Best Massage Oil Reviews 2022

Choosing massage oil is not a walk in the park, especially considering the many options in the market today. What should you look for and how do you find the best for you? We’ve put together this quick guide to show you the main factors to consider, and a review of 5 different types of massage oils handpicked from some of the best massage oil brands to make it easier to identify a suitable choice for you. In our review, you’ll come across oils suited for different types of massage such as aromatherapy, heat stone and sensual.
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Our Top Choice
Brookethorne Naturals Relief Arnica Massage Oil
Brookethorne Naturals is a family-owned business birthed out of the owner’s need for personal care products made of high quality and all natural ingredients.
It’s formulated to suit any type of massage. Non-greasy, thus glides easily. It uses all natural products of premium quality. Soothes swelling.
Some users don’t like the camphor scent
Suited for all types of massage
8.5 fluid ounces
Muscle soreness and joint pains
Premium, natural ingredients
Best Value
Badger Ginger Deep Tissue Massage Oil
Badger may be a small, family-owned business, but their personal care products are made of the finest and safest organic ingredients to soothe, protect and heal your skin.
Heavier density suitable for deep tissue massage. Various organic antioxidants & skin nourishing nutrients. Warms and soothes tired muscles and sore joints.
Has cayenne which is irritating to sensitive areas like the eyes and mouth. Some users find it somewhat smelly
Designed for deep tissue
4 fluid ounces
Aching muscles and joints
Organic ingredients
Biotone Revitalizing Unscented Massage Oil
Biotone has a full line of quality natural massage oils and skincare products for professional and home use that are recognized around the world.
It’s versatile. Natural and unscented. Suited for many massage styles. Provides excellent glide. Has even penetration.
Requires warming to perform its best.
Suited to various massage styles
128 fluid ounces
Revitalizing tired muscles
Natural ingredients
Kama Sutra Naturals Massage Oil
Kama Sutra is recognized worldwide for their products that are designed to make the art of love-making better and more pleasurable.
Great body moisturizer for an attractive skin. Has a sweet revitalizing scent. Long-lasting effects. Silky texture. Certified by qualified dermatologists.
It tends to be slightly sticky
Romantic massage
Coconut and pineapple
8 fluid ounces
Moisturizer/sensual massage
Natural ingredients
Honeydew Aromatherapy Pure Jojoba Massage Oil
Honeydew is renowned for quality organic healthcare products that are extracted from naturally occurring substances.
Anti-aging properties for a young and attractive skin. Relaxes and invigorates. Great for couple’s sensual massage. Almond oil helps provide vitamin E.
Its bottle tends to leak at the lid.
Aromatherapy massage
8 fluid ounces
Muscle pain/erotic massage
Natural ingredients

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What is the Best Massage Oil?

Armed with the knowledge about important considerations to make when selecting massage oil, we can now delve into the specific features of our selected products. Find out how each of their features relates to your personal needs and use the info to select suitable massage oil. We hope you’ll find your desired choice within the featured products.
Our Top Choice
The Brookethorne Naturals Relief Arnica Massage Oil uses the finest 100% natural ingredients such as Arnica Montana, sweet almond oils and thyme to relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, and joint pains. If you prefer unscented oils, consider the Brookethorne Naturals Almond Massage Oil for massage therapy, body, and therapeutic massages.

Brookethorne Naturals Sports and Athletic Relief Arnica Massage Oil with Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Other Essential Oils

Meghan Thorne was searching for personal care products free of artificial ingredients when she came face to face with the sad reality of how difficult it is to find products made of quality ingredients. This inspired her and her husband to begin Brookethorne Naturals. Fortunately, their 15 years of experience in health and personal care industry would come in handy in developing exceptional skincare products without synthetic ingredients. Based in Clearwater, Florida, Brookethorne Naturals’ products are keenly formulated using carefully selected all natural ingredients and manufactured in a high-tech facility.

The Brookethorne Naturals Relief Arnica Massage Oil is a well-rounded product formulated with carefully selected all natural ingredients and designed to be used on all types of massages, including Swedish, aromatherapy, deep tissue and hot stone massages, among others. The Arnica Montana oil used on this massage oil is known to tame swelling and relieve muscle pain, while thyme relieves joint pain, including that caused by arthritis, rheumatism, and gout. Other therapeutic all natural ingredients used in this massage oil include rosemary, lemongrass, sweet almond and more.

