Best Mattress Topper Reviews 2023

Are you a side sleeper or back sleeper? How much do you weigh? What is the current firmness or condition of your mattress? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when you are out shopping for a topper. If you are buying one because of medical issues, then your main consideration should be the kind of comfort or relief you expect to get from the topper. When shopping, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the many choices. We have done our research and have chosen some of the best mattress topper brands, spotlighting a variety of the different kinds of mattress toppers available in the market. Let’s start by looking at the highlights of some highly recommended mattress toppers
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Our Top Choice
Nature’s Sleep Visco Elastic Memory Foam Topper
Nature’s Sleep is associated with Werner Ladder Company, a brand that has been in the field for over 100 years and they bring you this exceptional 2.5” high density Visco memory foam topper.
Pressure relieving. Extremely breathable. Comfortable and supportive. Available in 6 sizes, including 2 oversized.
Suits the back-sleeper better.
King -- 79” x 75”
2.5” thick
Visco memory foam
CertiPUR-US® certified
3 year limited warranty
Best Value
Milliard Bedding Egg Crate Ventilated Memory Foam Topper
Milliard bedding has been in the field for over 6 years. With their egg crate ventilated memory foam topper, you are likely to get the comfort and support you require for a better sleep.
Egg crate style relieves pressure and helps regulate air flow and temperature (cooling). High density foam. Keeps its shape. Versatile. Affordable. Available in 4 standard sizes.
Lacks a warranty certificate but comes with 30-day money back guarantee.
King - 78” x 74”
2” thick
Antimicrobial memory foam
Not certified
30-day money back guarantee
Cloud9 Bedding 4.3 Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Cloud9 may be a small company but the proprietary memory foam they use is designed to “not push back” and cause pain on the body’s pressure points – for an amazing night of rest.
Feather-light. Firm. Comfortable. Lengthy warranty. No toxic additions. Available in 6 sizes, including 2 oversized. Made in the USA.
More expensive than many other brands, but that is because of the proprietary foam formula. New foam odor.
King – 80” x 76”
4” thick
Pure Visco elastic memory foam
Not certified
20 year limited warranty
Sleep on Latex Pure Green Latex Mattress Topper- Medium
Sleep On Latex, trading under the Pure Green™ brand strives to ensure an awesome experience of sleep with their 100% Natural Latex Mattresses and Toppers, at fair prices.
A trusted brand. Durable. Breathable. Versatile. 100% natural material. Eco-friendly. Comes in 7 sizes. Made in USA.
May have to buy its cover separately. Needless to say, not good for people with latex allergies so warn guests.
Full - 54” x 75”
Comes in 1”, 2” and 3”
100% natural latex
ecoInstitut, Okeo-tex, Greenguard
5 year warranty
Superior All Season Down Alternative Mattress Topper
Superior, formerly known as Grand Down, provides exceptional bedding like this All Season Down Down Alternative Mattress Topper at an affordable price.
Hypoallergenic. Light-weight. All weather. Luxurious. High Quality. Fully machine washable.Available in 4 sizes.
No warranty.
King -78”x80”
2” thick
100% microfiber cover/fill
Not certified
7 day return policy

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What is the Best Mattress Topper?

Ok, now that you have an idea of what to look for, it’s time to take a more detailed look at some great mattress toppers from five of the best bedding brands. Each one was chosen because it offers great features in terms of construction, design, performance and ease of use.
Our Top Choice
If you are fighting back pain, Nature’s Sleep has designed this 2.5” high density Visco memory foam topper to restore peace and comfort in your sleep. And in case you want to boost the lifespan of your mattress and improve your sleep further, you can consider supporting it with their KD Box spring/foundation.

Nature's Sleep Cool IQ Memory Foam Mattress Topper - 2.5” Thick, 3.5 Pound Density with Microfiber Fitted Cover and 18” Skirt

There’s a personal story behind Nature’s Sleep bedding products. The founder Marc Werner had three neck surgeries and couldn’t find something comfortable in the market to offer enough support to ease his back and neck pain during sleep. He chose to design his own and luxurious, high quality affordable bedding products were born under the brand Nature’s sleep.

