Best Marine Cooler Reviews 2023

Shopping is never a walk in the park, no matter how uncomplicated the product is. Not everyone has the patience to browse through myriads of options to pick what’s best suited for their needs. For those looking to buy a new marine cooler or replace old/worn ones, we’ve carried out extensive research to help make your search easier. We have a list of five products from five brands, but we assure you we feature only brands proven to be reliable and trustworthy, so choose other products from them without fear. You are sure to get a good bargain.
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Our Top Choice
Yeti Tundra 65 Marine Cooler
Yeti started by providing strong and durable coolers that can withstand any conditions. It’s expanded to other outdoor products of great quality and worth its price.
Non-slip feet. Comfortable to grip handles. Fail-safe hinge setup. T-Rex Fastener for the lid. Unrivaled ice retention. Vortex Drain System. Can be attached to vehicles.
Can get heavy and has limited capacity.
Latched lid; 3 inches insulation
Rotomolded plastic; rubber
39 cans
Desert tan, ice blue, white
Tie-down slots, coldlock gaskets
Best Value
NorChill Voyager Series Marine Cooler
NorChill’s singular passion is to provide quality outdoor gear for outdoor buffs and also offer unrivaled service with its customer-centered innovations at budget friendly prices.
Gator skin liner seams that are welded for extra strength. Kangaroo pouch pocket with zipper. Heavy Duty YKK® Zipper. Dual Temp Insulation System™. Compact foldable design.
Shoulder strap may not last for long.
Bag; zippered closure
PVC tarpaulin; nylon shell
24 cans, 48 cans
White, blue, red, black
Padded carry handles
Rubbermaid 150-Quart Marine Cooler
For almost 80 years now, Rubbermaid has provided top quality and innovative products that simplify people’s lives. It’s also positively impacted the lives of people around it.
Ultra thick insulation. East to clean and odor and stain resistant. Threaded drain plug. Solid and durable lid with an inbuilt fish scale. Hinged lid that can be latched.
The latch for the lid is a bit flimsy.
Threaded drain plug
Molded plastic
252 cans
Fish scale, cup holders
Coleman 150-Quart White Marine Cooler
Coleman is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of products for outdoor activities. For over 100 years, it’s consistently provided, rugged, functional and high performance products.
Scratch-resistant and UV treated textured exterior case. Stainless steel frame. Stainless steel lid harness. Drain that fits a regular garden hose. Latchet to lock the lid.
Ice may not last for six days when cooler is loaded with food and/drinks.
Drain plug; wide handles
UV treated plastic
223 cans
2 dividers, 1 tray, fish scale
Igloo Ultra Island Breeze Marine Cooler
Igloo, rated as one of the leading makers of coolers and ice chests globally, has consistently provided products that make outdoor activities stress-free and delightful.
Ultratherm Insulation in the body and the cover. Odor resistant and anti-stain liner. UV protected. Trademark comfort-grip locking telescoping handle. Threaded drain plug.
Pricey for the size and quality.
2 wheels; carved out handles
Ultratherm insulated plastic
48 cans
Cup holders, fish measuring rule

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What is the Best Marine Cooler?

There’s no way we can term any brand or product the best marine cooler available. This is because each product comes with differing features that appeal to different consumers. What determines the best value of a product is the satisfaction it provides for the user. It pays to note the different features we’ve discussed so you know what to look out for when you go shopping. This will help you to get the best marine cooler for you.
Our Top Choice
The Yeti Marine Cooler is a versatile tool that keeps content cold for hours and is made with a ColdLock™ Gasket and three inches of PermaFrost™ Insulation. It is rugged and sturdy enough to withstand usage in any condition. You’ll need ice whenever you want to use the cooler so we recommend you get the YETI ICE Refreezable Reusable Cooler Ice Pack

Yeti Tundra 65 Marine Cooler - Available in 3 Colors

YETI was founded by two brothers as a result of the frustration they experienced from all the coolers they used during their outdoor adventures with their father. They noticed most of the coolers were not made with good quality materials and wouldn’t even retain ice for long. YETI started with a clear goal of building the type of cooler that can be used every day; coolers that can be used outdoors under any kinds of conditions instead of the cheap ones that abounded in the market. Its products are designed and built based on innovation from experience instead of just research. The founders knew firsthand the things that were not right with the coolers they’d used over the years. You have the advantage of getting products made by people who know what makes excellent products. YETI is more concerned about the quality of products it puts out than making a quick buck. It understands your satisfaction is more important than just making a sale.

