Best Massage Stick Reviews 2022

Do you often have to massage your tense muscles because you actively take part in sports? With the many massage sticks on the market, picking a good product can be a nightmare. For this reason, we’ve researched the best massage sticks on the market and found five of the best massage stick brands, showcasing one from each, to help you make an informed decision.
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Our Top Choice
Elite Sportz Equipment Muscle Roller Stick
Elite Sportz sells a wide array of sporting equipment that helps to make you better at the sport you play and solve any issues related to sports.
Comfortable grip handles that don’t slip. Easy to regulate pressure. Durable. Portable. Can be used in any position. Many individual rollers to replicate salon massage.
Hair could get tangled between the rollers.
Stiff rolling stick
18 inches; 8 ounces
Plastic and rubber
Ribbed independent rollers
Legs and back
Best Value
Trigger Point Performance Foam Roller Massage Stick
Trigger Point Performance provides therapeutic self-care products, as well as education on their use, to consumers worldwide.
3D surface. Versatile handles Easy to clean. Water Resistant. Targeted relief. Can be used in any position. Compact for portability.
The roller ridges can be bumpy.
Foam rolling stick
21 inches; 16 ounces
Grid patented surface on rollers
Whole body
The Stick Body Massage Stick
The Stick is an award-winning company aimed at providing you with optimal muscle and soft tissue health.
Gentle on skin. Returns to original shape. Portable. Easy to use and clean. Water-resistant. Targets most muscle groups.
Long length might be hard to maneuver.
Flexible foam massager
24 inches; 14 ounces
Memory foam
Smooth surface on rollers
Whole body
Supremus Sports Muscle Roller Stick
Supremus Sports is a manufacturer of high-quality sports products including loop resistance bands and massage sticks.
Portable. Durable. Ergonomic handles. Offers good grip. Usable in any position. Easy to clean. Reduces soreness. Suits exercises of all levels.
The plastic takes a little bit of familiarization.
Stiff plastic massager
18 inches; 4.8 ounces
Ribbed independent rollers
Leg and back muscles
SKLZ Muscle Relief Massage Stick
SKLZ is a brand focused on manufacturing products athletes need to prepare for championships and tournaments.
Promotes smooth massages. Bike-inspired grip and easy rolling. Comfortable grip. Easy to use. Durable and portable.
Material can be hard for sensitive muscles.
Stiff plastic massager
19.5 inches; 16 ounces
Smooth independent rollers
Whole Body

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What is the Best Massage Stick?

Choose a massage stick of the right length and weight to bring with you wherever you go. Make sure the stick has the right surface to be gentle on your skin. Find out if one of our recommended massage sticks is what you need.
Our Top Choice
Elite Sportz Equipment Muscle Roller Stick is easy to use and targets sore muscles in the legs or back. Would you prefer a smaller and more compact massage stick? Opt for the Elite Sportz Equipment 16” Massage Stick for runners to quickly relieve you of tight muscles and cramping.

Elite Sportz Equipment Large 18 Inch Muscle Roller Stick with Comfortable Grip Handles

Elite Sportz Equipment is a favorite brand for many sports enthusiasts. It manufactures and sells products aimed at making people better sportsmen and women. Moreover, the company provides a lot of information on their products and how you can use them. It also offers excellent customer service.

The Elite Sportz Equipment Muscle Massage Stick comes with comfortable grip handles on both ends of the stick. This makes it easy for you to hold the stick and target the muscles that need attention. The handles don’t slip when you’re using the stick, and you can comfortably use this product even on your back.

When you exercise, it’s important to ensure there’s proper circulation of blood and that the tension is released from sore muscles for quick recovery. With this massage stick, you’ll be able to achieve exactly that. The stick is sturdy so you can apply as much or as little pressure to your sore or tense muscles as you can tolerate.

Built for durability, this massage stick can last you many years of regular use. Inside the roller is a metal rod that’s covered with plastic rollers and rubber handles at both ends. It also comes with many individual rollers to simulate a salon massage. The rollers target even small, sore spots.

Sometimes you want a stick you can use immediately when you feel soreness in your muscles. If so, this is an ideal massage stick for you because it’s compact and easy to carry around. Furthermore, you can use the stick in any position, whether you’re standing or seated, and anywhere on the go. The company also offers a money-back guarantee if, for some reason, the product doesn’t work well for you.
Best Value
The Trigger Point Performance GRID STK Foam Roller Massage Stick is a hand-held foam massager with a 3D surface, and is great for use on the go. Looking for a product specially designed for relieving feet of tension and pain? Consider the Trigger Point Performance NANO Foot Roller Massager in an ultra compact design.

