Best Makeup Magnification Mirror Reviews 2022

Magnification Mirrors are specifically designed to make the process of applying make-up, plucking stray hairs and shaving that little bit easier by giving you an up-close image. They are different to standard mirrors in that everything is magnified allowing you to see all your imperfections, doesn’t that sound wonderful! Although not overly flattering, these mirrors are great for helping you remove unwanted hairs or blemishes that a normal mirror might not catch. To help you choose the perfect mirror for you, we have selected the best Magnification Mirror brands as well as a product to feature from each to give you a better feel for what is available to you and what different brands have to offer. Aren’t we nice!
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Mirror Size
Our Top Choice
Jerdon Tabletop 2-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror
Jerdon is a brand that oozes luxury and sophistication. Their designs add just the right touch of elegance so you can look good and feel good in and out of your home.
Adjustable magnification. Lighting and built in electrical outlet. 4 adjustable settings for different environments. 1-year limited warranty. Available with rectangular or curved sides.
Lighting is not overly bright.
Tabletop Mirror
1x and 5x Magnification
11.75 x 19.25 Inches
Best Value
Conair Double-sided Oval Mirror
Conair makes the morning rush easier by manufacturing products that get the job done more efficiently. They brought you the pistol hairdryer, and continue to strive for the best.
1 year warranty. 360-degree rotating head. No battery used. Fog-free viewing. Polished chrome finish. On/off line chord switch.
Lighting isn’t very powerful.
Tabletop Mirror
1x and 7x Magnification
6.6 x 8 Inches
Simplehuman Wall Mount Sensor Mirror
Efficiency is Simplehuman’s creed. They want to make things efficient around the house every day, and that’s just what they offer with their Wall Mount Sensor-Activated Mirror.
5-Year Warranty. Adjustable Telescopic Arm. On/Off Sensor. Available in Different Styles.
Light sensor is sensitive and turns off easily.
Wall Mount Mirror
5x Magnification
Tru-Lux (Natural Lighting)
3.1 x 13.8 x 9.1 Inches
Deco Brothers Two-Sided Makeup Mirror
Deco Brothers knows how to decorate a room. It’s in the name, after all. You can count on them for durable, stylish products for every inch of your home.
Lifetime Warranty. 1x and 7x Magnification. Wall Mounted. Two Sided. High-Class Design. 360 Swivel.
Doesn’t come with light.
Wall Mount Mirror
1x and 7x Magnification.
No Lighting
11 x 14 x 3 Inches
Fancii Lighted Magnification Mirror
Fancii is a brand that specializes in helping those with sight issues by designing products that magnify and strengthen an image for the viewer. Their Makeup Mirror does just that.
LED light. 8x magnification. Cordless and portable. 100% no-hassle money back guarantee.
Smaller than other magnification Makeup mirrors.
Tabletop/Wall Mounted/Travel
8x Magnification
Daylight LED Light
7.9 x 7.9 x 1.5 Inches

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What is the Best Makeup Magnification Mirror?

We know price is going to play a huge role in what mirror you eventually select, so we have made sure the brands chosen offer a variety of affordable and high-end products for you to choose from. We have also selected a wide range of magnifying levels in our featured products as some people may want more of a close-up than others (Yes, we’re talking to you, Mister Deville). The products featured also come in a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit in with your personal tastes and home décor. So bearing all these factors in mind, let’s take a look at the list.
Our Top Choice
We chose Jerdon’s 2-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror for its sleek design and built-in electrical outlet for straighteners and hair dryers. However, if you prefer a wall-mounted mirror instead, take a look at Jerdon’s 8-Inch Wall Mount Makeup Magnification Mirror.

Jerdon Tri-Fold, 2-Sided Magnification Makeup Mirror-Rectangular

Jerdon has earned a reputation in recent years for its excellence within the beauty industry, supplying its customers with a broad range of products including cosmetic mirrors, styling appliances and hair dryers. They don’t just provide for the home either. Jerdon products are used in hotels, cruise ships, spas, and more! Jerdon continues innovating new products and improving on their already-existing products with the latest in cosmetic technology.