The Yeti Marine Cooler is an appliance you can use anywhere. It’s a versatile tool for keeping content cold for long hours, from your catch at sea or in the wilds to food and drinks for your outdoor events. It’s manufactured with a Yeti trademark ColdLock™ Gasket and three inches of PermaFrost™ Insulation, and is rugged and sturdy enough to withstand usage in any climate and conditions without wearing out.

This great cooler is loaded with many other wonderful features which include the following:
  • Fail Safe Hinge Set-up – The two hinge pins and interlocking design ensure the hinge won’t break
  • T-Rex Fastener for the lid – This exclusive design uses strong and durable rubber which makes the fastener extra strong and not easily busted
  • Designed for unrivaled ice retention – it has a trademark that’s known as the Certified Bear-Resistant FatWall Design. This means the walls of the cooler have insulation that’s three inches thick and a gasket of freezer quality that circles the radius of the cover. This helps to shut heat out and hold the cold in, keeping ice frozen for many hours
  • DoubleHaul and Lip Grip Handles – The handles are made with military-grade polyester rope for additional durability, designed for two people to carry the cooler
  • Rotomolded structure – This structure makes it completely reinforced and near impossible to damage, which means you can use your cooler on any kind of adventure or trip
  • BearFoot skid resistant feet – This prevents your cooler from sliding on smooth surfaces, ensuring it remains firmly in place
  • AnchorPoint Tie-Down Slots – The forged sockets make it easy for you to tie your cooler to your truck, boat, van or any other platform or vehicle you want to attach it to
  • Vortex Drain System – This makes the cooler leak-proof and sturdy and allows you to drain it quickly and easily
Best Value
The NorChill Marine Cooler is known as the “BRUTE” of NorChill products because of its hardiness and strength. It’s made with a nylon shell that’s tear and UV resistant, and it can hold forty eight cans and ten pounds of ice. If you’re looking for a cooler that’s less expensive and don’t mind different features, the NorChill Soft Coolers, Realtree Xtra is highly recommended.

NorChill Voyager Series 48-Can Boatbag Marine Cooler

NorChill is proud to be identified as an American owned and operated company that manufactures high performance and top quality drinkware and coolers. Its singular passion is to make quality products available to outdoor buffs and also provide unrivaled service with its customer-centered innovations. It is actively pursuing innovation in all aspect of business, whether it’s helping you to enjoy new levels of adventure in your outdoor activities or using new technologies to recreate existing products. At the core of every product or service is customer centered innovation, and this helps it consistently stay on the cutting edge of technological development in the industry. It doesn’t just source for products and affix its logo or name to them but takes time to research, and then it goes on to designing and engineering and finally manufacturing and marketing. You have a guarantee that all products are made with your satisfaction in mind, not just profit. The two year warranty on every product offered is proof of this assertion.

