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Meat slicers can save you a great deal of time, whether you run a butchery or it’s just for home use. It is, however, not easy to find the ideal one if you don’t know what to look for. We’ve researched some of the best meat slicer brands and identified five nice products from five of them. We want to help you narrow down your options and find the right tool and still stay within your budget. You'll even find several options that cost less then $100 further down in this article!

For those of you looking for a professional grade, commercial meat slicer we recommend looking at Hobart meat slicers and Berkel meat slicers. Both brands have highly rated products. The only reason we didn’t include them in our top 5 is because the price point is higher than what most home cooks want to spend. We've also gone ahead and showcased some top rated commercial slicers below, in addition to some moderately priced ones within our reviews.

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Blade Size
Our Top Choice
Chef’s Choice Electric Food Slicer
Chef’s Choice boasts the world’s largest selection of manual and electric knife sharpeners, hot beverage makers, electric food slicers, and advanced small kitchen equipment.
Multi-purpose 7-inch blade. Easy-to-clean design. Versatile, rugged slicer. Retractable food carriage, pusher and deflector.
Not fast enough for commercial use
120 Watts
15 X 11 X 11 Inches
Stainless Steel
7 Inches
Continuous duty slicing
Best Value
Nesco Electric Food and Meat Slicer
Nesco is a renowned brand specializing in kitchen appliances such as meat slicers, roaster ovens, jerky spices, vacuum sealers and toasters, among others.
Has an 8.7-inch stainless steel blade. Comes with a precision depth control feature. Comes with a food press.
You’ll have to stop the blade after 10 minutes of use to allow it to cool down.
180 Watts
15.5 X 10.5 X 11 Inches
Stainless Steel
8.7 Inches
Sliding food carriage
Kitchen Ware Station Meat Slicer
KitchenWare Station is best known all over the world for its quality and affordable kitchenware.
Strong aluminum alloy base with skid proof rubber feet. Powerful 200-watt motor that cuts through frozen food.
Some clients say it’s a bit too heavy.
200 Watts
18.5 X 17.7 X 13.8 Inches
Stainless Steel
6 Inches
CE Approved
Kalorik Electric Food Slicer
Kalorik has a reputable history in Europe of manufacturing unique products and showing their engineering prowess.
Has a powerful 200 watt motor. 7 ½-inch stainless steel blade. Blade-locking feature.
It’s a bit difficult to clean, but you can disassemble it.
200 Watts
14.5 X 10 X 11.2 Inches
Stainless Steel
7 1/2 Inches
Blade locking
LEM Products Food, Cheese & Meat Slicer
Founded way back in 1991, LEM produces high-quality meat processing apparatus for home processors and hunters in North America.
Cuts vegetables, meat and fruits to 3/5” thick. Parts are fully detachable, making them easy to clean.
It’s a bit slow but gets the job done.
120 Watts
14.96 X 10.63 X 11.61 Inches
7 1/2 Inches
Hand guard

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What Is the Best Meat Slicer for Sale Today? Read Our Electric Meat Slicer Reviews.

Cutting meat and veggies is time consuming without the right kitchen equipment. The best meat slicers come with a sharp blade, are easy to clean and can cut considerably huge chunks of meat, depending on your needs. We've chosen 5 brands known for powerful electric meat slicers for home, restaurant and commercial use.

Before we get to our featured products, we understand that many people don't want to invest a lot of money in a meat slicer if it's not something they will use on a regular basis. So, we went ahead and found 4 home electric meat slicers under $100!

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Our Top Choice
The Chef’s Choice Electric Food Slicer comes with a multi-purpose 7-inch stainless steel blade that can slice a wide variety of food. If you’re looking for a commercial slicer, consider the Chef’s Choice Professional Electric Food Slicer, which comes with a 8.5-inch surgical steel blade.