We chose to feature Jerdon’s Tabletop 2-Sided Magnification Makeup Mirror due to the brand’s overall popularity, and the fact this product is a #1 top seller on Amazon. It features 1x and 5x magnification options, so you can get as close or as far away as your heart desires. The mirrors are adjustable for panoramic view, too! Its attractive design means this mirror won’t look out of place anywhere, and will be a stylish accessory in any home. The mirror also has glare-free fluorescent lighting with a 120-volt electrical outlet designed for curling irons, blow dryers and other appliances.

This is a product that really understands the needs of women. The lighting also features color-correct lights, which means you can do your makeup in any setting and feel confident with the outcome. We particularly loved the mirror’s adjustable back stand, which offers 11 angles for you to work from, so you can make sure you look great from every side! And you want to know the best part? When you’re finished, the mirror is easily stored. Just fold it up flat and place it in a drawer. It’s that easy!
Best Value
The sleek style of Conair’s Double-sided Oval Mirror makes it complementary to almost any room. However, if you prefer more powerful natural lighting you should check out Conair’s Natural Daytime Lighted Round Mirror.

Conair Oval Shaped, Double Sided Lighted Makeup Magnification Mirror

Conair has been manufacturing high-end personal care products, as well as health and beauty products, since 1959 for both consumers and professionals.

We chose to feature the brand’s Double-sided Oval Mirror because of its great price and its ranking as a #1 best seller on Amazon. The fluorescent lighting in this Conair product is 30% brighter and is 60% more energy-saving than other Makeup mirrors out there, which is an excellent fit for the more eco-conscious customers among you.

The stylish chrome finish on this mirror compliments any room and makes a great accessory whether you use it or not! You can also rotate its 360-degree head to see any angle and side of your reflection in normal or 7x magnification settings.
We loved the high-tech feel of Simplehuman’s 8-Inch Wall Mount Sensor Mirror and its unique lighting system. If, however, you aren’t a wall kind of person, then check out Simplehuman’s Mini Sensor-Activated Lighted Vanity Mirror Instead. It has all the same features, but stands on your vanity instead.

Simplehuman 8-Inch Wall Mount Makeup Magnification Mirror With Senor-Activated Light

Simplehuman aims to make day-to-day simpler by solving often overlooked problems and making products that are efficient tools for living. They only sell products they love using themselves. Don’t let the name fool you, however. Simplehuman is constantly researching and improving upon their products through rigorous testing to make sure they are bringing you the very best products out there. Their clever and intricate designs are what have made the brand so popular today among their clients.

We chose to feature Simplehuman’s 8-Inch Wall Mount Sensor Mirror for its high-tech approach to magnification mirrors. The sensor in this product lights up automatically as soon as your beautiful face appears, meaning there is no need for switching it on and off again. The tru-lux 600 lux lighting technology also stimulates natural lighting, meaning how you look in the mirror is exactly how you will look when you are out-and-about, popping to the shops or picking up the kids. The tru-lux lighting feature also lets you see full-color variation, allowing you to make sure your Makeup looks flawless with no annoying tidemarks or splotches. Its sturdy telescopic swing arm provides smooth adjustability that can be mounted directly on to your wall.

This mirror’s 5x magnification lets you get up close and personal with your pores, allowing you to cover up any pesky blackheads or spots that seemingly appear overnight! The LED lighting within this mirror will also continue performing for up to 40,000 hours, so there is no need to worry about changing bulbs either. It really is a useful product.
We loved the simplistic design of Deco Brothers’ Two-sided Wall Mount Makeup Mirror, and the fact it comes with an impressive lifetime warranty! But if you prefer a tabletop design, or a slightly smaller product for that matter, then check out Deco Brother’s 6-Inch Tabletop 2-Sided Vanity Mirror with magnification instead!

