to 370 foot pounds of torque; can extend from 14 to 21 inches.
The carrying case doesn’t provide much protection.
1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 13/16, 7/8 of inch
Hardened steel
Carrying bag
GTE LugStrong Compact Lug Wrench
GTE, a division of PMholdings, offers its customers some innovative, well-designed products as well as some life-coaching-worthy tip.
Features sturdy construction and at least twice as much torque as any other mode; comes with built-in socket adapters and a lifetime warranty.
Ball bearings are slightly loose.
4-Way Wrench
Anti-slip grip
1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 13/16, 7/8 of inch
Ultra-strong steel
Heavy duty storage case
Dorman Autograde Lug Wrench
If it still hasn't been invented, and it falls into the category of automotive accessories, chances are that the Dorman folks are going to be all over it in a couple of years!
Constructed with solid steel; extends to 21 inches; affordably priced; fits a wide variety of vehicles.
It doesn’t lock when extended.
2/3, 3/4, 13/16, 7/8 of inch
Hardened steel
Carrying pouch
Powerbuilt Four Way Lug Wrench
With a company name of Powerbuilt, the folks behind this renowned business forge their products using POWER and also maybe sometimes precision here and there.
Features stylish chrome finishing and steel construction; it can handle a lot of torque; comes in either 14” or 20” sizes; features lifetime warranty; highly affordable.
It only works with SAE bolts.
4-Way wrench
3/4, 7/8, 11/16, 13/16 of inch
No case

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What is the Best Lug Wrench?

Whether you've been pestered with flat tires all your life, or you’re in need of a handy metal bar to defend yourself against an advancing thug, lug wrenches can be a perfect addition to your daily life, as they not only help you perform maintenance on your car, but also ensure that it won't get stolen once it's up and running! Get your very own lug wrench today! Only top tier brands at TopProducts!
Our Top Choice
With a slogan of 'It's a Jungle out there!', “the Gorilla Automotive” folks represent to you their rugged 'n' exploring-reading Telescoping Power Wrench! If you’re looking for a torque wrench, you can get yourself the Gorilla Automotive TW605 Torque Wrench as well. It comes in a heavy duty plastic case.

Gorilla Automotive Telescoping Power Wrench, Standard Socket, Hardened Steel

With over 40 years of reliability, brutal strength and hard work behind them, the Gorilla Automotive Products are a tough bunch of people which doesn't flinch from inscribing their products with the name of one of the most glorious if heavily hairy members of the animal kingdom — the gorilla! Much like their spirit animal, so to speak, the folks working at Gorilla Automotive Parts pursue an active lifestyle with the accent on constant progress and innovation, which although not necessarily an ape-like concept, still represents the crucial part of these people's identities. On top of this commendable policy, the people working for this business also make some effort to connect with their customer base and present their products in a user-friendly way so that anyone eager to buy one of them can pick exactly what they need from the first try.

All of the aforementioned company statements and policies can be briskly summed up in the slogan that its employees like to use so that they don't have to explain everything we talked about — The Gorilla Promise! This cheeky phrase signifies its efforts to provide its customers with cutting edge utensils and goes on further to promise that what its customers get will be some high-quality durable ware.

As for this review, we've decided to present to you one of its simplest automotive entries, a product that can be easily used even by someone who is a complete and utter rookie when it comes to all matters car-related! It's called the Gorilla Automotive Telescoping Power Wrench, and judging by the looks of things, it's every bit as awesome as it sounds! Read on to find out more about its features.

The list of features for the Gorilla Automotive Telescoping Power Wrench:
  • Telescoping Handle
  • Easy Storage
  • Made from Hardened Steel
  • Can be Used instead of a Lug Wrench
  • Polybag for Convenient Storage
  • Dual Sockets
Best Value
Featuring a durable steel construction combined with an extendible telescopic design, this Cartman Lug Wrench can be a perfect solution for anyone in need of a simple working man's tool! If you'd rather a cross wrench instead, perhaps this Universal Anti-Slip Lug Wrench will do the trick for you!

Cartman Telescoping Lug Wrench, Hardened Steel, Precision Construction, Telescoping Handle

Hailing from a small company that not much is known about, this Cartman Telescoping Lug Wrench is yet another product whose creators have sought inspiration from certain sources which could be viewed as a bit unorthodox to other non-lug wrench-producing folks. The Cartman folks seem to be doing everything in their power to make their products as durable and reliable as possible.

