Best Maternity Pillow Reviews 2023

Pregnancy is a tough period for every woman when it comes to finding a comfortable sleeping position, as your body changes every day, and fatigue and disrupted sleeping patterns become a real issue. One of the best ways to battle your way through this is to obtain a sizeable and comfy maternity pillow! If you're unsure as to what model you should get for yourself, check out our list of five of the best maternity pillows and make your choice!
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Our Top Choice
PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow (C-Shape)
Coming from an enthusiastic team of experienced health experts, this Total Body Pillow from PharMeDoc is a reliable and comfortable solution for improving the quality of your sleep!
A great health-oriented company. Therapeutic properties. Adaptable C-shaped design.
The material is pretty dense, so you may feel hot sleeping in it.
Total Body Pillow
Interior Cushion
100% Cotton
25.5 x 25.3 x 4 inches
Therapeutic, Ergonomic
Best Value
U-miss Adjustable Sleep Body Maternity Pillow
As a product of a passionate home improvement company, this Belly Contour Pillow is characterized by simplicity, comfort and durability above anything else!
An upcoming company dealing in home products! A simple, ergonomic design. Innovative flip cover.
People with sensitive skin may find it too firm.
Belly Contour Pillow
100% Cotton
8.1 x 4.8 x 4.5 inches
Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion And Headrest
Bulky and with a rather conspicuous design, Earthlite's take on pregnancy pillows looks like it was taken from a secret UFO crash site nearby!
An enthusiastic company dealing in massage products. An interesting design. Filler Plug.
The breast openings may be a bit too far apart for some women. (Make sure to check if your size matches with this product.)
Pregnancy Cushion
100% PU
41 x 21.5 x 8 inches
Web Linens U Shaped Maternity Pillow
Coming from a small but promising business, this U-shaped pillow can be a terrific choice for a person in need of a simple piece of cushiony supporting equipment!
A small but plucky company dealing in therapeutic products. An innovative design. The unique shape supports the belly.
It can get pretty hot.
Contoured Pregnancy Pillow
Polyester Blend
18.4 x 15.4 x 13.7 inches
Boppy Pregnancy Wedge
As a product of a company dedicated to delivering only the best to young mothers, this Boppy pregnancy wedge can really be a lifesaver when you just can't seem to find the right sitting position!
A world-renowned company. Simple design with decorative covering. Compact and easy to carry. Machine washable.
Straight out of the shipping box, it has a strong medical smell to it. (this wears off eventually though)
Pregnancy Wedge
Polyurethane Foam
14.8 x 12.1 x 4.3 inches
Ergonomic, Supporting

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What is the Best Maternity Pillow?

Maternity pillows have undergone a number of design enhancements ever since they first entered the market. Picking the right one for your needs can present somewhat of a challenge, especially if you're inexperienced with these kinds of products. To help you out, our TopProducts team has assembled a list of five of the best maternity pillows of various shapes and sizes, so that you can easily find the best one for your needs! Read on and make a confident choice!
Our Top Choice
With an appearance reminiscent of a malleable piece of dough, the PharMeDoc pillow isn't lacking in the adaptability department! You can shape it and rearrange it any way you want, so that it fits perfectly. If you would like a model with detachable parts, check out the Total Body Pillow with Detachable Extension, also from PharMeDoc! (It costs a couple of bucks less, too.)

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow – Full Contoured Body Support System, Side Sleeper & Nursing Snuggle Pillow

PharMeDoc produces one top-notch health accessory after another, and has been fetching overwhelmingly positive reviews for some of its recent efforts. This is thanks to its busy-bee work philosophy, which advocates hard work and an obligatory dedication to improvement in every way possible.

Its team is made up of health geeks eager to provide the most reliable and advanced products to its sizeable customer base. They do so consistently, without losing touch with the modern trends when they appear in the world of therapeutic materials and contraptions. They've been responsible for some trail-blazing design solutions themselves.

The pillow model we're presenting to you here definitely stays true to its makers with its ergonomic design and the snug, secure feel it has to it as you assume your favorite sleeping position. It relieves neck pain, reduces stress and embraces your entire body like a rollercoaster security strap for your sweet dreams!

Here's a list of features of this PharMeDoc maternity pillow:
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Zipper removal for easier cleaning
  • BPA-free material
  • Perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers, and pregnancy sleeping positions
  • Contoured body support
The bulky build of this pillow, combined with the comfortable and secure feel of the materials used in its construction, make it a great solution for a person in need of a sizeable and supportive pillow to crash on after a period of sleep deprivation and misery!
Best Value
With a butterfly-like design and ergonomic stuffing, this U-miss maternity contour pillow will appeal to both bug enthusiasts and people with impoverished sleeping patterns. If you fall into either group, you're likely to find this body pillow solution just dandy! For supporting your neck through travel, check out this U-miss solution for the road!