Deco Brothers 8-Inch Two-sided Wall Mount Makeup 7 x Magnification Mirror

Deco Brothers are a brand that have all your home essential needs covered, supplying everything from homeware, kitchenware even office and school supplies! Deco Brothers are the one stop shop for everything you will need in day to day life. The brand focuses on making quality products that not only last, but get the job done efficiently and with ease! Make sure to check out their whole range of affordable, long-lasting products to decorate your home in style.

We chose to feature this mirror not only for the brand’s popularity, but the fact this particular mirror has received great reviews online at Amazon, too! The matte nickel finish of this stylish Makeup mirror will look great in any room, with its circular style and handy 360-degree swivel. This product also has a 13.5-inch extension, so whether you’re tall, short or in-between, you can still use this mirror with ease!

With magnification of 1X and 7X you can make sure you look picture perfect every day without the fear of missing any stray Makeup lines that love to sneak up on us! The lifetime warranty of this product means you don’t have to worry about any accidental cracks or chips either. Deco Brothers understand that life happens, and therefore acts to protect their products against it!
We loved the handy travel-sized style of this magnification mirror and the fact it comes with an LED light makes it great for touch-ups on the go. However, if you need something stronger for your makeup needs, try Fancii’s 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror instead.

Fancii LED Lighted Cordless Makeup 8x Magnification Travel Mirror

Fancii creates products specifically for those who suffer with sight problems and aim to conquer the complications that arise from those problems. With an increasing amount of people suffering from vision impairment, Fancii has grown rapidly and continues to gain a broader market base thanks to their affordable magnifying products and their insistence on maintaining only the very best quality for their products. It is quite literally a matter of family pride for them. As the top-selling magnifying glass and loupes brand on Amazon, Fancii has impressed their customers worldwide, and continues to do so through their technological advancements, research and passion for what they do.

We chose to feature Fancii’s LED Light Magnifying Travel Mirror for its impressive reviews online and its compact travel size. The daylight LED lighting in this product provides natural lighting that makes sure your makeup can be well applied no matter where you are. The 8x Magnification allows you to see every detail of your face and prevents any mishaps, barring human error, of course.

This product is also fully adjustable with a 360-degree rotating frame. This means you can view your face from every angle to make sure you look as pristine as possible before stepping out the house. This mirror also has air-tight suction cups that allow you to stick it to any wall, transforming your table top/travel mirror into a wall-mounted Makeup mirror in an instant! As this product is battery operated, you won’t need to worry about sifting through a sea of cords and wires. The chrome finish of this mirror also gives is a stylish, sleek look that will make it a great accompaniment to any room.

In short, this product is ready to go whenever and wherever you are.

How Do I Choose the Best Makeup Magnification Mirror?

Magnifying mirrors are a great way to see yourself up close, and are very popular amongst women for makeup and beauty regime purposes. They are ideal for catching that stray eyebrow hair or for creating the perfect liquid eyeliner flick. Magnifying mirrors come in a variety of shapes, styles, and magnification strengths to suit your needs, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a mirror that’s perfect for you and your beauty routine.

