Best Manual Pool Vacuum Reviews — Manual Cleaners for Above Ground Pools, In Ground Pools, Spas and Ponds

There's nothing like a clean pool on a summer day – that inviting shade of clear blue practically begs you to jump in. However, as the season rolls by, debris is also attracted to your pool. A manual pool cleaner can make it easy to keep your pool as clean as you like it, all season long. We looked at five top products from some of the best manual pool cleaner brands and found effective options that you can count on.

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Our Top Choice
Water Tech Pool Blaster MAX
Water Tech is always innovating to meet the changing needs of pool and spa owners. It’s dedicated to making products that are highly effective, easy to use and affordable.
Battery powered. Saves on your electricity bill. Convenient on and off button. X-Treme Multilayer Filter included in purchase. One hour continuous run time.
Although it gets the job done, it’s slow and doesn’t have a stand to place it on when not in use.
Best Value
Polaris Spa Wand Swimming Pool and Spa Cleaner
Polaris makes top-quality pool cleaning tools. It’s a name that customers have come to trust to provide eco-friendly pool and spa cleaning solutions at budget-friendly prices.
Adequate for small-sized pools or spas. Portable; easy to carry about and store when not in use. Interchangeable nozzles are included with purchase.
It works well, but it’s a bit expensive and requires that you exert physical energy to use it.
OASE PondoVac 4 Pond Cleaner
Oase makes it easy to create a natural home oasis with products like the PondoVac Portable Pond Vacuum. It can be used to clean in and around your pond or pool.
Includes a range of nozzles and two hoses. Discharges as you vacuum. 8-foot maximum suction depth. High-performance motor.
Some reports of clogging when there is excessive debris.
Aquajack 120 Manual Pool Cleaner
Aquajack is a manufacturer of spa and pool cleaning machines, and it is committed to always making its products effective and simple to use while remaining affordable.
Portable and light. Fast filter cleaning. Ten Watt battery power that runs for 45 minutes per charge. 800-milliliter capacity. Easy to clean. Rechargeable battery. 10-foot depth capacity.
The battery life may be too short for some people.
Poolmaster Air Vac Vinyl Liner Vacuum
50 years and counting, and Poolmaster remains consistent in the quality of its spa and pool products and its after sales service, earning the trust and loyalty of its customers.
13-inch-wide ABS body. Two air relief valves that are self-adjusting. Full-circumference brush. Can work with any standard pool hose. Tension-spring handle.
The full perimeter brush sometimes stops it from picking up leaves and larger debris.

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What is the Best Manual Pool Cleaner for Vacuuming My Pool? Read On to Find Out.

You know that the suction depth, as well as the source of power, greatly affect your decision when buying a manual pool cleaner. Let’s look at more tips that will enable you to pick an ideal appliance for your pool cleaning needs.

Our Top Choice
The Water Tech Pool Blaster MAX is a convenient means of cleaning out your pool or spa without the hassles of a hose or electrical wires or cord. It’s not cumbersome and is quite easy to use. If you are looking for a less expensive manual pool cleaner and don’t mind different features, you can check out the Water Tech Pool Blaster Aqua Broom..

Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Manual Pool and Spa Cleaner - Includes Reusable X-Treme Multilayer Filter 

Water Tech takes pride in being the company that revolutionized the pool-cleaning industry. For the past forty years, it has consistently innovated to provide a wide range of cleaning equipment for pools and spas. Its mission is to make products that meet the ever-changing needs of its customers and also provide excellent after-sales care. It also has a product for every budget and taste; its ultimate goal is that your pool remains clean and healthy no matter your budget. It is known as the company that solved the problem of how to power a pool cleaner with batteries. With Water Tech, you are assured of a company that’s always thinking outside the box to bring you the best of technology at an affordable cost. There are times when cleaning your pool can be an onerous and cumbersome task, especially if you have to lug a hose around. For this reason, you sometimes leave your pool in less-than-pristine condition. No need for that anymore! The Water Tech Pool Blaster MAX is a convenient tool that removes the hassle and gives you a clean pool in less time. It’s not corded, and there’s no hose to lug around. That’s not all about this tool; here’s a list of some other features that it has:
  • Battery powered - It uses rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, which means you don’t require electricity, thus saving on your power bill.
  • Convenient on and off button - The on and off button is easy to push, making the machine easy to use.
  • X-Treme Multilayer Filter included in purchase - This filter is reusable and picks up both small and large pieces of litter in the pool.
  • One-hour continuous run time - It can run continuously for up to 60 minutes, which gives you adequate time to run through the pool.
  • Versatile - Can be used to clean different types of pools and spas.
Best Value
The Polaris Spa Wand Manual Pool Cleaner is a handy, convenient and easy-to-use tool. It needs no hose, electricity or batteries. Though it looks simple, you’ll be amazed by the results you’ll get from it.
. If you need a high-end, high-pressure pool cleaner, the Polaris Vac-Sweep Pool Cleaner comes highly recommended.