The model we're featuring here on our list is a neatly organized and a healthy-looking' tool that any artisan would only be proud to have in their possession! It comes with a telescoping handle so that you can reach even the most inaccessible of spots, and then have enough leverage to unscrew what's been screwed tight eons ago! For everything else you'd like to know, check out the list of features below.

The Cartman Telescoping Lug Wrench — a list of the most prominent features:
  • Telescoping Handle
  • 21 Inches of Maximum Leverage
  • Easy Storage
  • Precisely Constructed
  • Made out of Tough Steel
  • Comes with a Carrying Bag
As far as precision and reliability are concerned, the Cartman company is possibly one of the best businesses currently operating on the market. Their Cartman Telescoping Lug Wrench model features a sturdy construction, a handy telescoping handle as well as its own carrying bag! What's not to love?
The GTE Universal 4-Way Lug Wrench is a tough, cross-shaped contraption that can truly be a lifesaver in the middle of nowhere! If you want a glue gun instead, worry not, for the GTE folks have got you covered with the MasterBead Professional Adhesive Dispenser Gun!

GTE LugStrong Universal 4 Way Lug Wrench, Built-In Socket Adapters, Strong Steel Construction

The parent company of GTE, PMholdings is a company with a mission and a fairly simple corporate philosophy — Innovation, Quality, Design, Life! Spurred on by the burning desire not to get overwhelmed by the newly-emerging businesses on the market, these hard-working boys and girls do their best to ensure that their products are made following the latest standards and trends on the market. Their actions are directed towards enhancing the lives of their customers by creating innovative tools that they can use effortlessly and that they can rely on. This tradition of theirs has been upheld for over 50 years now, and they haven't really been wasting any time, since the competition is always ruthless in this line of business.

Another point the GTE folks like to accentuate is that their principle of making tools is that they would never manufacture and then release a product that they wouldn't otherwise use themselves! Quite a noble and trustworthy concept, indeed. If you'd like to learn more about the ins and outs of this business, and what makes these guys tick, you can head out to their official web page where you can learn more about them and their cause.

As for their lug-wrench product we've decided to feature, it comes in the shape of a red and white cross enabling you to perform some tough unscrewing business with either of its 4-way sockets. What's more, this model comes with a convenient non-slip grip for easy handling, even on a particularly damp 'n' snail-rich day!

The list of features for the GTE LugStrong 4 Way Lug Wrench Tire Iron:
  • Offers Twice the Torque the other Models Do
  • Built-In Socket Adapters
  • Tough Steel Construction
  • Compact Design
  • Anti-Slip Grip
  • Comes with a Carry Bag
  • Lifetime Warranty
Boasting a rugged steel construction combined with a fancy silver color finishing, the Dorman AutoGrade Lug Wrench is a wicked tool that can help you loads with even the rustiest bolts out there! For a couple of bucks more, you can also get yourself the all-encompassing Dorman Spare Tire Tool Kit, which will save you the time and money you’d otherwise spend on buying the parts separately.

Dorman AutoGrade Lug Wrench, Silver Color Finish, Collapsible, Comes with a Carrying Pouch

Nowadays, companies come up with a plethora of ingenious ways to present themselves in the best, sometimes intentionally cheeky light, so that they gain the necessary recognition and have great success on the market. Now, when corporate marketing is in question, we at TopProducts have seen it all, from companies selling leftover WWII soldier equipment, to the business claiming they espouse the spirit of an enraged gorilla. The corporate statement of the Dorman company, however, is not something we've seen so far, as these guys, among other things, claim to be brand new since 1918! A never-aging company, how curious! Ever since they entered the market following the end of the First World War, they asserted themselves as one of the most prominent dealers of automotive equipment and secondary parts in the US.

As a part of their doctrine, the designers working at Dorman have always kept it their priority to produce a great number of innovative products year in and year out, so that the business can always cheekily claim to be 'brand new', and practically unsoiled by being in contact with any previous tool designing schemes. Another delightfully elaborate aspect of this business is their website, which offers plenty of information about their products and the news regarding the company's future undertakings. If you fancy learning more about their efforts, feel free to visit their page and see for yourself!

Swinging over to the matters of 'lug wrenchery', the model we've chosen to feature for this list is an Auto-Grade Lug Wrench boasting a tough 'n' durable steel construction, a pair of sockets, as well as a handy carrying pouch you can store it in, once you're done using it.

