Best Luggage Set Reviews 2023

The right luggage set makes it possible to enjoy countless vacations without worrying about how you get your luggage from A to B. Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned vacation time dragging around a rolling bag with a squeaky wheel or dealing with a broken zipper. For this review we looked at 5 of the most reliable brands in the luggage game so you can enjoy your travel plans worry-free.
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Our Top Choice
Samsonite Winfield 3-Piece Hard Sided Luggage
With years of experience and countless great reviews, Samsonite is definitely a brand you can trust. The Winfield set is just one example of the durable and reliable luggage that they offer for travelers.
Durable hard sides. Rotating wheels. TSA lock. Organization pockets and dividers. Large durable zippers. Expandable. 4 Colors
Pricier than low-end luggage sets, but reliability and extra space is worth the price for many travelers.
20", 24", 28"
6.7, 9.3, 11.13 lbs
100% Polycarbonate
4 spinner wheels
Hard-sided, Spinner
Best Value
American Tourister Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Luggage Set
American Tourister is an easy choice when looking for a durable luggage set on a budget. The low end price tag of this set doesn’t mean they compromise on quality or features making them an easy choice for Best Value.
Versatile bags. Lightweight. Reinforced corners. Locking handle. Multiple exterior and interior pockets. Smart Sleeve. 3 Color Choices
A bit less durable than more expensive options, but still reliable.
25", 21", 12", 10"
19.18 lbs. for all 4
100% Polyester
2-wheels (Upright & Duffel)
Soft-sided, Wheeled
Tommy Bahama Mojito 4 Piece Luggage Set
Looking to travel in style? Tommy Bahama is the way to go to! They offer high-end luggage that stands out at baggage claim. Don’t worry, they don’t sacrifice functionality to get their great looks.
Durable. 360 spinner wheels. Many compartments inside and outside. Carry-on bag with plenty of space. Detachable shoulder strap.
Expensive, but worth the price for durability and extra compartments.
28", 24", 20", 12"
36.9 lbs for all 4
100% Polyester
4 (Upright Bags)
US Traveler New Yorker Rolling Luggage Suitcase Set
US Traveler offers a broad range of luggage sets, so they have an option for everyone. Just because they are made with quality in mind doesn’t mean they come with a high end price tag as this set demonstrates.
Expandable. Durable. Wide range of sizes. Smooth in-line wheels. Easy-access front pockets. Shoe pockets. 4 Color Choices
Wheels do not spin.
29", 25", 21", 10"
11.8, 9, 7.7, 2 lbs.
30% Dobby, 70% Polyester
Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set
Rockland is a trusted brand that offers inexpensive luggage solutions. Whatever your style Rockland is sure to have a case for you with their extensive color and pattern options.
Skate wheels. Expandable. Protective inner lining. Available in many colors.
Wheels do not rotate. Less durable than more expensive luggage sets.
20", 14"
7.8 lbs for both
100% Polyester
2 -wheels

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What is the Best Luggage Set?

Different luggage styles are better for certain types of travel, so think about where you're going and how light you want to pack. Are you looking for a sturdy hard-shell luggage set that can really take a beating? Or would you rather a light but durable soft-sided bag that easily fits in trunks and over-head spaces? Are you willing to spend more for more reliable parts, multi-directional wheels and other features? Keep these questions in mind as you check out our recommendations.
Our Top Choice
The Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion 3 Piece Spinner Set features durable sides and zippers, 360 spinning wheels and compartments for organization. If you need a luggage set to accommodate the whole family, Samsonite also offer a large 5-piece set.

Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion 3 Piece Spinner Set – Square, TSA Lock, Full-Zip Interior, 4 Colors

Samsonite is known for superior quality – their designs are simple and elegant, yet they still offer dependable features for the best traveling experience. This hard-sided rolling luggage set is no exception. It's built to withstand long and frequent use and comes in charcoal, deep blue, orange, and purple.

Let's look at the features on this streamlined set of luggage.
  • Hard sided polycarbonate absorbs harsh impacts to prevent dents and protect your luggage.
  • The interior features zipper compartments and dividers so you can organize any way you like.
  • Elegant brush-stroke look hides any possible scuffs from extended use.
  • The side mounted lock protects your luggage, but can be opened by the TSA if necessary.
  • These suitcases expand so you can choose how much you want to pack for each trip.
  • Large durable zippers make it easy to open and close your suitcase even in the long run.
  • 360 spinning wheels make it easy to move in any direction without snagging or dragging.
All in all, this set is an easy choice for our top pick, since it's well made and trusted by users.