Whether you’re in athletics, sports or lead an active lifestyle prone to muscle soreness and stiffness, or have to deal with pain occurring in any part of your body, a gentle massage with this oil is sure to provide relieve and reenergize your muscles. What’s more, the oil is expertly mixed and non-greasy thus allowing the hands to glide easily, even when used by a novice, for a relaxing massage therapy that leaves your body rejuvenated and the skin feeling soft and well-hydrated. Also, its neutral, camphor scent goes away in no time.
Best Value
The Badger Ginger Deep Tissue Massage Oil is a warming and soothing blend of velvety smooth and deeply moisturizing jojoba and olive oils, with rich plant extracts and essential oils. If you’re interested in a lavender oil, try the Badger Lavender Aromatherapy Massage Oil. It moisturizes the skin while soothing the mind.

Badger Ginger Arnica Montana Deep Tissue Massage Oil

Badger may be a small, family-owned business, but its personal care products are made of the finest and safest organic ingredients to soothe, protect and heal your skin. Based in New Hampshire, Badger has over 60 employees and over 100 products in the market, which are all made by mixing organic plant extracts, beeswax, minerals and exotic oils sourced from around the world. Badger’s products range from bug repellants, body care, and hair care products to natural sleep remedies.

The Ginger Deep Tissue Massage Oil is warm and soothing, a caring treat to any overworked and tense muscles. The cold-pressed olive and jojoba oils are deep moisturizers, while ginger and cayenne are anti-oxidants and amazing pain relievers. This massage oil also packs plenty of other plant extracts and essential oils that are rich in organic vitamins and skin-soothing nutrients. The USDA certified organic oil not only leaves your aching muscles and joints nourished and relaxed, but soothes your mind as well. Its density is heavier than the average oil, thus making it more suitable for deep tissue massages.

We also came across these other Biotone products that we think might be of interest to you:
  • Badger Joint RUB Balm Certified Organic Arnica Blend -
    great for sore and achy joint relief
  • Badger Damascus Rose Antioxidant Body Oil with Lavender & Chamomile — mix of ultra-absorbent restorative oils)
  • Badger Unscented Antioxidant Body Oil — certified organic oil with pomegranate, extra virgin olive, rosehip and sea buckthorn
This Revitalizing Unscented Massage Oil is a blend of cold-pressed natural sweet almond, coconut, and Hawaiian kukui nut oils, all of which being known for their skin nourishing abilities. If you’re looking for lotions, check out this Biotone Deep Tissue Massage Lotion. It’s formulated to relieve deep knotted muscles and is available in 3 quantities.

Biotone Revitalizing Massage Oil — Paraben-Free, Unscented Massage Oil, Available in Bulk Sizes

Established in 1980, Biotone was birthed in response to general public’s outcry on the safety of chemicals used in personal care products. Jean, the founder of Biotone was among the early entrepreneurs who took the challenge of blending natural ingredients to create healthy skin care products. Her creation of massage industry products began when a local massage school requested Jean to prepare lubricants for them — and the rest is history as they say. Currently, Biotone has a full line of quality natural massage oils, lotions, gels and crèmes for salons and home use, as well as professional spa foot, body and face treatment products that are used around the world.

The Biotone Revitalizing Unscented Massage Oil has stood the test of time in terms of quality and efficacy. Its versatile massage oil uses cold-pressed natural sweet almond, coconut, and Hawaiian kukui nut oils, all known for their nourishing abilities to the skin. Its light density, easy glide, and all-over control suit it perfectly for beginners and experienced masseuses.

Moreover, these extra features make this product worth your consideration:
  • Best for aromatherapy and hot stone massage treatments
  • Its mid-weight consistency, smooth texture and even penetration suits it for many massage techniques
  • Contains Vitamin E thus excellent for your skin
  • It’s unscented so you won’t bear unwanted smells during and after a revitalizing massage therapy
  • It’s paraben-free
  • It’s not tested on animals
  • Has a quality guarantee — Biotone authorizes returns in case you aren’t satisfied with the product
We featured the 1 gallon bottle of the Biotone Revitalizing Massage Oil, but it’s also available in 8 ounces or a huge five gallon bottle.
The Kama Sutra Naturals Massage Oil is made from soy, grape seed, and almond oils and comes with a sweet coconut-pineapple scent. Need a set of assorted oils? We recommend the Kama Sutra Massage Oils Set of Five. Each of its five 2-ounce bottles comes with a massage oil of a unique scent.