The NorChill Marine Cooler is large enough to hold whatever you need for your weekend outdoor adventures. It’s easier to carry this cooler bag than to lug a hard cooler around. It’s made with a nylon shell that’s tear-resistant and UV protected, and it can hold forty eight cans and ten pounds of ice. It’s regarded as the “BRUTE” of NorChill products because of its hardiness and strength. This wonderful cooler is loaded with many great features, some of which are:
  • Gator skin liner seams that are welded for extra strength – This ensures the bag is abrasion and leak proof, puncture resistant and durable. Even when the ice melts, the fluid remains in the bag until you drain it
  • Kangaroo pouch pocket with zipper – This provides additional storage space
  • Heavy Duty YKK® Zipper – This rust resistant zipper is marine inspired and is not easily broken or damaged
  • Dual Temp Insulation System™ – Whether you want to keep food hot or drinks icy cold, this cooler keeps things at the desired temperature for many hours
  • Detachable Shoulder Strap – This provides an alternative carrying option, especially when you need to carry other items
  • Made of Lead and Toxin free materials and accepted at the majority of Race Tracks – The construction is such that the bag is safe for contact with edibles and it’s up to the standard accepted at most race tracks
  • Compact foldable design – This makes storage of the bag easier – all you need do is fold it down with the clips and keep until you need it
  • Easy to clean and maintain – The liner can be pulled out for cleaning. This ensures you don’t have residue, debris or stains in the bag
  • Two year manufacturer’s warranty – It has one of the best warranties in the industry. You are assured of protection against manufacturer defects
The Rubbermaid Marine Cooler is perfect for fishing trips and big enough for storing fish or items needed for long trips. It’s solidly built with non-slip materials so it doesn’t slip around on smooth surfaces. If you’re looking for a cooler that can be wheeled, we recommend the Rubbermaid Extreme 5-Day Wheeled Ice Chest Rolling Cooler

Rubbermaid 150-Quart Marine Cooler with Built-In Cup Holders

For close to 80 years, Rubbermaid® has represented high quality and innovative products that make people’s lives simpler. It started with a line of uncomplicated and long-lasting houseware and has expanded to a plethora that covers commercial and seasonal products, as well as garden and home. It’s received recognition as one of the brands of the century and one of one hundred companies that have impacted the lifestyles of Americans. One mission it holds dear is to build up communities by the investments it makes in the programs important to its employees. It strives to consistently contribute positively to the daily lives of its customers for a lifetime. This is a brand with soul, interested not only in the profit it can make from consumers but also in the positive impact it can have on their lives. With every purchase you make, you are a part of that positive impact.

The Rubbermaid Marine Cooler is a perfect accessory for fishing trips. It’s large enough for storing fish or things needed for long trips. Its content capacity is a total of 280 pounds (fish and ice) or 252 cans and ice – quite large and heavy when it’s full, which is why the handles are sturdily designed to support heavy loads. These extra wide handles allow two persons to carry it conveniently. The exterior is solidly built with non-slip materials to ensure it doesn’t slip around on the deck or other smooth surfaces.

If that’s not already convinced you, here are some more great features:
  • Ultra-thick insulation – This ensures ice remains frozen for up to seven days at 90° F
  • Ease of maintenance – The cooler has a surface that’s not difficult to clean and a liner that is odor and stain resistant
  • Threaded drain plug – A drain plug at the base allows you to easily drain liquids from the cooler
  • Solid and durable lid with an inbuilt fish scale – This lid can serve as a seat for two adults (this provides extra seating on deck or below deck) and the fish scale comes in handy for weighing your catch even before you get home
  • Hinged lid that can be latched – The safety latches don’t allow the lid to open on its own and hold the lid firmly closed no matter how bumpy the ride gets
  • Inbuilt cup holders – This can fit twenty ounce bottles and twelve ounce cans, providing extra storage space
  • Rubbermaid Refreeze and Iceolater™ bottle complaint – The inbuilt compartments for the freezer packs are designed to keep contents separate in the cooler. The Rubbermaid Iceolator keeps contents cold for many hours. There’s also space for the refreeze packs in the cover of the cooler, which reduces the ice requirements inside.
  • Made in America – This ensures the quality and integrity of the cooler is not compromised
The Coleman Marine Cooler is ideal for your fishing and boating trips. Sturdy and fortified for durability, it’s engineered to hold ice for up to six days and ensures you have no worries about your food or catch. If you’re looking for a cooler with different features, we recommend the Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

Coleman 150-Quart Heritage XP H2O White Marine Cooler

Coleman was established over a hundred years ago by W.C. Coleman. It started out making lanterns but has succeeded in impacting the lives of Americans over the years. Coleman’s journey is replete with awesome innovations, historical importance and learning fun things. It’s expanded to become one of the global leaders in the manufacture and distribution of products for outdoor activities. Its products are designed to enable people to enjoy their outdoor adventures better, and also create lifelong memories. Its wide variety of outdoor products includes a line that’s strictly for children. So, if you have enjoyed the benefits of durable, functional and budget friendly products for your outdoor activities, you can trust it to provide the same for your children.