This mattress topper is crafted with Gel infused high density visco memory foam and a microfiber cover and meets the quality standards of CertiPUR-US®. It comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

True to their commitment, the Visco memory foam toppers from Nature’s Sleep come at a reasonable price for the comfort and relief they provide. This 2.5" HD Visco Memory Foam Topper retails at $400.00 for the king size but when we did our research we found all the sizes available for significantly less on Amazon. It is also available in queen, twin XL and twin, full and California king.
Construction and Design
As the name suggests, this topper is injected with Visco memory foam which does not only enhance strength and durability but also increases its ability to support your body effectively. It has a cover that stretches to the edges offering desired protection to your topper and mattress.
Performance and Ease of Use
This mattress topper is designed to conform to the user’s body weight as well as temperature thus relieving pressure and any other discomfort in your sleep. Both the memory foam and plush microfiber cover are resistant to mold, dust, bacteria and allergens. The materials are not only soft and comfortable but also fit for people sensitive to allergens. Its lavish microfiber cover keeps your mattress and the topper protected from dirt and wetness and you can just remove and clean it.

This high density memory foam topper from Nature’s Sleep is a wonderful product for you if you want to rejuvenate your used mattress and make it feel more soft and comfortable.
Best Value
When looking for an affordable, functional and high quality topper, Milliard Bedding is one brand you will want to check out. Their 2” Egg Crate Memory Foam mattress topper is versatile, designed to conform to user’s body contour and relieve pressure on any painful joint. For those looking for something to keep allergies at bay especially for their children, Milliard also offers a variety of hypoallergenic and waterproof quilted mattress covers ranging from bassinette size to California king.

Milliard Bedding 2″ Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper - 2″ Egg Crate Style, Open Cell Technology Regulates Air Flow and Temperature.

Founded in 2009, Milliard Bedding may be a small and relative new comer to the bedding industry, but their focus on quality sleep products at affordable prices has earned them a great reputation with satisfied and loyal customers. This United States company not only strives to help people sleep better, but they also believe in giving back – donating not just a portion of their profits, but also time with local special needs groups.

We have chosen their egg crate style mattress topper for our Best Value spot because it is designed to help you sleep more comfortably with less tossing and turning, at an extremely affordable retail price of only $69.99 for the king size. The king mattress topper measures about 78 x 74, but you can also choose queen, full and twin sizes depending on your needs. All four sizes feature two inches of ventilated memory foam.

One of the features that we like about this memory foam topper is that the open cell technology and egg crate design provide ventilation and improved air circulation, ensuring proper support and comfort.
Construction and Design
Let’s talk a little bit more about how this mattress topper can help to improve your sleep. Millard’s open cell technology is designed to enable proper air circulation so that one can sleep well despite your body and/or surrounding temperature. The egg crate shape is also suitable for those who want to minimize pressure on their spine, neck and shoulders thus relieving pain in such areas and ensuring comfortable sleep. It is also high density and will not shrink after a period of use.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to comfort the technology in this memory foam mattress topper works to provide optimum performance. It is ventilated and shaped like an egg crate to ensure cooling. Also, it comes at a great price and doesn’t shrink after a period of use. The memory foam not only conforms to your body’s sleeping shape but is also hypoallergenic, resistant to mold, dust-mite and bacteria. Whether you are allergic to some materials or prone to asthma, or suffer from neck and back pain you will find this product greatly useful in solving your problem.
This four inch thick memory foam mattress topper from Cloud9 Bedding can turn any bed into a place where you can easily sail into a sea of dreams. If you are looking for a less expensive model, or don’t need a mattress topper that high, we recommend checking out one of their two inch models.