U-miss Maternity Belly Contour Pillow - Back Support with Innovative FLIP Washable Cotton Cover

The U-miss crew is known for specializing in a variety of home improvement products. It makes a step in the direction of therapeutic equipment with this maternity contour pillow. After all, it doesn't really make sense to sell a bunch of attractive accessories for home and garden only to see them unused by someone heavily stressed out due to sleep deprivation.

The pillow itself features an interesting design with two large cushions to the side, making up a butterfly-like contraption of sheer comfort and support! The unique shape enables you to fit snugly between the two comfy bumps and find the optimal position for you, even though it sometimes feels impossible.

The thing responsible for the highly adaptable nature of this pillow is the underlying stuffing made out of warm and comfortable polyester. It can assume any shape you can think of, and it won't flatten or grow hard over time. The center strap is adjustable with Velcro, which gives you some space to work with.

Here's a list of the U-miss maternity pillow characteristics:
  • Cotton pillowcase you can remove for washing
  • Adjustable connecting belt
  • Elevates the head to prevent reflux
  • Helps with sciatica
  • Innovative flip cover design
The doubled-up cushioning will provide additional support for your back and neck, and, as the distance can be easily adjusted, you can change it as your pregnancy progresses. The therapeutic properties of this pillow don't hurt either!
If you dream of a pregnancy massage contraption that will take you up and pamper your entire body evenly, this cushion from Earthlite may be what you've been looking for! For smaller support tasks pertaining to a specific body part, this Jumbo round bolster might be better.

Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion - Available in Teal or Black

Operating under the "Healing Humanity Through Touch" motto, the Earthlite company has made it a mission to produce high-end massage machines and cushions for its numerous customers, and at a reasonable price, too! Innovation and courageous design choices are the reasons for their enviable success rates.

The customer support service of this company is something it can definitely be proud of, as it is made up of friendly people who are always eager to hear suggestions for the products in question and their betterment. All Earthlite products are made out of environmentally friendly materials, and recycling is a big part of this company's working philosophy.

The Earthlite maternity pillow features a rather curious appearance which follows the anatomy of a pregnant lady to a T, by leaving recessed spaces in the design for the belly and breasts! There are handles on the sides for easier carrying and transportation.

Here is a list of features of this Earthlite massage cushion:
  • Comes in two colors: black and teal
  • Includes a filler plug
  • Made out of high-quality foam
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
This bulky and supportive massage pillow is not only a great solution for pregnant ladies, but also for professional masseuses who want to provide the most comfortable starting position for their customers. The recesses can be of great help to find your best position when lying down!
Owning one of these maternity pillows from Web Linens Inc feels like you've befriended a Yeti and are now holding it as a pet you can rely on for back support! It's huge and props up your entire body evenly. If you prefer a simpler design that looks like a regular pillow, just oversized, this total maternity pillow may be the thing for you!

Web Linens Inc U Shaped-Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow with Zippered Cover - White

Web Linens Inc is a small company specializing in the production of various types of total body pillows for many different purposes, including pregnancy support. Its products are, as a rule, big and bulky in order to provide the full-body support that is necessary if you struggle with finding a sufficiently comfortable sleeping position.

This model is definitely no exception to the company's typical design choices. It offers a U-shaped support that's cushioned up all the way so that your entire body feels comfortable and your weight is evenly distributed. The offer includes one pillow and one removable zippered protector.

The aforementioned U-shape also features a dent for your belly, so that you can choose whether you prefer to sleep sideways or on your back without worrying whether the position is going to be impossible after a couple of minutes.

Features of the Web Linens Inc maternity pillow include:
  • Helps prevent sciatica and heartburn
  • Removable zippered pillowcase
  • Unique design supports back and belly
  • Made out of high-quality polyester
  • Money back guarantee
This maternity cushion can be your new companion in battling sleepless nights and uncomfortable sleeping positions! The innovative design combined with its massive size will provide support for both your back and belly, allowing you to choose which sleeping position you'd like to assume next!
Small and conveniently shaped, Boppy's maternity wedge is a multifunctional cushion you can put under your belly or head or use as an additional support for your legs! If you need a full-blown nursing pillow, this neat little jungle-themed positioner can be a good solution for you!

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge, Petite Trellis Grey, Prima Cotton Slipcover

How many maternity cushions and wedges have been both on Friends and Oprah's annual baby showers? Not many. Boppy's one of them, and for a good reason. The Boppy crew is made up of people passionate about creating maternity products that can be useful both for the mother and for the baby.