Coleman is a subsidiary of Jarden Corporation and part of the Newell Brand Outdoor Solutions business segment. This should assure you that you’re dealing with a brand with a reputation for protection that won’t put out sub-standard products. Its coolers are legendary and reputed to be rugged and high-performance, and one example of such coolers is the Coleman Marine Cooler

When you’re planning a fishing or boating expedition, you need to store your food and refreshment properly and be sure they’ll remain fresh and at the right temperature for as long as you need them. Your catch also needs proper storage for preservation, especially on extended trips. Short of carrying a freezer around, there’s no way you can achieve this without a cooler. The Coleman Marine Cooler is sturdily built and fortified for durability and it has the capacity to hold two hundred and twenty cans. It’s engineered to hold ice for as long as six days and has a microbial liner for prevention of the growth of bacteria.

This cooler is a must have for anyone planning an expedition at sea, outdoor adventures or extended trips. It has more great features and some of them include the following:
  • Scratch-resistant, UV treated and textured exterior case – The body of the cooler doesn’t scratch easily and the UV coating prevents it from yellowing. This makes it tough enough for any kind of adventure
  • Made with stainless steel frame and a stainless steel cover harness – This fortifies the cooler and makes it strong and near indestructible
  • Drain that fits a regular garden hose – This enables you to clean out and drain the cooler faster and easier
  • Can fit two-liter bottles standing – This shows you the depth of the cooler; it’s spacious enough to store refreshments for days
  • Outer case has a fish scale that’s molded in – This enables you to weigh your catch even before you get home. This can come in handy, especially if you have a target in mind for your expedition
  • Comes with a cutting board and tray –This is a handy utensil for gutting and cleaning out your fish. You can also use it to cut up and serve your refreshments/food
  • Handles are large and comfortable – This makes it easy for you to carry it, even when it’s fully loaded
  • A latchet to lock the lid – This ensures the lid of the cooler is secure and wont flip open even on bumpy rides
The Igloo Marine Cooler is a high performance cooler that keeps ice for days and would work well for any occasion. It has a 50-quart capacity and large wheels for easy transportation, especially when fully loaded. If you’re looking for a cooler of higher quality, we recommend the Igloo Super Tough STX Cooler

Igloo Ultra Island Breeze Marine Cooler - Available in 3 Sizes

Igloo started from a humble metalwork shop in 1947. Since then, it’s continued to help redefine how people work, live and play. It first started out by making products people could use to get water to their worksites but has since graduated to making high performance coolers and ice chests. With one thousand two hundred employees and over five hundred products sold the world over, it can be rated as one of the leading manufacturers of coolers globally.

Through the years, it’s achieved a lot of success but hasn’t lost sight of the goal it started out with – to make products that make it easy for people to enjoy their outdoor activities. It continues to innovate and create more relevant products. With Igloo products, boating, fishing and camping trips become stress-free and delightful and you are encouraged to go out more often.

When you have an event or get-together, the highlight of the occasion often includes food and drinks. Nothing puts a damper on an event like drinks that aren’t chilled or food that’s not at the right temperature – that’s why you need the Igloo Marine Cooler. Its fifty quart capacity is just right for you and your guests and the large wheels make it easy for you to transport, even when it’s loaded down with goodies. This cooler is also ideal for fishing trips, as it comes with a measuring ruler for fish on its lid. It’s versatile and works well for any occasion you need it.

