Best MacBook Case Reviews 2023

You know your MacBook didn’t come cheap. If yours was a gift, we’re telling you now that it wasn’t gotten for cheap. Besides that, this is a sleek device that’s packed full of performance. So you need to protect it adequately, and you can do that with a nice MacBook case. The good news is, you don’t have to stress to find the right one to buy as we’ve already researched the available options and have come up with 5 of the best MacBook cases out there. However, you can check out other variants of cases available from these trusted brands in case you want more options.
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Our Top Choice
Runetz Neoprene Sleeve MacBook Case
Runetz is a manufacturer of high-quality sleeves, shoulder bags, and backpacks for carrying around your portable devices among other things.
Slim-fit design to prevent your computer from unnecessary movement while in transit. Attractive enough to complement your outfits.
The case may slip off sometimes.
13.4x9.3x1.8 inches; 0.6 pounds
7 colors available
Interior padding
Best Value
Mosiso MacBook Plastic Hard Case
Mosiso manufactures simple but high-quality products that offer practical protection and mobility for your portable devices.
Doesn’t add any noticeable weight to your laptop while giving it truly all-around protection.
Some customers complained that the plastic was flimsy.
Laptop case
13.3 x 9.3 x 0.9 inches; 0.7 pounds
29 colors available
Keyboard cover
Thule Vectros 13” MacBook Case
Since 1942, Thule has been creating superior performance products that let you transport your gear easily and safely, and in style.
Comfortable and secure grip, and its rubberized feet give the system a balanced and firm surface grip.
There are isolated complaints that the tab on the top breaks easily.
Laptop/Phone cover
12.6x1x8.8 inches; 0.67 pounds
3 colors available
Shock absorbing ridges
Inateck 12 Inch MacBook Sleeve
Inateck is a manufacturer of high-tech and stylish portable device protection solutions as well as computer enhancements and accessories.
Convenient compartments; environmentally-responsible.
There are isolated complaints that the stitch gets undone.
12.2x8.7x0.4 inches; 0.28 pounds
Extra compartments
iBenzer Silky Smooth MacBook Air Case
iBenzer focuses on innovation, quality, and style in the manufacture of its products. It believes that great designs beget great products.
Light, adding no significant weight to your laptop. Available in different colors so you can choose one that suits your style.
There are isolated complaints that the case doesn’t grip well enough.
Laptop cover
13x9.1x0.8 inches; 0.8 pounds
Leather coated plastic
6 colors available
Ventilation spaces

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What is the Best MacBook Case?

Now you know what needs to be known to buy a good MacBook case, and we hope you’ve decided on those features that will make a case ideal for you. As you read through our review of individual brands/products, reflect on those needs. It’s our hope that it will then be easy for you to find your ideal MacBook case at a convenient price.
Our Top Choice
The Runetz Neoprene 12-inch MacBook Case has a technologically enhanced interior padding to optimally protect your system from scratches, dents, and impact shocks. If you have a 15-inch MacBook you need protection for, you should go for the Runetz 15” Hard Sleeve MacBook Case which lets you use the laptop while still in the case.

Runetz Neoprene MacBook Laptop Case – Available in 3 Sizes & 7 Colors

Runetz is a company that’s focused on providing the best quality products that offer performance and practicality. It designs its product to be comfortable to carry and to complement your fashion style. Its sleeves and bags are physical representations of the creativity it puts into its designs, which is one of the things that attracts buyers to this brand.

The Runetz Neoprene 12-inch MacBook Case is a soft-body sleeve made of Neoprene that guards your laptop and keeps it locked in with high-quality zippers. This sleeve is designed to completely open up so you can have unencumbered access to your laptop. The front zipped pocket lets you fit in the laptop charger, mouse, and other accessories you might want to carry along. This sleek MacBook sleeve is available in 7 colors.