A list of features for the Dorman's AutoGrade Lug Wrench:
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Collapsible
  • Thin-Wall Deep Sockets
  • Extending Arm
  • Silver Color Finish
  • Comes with a Carrying Pouch
Determined to always stay young, virile, and innovative, the Dorman folks spare no expense to make their products the best that they can be at all times! The Dorman AutoGrade Lug Wrench is possibly one of the best examples of their tenacious work philosophy, and it comes with a tough construction aesthetically reinforced by a silverish color finish! You got to have one!
Boasting a classy-looking chrome finishing and a handy cross-like construction,the Powerbuilt Lug Wrenchcan be a worthy companion of a hard-working mechanic! If you’d like a wrench that’s good for both SAE and metric lug nuts, you can get yourself the Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Universal Lug Wrench!

Powerbuilt Universal Lug Wrench, Chrome-Plated, Lifetime Warranty — Available in 2 Sizes

When it comes to reassuring their customers about the quality, longevity and affordability of their products, scarcely is there a company so well-versed and adept at enticing their respective customer base into believing they're the best company on the market than a certain business clique going under the name of Powerbuilt! The story of this company is not only surface-deep though, as the sheer range of their products speaks volumes on its own. The main line of reasoning that the folks at the Powerbuilt headquarters seem to be using is that a product with a reasonable and proven longevity of use is the winning combination when it comes to customer satisfaction.

The Powerbuilt company has been present on the market for over 35 years, during which period it’s managed to amass a large number of both professional artisans, other companies using their tools, and individuals just trying to fix their car, into their customer base. Nowadays, this business enjoys quite the reputation as a reliable manufacturer of top tier tools and accessories, which are sold at a reasonable price across the nation, not a position that many companies seem to occupy, if we're honest.

Its efforts in the department of an object for unscrewing things and also attaching wheels to a car have recently been crowned with an impressive metal contraption that looks completely battle-ready! We're talking about the Powerbuilt 14-Incher Universal Lug Wrench, of course, a tool so sturdy and reliable that you just can't imagine a workshop without one. Chromed for looks, 'warrantied' for longevity — what's not to love?

The list of features for the Powerbuilt 14-Inch Universal Lug Wrench:
  • Chrome-Finished Against Corrosion
  • Meets ANSI Standards
  • Fits both SAE and Metric Lug Nuts
  • Easy to Use
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty
Featuring a shiny chrome construction which may attract a few magpies here and there, the Powerbuilt's Universal Lug Wrench is a tough contraption worthy of a true handyman's or woman's attention! Encompassing both a compact design and a easy-to-operate cross-shaped handles, you can fix a variety of issues on different wheels without ever having to change your tool! Nifty, huh?

How Do I Choose the Best Lug Wrench?

Repairing your car or otherwise performing small acts of maintenance on it can be either a pleasurable hobby or a horrifying curse, depending on your point of view. Whether it's something as simple as changing the oil, or if you're embarking on a proper journey to completely and utterly overhaul your beloved vehicle, the process in itself can become a bit of a drag if you haven't got the proper tools for the job at your disposal! If you do, however, you'll be blessed with the time of your life with just you and your old trusty ride in the garage, getting to hang out with each other in peace and quiet.

Whenever you hear about cars and some stuff or the other about fixing them, the first thing that might pop into your mind might as well be the widely-used lug wrench, a simple and sturdy tool that can help you change a tire easily and effortlessly in the middle of nowhere! They are indeed lifesavers!

The goal is, with this review, to try to bring these typically automotive tools closer to the common folk. To start off, it'd be fair to say that the beauty of lug wrenches, including the popular torque wrenches, is their sheer simplicity and ruggedness. If you think about it, the lug wrench is like the Russian T-34 tank of the automotive world! It's simple, durable, a bit rough around the edges, and most importantly it gets to job done. So, for all of you clever people who have already decided to enrich their tool arsenal with one more lug wrench, or if you're, indeed, buying it for the first time ever, read on to find out about what features you need to pay attention to before you actually go ahead and make your purchase.
When it comes to the price of lug wrenches, it's important to point out that these tools aren’t necessarily the most complicated ones that humanity ever devised. Therefore, their prices depend on the simple stuff like the availability of material they're made of and the manufacturing brand's reputation. The more expensive models are usually made out of some sort of hardened steel, often covered with some sort of protective coatings, such as chrome or some other material. Other than that, well-known brands operating in the automotive business will surely put a higher price on their products, but then again, chances are that the product will be of somewhat better quality.
Ah, lug wrenches, beautiful tools that are almost always the pride and joy of anyone who is lucky enough to own one, or even better an entire colony of them! If you're still 'wrenchless' in your automotive exploits and plucky repair missions, we'd advise you to get yourself a lug wrench as fast as possible! Check out these features and make a confident pick!