This simple yet functional cooler is loaded with many great features. Here are a few more:
  • Ultratherm Insulation in the body and cover – This high performance insulation ensures ice is kept for days which means whatever you store in the cooler is preserved for many hours
  • Odor resistant and anti-stain liner – The liner is made with materials that don’t retain stain and odor. The cooler cleans out easily so you can use it over and over again without residual odor from past food or drinks stored in it
  • UV protected – This ensures the cooler is safe from any sun damage such as yellowing and cracking, thereby prolonging the lifespan
  • Trademark comfort-grip locking telescoping handle – It has thumb levers that are easy to release, which gives you two carrying options for the cooler. You can either lift it by the handle or you can push up the handle and use it to roll the wheels
  • Threaded drain plug can fit a regular garden hose – This makes it easy to drain liquid from the cooler and also wash it without hassles

How Do I Choose the Best Marine Cooler?

Thinking of going on a boating, fishing or camping expedition or any other “wild” outdoor adventure? As you’re checking your tackle box is still intact or the camping tent and camping cots are in good shape, don’t forget you’ll need food, drinks and refreshments for the duration of your trip, and you’ll need to store your catch and keep it fresh until you get home.

So how does one go about organizing all these details? First, you need to know how many of you are going on the trip and have an idea of all the activities taking place. This will help you generate a check list of everything needed. Then, begin to gather them way ahead of your trip – that way, you won’t forget anything.

If it’s an extended trip, whether on land or sea, you should be thinking of storing your food and drinks in a marine cooler. This is because marine coolers retain ice for longer periods than regular coolers and allow you to have fresh food all through your trip. If more than two or three are going on the trip, it’s a good idea to go with two medium or small sized coolers instead of a large sized one. Place drinks and refreshments in one and food in the other – this preserves food better as people won’t be opening the lid and reaching in continuously for drinks.

Seasoned fishermen usually like to go fishing with ultra size marine coolers because they don’t like to cut their prized catch. Ultra size marine coolers also hold considerable quantities of ice and retain it for nothing less than five days.

No matter the occasion that requires cold drinks and preserved food, marine coolers are equal to the task and there are a wide variety to choose from that will definitely provide the performance you require.
Good marine coolers don’t come cheap and like any other product, the price difference is affected by different factors of production. The material used in the construction, the features it has and the brand are a few of the factors that impact on the cost of the cooler. Hard shell coolers are usually more expensive than soft sided coolers and the ones with wheels and strong handles that allow two people to carry them are also pricier. Of course, the size and capacity of the cooler will also affect the price. The ones that retain ice for longer are costlier than the ones that retain ice for a day or two. Brands known for high end quality products also command a higher price than those just coming into the market.

A good marine cooler can cost anything between $75 and $400. Although you can get cheap marine coolers, we don’t advise you sacrifice quality for cost, especially if you’re going to be using your cooler for fishing trips. You don’t want to get home and discover your catch has gone bad!

The brands we’ve featured here are all tested and proven. They all have good reputations to protect and always endeavor to offer great value for money, so have no fear about purchasing any of the featured products or any other product based on this review.
Coolers are an essential accessory on any boating or fishing expedition and other outdoor adventures. Each cooler comes with different features which determine its level of performance. There are features that can’t be compromised if you want a certain level of performance. Here are some of the features to look out for when you go shopping for one:
  • Material – The construction and material used determine how rugged and durable the cooler is and how well it performs
  • Size – This includes the dimensions of the cooler which determine its capacity
  • Ice Retention – This refers to how long it keeps ice
  • Type of Cooler– This includes three types; hard shell, soft sided and electric coolers
  • Color– Determines how well it reflects light and heat
  • Design –Includes features like the handle, lid, latches and wheels
This is a broad categorization of the features. Let’s now go into full details on the benefits of all these features.
Construction and Design
Marine coolers are regularly exposed to water, whether salt or fresh, and are wet almost all the time. Most times, they’re left where they are, in direct contact with sunlight, and are also susceptible to the impact of rough waves and bumpy rides on sea or land. It’s also likely you’ll keep them on the deck, which is usually a smooth surface. These factors are all the things you need to bear in mind as you consider the type of material the cooler is made of. The cooler you choose must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and everything we’ve mentioned earlier.