Chef’s Choice Electric Home Meat Slicer with Precision Thickness Control - Intermittent On/Off Switch & Hidden Cord Storage


Chef’s Choice boasts the world’s largest selection of manual and electric knife sharpeners, hot beverage makers and electric food slicers, among other advanced, small kitchen equipment. The company’s products are available in more than 80 countries around the world and are liked by consumers across the globe.

Their Electric Food Slicer Model 615 comes equipped with a high-torque, cool-running motor that generates an impressive 120 watts of power for smooth and reliable cutting. It also has a tilted food carriage that makes cutting efficient and easy. The carriage is large and retracts completely to allow slicing of huge chunks of meat.

Here are some more features that make it such an effective tool.

  • Multi-purpose stainless steel blade that is 7 inches wide
  • Components are easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Comes with a special button that limits access to cutting blade for safety.
  • Small enough to carry around in your kitchen

This product comes in one and two-blade varieties.

Best Value
The Nesco Food Slicer 8.7” Blade comes with an 8.7-inch stainless steel blade that can cut through thick meat and fruits, as well as slice vegetables. If you want a more powerful motor with 200-watt power, check out the Nesco FS-10 Food Slicer.

Nesco Adjustable Thickness Stainless Steel Food and Meat Slicer - 180-Watt, 8.7” Blade


Nesco is a renowned brand in the food industry. It specializes in kitchen appliances such as meat slicers, roaster ovens, jerky spices, vacuum sealers and toasters, among others. You’ll always find what you want for your kitchen at Nesco.

You’ll love the large, hardened stainless-steel blade that can handle a wide variety of food shapes and sizes. Its precision depth control feature allows you to adjust the blade to slice thin pieces of your food. There’s more to this slicer that makes it such a great tool for your kitchen.

Here is what we are talking about.

  • Sliding food carriage
  • Serrated stainless steel blade
  • Comes with a food press.
  • 180-watt gear motor generates sufficient power.
  • Comes with a dual safety feature.
The Kitchen Ware Station Meat Slicer comes with a strong aluminum alloy base with skid proof rubber feet that allow you to work comfortably on any surface. .If you’re looking for more power and low noise level, check out the KWS Metal Collection Commercial Electric Meat Slicer, which has an output of 420 watts.

Kitchen Ware Station Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer - 200 W, CE Approved, Anodized Aluminum Base


KitchenWare Station is best known all over the world for its quality and affordable kitchenware. They manufacture, among other things, meat slicers, bone saw machines, water boilers, meat grinders and food mixers. The company is focused on providing the best equipment with innovative and practical designs.

Their Premium 200w Electric Meat Slicer features a strong aluminum alloy base with skid proof rubber feet. It has a 200 Watt motor that provides enough power for slicing huge chunks of meat and does not produce a lot of noise. You can also cut vegetables, fruits and cheese down to 0.10mm, thanks to its numerical scale knob.

Here are some more amazing features that you’ll like about this equipment.

  • Comes with dual whetstone sharpener.
  • Has a ring guard assembly for safety.
  • Constructed with high-quality stainless steel blade, hence, very durable
  • Switch has waterproof cover.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
The Kalorik Food Slicer features a powerful 200 watt motor that cuts through frozen foods. If you want a smaller slicer with a quick-release food carriage bar and tray, check out the Kaloric Professional Style Food Slicer.

Kalorik Electric Meat Slicer


Kalorik has a reputable history in Europe of manufacturing unique products and showing their engineering prowess. With its headquarters in Belgium, this company is geared towards new inventions, manufacturing exciting and practical products. Their products are now sought after not only in Europe, but all over the world.

The Kalorik Food Slicer comes with a powerful motor that can slice frozen foods that are 4mm thick. You’ll like its metal housing with an epoxy finish, as well as its tray carriage and holder. It has a stainless steel blade that is strong and durable.

Let’s see what else makes it such a nice piece to have in your kitchen.