The list of features you need to take into consideration before you get yourself a lug wrench:
  • The Material of Choice
  • Telescoping Handle
  • The Number of Sockets
  • The Type of Wrench
  • Leverage
  • Carrying Bag
  • Anti-Slip Grip
  • Socket Adapters
  • Warranty
Models boasting a nice lil anti-slip coating are much easier to use, as your arm won't become blistered or otherwise horribly disfigured after you've had a go at it for a prolonged a period of time.
Construction and Design
Construction-wise, lug wrenches are among the simplest tools in the workshop. Typical versions of this widely-spread tool include an L-shaped design which then can be additionally enhanced with a telescopic rod with the goal of increasing the leverage against, particularly tight bolts. Alternatively, lug wrenches can be found in the shape of a cross, which in itself means more leverage and also more available sockets. If you're after the convenience of use and don't really mind a somewhat bulky size of the cross-version (which can be dismounted when not in use), by all means, go for it, because it’ll make your life much easier! That being said, the original, simpler version does the job just as well, the only difference being that you'll need to push a bit harder than with the aforementioned model.

The material of choice that the manufacturer goes for will surely determine how well your lug wrench is actually going to act in a fixing situation. Typically, the majority of the companies producing these tools use metals such as steel, because, as you may know from other wrenches, it's well-known for its durability and performance under difficult conditions. It's precisely for this reason, as well, that lug wrenches are often coated with an additional protective layer, lest they get spoiled and rusted when they come in contact with water and oxidation in general. For this purpose, some producers use chrome and similar rust-free materials. As for the handle, rubber or some durable kind of plastic is what you will find most commonly.
Performance and Ease of Use
Since lug wrenches are pretty much operated exclusively by your own strength, a great number of manufacturers actually go for telescopic designs, which give you more of a leverage for the unscrewing or tightening task at hand. It's really a great solution when you think about it because they can save space by being contracted when they're not used, and then just extend to their full glory once the need for them arises! To further improve this ingenious idea, some companies include some sort of locking system to keep the newly-extended metal prong in one place. Usually, there's a clicking sound when the metal bar reaches a certain length, and once it falls into the slot and assumes its position, you can rest assured that you can proceed to use it without worrying about sudden snaps or other inconveniences.

On the other hand, there are some brands which prefer to not to install this specialized system in place. Their lug wrenches, therefore, work on a simple principle of applied force, where the extended bar will stay in place simply because of the applied pressure on its handle, which makes perfect sense in all fairness. Be that as it may, some people prefer to stay on the safe side, and have that clicking sound and feel as the reassuring factor throughout their use of the tool.

Once you've become a proud owner of a lug wrench, you may commence with your tough guy or cheeky pin-up girl photo shoot! Make sure to hold it securely in your hand, strike a gritty-looking' pose and let the photographer do the rest! For those of you who intend to change a tire using one of these, simply attach the correct extension to your lug wrench, extend the rod if you've got a telescopic model, and off you go! You can unscrew and tighten bolts six ways till Sunday and you'll still leave with a tough-looking', tough-feeling' contraption at the end of the day, 'cause a lug wrench is one durable tool! All in all, we hope that we helped you understand what sort of lug wrench you'd like to get for yourself. Best of luck with your purchase, subsequent tire changes, and possibly a low-key photo shoot or two!

Get the Best Lug Wrench of 2023!

A lug wrench represents a simple tool that can be of massive help whenever there’s an accident on the road somewhere. With these rugged automotive apparatuses on your side, you can rest assured that no flat tire will catch you unprepared on a treacherous road! With that said, hopefully, you’ve been able to find something great from our review of 5 of the best lug wrenches so that you’ll be prepared for any eventuality!

Our Top Choice
Gorilla Automotive Power Wrench
Best Value
Cartman Telescoping Lug Wrench
GTE LugStrong Compact Lug Wrench
Dorman Autograde Lug Wrench
Powerbuilt Four Way Lug Wrench