Many manufacturers of marine coolers use thicker or compressed plastic or rotocast because they last longer than other materials/methods. Many others also use hardware made of stainless steel which is anti corrosive and wont rust from constant exposure to both fresh and salt water. These are the ideal materials for a cooler that you take on boating or fishing expeditions.

There are also different types of marine coolers and each has its advantages. There are hard shell coolers, soft sided and electric coolers.

Soft sided coolers are compactly designed and do not take up much space. They can be made to fit where hard shell coolers can’t. The shape is also collapsible and can be reduced as its contents are depleted. This is ideal for boats with space constrains. However, it’s only ideal for short trips as it can’t retain ice for more than two days. It’s best for a day out on the beach or at sea.

Hard shell coolers are best for extended fishing trips as most are rotocast and have long lasting stainless steel hardware that’s anti-corrosive. They’re rugged enough to withstand bumpy rides without cracking. Most also have latches that hold the lid firmly closed and hinges that stop the lid from collapsing backward. They also come with non-slip feet so they don’t slip around on the deck or other smooth surfaces. They’re engineered to retain ice anywhere from 5 days to two weeks.

Electric coolers do not require ice, so you have the advantage of not having to clean up sludgy or slimy ice or wet food. It also has ample space for food because capacity that would have been taken by ice is freed. One disadvantage, however, is that the cooling capacity is restricted to surrounding temperature. There are also compressor-driven coolers and these ones maintain a regular temperature, no matter the surrounding temperature. The disadvantage of this cooler is that it has to be connected to power.

In conclusion, the type of cooler you choose depends on where you’re taking it, the number of days you’re spending on your trip, and how many people are going. If you’re going on an extended fishing trip with friends and family, you might consider going with two coolers – one for your food and drink, and another to store your ice in readiness for your catch.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance rating of a cooler must include how long it can retain ice and there are two things that impact on this; the type of insulation and the color. Although these are not the only factors, ultratherm insulation has higher ice retention and white is the best reflector of heat and light, which also helps. If you check marine coolers, you’ll notice a higher percentage is white in color and the ones that aren’t white are still bright colors.

If you’re using a boat with limited seating or you want to use the cooler as a baiting platform, look out for coolers with rugged lids and non-slip feet or tie-down features. Some coolers specifically state they can seat two adults, others claim to have the capacity to act as a bating platform, while others warn users not to sit on it. So, check this out properly before purchase.

Other important features to check out include the type of handles the cooler has. The ones with wide handles that provide two-person carrying options are ideal – especially for large coolers. Wheels are also great assets for large coolers; for ease of transportation and portability. Check the dimensions of the cooler in relation to your vehicle or space available on your boat so you don’t have much stress transporting or storing it. If you need to carry so many things, you might consider having two coolers rather than making the mistake of getting a cooler that’s too large for your needs. A tightly packed cooler retains ice longer than one with pockets of space.

Marine coolers should also be anti-stain and rust and odor resistant. Since you’ll be using it for fish and other sea creatures, you’ll need to look out for ones made with materials that won’t retain stain and odor. This is further made easier if the cooler has a threaded drain plug, as you can wash it thoroughly and easily drain out the liquids without hassles.

Get the Best Marine Cooler of 2023!

We hope you’re glad you read this review to the end as we have endeavored to load it with vital information that helps you make the right choice in your purchase. Do not hesitate to implement it; you’re only a click away from a purchase that will enhance your fishing, boating or outdoor experience.

Our Top Choice
Yeti Tundra 65 Marine Cooler
Best Value
NorChill Voyager Series Marine Cooler
Rubbermaid 150-Quart Marine Cooler
Coleman 150-Quart White Marine Cooler
Igloo Ultra Island Breeze Marine Cooler