Best Massage Chair Reviews 2022

A good massage chair can make a big difference in today’s hectic lifestyle, which is filled with traffic jams, early morning meetings, demanding presentations and stringent deadlines – and if you are a parent, you get to add taking care of your children on top of all that. At the end of such a frenzied day, relaxation is all you need. That is why we have had our experts search far and wide to bring you five of the best massage chair brands– get ready to bid farewell to all of the day’s stress and agony.
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Chair Type
Massage Zones
Our Top Choice
Real Relax Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner
Real Relax has shown rigorous research, technical expertise and aesthetic elegance in its Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner that offers a soothing massage for all your pressure areas.
Soft fabric. Sleek design. 8 massage points in backrest. Seat with built-in heater and headset. Helps improve metabolism. High-Def VFD display screen. 35 air bags.
Only 2 settings for pressure type.
Zero gravity recliner
166 pounds
Black, burgundy, khaki
Full body
Best Value
Human Touch iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Recliner
The only brand with massage chairs endorsed by the WFC (World Federation of Chiropractics), Human Touch creates some of the most functional recliners for superior stress relief.
Compact in size. Faster relief from sore muscles. Soothes chronic back aches. 3 energizing auto massage programs.
May not be suitable for tall users.
40x29x36 inches, 60 pounds
Black, espresso
Performance PU, SōfSuede®
Back, neck, shoulders
Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Full Body Massage Chair
Osaki is a reputed name in the world of fitness machines and pain-relieving products. Its OS-4000 Full Body Shiatsu Massage Recliner is a premium chair for proven stress-relief.
Intelligent movable massage robot. Detection of body curve and automatic adjustment. 6 effective massage modes. LCD display screen.
Some controller buttons do not have backlights.
Zero gravity recliner
47x32.5x46 inches, 230 pounds
Black, cream, charcoal & brown
Upgraded PU, synthetic leather
Full body
Dorel Living Padded Massage Recliner and Rocker
Known for some of the most chic and useful home furnishings, Dorel Living’s Padded Massage Chair epitomizes its brand personality with a great design and superior functionality.
High and low massage zone settings. Enhanced leg support. Foam-based seat for better comfort. Doubles up as a rocker.
Might make slight creaky sounds in case of tall or heavy users.
41x36x40 inches, 77 pounds
Chocolate, tan
Seat, back
HomCom Home Office Executive Massage Chair
HomCom creates some of the most ergonomically designed home/office chairs. It has stepped up its game by making the Executive Massage Chair for great comfort at work or home.
Adjustable height. Remote controlled massage settings. Environment-friendly leather exterior. Heated Vibration. 6 auto massage modes.
No reclining option available.
Home/office chair
30.7x24.8x13 inches
PVC leather
Upper back, lower back, legs

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What is the Best Massage Chair?

A massage chair becomes perfect only when it is right for you. Some people may need a larger chair to feel all cozy, while others would prefer a more compact one to fit their living room alcove. Some may need a light back massage, whereas others would look for full-bodied kneads. We know that needs can be different from one person to another, and so we decided to research even more intensively and bring you a list of five quality home massage chairs with unique features, styles and sizes to suit your relaxation requirements, and, of course, budget.
Our Top Choice
The Shiatsu Recliner from Real Relax provides one of the most relaxing full body massages ever. Its unique lounge with 3 varying degrees of zero-gravity tilts coupled with perfect compressions for all the major pain points in your body make this a great buy. Need a different color? This awesome massager is also available in a cool khaki shade.

Real Relax Shiatsu Massage Chair - Full Body Zero Gravity Recline, Built-In Heater and VR Headset, 3 Colors

When a brand hits the market with a single product, you can be certain that it’s going to their best work crafted with utmost precision. Real Relax has launched its 2016 Shiatsu Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair with nearly everything that you would need in your massager. Right from large cushioned seats for enhanced comfort to customized air bags for your shoulders, hips and arms, this massage chair has it all. What’s more? Staying true to its authentic Shiatsu style, this chair applies the right amount of pressure to your legs, feet, neck, back and waist to relieve all the tension and contraction. You can even control the level of pressure exerted.