Trigger Point Performance GRID STK Foam Roller Massage Stick – Available in Regular and Extra Firm

Trigger Point Performance offers self-care products for therapeutic use. Its products come coupled with educational materials on how to use them for maximum benefit and value for money. The company’s products help people enjoy tough sports that really work the muscles. The products can also help people undergoing physical therapy to relieve their muscle pain quickly and effectively.

The Trigger Point Performance GRID STK Foam Roller Massage Stick is the world’s first hand-held foam massage stick roller using the company’s patent-pending 3D surface. The surface is meant to give a proper massage by exerting pressure on the muscles. It also has handles on the sides to give you a good grip. The handles can themselves exert pressure on the muscles, depending on your needs.

Since you might use the product when sweaty, you need a massage stick you can clean quickly and easily. Constructed with a water resistant surface, this stick is easy to clean. The handles on the ends of the stick have bumps that replicate the thumbs of a massage therapist. You can use these bumps for targeted relief on muscle spots and pressure points.

Muscle cramps and tension can occur anywhere and at any time, hence the need for a stick you can use wherever you go. Designed to be compact for portability, you can use the stick anywhere, standing or seated. What’s more, you can use the massage stick to target any muscle on your body, as it’s built in a functional design.

Made of foam, the stick is available in two variants: regular and extra firm. The extra firm stick has a firmer surface for massaging the fleshy parts of your body. You may prefer the regular one, however, if you are recovering from an injury or just need a gentler touch. The surface of the roller stick has a 3D design for stimulating circulation.

Here are some other Trigger Point Performance massage sticks you may be interested in:
  • Trigger Point Performance Grid Foam Roller Massage Stick – Firm
  • Trigger Point Performance Grid Vibe Foam Roller Massage Stick – Vibrating
  • Trigger Point Performance Core Roller Massage Stick – For core massage
The Stick Body Massage Stick has a flexible core to offer the deep massage you need for enhanced blood flow. Opt for The Stick 17” Travel Stick if you want an ultra-compact and light massage stick you can carry around easily. It’s a flexible and therapeutic body massage stick to aid muscle recovery and pain relief.

The Stick Body Massage Stick with Ergonomic Grip Handles and 24” Length to Target Major Muscle Groups

The Stick has been in business for over two decades. The company is renowned for producing highly reviewed body stick massagers. This brand also offers excellent customer service to ensure you get maximum benefits from its products. It also offers money-back guarantees with every product.

The Stick Body Massage Stick has a core made of Delrin. This material allows the stick to be flexible. It can bend when enough force is applied to the handles. As a result, you get a penetrating massage that relieves pain and improves circulation in the targeted muscles. The material doesn’t break easily, ensuring the stick lasts for a long time.

When using a massage stick, you want one that provides maximum comfort and enough grip for your hands. This ensures you’re able to apply enough pressure and get through your massage session without hand fatigue. Built with ergonomic handles, you’ll have enough grip and comfort. The stick is favorable for use by people of average body mass because of its length.

The memory foam on the massage stick is gentle on the muscles and mimics the effects of a massage therapist’s hands. After every session, the memory foam goes back to its original shape. This ensures you get the same experience every time you use your massage stick. The stick also offers you the ability to target most of the major muscles on the back, legs, upper body, arms and neck.

A massage stick should allow you the freedom to use it anywhere you are. Whether you’re in the midst of a workout or in the office, this massage stick is favorable for on-the-go use. The core is covered with spindles that rotate rollers individually, working on the muscles and increasing blood flow. The massage stick is designed for use even by people with chronic conditions, as applied pressure can be regulated.

If you want pin point precision on the muscles, simply roll a spindle individually. You can use the product directly on the skin or through light clothing. It can also be used in any position, whether you are seated, standing or lying down.

Here are some other The Stick massage sticks that you could be interested in:
  • The Stick Flex Massage Stick – Larger in size
  • The Stick Marathon Massage Stick – Flexible, for injured muscles
  • The Stick Stiff Massage Stick – Doesn’t flex
Supremus Sports Muscle Roller Stick is compact in design so you can easily reach challenging muscles inside thighs and neck. Prefer a similar, but brightly colored massage stick designed for functionality and stylish use? Go for the Supremus Sports Muscle Roller Massage Stick that’s available in white and maroon.

