Best Luggage Scale Reviews 2023

Travelling is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in your life, but also one of the most expensive. That’s why it’s important to save money wherever you can, and one thing a lot of travelers spend money on is unexpected baggage fees. You can save yourself the surprise and hassle by knowing how much your luggage actually weighs by using a handy luggage scale. Take a look at these five, top-notch luggage scales to see what they have to offer.
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Our Top Choice
Tarriss Jetsetter Luggage Scale
Tarriss is a brand built on curiosity, unyielding quality and terrific customer support that gives you quality travel accessories you can depend on.
Modern stainless steel design. Auto-shut off and weight lock features. Battery life indicator. Lifetime warranty.
A few users had issues with the short battery life.
110 pounds/50 kilograms
LCD display
3.3 ounces
Best Value
Travel Inspira Hanging Luggage Scale
Travel Inspira is a brand that focuses on providing exceptional travel products at a great price, and even better customer service for all types of travelers.
Affordable. Backlit LCD display. Multiple indicators for battery life and weight overload. Durable build.
Drains battery power quickly
110 pounds/50 kilograms
LCD display
2.4 ounces
Accuoz Digital Luggage Scale
Accuoz is a relatively new company that has garnered the respect of consumers thanks to their innovative and affordable products.
Durable and affordable. Displays weight in multiple units. Auto-locks weight and shuts off after period of nonuse.
Not as small as other luggage scales.
110 pounds/50 kilograms
LCD display
6.4 ounces
Samsonite Electronic Luggage Scale
Samsonite has been around for more than a century and is one of the most highly respected brands in the travel industry thanks to its quality products and exceptional service.
Comes with tape measure. Has auto shut-off, auto-zero, and data lock features. Weight displayed in multiple units.
Not as slim as other luggage scales
80 pounds/36 kilograms
Blue backlit LCD display
8 ounces
Travelon Stop and Lock Luggage Scale
Travelon has been in business for over thirty years. From sturdy luggage carts to reliable luggage scales, this company is dedicated to delivering reliable travel products.
Locks onto weight for easy reading. Included tape measure. Easy reset. Compact and portable design. Does not use batteries.
Not as accurate as digital scales
75 pounds/34 kilograms
4.8 ounces

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What is the Best Luggage Scale?

Now that you know everything you need to about picking a luggage scale, let’s check out the five products we recommend.
Our Top Choice
The Tarriss Jetsetter Luggage Scale is a dependable, lightweight scale that features an easy-to-read LCD display and a 110lb/50kg weight capacity. Another great Tarriss product is the RFID Blocking Neck Stash. Its RFID blocking technology prevents illegal scanning of your credit cards and passports, keeping your information secure.

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale with 110lbs / 50kg Weight Capacity

Many travel products don’t live up to the hype and fail to perform as you expect them to. That was what led Tarriss’ CEO, Todd Ariss, to start a travel company with unyielding quality, customer support, and curiosity as its core values. Tarriss launched its first product in 2014, and since then has expanded its product line to include a wide range of travel accessories designed to make traveling easier and less expensive. In addition, Tarriss recently launched its Insider’s Guide to Traveling through Airports 2017, which gives you all the tips and tricks you need, like how to save money on baggage fees and reducing your travel footprint.

The Tarriss Jetsetter Luggage Scale is the first product the company ever launched! This scale boasts a durable, modern, stainless steel design. It is lightweight and dependable with an easy-to-read LCD display that won’t strain your eyes to read. It uses a strap that attaches to your luggage to weigh it, and it has a lock weight feature that keeps the weight of your bag on the display screen for easy reading and recording.

In case you’re weighing more than the scale can handle, the capacity overload indicator will let you know right away. There’s also an auto shut-off feature, which shuts the luggage scale off after 30 seconds of non-use to preserve its battery life. However, when the battery is low, the low battery indicator will notify you so you can change the batteries in time. The Jetsetter is covered by Tarriss’ lifetime warranty, and overall is a great travel accessory to have on any trip.
Best Value
The Travel Inspira Hanging Luggage Scale has a data lock function so you can easily record the weight of your luggage. It also has a thermometer, which reads in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Another useful Travel Inspira product is their Neon Luggage Strap, which comes in five different colors and is TSA approved for easier inspection.

Travel Inspira Digital Postal Hanging Scale with Built-in Thermometer – Available in Black, Red or a 2-Pack

BDT Ecommerce Inc. operates Travel Inspira, a brand that’s focused on the two essentials of business: offering quality products at lower prices and mind-blowing customer service. Travel Inspira is one of the go-to brands when it comes to getting whatever travel accessory you need to make your trips go smoothly.