Polaris Spa Wand Swimming Pool and Spa Cleaner - OEM Vacuum

Polaris is a member of the Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc., a family of brands of products for pools and spas. Over forty years, Polaris has gained a reputation for top-quality automatic pool cleaners. It is reputed to be among the top sellers in the pool cleaning industry. It is a name that customers have come to trust for reliable and rugged products that get the job done. It is constantly innovating to keep offering eco-friendly solutions at budget-friendly prices. With Polaris pool cleaning products, you are assured of pools that are pristine and cleaning time that’s hassle free. A pool or spa does not always require heavy cleaning, but it has to be clean at all times. To avoid the stress of lugging out the heavy machine (whether manual or electric) every time, you need a handier and more convenient tool. The Polaris Spa Wand fits the bill! It is a simple wand that needs no hose, nor is it powered by electricity or batteries. Though it looks simple, you’ll be amazed by the results you’ll get from it. This simple tool comes with other features that include the following:
  • Adequate for small-sized pools or spas - Saves you the stress of carrying around a heavy machine.
  • Portable - It’s handy and easy to carry and store. You can easily carry it on trips or vacation.
  • Encourages frequent touch-up and cleaning of pool or spa - Because it’s portable and not difficult to use, you are more motivated to clean your pool often.
  • Interchangeable nozzles are included with purchase - This gives you different sizes of nozzles for different sizes of debris.
The OASE PondoVac makes it as easy as possible to clean out ponds of all sizes. It comes with various attachments to tackle the many surfaces and debris that collects in and around your pond. Looking for something less expensive? The OASE PondoVac Classic features the same high-quality reliability with a lower price and fewer extra features.

OASE PondoVac 4 Portable Pond Cleaner – 2 Chamber System, Included Nozzle Set

OASE offers products to help homeowners create an oasis in their own backyards. The PondoVac line features powerful suction and specialized attachments like the algae nozzle and brush nozzle to clean up any crevice and surface in your pond. Let's see what it takes to keep a bustling pond clean all season long:
  • A 2-chamber system allows for continuous suction while the tank empties out. That means you can conveniently suck up debris without emptying a bag every five minutes.
  • Easily clean deep ponds with the ultra-powerful 1800-watt motor with a maximum depth of 8 feet.
  • A pond vacuum would be nothing without an assortment of nozzles for the many challenges a pond presents. This vacuum includes flat-surface nozzles, gravel-sifting nozzles, algae-removing attachments and more.
  • This versatile vacuum can be used for ponds and pools, as well as around your home as a powerful wet vacuum.
The Aquajack 120 Manual Pool Cleaner is a convenient and easy-to-use tool that can be used with the handle or a telescopic pole (purchased separately). It effectively sucks in dust, fine debris and leaves. Would you prefer a bigger vacuum head (and don’t mind paying a bit more for it)? Then we recommend the Aquajack 300 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

