Best Makeup Sponge Reviews 2023

Is there anything worse than poorly blended makeup? Talk about a guaranteed way to ruin a selfie. Or picture. Or first impression. Or date. I’m sure you get the idea…and I’m sure you agree! That’s why you need to add one of these handy little makeup sponges to your beauty product arsenal. With one of these babies, your contour will always look spot-on! To help you choose the ideal makeup sponge for you, we’ve selected the best makeup sponge brands on the market today with a product to feature from each to give you a better feel for the different types of makeup sponges out there and what different brands are offering.
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# of Sponges
Our Top Choice
Beautyblender Makeup Sponge / Liquid Cleanser
If you’re after a revolutionary brand that will change the way you apply makeup forever, then Behind The Blend is the brand for you.
Pack of 2 sponges. Revolutionary design. Soft on your skin. Environmentally-friendly.
Customers were not impressed by the cleanser that comes with the sponges.
Water-Soluble Dyes
Suitable for powder and cream
Best Value
Cala Non-Latex Cosmetic Wedges
Cala is a brand that’s all about providing the most professional products at the most competitive prices, and has been doing so since 1982.
Available in packs of 1 or 3. 32 sponges per pack. Great for applying and removing makeup. Suitable for soft skin.
Sponges are quite small.
32 per pack
Non-Latex Formula
Suitable for all makeup
Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Blender
Aesthetica is the go-to brand for anyone that needs a little help when it comes to applying their makeup perfectly, with a goal to inform its customers.
100% vegan and cruelty-free. Made from non-latex foam. Unique design is perfect for liquids, powders, and eyeshadows.
Sponges are prone to ripping.
Non-Latex Foam
Suitable for cream and liquid
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
Real Techniques’ knowledge of the makeup artist industry is what really sets its beauty products apart from the rest.
Perfect for a variety of different makeup products. Latex-free and soft on your skin.
Sponges are quite stiff.
Latex-Free Foam
Liquid and powder foundation
Beauty Junkees Pro Beauty Sponges Set
Beauty Junkees’ aim is to make the whole process of applying makeup that little bit easier (and fun too!).
Pack of 4 sponges. Color coded for easy use. Latex-free.
Difficult to clean.
Latex-Free Sponge
Teardrop, Pear, Spade, Sculptor
Yes, different styles for contouring
Suitable for all makeup

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What is the Best Makeup Sponge?

When it comes to deciding which makeup sponge is best for you, it can often be a little confusing due to the seemingly infinite options out there! But fingers crossed, after reading our buying guide, you’ve figured out what type of makeup sponge is most suitable to your needs and all the features you would like it to have. This will make it a lot easier when it comes time to make a decision and select the ideal makeup sponge for you and your beauty routine! So, let’s get looking at our top 5 picks, shall we?
Our Top Choice
The beautyblender sponge by Behind the Blend is a revolutionary product that makes the most out of your makeup application, and even comes with a neat cleanser! Only need the sponges? Behind the Blend sells them separately, as well as many other high-quality types of makeup sponges and cosmetic blenders.

Beautyblender The Original Makeup Sponge with Liquid Beauty Cleanser - Handcrafted in the USA

Behind the Blend was created in the early 00’s after the founder, Rea Ann, spent over a decade in the makeup artist industry working with a variety of influential (and very famous!) clients. This background knowledge of the industry is what encouraged Rea to create her own line of products and thus, in 2000 the beautyblender was born! The award-winning brand has been providing the world with high-end affordable products for almost 2 decades and it looks like it’ll just keep growing!

We wanted to feature Behind the Blend’s Original Beauty Blender due to the product’s intricate design and influence it’s had on the makeup world. Handcrafted in the USA, beautyblender uses safe, water-soluble dyes that are safe to use on the skin and don’t harm the environment! This product can be used to apply foundation, creams, blushes, and more, and does so flawlessly. The sponges also come with a 5-ounce liquid cleanser that supports the blender sponge and removes any excess dirt for the perfect base—it can even clean makeup brushes!
Best Value
Cala’s Wedge Sponges are ideal for removing and applying makeup on even the softest of skin! If you prefer round makeup sponges, Cala has those too – and they’re also available in non-latex for all skin types.

Cala Professional Non-Latex Cosmetic Wedges - For All Skin Types, 32 Count

Cala has been creating beauty and personal care products since 1982 and is one of the leading manufacturers of premium-quality beauty products in the world. Cala also produces a wide variety of products that range from manicure and pedicure materials to bath and spa supplies, and so much more! Cala also prides itself in its ability to produce the highest quality products at the lowest price they can, meaning when you purchase anything from Cala you’re getting the best deal possible!