When it comes to making great luggage, durability and reliability are Samsonite’s main goals and they offer that in a whole host of shapes, sizes and styles making it easy for you to choose your ideal suitcase – so you can’t go wrong with any travel product they offer.
Best Value
The American Tourister Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Set features 4 lightweight bags to prepare you for any style of travel for a low price. If you don't need a full set, check out the less expensive Fieldbrook II 2 Piece Set from American Tourister.

American Tourister Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Soft-sided Luggage Set – Boarding Bag, Wheeled Duffel & 2 Upright Bags, 3 Color Choices

American Tourister (the official luggage of Disneyland, for what it's worth) specializes in creating a wide variety of luggage types and styles, from heavy-duty suitcases to Disney themed backpacks and travel accessories. The full 4 piece set we've chosen offers great value with a low price.

This luggage set does not compromise on usability – let's take a look at some of its high-quality features.
  • These bags are ultra-lightweight to make adventuring easy. It also helps when there's a weight limit for air travel.
  • Reinforced corners help maintain these bag's durability over time.
  • Easy-access external pockets let you keep important items close.
  • The push-button locking handle makes it easy to extend or collapse the handle at a moment's notice.
  • The smart sleeve on the tote bag lets you easily attach it to one of the larger suitcases so you don't have to carry both.
  • Interior and exterior pockets give you a variety of organizational options when you pack.
To make it a little more personal or to make it easy to spot at baggage claim, this set comes in black, red/black and purple/gray.
This luggage set features high-quality lining, 360 rolling wheels and corner protection for long-lasting durability. For extra protection and superior durability, check out the Tommy Bahama Coast to Coast 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set.

Tommy Bahama Mojito 4-Piece Rolling Luggage Set – Textile, Polyester, Interior Pockets

Tommy Bahama specializes in tropical fashion, and their style translates well to this 3 piece luggage set with basket weave style accents. And even though Tommy Bahama doesn't specialize in luggage, they do an excellent job in terms of quality and features.

Let's take a closer look at this tropical luggage set.
  • Protective and decorative liner protects your luggage and provides extra storage space for small items.
  • The upright suitcases in this set have eternal pockets – more than the other bags on this list – for storing items that you may want to access during travel.
  • 360 rotating wheels make it easy to travel in any direction without dragging.
  • The basket weave styled accents are used to reinforce the bags' lining for increased durability. The grips are also made of this thick and stylish material and can be adjusted for comfortable carrying.
  • Side and top grips make it easy to carry these bags from 3 positions.
  • A detachable shoulder strap makes the duffel bag more versatile for carrying.
There aren’t any color options with this set by Tommy Bahama because you don’t need them. It comes in navy and brownstone and with the high-end feel of these bags you wouldn’t want it any other way! However, if you did want another color or design, there are other great models to choose from.
This sturdy soft-sided luggage set features an elegant tailored look and expandable compartments for 25% more packing area. US Traveler also offers the high-end, ultra-lightweight Rio Carry-on rolling luggage set.

US Traveler New Yorker 4 Piece Soft-Sided Luggage Set – Lightweight, Expandable, In-line Wheels, 4 Color Choices

US Traveler is known for up-scale luggage of all kinds, featuring unique and innovative designs. The New Yorker Lightweight Rolling Luggage 4 Piece Set is especially durable and packs in a range of useful features.

Let's take a closer look.
  • Durable EVA foam lines the front of these suitcases for added luggage protection – especially useful when bags are stacked on top of one-another during air or bus travel.
  • The suitcases expand to allow for 25% extra packing space, making it easier to pack for longer trips.
  • In-line wheels and a push-button handle make it easy to glide around the airport and other travel destinations.
  • Top and side handles make it easy to carry these suitcases in multiple positions.
  • Front zipper pockets make it easy to store items that you can reach while you travel like magazines, phone chargers, etc.
Although we are featuring this set in black, these cases also come in red, charcoal and navy blue.
This 2 piece luggage set is ideal for a weekend abroad, featuring an expandable upright suitcase and convenient tote bag. Going somewhere further afield? Rockland also offers a 4 piece wheeled luggage set.