There’s also a high-quality virtual reality headset for the ultimate experience of luxury and pampering. Do you think all these features ought to come with a massive price tag? Well, our job is to release the stress, not build up on it. Our latest research says that this fabulous massage recliner is available at well under $1000!

Need some more convincing? Take a look at what else is in store for you with the Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair:
  • Seat massager with vibration, air squeezing and heating options
  • Multi-mode rollers for great foot massages
  • Space capsule-designed air bags for pulsed arm massages
  • 4 auto massage options
  • Anti-static, shock absorbent foam material
  • LED remote control for additional convenience right at your fingertips
  • Wheels for easy movement from one space to another without scratching your floor surface
Not sure about the color? You can choose to bring home this terrific massage recliner with all its great features in an elegant burgundy color, basic black or cool khaki.
Best Value
The iJoy-2310 Robotic Recliner from Human Touch is a great blend of convenience and comfort. Its petite size fits any room without taking up much space. It has an intelligent massage controller for stress-centric compression, rolling, compression and kneading. Need something more high-end? Check out this premium massage chair from Human Touch.

Human Touch iJoy-2310 Robotic Massager Chair for Home with Recline Handle – 3 Pre-Programmed Settings, Two Colors Options

Not everyone is fortunate enough to land the perfect office chair. Even those who manage to get the right chair at work, sitting upright (or crouching lower as that deadline approaches) for hours at end can take a toll on your neck and back. Imagine what wrong postures must be doing to your body over months and years. It’s time to say goodbye to all these worries. Human Touch – the brand that’s created a niche for itself in massage chairs, now brings you its power-packed iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Recliner.

This massage chair offers 3 unique modes to target your stress areas – stress therapy for doing away with those stubborn knots and cramps; back wellness for smooth back massages; and muscle relief for providing the ultimate TLC to your aching and tensed muscles. Priced at just $499 (based on our latest study), this is definitely a bang for your buck.

Wait, there’s more:
  • Comfortable 180 degree recline angle
  • Removable massage pad for customized deep or light massages
  • Controller with cord for easy storage
  • Recline control handle
  • Soft, breathable fabric
Black not your color? Looking for something to complement your light-toned living room? This spectacular massage chair also comes in a color as invigorating as its features – espresso!
The OS-4000 Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Recliner from Osaki is the complete relaxation package replete with intelligent sensors, varying massage methods, extensive control and ergonomic design. If you’d prefer a heated recliner, take a look at this immensely functional full body massage chair from Osaki.

Osaki Full Body Shiatsu Home Massage Recliner with NASA-inspired Zero Gravity Tilt – 4 Colors

It is important for your massage chair to understand your body and its unique needs. While some of us struggle with constantly stiff necks, others just can’t seem to loosen up those tensed shoulders. Living up to its name for creating some of the most innovative and consumer-centric massage products, Osaki brings you the OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Recliner. It comes with a clever S-track massage robot that adjusts to your body curvature. With a variety of power-packed automatic modes namely, Relax, Healthcare, Smart, Circulation, Demo, Back, Neck & Shoulder, Full Air and Lumbar, this massage recliner can address every stubborn strain in your body. Our latest study states that this feature-loaded home massage recliner is available for $2,895.00. Coming from a premium brand like Osaki, this is certainly a great deal.

If you thought a massage chair this good could do much more…you are absolutely right. Here’s what else it has to offer:
  • 5 different levels of user-controlled intensity and speed
  • Auto-timer for continuous 5-30 minute massage sessions
  • Vibrating seat for extra comfort
  • Durable fabric
  • 2 varied levels of zero gravity recline
  • 32 air bags to efficiently massage your shoulders, arms, neck, hips, lower back, hands, calves and feet
  • Wireless controller for enhanced convenience
  • Automatic leg scan for perfect massages depending on the length of your legs
  • Crystal clear LCD display screen for manual control of the massage modes
Not too fond of black? Don’t be disappointed because this one-of-a-kind massage chair also comes in gorgeous brown, cream and charcoal!
The Padded Massage Chair from Dorel Living is your ultimate go-to for comfort. It has a large cushioned built with efficient massaging zones located in the seat and back. If you are looking for something to bring out your home decor, these luxurious dining chairs from Dorel Living could really spruce up your dining area – they’re tufted so they’ll be extra comfy.