The following are some other great products from Runetz you should take a close look at:
  • Runetz Gym Drawstring Sack Bag – It’s spacious and comfortable to carry and the drawstring provides easy access to the interior and it’s available in 8 colors
  • Runetz Gym Duffel Bag – Its polyester construction is sturdy, spacious, and versatile with many pockets and it’s available in 8 colors
  • BRunetz Microfiber Towels – It’s a 2-piece, highly absorbent, and fast-drying towel. It’s ideal for the beach, gym, pool, etc., and it’s available in 9 colors
  • Runetz Backpack – The shoulder pads are well-padded with breathable air mesh. Its interior can protect your laptops and tablets and it’s available in 2 colors
Best Value
The Mosiso MacBook Plastic Hard Case is made of plastic and offers protection for your MacBook Air of 13.3 inches from scratches and is easy to install and remove. If you would like a briefcase-style sleeve case from this same brand, go for the Mosiso Polyester Fabric 12.9-13.3 Inch Case which has a sleek shock-absorbing design.

Mosiso MacBook Plastic Hard Case with Keyboard & Screen Protector – Available in 29 Colors

Mosiso is a brand that operates at the crossroad of lifestyle and technology. It creates its products with state-of-the-art technology and designs it to suit your lifestyle. Its wide range of products includes portable device protection, electronic accessories, small kitchen appliances, and more. It designs its products for superior quality, versatility, and functionality.

The Mosiso MacBook Plastic Hard Case is smooth and soft to the touch with a snap-on design that lets you easily put it on and take it off. This plastic protector is well-vented and won’t block the heat-emitting vent on your laptop. This hard case is well-built for your MacBook Air and doesn’t interfere with any of the laptop’s original design.

This case comes with a matching color keyboard and screen protector to protect your screen from scratches, and your keyboard from wear. It also includes rubber stubs that keep your laptop steady and balanced. Kindly note that this protective case is only compatible with MacBook Air 13-inch models A1369 and A1466. It’s critical that you confirm the model number of your MacBook before making a purchase.

The following are some other great products from Mosiso:
  • Mosiso PU Leather Case – It’s durable and can absorb shock. It has a magnetic closure design and you can use it while the case is still on
  • Mosiso Lycra Sleeve Bag – It’s water-repellent and has a small case for the charger. It’s available in 8 colors and 5 sizes
This plastic hard case is available in 29 colors.
The Thule Vectros 13” MacBook Case is made of polycarbonate with ridges in it that absorb shocks, and it encircles your computer giving it protection from drops and bump impacts. If what you want is a sleeve case from this same brand, you can try out the Thule Gauntlet MacBook Sleeve which has a clamshell design and water-resistant zipper.

Thule Vectros 13" MacBook Pro Retina Case - Available in 3 Colors & 2 Sizes

Thule was established in 1942 and is based in Malmo, Sweden. It has a mission to support people who live active lives, whether in the great outdoors or in the busy city. It’s committed to manufacturing great quality products that have been subjected to rigorous tests and have been certified to serve you effectively for a long time.

The Thule Vectros 13” MacBook Case is engineered to give your MacBook maximum protection as it can absorb shock from falls, bumps, and other impacts. The edges fit around your computer, giving it an anti-slip grip so it doesn’t fall off while you’re carrying it.

This case has a snap-on design that lets you easily install it, and it has an optional scratch-prevention shield that offers a 360o protection. It comes with rubberized feet that stabilize your computer and slightly raises it above surfaces so the vents can easily let out heat. This case is compatible with the MacBook 13-inch Pro Retina, but will not fit the new Touch Bar version.

The following are other cool products from this same trusted brand:
  • Thule Crossover Backpack – It has a spacious interior with an elevated compartment for laptop
  • Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller – It has a swivel front wheel that can lock in place and has padded seats. Available in 3 colors
  • Thule Sravan MacBook Deluxe Attache – Made with nylon and elegantly designed to fit your 13-inch MacBook
The Inateck MacBook Sleeve is a great companion for the 12-inch MacBook as it offers robust protection and style, with quality felt on the outside and soft flannel on the inside. If you want a protective bag for your 13-inch MacBook, check out the Inateck 13.3 Inch MacBook Air, which is water-repellent.

Inateck 12 Inch MacBook Tablet Case Sleeve with Retina Display

Inateck is an American-based company operating out of Ohio. It manufactures superior-quality products that stand both the test of usage and time. Its numerous products include home improvement items, wireless gadgets, device protection, computer enhancement, and much more.