Kama Sutra Natural Massage Oil with Coconut and Pineapple Scent — Available in 3 Sizes

The Kama Sutra company has more than 45 years of experience in manufacturing scented oils that are specially formulated for sensual massage. The company believes that unity and love among people can be promoted by helping couples have intense and satisfying intimacy. According to Kama Sutra, this can be achieved by using oils and fragrances to enchant the senses in order to achieve intense sexual pleasure. Some of its popular products include the Oil of Love, massage creams, personal lubricants and massage candles. Most customers choose a combination of these products for better results.

The Kama Sutra Naturals Massage Oil has a silky texture that gives a smooth feel on both hands and skin. This gives you the right combination of a sensual touch to the delight of your partner. It also possesses skin moisturizing properties that keep your body soft and dazzling with an attractive glow. This oil is specially blended for a long-lasting full-body massage.

If you loved Kama Sutra, we think these products might interest you:
  • Kama Sutra Sweet Almond Massage Oil
  • Kama Sutra Oil of Love w/New Vanilla Cream Flavor
  • Kama Sutra Women's Eld-ks10202, Massage Candle — w/ Mediterranean Almond
  • Kama Sutra Naturals Massage Oil Passionate Pomegranate
The Honeydew Aromatherapy Massage Oil comes in an 8 ounce bottle and constitutes a quality blend of pure jojoba, almond oil, lavender essential oil and natural anti-cellulite body moisturizer. Need a more intense erotic massage oil? Check the Honeydew Relaxing Massage Oil. It has almond, lavender, bergamot & jojoba oils for a truly sensual erotic massage.

Honeydew Aromatherapy Massage Oil with Pure Jojoba, Almond Oil, Lavender Essential Oil and Natural Anti Cellulite Body Moisturizer

Honeydew has distinguished itself as a trusted manufacturer of effective massage oils that get customers coming for more. The company also manufactures a wide range of personal care products such as bath & hair shampoos and sunglasses. This brand has grown in popularity because of its 100% guarantee on its products. This assures consumers that the products are of top-notch quality.

The Honeydew Aromatherapy Massage Oil is specially formulated for soft and comforting skin caring effects. To achieve this, chemicals such as alcohol, BPA, paraben, sulfate, and formaldehyde aren’t used for its manufacture. On the other hand, it does have hypoallergenic properties that protect you against allergies. This oil is a great choice for both professional and personal massage. It also possesses moisturizing effects that leave your skin soft and smooth.

Moreover, the following properties make this massage oil a great pick for couples:
  • Comes with lavender oil that stimulates your senses, soothes and relieves muscle pain
  • Lavender oil also works well for sensual and sexual arousal for couples
  • Has sweet almond oil that comes with skin anti-aging properties for a beautiful and young appearance
  • Contains jojoba oil which is a natural moisturizer and an ideal choice for deep tissue massage

How Do I Choose the Best Massage Oil?

When we mention body massage, the first things that cross the mind are relaxation and indulgence. But a service that’s commonly associated with luxury spas is now available in our bedrooms, classrooms and health clinics. How is that, you may ask? Well, besides the relaxation it offers, body massage has numerous health benefits. Yes, that kneading and manipulation of your skin, tendons, ligaments, and muscles, if done right, can improve blood circulation, reduce anxiety, cure myofascial pain syndrome, ease digestive disorders, and heal soft tissue injuries. It also provides a good way to show care, provide comfort, and connect with your partner.

To enjoy all these benefits and more, you need the right tools of the trade and one of them is quality massage oil. The main purpose of oils for massage is to enable you to glide easily on the skin of your partner or client without causing irritation or slipping so that you can attain excellent results. Moreover, some massage oils are now medicated or enriched with herbal ingredients such as plant extracts and essential oils known to provide healing therapies to the skin and body, thus improving one's well-being.