Supremus Sports Muscle Roller Stick with a Stiff Core for Regulated Pressure

Supremus Sports manufactures fitness products to help you achieve your goals. It’s also focused on helping you relieve your tense muscles for easy movement, quick recovery and proper blood circulation. The company makes highly affordable products, including resistance bands, tube bands and massage sticks, among others. The products are also easy to use and ideal for exercisers of all levels.

The Supremus Sports Muscle Roller Stick has a plastic body with individual big rollers. You can use the rollers to target small muscle spots. The massage stick is sturdy, so you can apply the required amount of pressure during massage sessions. With its compact design, the stick is easy to carry around for use whenever you need it.

Made of plastic, the rollers are lightweight, so the stick won’t add any extra weight to your luggage. The product is also durable and long-lasting, plus it’s easy to clean. Moreover, the plastic rollers are ribbed to increase blood flow to your muscles. Use it to reach challenging muscles awkwardly positioned in your body, for instance under the thighs or in the neck.

With its ergonomic handles, you’re offered a good grip so you can use the product for as long as needed without slipping or developing hand fatigue. You can use the massage stick pre workout, post workout and even during workout. You can also warm up your muscles to release tension and reduce soreness after a difficult workout.
The SKLZ Massage Stick has a smooth surface to give you pressure control for a good soft tissue massage. Why not check out the SKLZ Accustick Massage Stick if you need a tool you can use to quickly relieve pressure points anywhere on your body without assistance.

SKLZ Massage Stick for Soft Tissue Massage and with Mountain Inspired Hand Grip – Available in 2 Colors

SKLZ is renowned for providing athletes in various sports, all over the world, with products to help them prepare for workouts or sports championships. The company relies on a team of coaches, athletes and trainers to represent its pillars and motivate product users to do what they do best.

The SKLZ Massage Stick comes in a design that supports ease of use. With the mountain bike-inspired handles, you can easily grip the stick for non-slip use, regardless of the pressure you apply to your muscles. The massage bar is sturdily made so you can apply as much pressure as necessary to your tense muscles for quick relief, blood circulation and recovery.

In terms of durability, you’ll not be disappointed as this massage stick is built to last. The surface is smooth but has some grooves to facilitate proper massage on your tense tissues. Additionally, you’ll be able to use your stick on highly tense and sensitive, hurting muscles. A good massage stick should also allow you to carry and use it anywhere you want to.

Apart from being portable and lightweight, athletes can use the stick in any position to target specific muscles. The massage stick also comes with special rollers for ease of use. You can easily and quickly roll the stick when using it. The SKLZ Massage Stick comes in 2 colors so you can choose from sleek black or a vibrant yellow and black massage stick.

Here are a few other SKLZ massage sticks you might like:
  • SKLZ Massage Roller Massage Stick – Adjustable, with rolling balls
  • SKLZ Dual Point Massage Stick – For spine massage and trigger point stimulant
  • SKLZ Travel Massage Stick – Compact size

How Do I Choose the Best Massage Stick?

What better way to relax your body than with a massage? But massages can be expensive, especially if you want or need them on a regular basis. If you’re an ardent athlete or love to work out, then you know your muscles need to be massaged for proper recovery to prevent aches. A good massage can also enhance blood circulation, which in turn, relieves pain and soreness.

If you work long hours in certain positions, it’s also possible to expose your body muscles to fatigue and soreness. In such an instance, you also need a massage to relieve your body of tension. Investing in a massage stick can go a long way in saving you money and getting your body relaxed and ready for another day.

A massage stick, just like a body massager, works by applying pressure to your muscles and pressure points, mimicking the action of a massage therapist’s hands. Therefore, you get the benefits you would have gotten from a massage session. The best massage sticks can last a long time and save you enormous costs on massage sessions.

You don’t need moisturizers or massage oils to use a massage stick. However, the sticks are designed with surfaces suitable for easy rolling when massaging your sore muscles. The sticks are also suitable for people in various sports, such as athletics, ball games, swimming, etc.