The Inateck MacBook Sleeve is fashionably designed and it provides adequate protection for your computer. This sleeve is made specifically for the 12-inch MacBook and has an internal dimension of 11.2 inches x 7.8 inches which snuggly fits the MacBook and prevents it from unnecessary movement. The following are other features of this nice sleeve:
  • Synthetic leather Velcro closure
  • Mold-proof lining material
  • Shock-absorbing felt exterior
  • A second compartment to house a tablet, book, or magazine
  • Comes with a smaller bag for power adapter or mouse
  • 2 back pockets for wallet or smartphone
  • Made with environmentally-friendly synthetic fiber
  • Flannel interior to cushion contents
The iBenzer MacBook Air Case has a lightweight plastic design that fully covers your laptop, top and bottom, without interfering with any of the laptop’s original features. If you want protection for your 15-inch MacBook, try out the iBenzer Soft Touch Hard Case which is compatible with MacBook Touch Bar and Touch ID, and is available in 12 colors.

iBenzer Basic Silky Smooth MacBook Air Hard Protective Shell Case Cover - Available in 6 Colors & 2 Sizes

iBenzer, operating out of 5 continents and 20 countries, was founded in 2012. Having that much global presence in such a short time is an accomplishment on its own. Its aim is to protect your MacBook, and it does so with quality, innovation, and style. With iBenzer’s protective covers, you can use your laptops and other portable devices the way you want without fear, and still show off your style.

The iBenzer MacBook Air Case has a snap-on design to easily put it on your laptop and take it off. It’s perfectly designed for your MacBook, as it takes into cognition all the physical features and doesn’t interfere with them, giving you full access to every part you need to get to.

This hard-plastic case lets you use all your laptop and its accessories with your hardware however you want without having to take the casing off. Your MacBook has maximum protection with this casing as it covers all its vital parts, top and bottom. It’s fully vented underneath so your laptop can continue emitting heat as usual, and the rubberized feet slightly raise the base above surfaces for improved airflow. It also offers anti-slip grip on surfaces.

It’s important to note that having a 13-inch MacBook doesn’t automatically make it compatible with this beautiful case. This case is designed for only MacBook Air 13.3 inches, with model numbers A1466 and A1369. It won’t work with any other MacBook model. So, it’s important that you check your system model before making a purchase.

The following are some other great offerings from the trusted iBenzer:
  • iBenzer Neoprene MacBook Sleeve – It’s made with quality Neoprene and is lightweight. It’s compatible with most 13-inch laptops and is available in 4 sizes and 4 colors
  • iBenzer Soft Touch Marble Design Case – This one offers hard plastic protection cover and comes with a keyboard cover. It’s available in 2 sizes and 32 colors

How Do I Choose the Best MacBook Case?

We all want to keep our MacBook as new and sleek as they were when we first bought them. No matter how careful you are, it’s still unlikely that you’ll be able to pull this off. Even the TV that you rarely come in contact with and leave alone still gets scratched. The inevitable will eventually happen; scratches and dents will occur, just like with smartphones. Using a MacBook case, however, will surely delay this eventuality. If you’re a careful user and you combine different types of protective covers, you just might keep your MacBook looking great till you don’t want it anymore.

The best MacBook cases offer total protection for your device with their well-padded compartments to prevent it from damage after bumps and drops. They snugly fit your MacBook, preventing unnecessary sliding or falling out. They’re fashionable and reflect your style, as well as make your MacBook look sleeker. MacBook cases are designed with different materials which have varying effects on the efficacy of the case. Some cases are even bundled with screen and keyboard protectors. Whichever combination of features you consider important, it’s critical that you’re sure your choice is compatible with your MacBook.
MacBook cases vary widely in price due to factors such as material, size, design, etc. The colorful snap-on designs usually cost a little less than $20, while the premium ones that offer all-around protection and are elegantly designed will cost about $65. Kindly note that these prices are not set in stone as some designer MacBook bags can cost up to $1500. We’re sure you would understand why a case of the same type and design for an 11-inch MacBook Air will be significantly lower in price than that for a 15-inch MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