Other useful tools for added health benefits during this session would be an oil diffuser and, if you are a professional masseuse, you may also want to arm yourself with a quality massage table.
The cost of massage oil can be influenced by several factors including the quantity and ingredients used. Obviously, a bucket of 640 ounces is pricier than a bottle of 8 ounces. Also, some ingredients are generally hard to come by yet pack numerous health benefits, thus making them expensive. Moreover, versatile blends may also cost more compared to those using a few ingredients or designed for specific types. That said, the prices of quality massage oils range between $15 and $50; some may cost more depending on their size and ingredients used. This notwithstanding, there are still cheap massage oils in the market which we wouldn’t recommend since one can’t be sure of their efficacy and the quality of the ingredients used. But you don’t have to worry since we haven’t included any of these in our review.
With the different options in the market, what kind of massage oil should you take home? It all boils down to your specific needs. Not many body massage oils are formulated for every occasion.

For you to find a suitable choice here are the significant features to look for:
  • Type — What is it formulated for e.g. deep tissue, therapeutic, romantic Massage etc.
  • Ingredients — The main contents of the product, could be almond oil, olive oil, jojoba and lavender, etc
  • Scent — What is its dominant smell? E.g. lavender, vanilla etc.
  • Quantity — The amount of the oil contained in a package in gallons or ounces
  • Purity — Is the product made of 100% natural ingredients or has some artificial additives?
  • Hypoallergenic properties — If you’re allergic to something( let’s say nuts), you’d want to keep off a product made of nut oils
These features should guide you in determining if certain massage oil is suitable for you.
Construction and Design
Basically, oils for massage come in different types and consistencies. You may find seed-based and nut-based oils or a blend of various ingredients including essential oils and therapeutic herbs. Some commonly used ingredients include olive oil, almond seed, coconut, jojoba, and Hawaiian kukui nut oils, among others, which are blended with special essential oils and rich plant extracts like cayenne, Arnica Montana, and ginger to obtain a top of the line product. The oils can be extra virgin, cold pressed or just pure — indicating how fine it is. A healthy oil for massage is one whose ingredients are extracted in their most natural form.

Its density can be heavy, light or mid-weight, depending on the type of body massage they’re formulated for. Some are fragranced with vanilla, lavender or camphor, while others are more basic. This enables users with different preferences to choose a product that makes them comfortable during the therapy. Another important aspect of oils for massage is the ingredients used. Are they 100% natural or are there some artificial, chemical ingredients?
Performance and Ease of Use
Have you identified what type of massage you want to perform? Your work will be easier and more efficient if you choose the oil formulated for that body massage type. However, there are still some multi-purpose blends that have a mid-weight density, offer a smooth glide, and neutral scents. Such tend to mix seed oils and herbs known to have multi-faceted benefits.

On the other hand, heavier oils are suited for low-friction kneadings, such as a Swedish and therapeutic massage. They tend to be more slippery and highly viscous and thus don’t absorb into the skin quickly and can leave you feeling greasy. So, consider using such oils when you can dash into the shower before wearing your clothes.

We also have light oils such as those based on grape seed applicable to high-friction kneadings such as deep tissue and sports massages. They absorb quickly and provide better control so you don’t slip when working out muscles but also provide a good glide to ensure you do not irritate the skin.

The natural herbs, seed oils and essential oils used in pure massage oils have different healing qualities. For instance, ginger is warming and a pain reliever, Arnica Montana heals inflammation and muscle pain, and thyme relieves joint pain for people with arthritis or rheumatism. What’s more, they pack different levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and other skin nourishing ingredients. The ingredients also give the end product a specific scent which could be mild, strong, just fine or uncomfortable to different people.

So, your task is to figure out what you want to achieve with the massage therapy and how you want to smell after the session, and then choose a suitable oil for these purposes.

Get the Best Massage Oil of 2022!

Having gone through our review of some of the best massage oils, we hope that you’ve come across one that fits your needs. Go on and treat yourself or loved one to the choice. Otherwise, the links on this review page unveil more options as well as other wonderful products from these trusted brands.

Our Top Choice
Brookethorne Naturals Relief Arnica Massage Oil
Best Value
Badger Ginger Deep Tissue Massage Oil
Biotone Revitalizing Unscented Massage Oil
Kama Sutra Naturals Massage Oil
Honeydew Aromatherapy Pure Jojoba Massage Oil