You can use it immediately when you feel soreness and muscle pain. A massage stick is also portable, meaning you can use it on the go wherever you are. Since you use your arms to apply pressure, you gain the control to apply the pressure your muscles can tolerate. Massage sticks also come in different firmness, making them favorable for different needs.
Massage sticks vary in price, depending mostly on factors such as how well-built the stick is and the materials used in the construction. The sticks also come in different sizes, with some longer than others, which can affect the price. For instance, long sticks made of durable materials, such as rubber and foam, can cost more than plastic massage sticks.

Cheap massage sticks should be avoided if you’re looking for a good massage experience, as they could be of poor quality and build. Poor-quality sticks can increase the soreness on your muscles or break down easily when pressure is applied to them. You’ll find a good massage stick in the price range of about $20 to $100, based on the factors mentioned above.
There are certain features that render a massage stick a favorable product for use on your body. The features to look out for are those that’ll allow you the ability to reach the most muscles in your body without harming yourself. Whichever design and size of massage stick you want, there are certain features you must look for to get a functional and safe product.

Here are some of the features to look for in a good massage stick:
  • Compact design for easy storage and portability
  • Lightweight for use on the go
  • Soft material, such as rubber, for gentleness on your skin
  • Comfortable handles for easy grip and prolonged use
  • Capability to use the stick on your whole body
  • Easy rolling surface for good grip and easy use
  • Smooth surface that won’t harm your skin
  • Easy to clean and use
With the right massage stick, you won’t just be able to relax your tense muscles and relieve them of aches and pain, but also do so on the spot without spending lots of money on the services of a massage specialist.
Construction and Design
Design – Massage sticks come in different designs to fulfill different needs. There are those with one rolling surface on them. This means that the entire surface rolls when you push the massage stick on your body. The advantage of having this design is that it doesn’t pull hairs on the body when the stick is rolling to massage the muscles.

The massage experience offered by such a massage stick can be enhanced by a ribbed or grooved surface. Another design features smaller individual rollers (instead of one long one) to roll independently over your muscles. This design gives a superior massage experience that mimics the hands of a massage therapist.

Material – The most common materials used in the construction of massage sticks are memory foam and plastic. Beneath the materials, the core of the massage stick can be made of metal, wood or Delrin, a flexible material, depending on its design. The material used should allow the product to be safe on the skin and not cause soreness. The material should also make the product lightweight, easy to clean and water resistant so it lasts a long time.

Surface – The finish on the surface determines the kind of massage experience you’ll get from the massage stick. The surface can have different finishes; it could be ribbed, rough, dented, spiky, etc. The choice here really depends on the kind of massage you need and whether your muscles are sensitive or not.

Normal muscles that are firm and not too sensitive require a ribbed surface to give you a good massage and easily increase blood flow. A smooth surface on a flexible core, however, is suitable for a person with chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or with sensitive muscles.
Performance and Ease of Use
Use – A good massage stick should allow for use on the entire body. It should be able to handle small and large muscle groups well. The length of the massage stick should enable you to reach most muscle groups without any difficulties; you don’t want to be awkwardly stretching for certain muscles when you’re already aching. You should be able to use a good massage stick on your legs, arms, lower back, upper back, neck and even chest. A massage stick is an easy-to-use product, because all that’s required is up and down motion on the targeted muscles. To achieve this, most sticks come with ergonomic handles with good grip.

Length and Weight – The size of the massage stick is important because it determines how easily you can use the product. It determines the weight and the length of the bar. The length of the bar should allow you the ability to stretch and use it comfortably, even on your back, without requiring any other person to help.

The length should also make the product compact enough to carry around wherever you go so you can use it whenever you need to massage your muscles, even during a workout session. The weight of the product should be light so it doesn’t exert excessive pressure on your muscles, which could already be sore and tender. A lightweight massage stick is also easy to carry and put in your luggage.

Maintenance - In terms of maintenance, nothing much will be required because the product only needs to be cleaned and stored safely. Although some are easy to wipe clean than others, so if you don’t have much time for vigorous cleaning routine after every massage these are probably better suited to you.

Get the Best Massage Stick of 2022!

Whether you’re a professional basketball player, a sports enthusiast, or a professional with a desk job, there’s a good massage stick out there for you. We hope that this guide can help you make an informed buying decision. If you need something different, check out our other body massager reviews.

Our Top Choice
Elite Sportz Equipment Muscle Roller Stick
Best Value
Trigger Point Performance Foam Roller Massage Stick
The Stick Body Massage Stick
Supremus Sports Muscle Roller Stick
SKLZ Muscle Relief Massage Stick