Aquajack 120 Cordless Manual Cleaner for Spas, Hot Tubs and Above Ground Pools

Aquajack is a manufacturer of pool cleaning equipment. It has developed different series of pool cleaners for different sizes of pools, and the consistent features they all have are simplicity and high performance. It seeks to always make its products effective and simple to use while remaining affordable. Cleaning out a pool or spa is one chore that no one finds exciting, but the harsh reality is that it has to be done because you don’t want your pool or spa to become a breeding ground for germs or bacteria. The Aquajack Manual Pool Cleaner is a convenient and easy-to-use tool that helps you keep your pool clean at all times. You can use it with the handle or a telescopic pole and it effectively sucks in dust, fine debris and leaves. This handy cleaner has many other great features, and they include the following:
  • Portable and light - This makes it adequate for small areas and different surfaces.
  • Fast filter cleaning - Allows you to quickly clean out your pool or spa frequently without much thought because it’s fast.
  • Ten Watt battery power that runs for 45 minutes per charge - This battery life is adequate for a quick swipe because of the fast filter cleaning.
  • 800-milliliter capacity - This is adequate to collect debris of one cleaning so that you don’t have to empty it out between cleaning.
  • Rechargeable battery - The battery needs just two hours to recharge. This means it doesn’t take all day before you can use it again if you need to do so.
  • 10-foot depth capacity - This makes it ideal for hot tubs, above-ground pools, spas and all kinds of pools.
The Poolmaster Air Vac Vinyl Liner Vacuum is sturdily built and effectively cleans fiberglass and vinyl pools. The design keeps it weighted and properly submerged at floor level, making it easy to use. If you want a pool cleaner with a different design and features, you can check out the Poolmaster Black Magic Manual Pool Cleaner.

Poolmaster Air Relief Vinyl Liner Vacuum - Classic Collection

Poolmaster Inc. is a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of top-quality pool and spa products. It also offers a wide range of products which it distributes globally to retailers, wholesalers and specialty stores. Since 1958, when it was established, until now, it has remained consistent in the quality of its products, especially pool and spa products. This has made it a force to be reckoned with in the industry and has earned it the loyalty and trust of its numerous customers. It is also committed to rendering excellent after-sales service and ensuring that customers get the best value from any product purchased. Is your pool made of fiberglass or vinyl? Have you been having issues keeping it clean and healthy? All that’s required is the right machine and that would be sorted. The Poolmaster Air Vac Vinyl Liner Vacuum is just what you need! It’s part of Poolmaster’s classic collection, and it’s specially designed for fiberglass and vinyl pools. It is made with strong and durable materials and has a tension spring handle that helps to keep the cleaner firmly under the water and level with the floor of the pool. This uncomplicated and easy-to-use pool cleaner will get the job done at all times. That’s not all; this great machine has other features that include the following:
  • 13-inch-wide ABS body - This gives it the traction to stay on course and makes it anti-skid when you are using it, giving you full control of the machine.
  • Two air relief valves that are self-adjusting - These control the amount of suction pressure created by the vacuum on the vinyl liner so that it can clean smoothly and effectively.
  • Full circumference brush - The brush on the entire surface helps to loosen debris and dust from the floor of the pool and makes it easy for the vacuum to pick it up.
  • Can work with any standard pool hose - The built-in hose adapter is designed to fit a 1 1/4 to 1 ½-inch vacuum or pool hose, but the hose is not included in the purchase.

How to Choose the Best Manual Pool Vacuum to Clean My Swimming Pool

It’s one of those lazy summer afternoons where you are just relaxing in your hammock chair as you read a book. As the day progresses, you feel like taking a dip in your swimming pool or spa, but there's too much debris in it . You fetch a skimmer and start pulling leaves out, but half an hour later, there is not much progress. This is why you should get a pool vacuum. With manual pool cleaners, you are the one physically operating the appliance. This is good exercise as you move from one point to another, and it’s fun too! Manual pool vacuums are easier on your budget compared to automatic cleaners, and they're ideal for small pools and hot tubs. If you are a perfectionist, then a manual pool cleaner will not disappoint, since it will leave no spot untouched. Before buying a pool cleaner, consider the size of your pool. If the pool is large, then a manual cleaner may not be the best choice, since it can be very time-consuming. You may want an automatic pool vacuum or robotic pool cleaner instead. The weight of the manual pool cleaner is also an important consideration. The best manual pool cleaner should be lightweight, so that you can move it around easily as you clean. When your pool is clean, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy lazing around on your favorite floating island as you sip some ice-cold, freshly squeezed juice. One more thing: During the course of our research, we saw a number of great manual pool cleaners. There are two in particular that couldn't make it onto our top five list even though they are excellent products — the Clorox Pool & Spa Vinyl Head Push Click Vacuum and the Aura 6250 Paradise Power Spa Vacuum.
Sometimes the best vacation is a STAYCATION! Create a backyard oasis with these top recommended pool products at In The Swim
You don’t have to break the bank to acquire a manual pool vacuum. Manual pool cleaners are fairly inexpensive, ranging from $30 to $350, so there’s no reason for debris and other dirt to pile up in your pool. The price varies depending on the suction capability and the efficiency of the pool cleaner. You may pay a little bit more for a pool cleaner with a powerful suction capability, which depends on the strength of its batteries. In this review, we have not featured cheap manual pool cleaners, and with good reason. In our research, we found that they were inefficient due to inferior suction performance, and had low-quality filter bags.
Here are some important features to look for when searching for a manual pool vacuum:
  • Power Source - Cordless pool vacuums come with rechargeable batteries, but you may find some that are powered by electricity and/or have USB charging.
  • Type - This depends on whether the pool cleaner can be used to clean a pool, spa, pond or all of these. In broad terms, there are two main types — ones that work independently from your pool pump, and ones that connect to it.
  • Weight - Cords and hoses add to the weight of the pool cleaner, but ideally, the gadget should be light enough for easy movement as you clean.
  • Suction Depth - How deep can the pool cleaner go? Does it allow for efficient discharge of water as you clean?
  • Filter Bag - Is the filter bag reusable? How much dirt can fit in it?