There are cheap MacBook cases out there which are poorly made with inferior materials and a finish that will make it look obvious you got it for a giveaway price. They’re not durable and won’t offer your device the kind of protection it deserves. So we urge you: don’t be tempted by their prices.
Laptops aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, as people have grown to love their portability and efficiency. The MacBook is certainly no exception. With so much technology and performance packed into this mobile device, it certainly needs some protection. The following are some MacBook case features you should look out for when buying protection for your device:
  • Material
  • Design
  • Fit and compatibility
  • Protection
  • Type
This list will help you identify the features of a MacBook case that will help you decide what it is you need.
Construction and Design
The main reason anyone needs a case for their precious MacBook is to protect it; every other reason is secondary. The first thing you need to consider when getting a MacBook case is the type you want. They come mainly in three types, which are sleeves, cases, or bags.

Cases have a tough outer shell and a well-padded interior. They offer some serious protection for your computer against bumps and drops. One downside, however, is that they’re heavy and might not be ideal for regular travelers. There are some cases, however, that have snap-on designs. These ones aren’t heavy at all and come in all sorts of designs, but might not offer as much protection as the hard cases that house your MacBook.

The sleeve types are often the most elegantly designed as they’re made with different types of materials. One sleeve material that’s popular is neoprene because it’s inexpensive, lightweight, and in most *cases*, waterproof.

The bag type offers the best combination of versatility, style, and protection. They’re durable and have more space to carry accessories and other things you might need.

When your mind is made up on the type of MacBook case you want, you can then consider what material you want it to be made of. There are different materials that are suitable for different purposes. Whichever material you’re looking at should offer a good level of protection.

Hard cases are made of plastic and provide adequate protection. Some sleeves and bags are made of real leather, making them durable and stylish; however, it also makes them heavier. Neoprene is also a popular material used in MacBook cases as it’s lightweight and waterproof, and cases are often designed as sleeves and bags. Canvas covers are breathable, lightweight, and can be crafted into various designs, but are vulnerable to stains and absorb water. You would be better off choosing a material that balances style and protection.

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s imperative that your MacBook case provides adequate protection for your system, or else it’s not serving its purpose. Cases, sleeves, or bags, whichever you go for, should have a well-padded interior to protect your system from those inevitable bumps and occasional falls so you don’t have to worry about scratches and dents. There are some snap-on cases that come with screen and keyboard protectors to keep your screen from scratches and protect your keyboard from wear.
Performance and Ease of Use
We’ve hammered on the importance of buying a MacBook case. As important as it is, it shouldn’t be the only reason you buy a case. We’re not suggesting that you give up your personality because you want to protect your computer. You can have the best of both worlds: protect your laptop and still feel trendy. The best MacBook case for you, in this case, is one that also shows the world your sense of taste while protecting your gear. There are more than enough MacBook case designs out there to help you reflect your style with your laptop.

Compatibility has been a big issue when it comes to MacBook cases due to the many varieties of MacBooks and differences in design. For maximum protection of your computer, you should get a case or sleeve that snugly fits your system to minimize any unnecessary movement. If your protective case loosely covers your MacBook, chances are that it’ll scratch as it rubs against the surface of your case, especially if it’s one with a metallic locking system. Moreover, a perfectly-fitting cover makes your MacBook well-protected, and look smart. So, when buying a MacBook case, make sure to check your model number and be sure the case is compatible with your system. You don’t want to buy a beautiful case you won’t be able to use.

With the information we’ve provided, you should now be able to make up your mind on the features you want in your MacBook.

Get the Best MacBook Case of 2023!

Now that you’ve read our reviews, we hope you now have sufficient information to go ahead and buy the MacBook case you decided upon. If you haven’t decided yet, do check out other designs these featured brands have in stock. You’re sure to find one that pleases you.

Our Top Choice
Runetz Neoprene Sleeve MacBook Case
Best Value
Mosiso MacBook Plastic Hard Case
Thule Vectros 13” MacBook Case
Inateck 12 Inch MacBook Sleeve
iBenzer Silky Smooth MacBook Air Case