Rockland 2 Piece Rolling and Tote Bag Luggage Set – Polyester, Skate Wheels, Full Lining

Rockland creates luggage that straddles the line between fashion and function, offering a wide range of colors and patterns for their product lines. The set we've chosen conveniently has all the space you'll need for a short weekend trip.

Aside from the huge list of available colors (check Amazon for varying prices by color), this luggage set has quality features to make traveling easy.
  • The expandable upright suitcase lets you choose how much you want to pack for short getaways, which makes it much easier to pack.
  • Skate wheels let you easily roll from place to place without carrying the full weight of your luggage.
  • Protective lining and corner piping helps to keep this suitcase and tote bag durable.
  • Multiple grips on the sides and tops of both bags make it easy to carry from a variety of positions.
Rockland also sells a wide variety of hard-sided suitcases and carry-on bags individually and in sets.

How Do I Choose the Best Luggage Set?

Camping, vacations, reunions, business trips, conferences—it doesn’t matter where you go, a part of your home has to come with you in your bag. Luggage bags or travel bags are both practical and stylish accessories, designed to accommodate our belongings in an organized manner. They are convenient to carry around the world and do not look weird alongside your traveling clothes.

If you are just going on a quick trip or you don’t travel that much, all you may need is carry-on bag and a single suitcase to check in. However, frequent travelers or people going on extended trips may need more than that, and this is where purchasing a complete set of luggage can save you both time and money in the long run.

A typical luggage set consists of ‘carry-on’ bags and ‘check-in’ bags or suitcases (sometimes called trolleys) of different shapes and sizes to accommodate various requirements of tourists. They may include two to eight bags. One of the great features that most luggage sets offer is that they are designed to fit, on inside the other, when not in use so that they don’t take up a lot of room in your closet.

Wheeled luggage and trolley bags stand upright. They have inline wheels that move either forward or backward or spinner wheels that rotate in all directions. Garment bags are ideal for carrying winter wear, suits and ironed clothes. Sets with more pieces often include smaller bags to accommodate items such as toiletries, hair accessories, electronic items such as mobile phones, laptops, headphones, etc. during travel. You might even want to use one of the mid-sized bags for nothing but your shoes!

Luggage sets differ in terms of colors, materials, sizes, features and prices so it’s important to consider a few things when shopping such as:
  • How often do you travel? If it’s just once in a while, you may not want to invest a lot of money in a luggage set. Frequent flyers may want to go for a higher end set because they are designed to be more durable and to withstand the rough and tumble demands of traveling.
  • What is your travel destination (beach, island, mountains or fields)? Season also comes in to play here because the colder it is, the more likely you will be bringing heavier clothing that takes up more space.
  • Related to the question above, how much will you need to pack (and what types of things you will be packing)?
  • If you will be brining fragile items, binoculars or electronics, you want bags with extra padding and protection.
  • What is mode of travel (ship, airplane or automobiles)? This will also help you to determine the sizes and quantity of pieces you need.
  • What are your personal preferences in terms of features such as color, material, strap type and wheel?
With your answers to these questions in mind, let’s take a look at the factors that you may want to consider before making your final decision.
It is important that you set a budget to refine your choices. While you may be not looking for an expensive $2,000 bag set, a tacky ‘use-and-throw’ bag wouldn’t do either!

You can expect to spend at least $40 for ultra-light polyester luggage set like the Rockland II-piece luggage set. It is perfect for short trips where you need to carry just a few clothes like slacks and shirts. Contrary to this, if you are a businessman who wants to leave an impression on a client, you can spend around $400 on imported bags with multiple interior pockets and signature lining like the Tommy Bahama Mojito Four-piece luggage set. It is convenient for business trips where you have too many items for a briefcase.

Certain features like 360° spinner wheels, multiple compartments, detachable shoulder straps and shoe pockets increase a bag’s price. Nevertheless, these features are practical in the long run.

As a shopper, many people tend to opt for bags coming from popular brands or fashion designers. Here, you must note that a high price tag of a brand does not guarantee its superior quality. If you can grab a rough-and-tough ‘check-in’ bag at economical rates and don’t care what name is on it, just go for it.
Some features are important; some are nice to have whereas others follow the latest market trends. Going lightweight should be your primary concern when boarding a public transport. There’s a direct correlation between your luggage weight, the efforts you put into carrying it and the amount of money you save!