One of their products that really stood out for us was the Travel Inspira Hanging Luggage Scale. It features a cool backlight and LCD display, which you can easily read in low lighting. It comes in black and red, and its body is made using rubber paint to provide a comfortable grip for when you’re weighing your bags.

It has a weight capacity of 110 pounds/50 kilograms, and a graduation of 0.1lb/50g. Its data lock feature locks the weight of your luggage for easy reading and recording. You can also use it to find out the temperature of the room you’re in with its built-in thermometer, which shows both F° and C°.

This Hanging Luggage Scale’s additional features are:
  • Low battery indicator
  • Overload indicator
  • Tare function so you can continuously weigh each item before putting it in your suitcase
  • Auto-off function kicks in after 60 seconds of non-use to preserve battery life
  • 2-year warranty coverage
The Accuoz Digital Luggage Scale is one of the most innovative and handy luggage scales on the market. It uses a USB rechargeable battery, works as an LED flashlight, and it’s also a 2600mAh power bank. Want a simpler luggage scale? Then consider the Accuoz Luggage Scale, which has a capacity of 110 pounds/50 kilograms and a nylon strap that works with practically any suitcase.

Accuoz Digital Luggage Scale with 2600mAh Portable Charger & LED Flashlight

Accuoz is a relatively new brand in the travel market, but it has made quite a mark with its tech-friendly travel accessories. Even though Accuoz is younger than many other travel brands, it has impressed a number of travelers who swear by their products and who are eagerly waiting for more to come.

One of the most stand out luggage scales on the market right now would undoubtedly be the Accuoz Digital Luggage Scale. This scale has many features that puts it a step above the rest. The first is its built-in LED flashlight and the other is its ability to work as a 2600mAh power bank.

It has a rechargeable battery and a versatile strap for weighing your luggage. Its maximum weight capacity is 110 pounds/50 kilograms, and you can use the unit function to display your bag’s weight in pounds/ounces/kilograms/grams.

There’s an auto shut-off feature that turns the scale off after a minute of no use to preserve the battery life. You can also return the weight to zero with the tare function. When you weigh your luggage, the auto-lock feature secures the reading so you can record it with ease. There’s also a low battery indicator as well as an overload indicator, so you’ll always know when to charge it, and when your luggage is exceeding the scale’s capacity. Overall, the Accuoz Digital Luggage Scale offers a lot of great features for an attractive price.
The Samsonite Electronic Luggage Scale features a blue backlight LCD display and has a maximum weight capacity of 80 pounds/36 kilograms. If you’re looking for a manual luggage scale, then check out the Samsonite Manual Luggage Scale, which works without batteries and has a maximum weight capacity of 80lbs/36kg.

Samsonite Electronic Luggage Scale with Blue Backlight LCD Display

Samsonite has been around for more than 100 years and is one of the top brands in luggage, travel bags and accessories. The Samsonite name is trusted because of its commitment to quality, constant innovation and the durability of its products.

Our featured Samsonite product is the Samsonite Electronic Luggage Scale. It is a simple, yet highly reliable, scale with a blue backlight LCD display, so you can easily read it even in dim light. It has a data lock feature that retains the weight of your luggage for easy recording. This scale also resets itself with the auto-zero feature while the auto shut-off feature helps preserve battery life by automatically turning off when not in use. Other features include a tape measure and a weight capacity of 80 pounds/36 kilograms. Plus, it displays the weight of your luggage in grams, kilograms, ounces and pounds. Covered by Samsonite’s 10-year limited global warranty, this is one of the most reliable travel accessories for any trip.
The Travelon The Stop & Lock Luggage Scale is an affordable and durable manual scale with a weight capacity of 75 pounds/34 kilograms. If you’re looking for a new bag to take on your adventures, then check out the Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Sling. It features an interior organizer with a RFID blocking card and passport slots, and it’s available in four different colors.

Travelon Stop and Lock Luggage Scale with Easy Reset

Travelon was founded over thirty years ago and was initially a manufacturer of quality luggage carts that could carry more than you would expect. Fast forwarding to now, Travelon is one of the leading brands in the travel industry with high-quality and innovative travel accessories and products. Their branded line of accessories includes more than 400 products that will make your travels easier and safer for you and your family.

The Travelon Stop and Lock Luggage Scale is a manual spring scale made of durable metal and plastic. It’s compact and portable, and has a maximum weight capacity of 75 pounds/34 kilograms. To weigh your bag, simply place it onto the scale’s metal hook. The stop-and-lock feature locks the scale at your pack’s weight so you can remove your bag and record the number.

It also comes with a tape measure so you can check the dimensions of your suitcase to ensure it’s not oversized, allowing you to avoid unwanted surprises at the airport. The easy reset feature allows you to turn the dial back to zero, and the scale is even covered by Travelon’s 1-year warranty. All in all, the Stop & Lock Luggage Scale is a simple and easy-to-use accessory to make your travels better.