We wanted to feature Cala’s Professional Cosmetic Wedges due to the brand’s overall popularity and the product’s great reviews online. These wedges are for applying and blending foundation and other products such as eyeshadow or powder—you can even remove makeup with them! Due to the sponge’s non-latex, soft, absorbent design, these sponges are suitable for all skin types and won’t irritate the skin either. As they’re oil-free too, the sponges won’t crumble or flake after the first few uses, which means you can use them over and over again to your heart’s content!
Aesthetica’s Cosmetics Beauty Sponge is the perfect product to create a flawless finish, and is even 100% vegan! For small areas around your eyes, lips, and brows we recommend checking out Aesthetica’s Mini Beauty Sponge which is also latex-free and vegan.

Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Blender - Latex Free and Vegan Makeup Sponge, For Powder, Cream or Liquids

Aesthetica is renowned for creating a wide range of beauty care products that vary from brush sets to contour kits to sponges, and so much more! The main aim of Aesthetica is to help women who need guidance when applying their makeup by creating easy-to-use tools that create the perfect look! Aesthetica also goes one step further by providing interactive tutorials for its customers as well as ‘how-to-guides’ to make sure its products are used to their full potential!

We wanted to feature Aesthetica’s Cosmetic Beauty Sponges due to them being a #1 bestseller in the sponge and cosmetics category. This product can be used for blending powders and creams, and provides a flawless, edge-less application that ensures your makeup looks perfect! Made from non-latex foam, this sponge reduces allergies and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free—perfect for eco-friendly makeup users!
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is the perfect choice for anyone that likes to use a variety of makeup products at one time, such as powdered and liquid foundations. Want to try out some of the different Miracle Complexion Sponges Real Techniques has to offer? Check out the six-piece variety pack.

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Miracle Complexion Sponges – Sold as Single, Two Pack or Four Pack

Created in 2011, Real Techniques is a brand that aims to help women who have difficulty when it comes to applying their makeup. By pairing its high-quality designs with its expert knowledge in the makeup artist industry, Real Techniques was able to come out with a range of products that really made a difference to its customers around the world and allowed women to create looks they never thought possible before!

We wanted to feature Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge due to the product’s great reviews online and the fact that it’s also a #1 bestseller in the makeup sponge category. This versatile beauty tool is made from revolutionary foam technology that evenly blends your makeup for a smooth and flawless finish. This product’s latex-free so it won’t irritate your skin, and is ideal for both liquid and powdered foundations!
Beauty Junkees Flawless Coverage Makeup Sponges are a firm favorite of ours due to their color coded, easy-to-use design. Each of the shapes in this set is also sold individually in packs of 4, so if you don’t need them all, you can get just what you need.

Beauty Junkees PRO Beauty Sponge Blender - Makeup Sponges for Blending, Highlighting and Contouring!

Beauty Junkees’ mission as a brand is to provide the highest-quality products on the market that have been tried and tested by real women so you can rest assured knowing they really work! It also provides tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of Beauty Junkee products and can easily introduce them into your daily beauty routine. Beauty Junkee refuses to sell products that they don’t love themselves, so you don’t have to worry about any of its products not working perfectly. Just sit back, relax, and know that all the hard work has been done for you!

We wanted to feature Beauty Junkees Flawless Coverage Makeup Sponges due to their great reviews and their color coded, easy-to-use design! These latex-free sponges can be used wet or dry on a variety of makeup products to create an even, flawless finish. These professional-style sponges are half the cost of other brands and are washable, reusable, and non-allergenic! The pink teardrop sponge is best used for an all-over base whilst the purple sponge is perfect for contouring. The green oval sponge is for those makeup perfectionists out there and is great for concealing. Finally, the blue sponge is best used for a heavier, air-brushed look.

How Do I Choose the Best Makeup Sponge?

Cosmetic sponges are rapidly replacing makeup brushes as one of the most popular beauty products on the market today. Now some of you may only be familiar with the small, flimsy compact sponges that come free with your blush or powdered foundation, but these days, makeup sponges are so much more than this. Today, makeup sponges come in lots of different varieties, making applying your makeup even easier than before.