Here are some features to consider that will make you a happy wanderer:
  • Adjustable straps and wheels for mobility
  • Chains, button and TSA-approved locks for added security
  • Outer dimensions, especially height, since airlines allow baggage only up to 55 inches
  • Internal space and compartments, including shoe holders and external pockets (the more the merrier)
  • Durable exteriors with sturdy seam, stitching and hardware
While it may be a cosmetic feature, you will also what to consider color when choosing your luggage set. Choose vibrant colors and prints if you are looking to stand out; or darker colors such as black, brown and navy blue because they won’t show the inevitable signs of traveling as much as lighter colors will.
Construction and Design
We may not realize it, but there are several aspects of a bag’s construction affects its performance and longevity. The obvious one is what the bag is actually made of. There are many different choices – luggage sets come in soft materials like nylon, leather and canvas or hard material like quasi-flexible polycarbonate. When looking at construction and design, there are two important questions you need to ask yourself.

Do you want a soft or hard shell luggage set?

Soft-shell bags are spacious and stretchable, and depending upon what you get, can be pretty lightweight. On the other hand, hard-shell trolleys are appealing for businessmen, frequent travelers or international flyers. These can stand up even the toughest baggage handler and bumpiest flights, but they tend to be heavier.

Ultimately you will have to decide that whether you want a soft or hard exterior for your luggage set, based upon your personal needs and preferences. Here are some of the pros of each:
  • Hard Case: Made of durable plastic, waterproof, scratch-resistant, super lightweight, protect breakable items and reduce overall luggage weight.
  • Soft Shell: Made of 100% polyester, canvas or rayon, cushion against hits, expandable (can be stuffed with more items).
You may also want to look for materials that are waterproof, weather-resistant, scratchproof and long-lasting.

What kind of wheels do you want on your luggage?

Bags with spinning wheels and a long handle make excellent travel partners because they are easy to pull and drag. There’s less stress on your back and you can easily rush to the airport. However, depending upon the type of wheels you get, they can add an additional 2 to 3 inches to its overall height – which is not problem for the mid-sized bag, but they could put your carry on or largest bag over the airline size limits if you are not careful.

While there are many different variations that brands may, there are basically three types of bags when it comes to wheels:
  • Bags without wheels: Not the best for traveling because they need to be carried. In most cases these are backpack, messenger, duffle style – or the smaller bags that come with sets for “essentials.”
  • Bags with 2-Wheels: Easy to control within narrow spaces, but not great for “quick turns and maneuverability.” Because there are only two, they tend to be less expensive than ones with four.
  • Bags with 4-Wheels: Rotate in all directions, easy to handle, good for amateurs travelling for the first time as well as frequent flyers who love the handling, especially if they are 360-degree spinning wheels.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of any luggage set depends on the type of luggage you’re carrying and the destination you’re flying to. If you’re heading for a cruise, you may want to buy hard, rigid, waterproof trolley bags. Flat briefcases work well for a road trip whereas glossy, medium-sized spinners are perfect for international flights.

Features such as durable hard sides, reinforced corners, 360 spinner wheels and quick access pockets are great touches to look for. Two-wheel trolley is an excellent option for dragging heavy luggage across aerodrome whereas four-wheel spinners are a boon for patients suffering from cervical spondylosis.

In addition, there are four other factors that can affect your bag’s performance: Fabric, Frame, Security Measures, Waterproofing. Lightweight materials like ballistic nylon and polyester are expandable and scuff-resistant whereas fiberglass frames provide inner strength. Look for bags with water-resistant outer shells for your beach and island trips.

Don’t be afraid to kick the tires, test the handles, check under the hood and check its hardware (straps, zippers, seams and stitching) to gauge its performance. Check for warranties on defective materials and workmanship so that you can replace them if required.

Get the Best Luggage Set of 2023!

Wherever you're off to, you'll want luggage from a trusted brand so you can stay mobile. These 5 brands definitely fit the bill and all offer a multitude of sizes and styles so make your choice and get packing!

Our Top Choice
Samsonite Winfield 3-Piece Hard Sided Luggage
Best Value
American Tourister Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Luggage Set
Tommy Bahama Mojito 4 Piece Luggage Set
US Traveler New Yorker Rolling Luggage Suitcase Set
Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set