  • It is easy to clean, thanks to its removable stainless-steel blade.
  • Comes with non-skid rubber feet.
  • It’s light in weight.
  • Comes with a thickness-control dial.
  • Has a 0-1/2” thickness adjustment.
This LEM Meat Slicer comes with a 120-watt motor and 7 ½-inch blade that not only slices cheese and meat, but also fruits and vegetables up to 3/5” thick. If you want a slicer with an oversized hole in the feed tube and 500 watt power output, go for the LEM Mighty Grinder. Or, if you want a more affordable home meat slicer, take a look a the LEM 1381 Belt Driven Food Slicer.

LEM Products Electric Meat Slicer - Adjustable Thickness, Snap-On and Easy-off Food Pusher, Available in Multiple Blade Sizes


Founded way back in 1991, LEM produces high-quality meat processing apparatus for home processors and hunters in North America. Its founder, Larry Drew, began the company after years of experience working in one of the largest foodservice firms in the US. This company’s goal is to manufacture high-quality meat processing equipment for domestic use and for hunters.

The LEM slicer comes with a 120-watt motor that not only slices cheese and meat, but also fruits and vegetables up to 3/5” thick. Its hand guard and meat pusher are detachable to allow you to clean them easily, and it also includes a wide carriage tray. The slicer is durable with an aluminum die-cast casing and a steel base.

Best Electric Meat Slicer Buying Guide – How to Decide Between a Home and Commercial Food and Meat Slicer

Working in a busy restaurant requires that you have effective and efficient tools in your kitchen. Apart from saving you time, meat slicers are safer to use than kitchen knives, though you’ll still need to have those, in addition to box graters. With a meat slicer, you avoid cutting your fingers, since you cut your meat and vegetables without having to hold them.

Before you decide which deli slicer to buy, consider your needs. If it is for home use, go for a simple, light slicer that can cut thin slices of meat and vegetables but doesn’t consume a lot of power. If you have a restaurant, you’ll need a slicer that can cut many pieces of meat at a fast rate. You may need to get some safety gloves, especially when you need to handle the slicer’s blade. Also, get some safety glasses to protect your eyes when slicing your meat or other foods.


Video: Preventing Cuts from Meat Slicers

How to Operate and Clean Meat Slicers Safely. | Courtesy of WorkSafeBC

Meat slicers vary in price depending on their purpose. Before setting a budget, you should know whether you want a commercial or home slicer. Generally, commercial slicers are more expensive than those used at home. If you have a butchery, we would advise you to go for the higher-grade and bigger commercial slicers. They generate more power and slice at a faster rate than the home ones. You can also cut vegetables and fruits effortlessly. They are made of better-quality materials, like stainless steel and aluminum, which is less corrosive, and they have special features like whetstones, sharpeners and ring guard assembly. These retail from around $100 to just over $500 for the most advanced machines.

The domestic deli slicers are small, lightweight tools that generate less power, suitable for home use. They are a bit slower, with limited features. You can use them to cut small chunks of meat, unlike the commercial ones that can cut huge pieces. They, however, consume less energy, as they have less powerful motors. These slicers range from as low as $30 to around $100. There are, however, some very cheap meat slicers that are of low quality and perform dismally. You may want to consider quality and performance first, before considering the price, to get the right machine.


Preparing food in your kitchen is a lot easier and faster if you have a food or meat slicer. A good slicer should be multi-purpose, helping you to cut fruits and vegetables, as well as meat. Consider the type of slicer you want, depending on its intended purpose. There are two main types; domestic and commercial slicers. The difference lies in the strength generated by their motors and their sizes. Commercial slicers are larger and more powerful than domestic ones.

Here are other features you may want to consider before deciding on one.

  • Size- Consider the size of your meat slicer. If it’s for domestic use, then go for a small, portable item. You can get a large one if it’s for commercial use.
  • Blade Size- The size of the blade varies with the size of the slicer. Choose the size depending on the size of chunks you’ll be cutting.
  • Material- Check the material used to construct the slicer. Go for quality materials that do not corrode easily.
  • Hygiene- Check if the various components of your slicer are detachable to enable you to clean them easily.
  • Extras- Check for extra features such as numerical scale knob, whetstone sharpeners, ring guard assembly, and waterproof covers, among others.
Construction and Design

There are two main types of deli slicers. These are the commercial and the domestic slicers. Commercial slicers are usually big in size and have larger blades and food carriages. They have big and powerful motors that generate more energy than those in domestic slicers.