Dorel Living Massage Rocker Recliner with Double Padding – Independent Massage Zones, Two Colors

All of us have a favorite spot in our homes. For many, it’s the super comfy recliner – that soft cushioned heaven where we watch all our beloved shows and movies from; the only destination for relaxing after a long, tiring day. Now imagine the same comfort with a bright cherry on top – a great, soothing massage. Seems tremendous, doesn’t it?

In line with its brand promise of bringing you only the most comfortable, good-looking and practical home furniture, Dorel Living now presents its Dual Padded Massage Chair. This plush massage recliner can also be used as a rocking chair for your kids or grandparents; it provides some of the best back and seat massages; and it comes with ample support for your legs and knees. Here’s some more good news – this is a super smart buy because it is priced at just $342.40, basis our latest report.

The Dorel loving Padded Massage Recliner/Rocker has more in store just for you:
  • Massage zones can operate separately or together
  • Easy-to-use lever for quick recline
  • Fast and minimal assembly
  • Over-filled structure for enhanced comfort
Dorel Living was quite serious when it promised to provide you the best home furnishings. How do we know that? Well, this cozy Padded Massage Recliner comes in a forgiving, yet beautiful shade of chocolate. Need something lighter? How about bringing out the warmth of your living room with some tan?
The HomCom Executive Massage Chair provides that much-needed relaxation whether you are at your office desk or at home. Its massage zones target the highly stress prone areas i.e. upper & lower back and legs for faster stress release and pain relief. Looking for a relaxing recliner? Check out this deluxe reclining massage chair from HomCom.

HomCom Home Office Computer Desk Ergonomic Massage Chair with Heating and Vibrating Options

Long, uncomfortable sitting hours can create havoc for your body in terms of its spinal alignment and curvature. They say you should take a quick stroll every hour to avoid fatigue. But, we know how difficult that gets amidst all the chaotic work. House work is not a walk in the park either. Routine chores can take quite a toll on your body. Muscular pulls, back or leg aches are also signals from your body to tell you, “Hey, it’s time to take a breather”. That’s why, HomCom created yet another unique product after its line of powerfully practical and comfortable chairs – make way for the Executive Massage Chair. It has a cushioned seating space and back support with smart massaging, heating and vibrating zones for your back and upper legs. All this is up for grabs at less than $300, based on our latest research.

Need more to make the final purchase decision? We are here to help. Read on-
  • Remote control for convenient operation from up to 16.4 feet away
  • Varied massage settings for better back support and leg circulation
  • Extra padding for more comfortable seating
  • Flexible base with pneumatic gas lift to ensure that the chair fits the height of your desk perfectly

How Do I Choose the Best Massage Chair?

Getting a massage after a hard day’s work is something amazing to look forward to, as a home massage chair will give you ultimate relaxation as you enjoy the soothing pressures applied to the key muscles of your body. It is the ultimate spa treatment at the comfort of your own location. This guide and review provides information about massage chairs that are perfect for personal use, however if you are a masseuse looking information about professional massage chairs, we have a totally separate review for those. Some people also get these for their own homes and office so that their favorite masseur can come right to them!