As well as this, new makeup sponges can be used for removing makeup and applying creams, moisturizers, and cleansers. Makeup sponges come in lots of different shapes depending on what they’re being used for, and can also differ in texture and the materials used. Let’s take a look at the different styles of makeup sponges available and what they’re best used for:
  • Liquid Foundation – Wedge-shaped sponge that’s large in size with small pores and a soft texture.
  • Concealer - Wedge-shaped sponge that’s small in size, ideal for the jaw line, nose, and chin.
  • Pressed Powder - Round-shaped sponge that’s large in size.
  • Eye Makeup - Wedge-shaped sponge that’s small in size with a firm texture.
  • Removing Makeup - Round-shaped sponge that’s large in size with a porous, coarse texture.
After you’ve figured out which type of sponge it is you’re after, you’ll also want to have a little think about the materials used in your new product. There are two main types of sponge material: Natural and Synthetic. Natural sponges are normally made from sea fibers and are designed specifically for repeated use (ideal for the more eco-friendly consumers out there). This, however, can mean that natural sponges are costlier due to their reusability and the fact that they must be cleaned (though synthetic are still typically more expensive). Natural sponges also tend to have an uneven surface, which can make applying makeup and cleaning the products that much more difficult.

Synthetic sponges, on the other hand, are intended to be disposable, and therefore come in large quantities and a variety of shapes and sizes. Many people prefer to use synthetic sponges as they’re easier to apply makeup with. Although synthetic sponges should be thrown away after use, some companies are now designing synthetic products that can be cleaned and reused the same way natural sponges can. These sponges do tend to be more expensive, however, and will require continuous cleaning to ensure they work effectively.
When it comes to the cost of your new makeup sponges, there actually isn’t too much differentiation in price. Like we mentioned earlier, natural sponges that are reusable tend to cost more than synthetic sponges, and will usually set you back between $13 and $15. As these products are reusable, however, they’ll last you much longer than synthetic sponges and may actually save you money in the long run, making synthetic sponges overall more expensive, especially for larger sets of up to thirty. Synthetic sponges are less costly upfront and will usually set you back between $10 and $12. Synthetic sponges, however, usually come in bulk and will still last you a lengthy amount of time if cared for properly.

Another factor that will affect cost is the features of the product. If a sponge can be used for a variety of makeup products (both dry and wet makeup) or is vegan or latex-free, then you can expect to pay slightly more for these products. Cheaper makeup sponges are available on the market ($8 or less) but be aware that these products may not be as effective or as kind to your skin.
The features you favor in your new makeup sponges will depend entirely on your personal preferences, what you’ll be using the sponges for, and the type of sponge you opt for. There are a few features, however, that we recommend keeping an eye out for to ensure you select the best possible product for you!

Here are some important features to look out for:
  • Variety
  • Non-Latex
  • Can be used for removing makeup
With these features on your side, you’ll definitely be able to get more out of your sponges in the long run!
Construction and Design
If you’ve opted for a synthetic makeup sponge, then we recommend looking for a product that offers you variety. This means that the set contains several different styles of sponge that will allow you to create a variety of looks using different makeup products, both wet and dry. Today, many singular sponges are also specifically designed to work on a variety of makeup products; these sponges can be costlier, however.

When looking for your perfect makeup sponge, we recommend searching for products that are advertised as ‘non-latex’. If you’ve opted for a natural sponge, this usually won’t be an issue. Synthetic sponges, however, often contain latex which can be damaging to your skin, causing breakouts, eczema, and rashes. By selecting a product that’s latex-free, the sponges will be much softer on your skin and create an overall ‘flawless’ look once your makeup is applied.

Finally, we highly recommend looking for sponges that work with makeup remover, cleansers, and moisturizers. This will save you the hassle of having to buy separate makeup remover products and will encourage you to keep your sponges clean!
Performance and Ease of Use
To ensure your makeup sponges last as long as your makeup products themselves, we recommend washing your sponges on a regular basis, especially if you find yourself using them every day. You can opt for makeup brush cleaners, but these products tend to be rather pricey; everyday soap is just as effective and much more cost-effective too! Simply run some warm water over the sponges and leave in a warm place to dry. When the sponges start to become misshapen or start to crack, you may want to think about replacing them.

When it comes to storing your makeup sponges, you’ll want to make sure they’re placed in a dry area that isn’t around other makeup. That would cause bacteria to spread and may end up with you applying eyeshadow to your face along with your foundation…not a good look.

Many top products offer makeup bags and carry bags along with their sponges, so keep your eyes peeled for this. If you’re on a budget, however, then plastic baggies, zip-lock baggies, and envelopes work just as well.

Get the Best Makeup Sponge of 2023!

Hopefully, by now you’ve stumbled across your perfect makeup sponge and are now busy scanning the web looking for new beauty tips. If, however, this isn’t the case, then don’t you worry! We have purposefully selected brands that have lots of different products to offer; simply browse through their other collections to find the best makeup sponges for you!

Our Top Choice
Beautyblender Makeup Sponge / Liquid Cleanser
Best Value
Cala Non-Latex Cosmetic Wedges
Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Blender
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
Beauty Junkees Pro Beauty Sponges Set