How Do I Choose the Best Luggage Scale?

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - Saint Augustine of Hippo

That above quote is one of the most applicable quotes to traveling. Seeing other places yields numerous benefits, from new experiences related to culture and food, to making new friends and learning new things about a place, its people and even yourself!

Traveling is a great way to get to know yourself better, but it’s neither the easiest nor the cheapest thing to do. It costs money. While plane tickets and accommodations are usually what eat up the most of the traveler’s budget, you can save money by reducing your expenses before you ever leave your country. Start by investing in good quality luggage sets for yourself and kids luggage sets for your children, if you have any. It’ll save you a lot of money down the road.

If you’re a guy, getting a travel shaver will come in handy, and, for ladies, having a travel flat iron can help reduce costs if you end up needing one while abroad. Another great way to save money is to invest in a quality luggage scale. Many people find themselves paying unexpected baggage fees at the airport, or having to rearrange their luggage there. A luggage scale will save you the hassle by allowing you to check the weight of your bags before you leave home. If this is your first time getting a luggage scale, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered on everything you need to know about choosing the right one.
Luggage scales are quite affordable. They are small, uncomplicated devices that can save you a lot, especially if you’re a frequent traveler. When looking to buy a scale, you’re going to spend anywhere from $10 for a non-digital scale to $40 or $50 for a scale that has all sorts of added features. The type of luggage scale as well as any additional features will usually determine the price. A scale with a flashlight, for example, will cost more than one without. If you don’t need many extra features or you want to cut your costs as much as possible, you can always opt for a cheap luggage scale.
Depending on your budget, you may decide to go for a scale that’ll impress your friends with all its fancy features. We recommend looking out for these features when you’re shopping for yours:
  • Display – Digital luggage scales use an LCD display while manual ones use a dial. If you’re getting a digital scale, get one with a backlight so it’s easy to see even in dim light.
  • Data lock – This locks the weight of your luggage so you can record it with ease.
  • Durability – Because you’re weighing heavy bags, you’ll want a scale that can withstand years of heavy use.
  • Weight Capacity – The capacity of your scale should be high enough to handle your heaviest bags. The standard for many digital scales is 110lbs/50kgs.
  • Overload Indicator – This tells you if your suitcase surpasses the scale’s limit
  • Low Battery Indicator – The last thing you want is for your scale to die when you need it the most. A low battery indicator will keep you prepared.
  • Warranty – Anything can go wrong, so having your luggage scale covered by a warranty is always a good backup plan.
Construction and Design
Luggage scales are often made using plastic and metal, which allow them to maintain a lightweight feel while still being durable enough to handle the rigors of traveling. Some have a strap to attach to your bags for weighing while others use a metal hook. The straps tend to be found on digital scales while metal hooks are found on non-digital ones.

Digital scales typically have a LCD screen with a backlight, which allows you to read the weight even when it’s dark. Manual scales use a dial, similar to those found on a spring scale. Some are either glass or plastic, while others are open and let you to touch the dial directly. Digital scales usually have one or two buttons with multiple functions, such as turning the scale on and off as well as zeroing.
Performance and Ease of Use
Luggage scales are simple and easy to use because most digital ones only have one or two buttons while manual ones don’t have any.

Most digital luggage scales use batteries; some use AAA batteries while others use watch- or coin-type ones. There are a few digital luggage scales that have rechargeable batteries, too. One thing that almost all models have is a low battery indicator to let you know when the batteries need to be changed or charged.

Weighing your luggage is easy: simply attach it to the hook or strap, then lift to weigh it. While the metal hooks tend to be more durable, the straps are still very strong and tend to be more flexible than the hook. Most digital scales have an overload indicator that tells you if your bag exceeds the weight of the scale. If you need different units of measurement, you can get a scale that reads in grams, pounds, kilograms and ounces, but most read in pounds and kilograms.

Manual luggage scales are even easier to maintain than digital ones because they do not require batteries to work. The only drawback to these scales is that digital ones tend to be more accurate. Also, manual luggage scales often do not have many of the additional features that digital ones have, like an included tape measure or flashlight.

Overall, luggage scales are a great travel accessory that help you save money on unnecessary baggage fees. With the money you’re likely to save, the scale basically pays for itself!

Get the Best Luggage Scale of 2023!

We hope this review helped you find the right scale for your travel needs. If you’re still not sure which one you’d want to get, take another look at our review or check out our recommended brands. We know they’ll have something you really love!

Our Top Choice
Tarriss Jetsetter Luggage Scale
Best Value
Travel Inspira Hanging Luggage Scale
Accuoz Digital Luggage Scale
Samsonite Electronic Luggage Scale
Travelon Stop and Lock Luggage Scale