Boppy's diligence and creativity are easily observable when you take a look at its products, which are both visually pleasing and feature a high-quality stuffing that will not go all flat and useless after only a couple of years of use. Its beautifully designed web page also shows just how much it cares about customers and how welcoming it is to the people new to their products!

The wedge cushion in question has a firm feel to it which is optimal for fine adjustments for your back or belly, so that you can discover the right sleeping position for you at the moment.

Here are some other features of this exquisite Boppy wedge cushion:
  • Compact and portable design
  • The machine washable cover
  • Prima cotton slipcover
  • You can use it in more than one way
Versatile and firm, this Boppy support cushion can be a solution for a number of sleeping inconveniences, including chronic back pain and neck soreness. You can also use it to support your belly and find the perfect long-lost sleeping position you'd though you'd never find!

How Do I Choose the Best Maternity Pillow?

Getting a good night's sleep when you're pregnant can at times be a tough challenge. Following the changes your body undergoes, the shape of your bed isn't going to be as supportive anymore! Luckily for you, and the many other women battling this annoyance, there is a rather convenient solution: a maternity pillow! These comfortable pieces of cushioning come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on how much support you need. In this section, we'll mention a couple of important features of maternity pillows, so you'll have a clearer picture of what sort of product you may need.

The material for the filling determines how comfortable the pillow is going to be. Most manufacturers opt for some sort of memory foam, as this material has proven to possess the best overall properties needed for a supportive cushion. It's naturally pretty soft, and it's also capable of "remembering" your preferred position. When you sit or lie down with it as a means of supporting you, the pillow will assume the perfect shape necessary for optimal comfort! For this reason, memory foam is also used in massage pillows and breastfeeding pillows.

The second important aspect of maternity pillows is the outer layer, or the cover. Usually, pillow covers are made of some sort of cotton, but it's not a standard. You can find many other materials used for this purpose by many manufacturers. For example, polyester holds the second place in popularity when covers are in question. Many other maternity and nursing-related items are also made out of this inexpensive but reliable material, such as nursing bras and baby pillows. Read on to learn more about the other important features of maternity pillows, and what to pay attention to when buying one!
Since maternity pillows come in lots of shapes and sizes, it's really not too surprising that their prices vary quite substantially. For example, you can find relatively small, back-supporting cheap maternity pillows for about 15 bucks. If you'd like to treat yourself to a larger version of these useful cushions, you may be required to pay up to 300 of your hard-earned dollars! Maternity pillows that cost that much are usually rather elaborately built and come with a number of features designed to make your life easier. Other properties affecting the price include covers made of luxurious materials, the size, the popularity of the brand, and, of course, the presence of a warranty.
As you've seen, maternity pillows are a category of therapeutic cushion with plenty of options, and buying the right kind of model for yourself can be pretty irritating at times. Our TopProducts team once again jumps to the rescue with a list to help you get a better idea of what your perfect pillow may look like!

Important properties to look at when buying a maternity pillow include:
  • Cover material
  • Contoured body support
  • Connective belt
  • Flip cover design
  • Filling
  • Colors
  • Washing instructions
  • Warranty
If you can't be bothered to hand-wash the covers, a machine-washable model might be a good idea to consider, as the maintenance-related chores would be practically non-existent!
Construction and Design
Do you now feel like a tortoise in the bed you've known for years, struggling about and writhing left and right in an effort to find a semi-comfortable sleeping position? If the answer is yes, obtaining a maternity pillow can be a great start towards resolving this issue. These pillows have been specifically designed to make you feel all snug and comfortable, and to support your body. For this reason, you can find these pillows in all shapes and sizes. The small ones are meant for supporting any given part of the body, while bigger, contoured ones serve to support your entire respectable personage!
Performance and Ease of Use
The "performance" of any maternity pillow revolves around comfort. If you feel all cozy and ready to go to sleep at any moment, the pillow has done its job well! About the only thing you'd need to pay attention to prior to obtaining one of these cushions is checking that it's your size, so that you don't have to send it back or wait even longer for a refund. Once you have your maternity pillow, make sure to wash its cover regularly, or, in the case of a bigger, massage table-like model, clean it with a wet wipe or a cloth!

Get the Best Maternity Pillow of 2023!

A comfortable and weirdly shaped maternity pillow can be a great ally in the never-ending struggle to find a painless sleeping position during your pregnancy months! Whether you like those offering full-body support, or prefer just a little piece of cushioning to support a particularly stressed part of your body, having one of these around is an absolute must if you're expecting a baby. We hope you liked our suggestions for this noble category, and wish you a happy purchase!

Our Top Choice
PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow (C-Shape)
Best Value
U-miss Adjustable Sleep Body Maternity Pillow
Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion And Headrest
Web Linens U Shaped Maternity Pillow
Boppy Pregnancy Wedge