How To Hook Up Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum and Hose With Sand Filter

How to connect your above ground pool vacuum and hose to the sand filter on your swimming pool.| Courtesy of Homeowner Repair

Construction and Design
A manual pool cleaner usually has a vacuum-like design, with an attached pole that helps you move around while cleaning your pool. Most of the battery-charged ones do not come with a cord, and they have superior suction capability. Weight is a key factor to consider in a manual pool cleaner. Most of these cleaners are lightweight, allowing you to move around when using them. When the cleaner sucks up the dirt, it channels it into a filter bag, which you then empty once you're done. Some cleaners have reusable filter bags, with the majority having enough space to accommodate as much dirt as possible. For your safety, some designs come with an auto-shutoff feature that turns off the cleaner when it’s not submerged in water.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of a manual pool vacuum depends on its suction capability. From the length of the suction to its operation, it is essential that your manual pool cleaner can take out your debris efficiently. Many manual pool cleaners have filter bags that store the dirt from your pool. The water flow of the cleaner may also affect its performance, so it’s important to monitor its level regularly. A good pool cleaner will come with a manual with easy-to-understand instructions on the installation and maintenance of the appliance. When storing a pool cleaner with a hose, it’s important that you don’t coil the hose, since this will interfere with its performance.

How to Vacuum Your Pool Using Manual Pool Cleaner with Hoses

How to vacuum your pool whether your pool has a liner or a hard bottom. | Courtesy of Ask the Pool Guy

Get the Best Manual Pool Vacuum of 2023!

Hopefully, the information contained in this review was of great help, and has helped you identify an ideal manual pool cleaner to get rid of all the dirt in your pool. Need a different cleaner? These expert brands have other great appliances that will not disappoint you.

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Our Top Choice
Water Tech Pool Blaster MAX
Best Value
Polaris Spa Wand Swimming Pool and Spa Cleaner
OASE PondoVac 4 Pond Cleaner
Aquajack 120 Manual Pool Cleaner
Poolmaster Air Vac Vinyl Liner Vacuum

Manual Pool Vacuum FAQs

How to use a manual pool vacuum.
Begin by attaching the head of the vacuum cleaner to the telescopic pole. Grab your hose and attach one of its ends to the top of the manual pool cleaner. Place all three items into the pool and ensure that the vacuum head is sitting on the pool’s floor. Attach the other end of the hose to a return jet into the pool and let the air come out. The suction created helps clean the pool.
What setting should I use to vacuum my pool?
When carrying out routine vacuuming, the setting should be on the ‘filter’ position. Such a setting ensures that dirty water is directed into the pool filter removing any contaminants. If the pool is extremely dirty with heavy sediments, set the manual pool cleaner to ‘waste’ or ‘drain.’ Doing so directs the dirty to an external drain which prevents clogging of the filter.
How to vacuum an above ground pool.
Start by removing any leaves or debris using a skimmer. Empty the skimmer then turn on the pump which passes water through the filter. Assemble the vacuum head, the pole, and the hose. Place the assembled parts to the side of the pool. Start moving the vacuum head across the bottom of the pool. Always ensure the head is submerged.