4.3 Cloud9 Bedding Memory Foam Mattress Topper - 4 Inch 100% Visco Foam with Waterproof Cover

We have all heard that expression about sleeping on cloud 9, but Cloud9 Bedding is here to make your dreams come true. With their feather-light, firm, yet comfortable memory foam mattress topper not only will it help you to fall asleep and stay asleep, but the design helps to ensure that you wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Because of the proprietary design, that includes a comfort layer, a support layer and a soft quilted upper layer, Cloud9 mattress toppers retail at prices much higher than the others on our list (with the King size at about $1000), we were extremely delighted when we did our research and found them available at about one third of the cost. In addition to the king size, you can get this mattress topper in standard twin, full and queen, plus the oversized twin XL and California king.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features of the 4.3 Cloud9 mattress topper:
  • Four inches of 100% Visco Elastic memory foam (you can also get it in 2” thickness).
  • Feather-light technology for comfortable feel-just like in an imaginary cloud9
  • A long-term limited warranty covering up to 20 years
Construction and Design
The visco elastic memory foam topper by Cloud9 is designed to offer exceptional comfort and durability. Once the topper conforms to your body during sleep, it will provide better support. The visco elastic material for this topper is of premium quality, making sure it lasts longer than most visco-elastics in the market today. Also, the 4.3 Cloud9 Visco elastic toppers include a removable waterproof cover which is easy to launder.
Performance and Ease of Use
When heated by body heat this foam mattress topper begins to mold into the shape of your body. Once it curves to your contours, your weight is spread evenly thus ensuring that there are no pressure points. If you have a hard, soft or an old mattress, adding the cloud9 memory foam topper is one way you can bring the comfort you desire for a sound sleep. It is actually feather light, but firm.
Sleep on Latex is a reputable name in the field of bedding made of latex. Out of their passion in latex, they usher you into the world of pain-free sleep through their Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Toppers. Their products are eco-friendly, low priced, and not only are they available in different bed sizes and thicknesses, but you can also choose from soft, medium or firm.

Sleep on Latex Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Medium Firmness Mattress Topper – Three Thicknesses, Multiple Sizes

With three years’ experience in the bedding industry, Sleep on Latex has emerged as highly qualified professionals in manufacturing Latex Mattress Toppers. In their Chicago factory, this company passionately makes products that have earned ecoInstitut, Okeo-tex and Greenguard Gold certifications. This means that their mattress toppers are safe and free from any toxins.

The experience customers get from using Pure GreenTM 100% Natural latex mattress toppers is unmatched to their synthetic counterparts.

You can also join the club of excited clients by getting yourself a five year warranty, 2” full size Pure GreenTM Latex foam topper at fair price of $199. Need a different thicknesss? If so, you can choose either a 1-inch or 3-inch mattress topper. There are also other sizes ranging from king, queen and twin options to meet your specific needs.
Construction and Design
Consider the value you get for your money when you purchase a Pure GreenTM latex foam topper. You will enjoy your product for up to 20 years without any noticeable depreciation in quality. This is an investment that will probably outlive your mattress. It offers pinpointed support to your mattress whilst blending well into a perfect fit.

With a firmness rating of 30 ILD, Pure Green’s medium firm toppers offer pinpointed support allowing users to enjoy better sleep instantly. For sleepers who want something softer, or something firmer (sounding a little bit like Goldilocks here) Sleep on Latex has those too.
Performance and Ease of Use
As mentioned earlier, this memory foam topper is designed with 100% natural latex material. Without fire-retardant chemicals or synthetic latex added, you are happy to take home a healthy and eco-friendly product suitable for those prone to allergic reactions. Just like many natural materials, pure natural latex used on this topper is anti-microbial and dead set against dust-mite.
A provider’s commitment not to rest until their consumers sleep comfortably can push them to creating a high quality and fair-priced product like this Down Alternative Mattress Topper by Superior. This one features microfiber fill, but if you are looking for a memory foam topper, we recommend checking out their Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

Superior Down Alternative Mattress Topper - All Season 2” Thick, Microfiber Fill and Cover, Four Sizes

Grand Down™ has been on the fore front in providing quality products and consequently helping many customers get quality sleep – and that didn’t stop when they changed their brand name to Superior. Their products are made to perfection to meet your needs and class. Their mission: to fulfill their dream of getting as many people as possible comfortable in their sleep.