When you decide to buy either of the two, check out the size of the blade. It is relative to the size of the slicer. The small domestic slicers have small blades, while the large commercial slicers have larger blades. Check if the blade is removable or fixed.

Slicers are mostly made of steel and aluminum. There are different qualities, though, so you have to check to ensure that you get the best quality. Also check the material used to construct the blade.

Advanced slicers have extra features such as whetstones, numerical scale knobs and ring guard assembly. Whetstones are fixed strategically to keep the blade sharp. Numerical scale knobs help adjust the position of the blade to determine the size of your slices.


Video: How To Use Slicer

How to Properly Use a Food Product Slicer. | Courtesy of UNTDiningServices
Performance and Ease of Use

If you want to save time when preparing food, you’ll need a slicer that is both efficient and fast. You also need one you can clean easily to avoid contaminating your food.

When it comes to efficiency and speed, the power of the motor is very important. If you’re going to use it for commercial purposes, then go for a large slicer with a large motor and blade. The motor generates more power to run the large blade, hence, cutting large chunks of meat at a high speed. This helps you save time, especially if you’re working in a busy restaurant.

Since you’ll be handling a lot of food with your slicer, it’s important that you keep it clean. Cleaning it requires that you disassemble it to clean the various components on their own. It is, thus, important that it be possible to detach the blade, the food carriage and other components for easy cleaning.

Extra features such as blade whetstones help keep the blade in top-notch condition. The blade is the most important component of this item, so keeping it sharp and clean is vital. Ring guard assembly helps protect you from the blade when using your slicer. If you want precise and extra-thin slices, you may want to choose one with a numerical scale knob.

Get the Best Meat Slicer of 2021!

We’ve gone out of our way to narrow down your options and help you get a good and efficient slicer. We are glad to have been part of this process. If you didn’t find your ideal meat slicer among our top selection, feel free to check out other offers from these top brands.

Our Top Choice
Chef’s Choice Electric Food Slicer
Best Value
Nesco Electric Food and Meat Slicer
Kitchen Ware Station Meat Slicer
Kalorik Electric Food Slicer
LEM Products Food, Cheese & Meat Slicer

Meat Slicer FAQs

How to clean a meat slicer?
You can clean a meat slicer by first unplugging it and setting the blade to zero. Use a paper towel to wipe away visible food particles and remove the product tray or chute from the slicer. Wash, sanitize, and rinse the slicer parts, air-dry them, clean handles, knobs, and screws using a small brush. Next, you may remove the knife blade or retain it in place before cleaning it. Finally, rinse the meat slicer using a towel and clean water before spraying a sanitizer solution. Air-dry the slicer before reassembling it.
How often must a meat slicer be cleaned and sanitized when in constant use?
How often you clean and sanitize a meat slicer depends on how often you use it. If you use it daily, then you should thoroughly clean it at the end of every day. If you use it continuously, then you should clean it every four hours (FDA recommendation).
How to use a meat slicer?
To use a meat slicer, put the food onto a sliding tray. As the tray passes over a revolving blade, it reduces the meat to pieces. Thus, the meat slicer cuts the food into thin slices ready for cooking. However, to avoid contaminating the food, you need to wash your hands thoroughly. Then, raise the clamp arm, pushing it further from the slicer’s surface. Now put the large piece of meat on the tray and return the clamp arm into place to touch the flesh. Adjust the thickness of the meat by turning the knob and put a deli tissue or wax paper under the slicer. The cut pieces of meat shall fall onto the tissue or wax paper. Once you turn the machine on, you only need to push the tray to cut the meat.