The first step to take when choosing the best home massage chair for you is deciding on the kind you want. The four main types available to you are – full body, upper body, reclining, zero gravity, and heat therapy massage chairs. Here’s a quick comparison of what each of these massage chairs has to offer:
  • Full and Upper Body Chairs - If you are looking for a massage chair that will not cost you too much, your best choice is getting one that will only work your upper body. This option will work on your shoulders and neck; some could even go the extra mile and work on your arms as well. But if you are willing to spend the extra buck and get a really good massage, consider a chair that will do a full body massage, and touch on all the muscles you might have strained while in the office. A full body massage chair will work nearly every area on your body; this is your neck, back, shoulders, calves and not forgetting your feet.
  • Reclining and Zero Gravity Chairs - Some of the massage chairs you find will help you recline back, working similar to those recliners you might be having in your living room. Some will even allow you to experience zero gravity while getting a massage. This type of feature tries to mimic the position used by astronauts when they are seated going out into space. It helps in relieving the pressure on your joints and back while getting your massage.
  • Heat Therapy Massage Chairs - This type of chair is meant to reduce tension and pains you might be experiencing in your body. When heat is applied while having a massage, it can reduce pains around your joints and back – almost like a hot stone massage, all that is missing is the aroma of essential oils in the room.
If you want to keep your feet relaxed while in the office or at home as you make dinner, you might want to consider getting an anti-fatigue mat as well. It eliminates pressure on your feet and legs, leaving you just as relaxed as you would with a massage chair. Amazing, right?

Before we can look at our picks, let’s first check out some of the consideration factors you should keep in mind so that you can make an informed decision.
When purchasing your home massage chair there are several aspects you will need to consider, the first thing being your budget. Truly effective home and office massage chairs are can cost you a pretty penny – but there are a variety budget-friendly of options depending upon your requirements. A full body massage chair will be more expensive than one focusing on your upper body only. The prices tend to differ depending on the features each chair has, with models ranging from around $200 to upwards of $3000 or more, and everything in between.

You can find cheap home massage chairs, but they may not offer you the massage experience you are looking for – often with just a vibrating sensation rather than one that simulates an actual massage. If you want a massage chair that will take care of your upper and lower body, then be prepared to pay a premium.
Most home massage chairs come with a list of features that help them perform according to your preference. These features also help differentiate the high-end types from the conventional type, not forgetting they also splash in a punch of display making the chair complement your décor.

Here are the import features to look for.
  • Material - Home massage chairs come in different materials, each offering you different levels of comfort and resilience. Some are made of fabric, while others are made of leather for longevity.
  • Support - Does the massage chair offer you head or leg support? This is an important feature if you are looking for a full body massage chair.
  • Controls - A massage chair with proper controls, either wired or remote, makes it stress free for you to operate.
  • Proper Padding - The padding on the chair depends on the type. For instance, for a full body massage chair, the padding would be on several areas prone to stress; such as the feet, back, hips and neck.
Construction and Design
If you are looking for an ultimate experience, you know good fabric on chairs does the trick. Well, this is what keeps the efficiency behind these chairs stunning. While at it, since fabric cannot get the job done without the framing, this aspect is also well considered in the manufacture. A good and sturdy frame will give you utmost comfort and support, among other benefits.

One thing you will notice about these chairs is their control options, from the wired to remote controls in several chairs, and even mode control in some of the more complex types. Having a properly customized control will make your massage session more relaxing. You would not want the controls to add on the stress that you have had all day.
Performance and Ease of Use
When choosing a home massage chair, ensure you choose one that has good quality fabric and is easy to clean. Let us assume it will be your go-to-chair every evening after work; you do not want to spend more time cleaning the chair than you are spending getting a massage on it. Home Massage chairs were designed to mimic the techniques and motions you would receive from an actual masseuse, the main goal being reliving tension, stress and back pain – aim at spending more time getting the massage rather than cleaning it. Additionally, the installation calls for only a plugin, and two seconds later, you are ready to get your massage.

Get the Best Massage Chair of 2022!

We hope our review has saved you time in doing research and most importantly helped you move a step closer in purchasing your dream home massage chair. Go ahead and pick the massage chair that is meant for you! Remember, if the products we have showcased are not a perfect match for you, the trustworthy brands we have picked have many other options.

Our Top Choice
Real Relax Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner
Best Value
Human Touch iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Recliner
Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Full Body Massage Chair
Dorel Living Padded Massage Recliner and Rocker
HomCom Home Office Executive Massage Chair