The first step in buying the best magnifying mirror is deciding which level of magnification you’ll need.
  • 1-2x magnification is the weakest strength you’ll find. This type of magnification is normally found in compact and handheld mirrors that allow you to see your face up-close while on the go.
  • 5x magnification is probably the most common strength you’ll find, and is useful for most tasks, including makeup application and shaving. Be aware, however, that these are not fogless mirrors. Therefore, if you do plan to use them for shaving (or removing a nose hair or two), they may steam up a bit!
  • 7-8x magnified mirrors are ideal for getting up close and personal. These mirrors are perfect for applying intricate eye-makeup or removing stray hairs that standard mirrors won’t show.
  • 10x+ magnification mirrors are normally used for those with poor eyesight. If you struggle to see when applying your make-up, then these are ideal. If you have healthy eyesight, however, you may find these mirrors to be blurry.
Magnifying mirrors can also come with lights that enable you to see a clearer image, which is particularly useful if your room has bad lighting. You can also buy movable mirrors, which come on a stand so you can twist it to get the perfect angle. Another feature to look out for is double-sided mirrors—the back side magnified and the front side regular—allowing you to see yourself both magnified and not. These are ideal for ladies who like to apply their make-up magnified, but then use a normal mirror to see the overall end result.
When it comes to the price of your new magnification mirror, the style of mirror will dictate how much you pay. A standard one can range from $20-$30, whereas a high-end one can be as much as $200. Other features that will affect price is whether or not the mirror has a light, and if it can be wall-mounted. Now, not all lighted magnification mirrors are going to break the bank—don’t you worry—but they tend to be pricier because they use specialized lighting that imitates natural light. If you’re after a cheaper product that gets the job done, then there are plenty of other lighted mirrors to choose from. Just be aware that cheaper models will have less of a natural light in comparison to more expensive ones.

Another reason a mirror may be more expensive is if it includes fancy features that set it apart from the rest. Some mirrors include their own electrical outlet for things like curling irons and shavers, so you can expect to pay more for these types of products.
Because there are so many options for magnified mirrors, it’s difficult to say which features are the best as “the best” will depend upon what your personal preferences are. There are some features, however, that are more popular than others.

Here are some features you might want to look out for:
  • Magnification of 5x and up
  • Lighting option
  • Double Sided
  • Tabletop or Wall Mounted
Construction and Design
When selecting a magnification mirror, we recommend purchasing a product that has a magnification of 5x or greater. A mirror that has a magnification between 5 and 8 will still show you a clear image (unlike 10x magnification), allowing you to apply your eye make-up perfectly.

We also recommended choosing a mirror with a lighting option as this allows you to see a clearer, more realistic image of yourself. Many rooms have poor lighting and therefore don’t show you your reflection accurately. A lighted mirror is perfect for seeing what you’ll look like in daylight and in well-lit areas. Although a “truer image” isn’t always flattering (especially in the morning), it’ll allow you to cover up pesky blemishes and pluck stray hairs that a standard mirror won’t show.

In our opinion, a tabletop or wall-mounted mirror is the best type of mirror to choose because it means you don’t have to hold onto the mirror when going about your morning routine. This prevents wobbly hands, which helps prevent make-up mishaps or shaving accidents.
Performance and Ease of Use
Magnification mirrors are incredibly easy to care for and easy to set up, too! When it comes to cleaning, treat it just like your regular mirror—wipe it down with a cloth and some window/mirror cleaning spray.

If you’re thinking about a wall-mounted mirror, keep in mind that installation is incredibly simple, and most lighted ones can be hardwired into the wall. They come with an easy how-to guide as well.

If you’re after a magnification mirror that includes a light, but are worried about the bulb running out and causing the mirror to be less useful, don’t you worry! These days, most light-up mirrors run on batteries, which can be easily replaced or, for rechargeable batteries, plugged right into an electrical outlet. Easy peasy!

If you’re looking for a real high-end product, then we recommended a foldable magnification mirror, which can be stored away when not in use and therefore give you more space for getting ready! Some mirrors also contain their own electrical outlet, so you can plug your hair iron, hair dryer, or shaver into the mirror itself. This makes getting ready extra sufficient and simple!

Get the Best Makeup Magnification Mirror of 2022!

So by now you should have a better understanding of what you’re after in your brand new Magnification Mirror! If you aren’t a fan of our featured products, don’t worry. We won’t be upset. Simply scroll through our brands’ other products and collections to find the best Magnification Mirror for you. With such an array of products, we are confident you will find something you will love. Now, all that’s left to do is select your new mirror and start getting glammed up!

Our Top Choice
Jerdon Tabletop 2-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror
Best Value
Conair Double-sided Oval Mirror
Simplehuman Wall Mount Sensor Mirror
Deco Brothers Two-Sided Makeup Mirror
Fancii Lighted Magnification Mirror