Our focus on their All Season Down Alternative Mattress Topper is the elegance and easy to care qualities. While this might not be the right choice if you are someone looking for a super firm bed, this one is just right for sleepers who like comfortable support, without it being too soft. Inside the this pillow top style mattress topper is two inches of fluffy microfiber fill to provide a layer of softness between you and your mattress.

Retailing at an extremely affordable retail price of around $100 for the king size (but we saw it for less on Amazon), this topper is fully machine-washable. This makes home care quite easy. You can also get smaller sizes such as queen, full and twin sizes for less than retail, depending on your need.
Construction and Design
This mattress topper is crafted with a down alternative microfiber material and filled with 100-percent authentic core to make it durable. Its stitching on the edges is double needle providing a stylish finish that improves the mattress pad’s durability. The hypoallergenic property of the topper provides the best alternative for those who are allergic to down yet want to enjoy its plush and soft feel.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to class and elegance, this mattress pad exudes both due to its double needle stitching. Its piped edge ensures increased durability and gives users prolonged period of comfort. The down alternative microfiber is soft and fluffy. It feels comfortable especially when used on hard mattresses. It is easy to care since it is machine washable and a good option for those who are allergic to down. Because of its design, this mattress topper is good all year long.

How Do I Choose the Best Mattress Topper?

There are different reasons for investing in a mattress topper, most notably to make sleep time more enjoyable. If the question you’re faced with it is why not just buy a new mattress altogether? The upfront costs of a new mattress can be expensive, and you only need one if your current mattress is to firm or isn’t performing as it once did. Buying a quality mattress topper is generally an excellent solution to transform an uncomfortable mattress into one that’s a joy to cuddle into.

The best mattress topper will provide an inexpensive alternative for restoring comfort with that torn, worn-out or old mattress. Any good mattress topper will add a great level of support or cushion for your body for a comfortable sleep. Furthermore, most mattress toppers are also designed to protect your mattress from dirt, mold, and wetness from any form of fluids. This ensures a hygienic comfortable bed for you and your loved ones.

So, when buying a mattress topper, what should you look for?

Buying the best mattress topper can be overwhelming considering the variety of choices in the market. From the egg crate, gel-infused, flat and down designs, to fiber toppers, there is definitely one that’s right for you.To ensure you make the best choice, first determine your reasons for buying a topper, whether medical or comfort. Next, you will need to figure out the way you sleep quite simply because some designs are suitable for specific sleeping positions. For instance, the 2.5" HD Visco Memory Foam Topper by Nature’s Sleep comes with features that suit best the back-sleeper.

When selecting the best topper for your mattress there are several things you need to consider.
Toppers are available across several price points, and although you get what you pay for in terms of cost, you need to pay attention to the issues you are looking to resolve with your new topper. For example, if your goal is to simply extend the life of an existing mattress, or the one you have is in condition but a bit too firm for you, the cost would be totally different from one that is designed to provide good lumbar support. Medium quality cotton toppers, plain egg crate foam, and polyester are generally inexpensive, but if you want a totally new experience from your traditional spring mattress, a higher price mattress topper is probably your best bet such as those made of latex, memory foam and wool, which are a bit expensive.

One recommendation we do want to make is to avoid “super cheap mattress toppers” because they tend to not be worth the money, often wearing and tearing quickly – leaving you with a bed that is more uncomfortable than it was before. Others provide little more comfort and support than if you simply purchased a basic mattress pad.

All said and done, you do not want to compromise on quality and efficiency for a lower price. More than simply being uncomfortable and not lasting as long, inexpensive mattress toppers can result in various problems such as poor designs and low-quality materials that do not last long. Since we are talking about the place where you sleep, this is not the place to cut corners.
As mentioned earlier, mattress toppers are designed to improve sleep by adding extra support to relieve pressure at various points and increase comfort. Some of the common features of a topper you should consider include:
  • Size: We all know that beds come in king size, queen, twin, and other dimensions. You want to look for a topper that fits your current bed-size. Luckily, leading brands have mattress toppers of different sizes just like the bed designs
  • Density: When considering the density, keep in mind that a denser topper will provide more support. This will also determine the level of comfort you enjoy when you sleep. Soft choices have a density of up to 4lb/in³, medium are 4-5.9lb/in³ dense while high density can be over 5.9lb/in³.
  • Thickness: In a nutshell, the thickness of a mattress topper is likely to be between 2 and 8 inches. For the side-sleepers, heavy people, or those seeking to replace a worn out mattress, a thick topper is your best choice. Latex and memory foam tend to boast considerable thickness.
  • Material: The kind of material used on a topper will determine its quality, durability, price, and so forth. Also, it can influence the suitability of the topper for people with allergies. Today, toppers are crafted with latex, natural and synthetic materials or a combination all. Natural materials such as cotton, wool, and silk are famed for their sustainability and suitability to allergic individuals. However, they are not very durable. On the flipside, artificial toppers come in handy to solve the issue of durability associated with natural materials. They are also hygienic and healthy, and do not attract mold or dust mites. Latex is among the durable, firm, hygienic and comfortable materials used today. However, it is also expensive and may resist heat.
  • Certification: To ensure you are buying a high quality topper, it is highly recommended that you determine if it is certified by reputable programs such as CertiPUR-US® approval.
  • Warranty: Any manufacturer confident about their product will offer some form of guarantee. A good quality warranty certificate can cover a period of at least two years or more. Beware of statements such as “limited warranty” as this could mean some aspects of the product are not covered. If not certain, you can always seek clarification from the manufacturer before making the investment.
Construction and Design
It is important to look for a topper that will serve you for years to come. This makes it crucial to ask yourself if the respective topper is constructed well. Basically, mattress toppers use polyurethane foam. However, they require additional elements to make them more supportive. This causes manufacturers to infuse certain gels that help improve the viscosity of the end product.

Terms such as “memory foam” simply mean that the main material, polyurethane, is woven through the special gels. Adding to this, best mattress toppers are designed with different layers. This way, the manufacturer can ensure proper support, aeration, comfort, and other important features of a design. Now, these factors collectively influence the durability of the topper and level of comfort of the user as well.

Another warning about some cheap toppers – they can be infused with a “low quality” gel that produces a strong odor that won’t disappear even if you air it for the recommended period.
Performance and Ease of Use
Can you imagine a mattress topper that is too heavy to move, very porous or difficult to clean? Remember, it is already challenging to clean a mattress. In this case, the cover should be easier to maintain. In addition, a topper serves various purposes, such as providing pain relief, support for your back or shoulders, improve comfort, and ensure softness of your mattress. In this case, you need to find a material that will meet your specific needs. Also, consider the density and thickness as these factors will affect the topper’s ability to provide the desired comfort and support.

Get the Best Mattress Topper of 2023!

Once you decide that it’s time you purchased a mattress topper, all you need is to identify what it is you want and budget, then find one that can meet those needs. We believe if you go through toppers from these five top brands, selected in a mix by type, you will have high chances of finding what you are looking for.

Our Top Choice
Nature’s Sleep Visco Elastic Memory Foam Topper
Best Value
Milliard Bedding Egg Crate Ventilated Memory Foam Topper
Cloud9 Bedding 4.3 Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Sleep on Latex Pure Green Latex Mattress Topper- Medium
Superior All Season Down Alternative Mattress Topper