Best Megaphone Reviews 2023

Ever feel like the world just isn't hearing you? Megaphones can help you be heard loud and clear. They are often used in concerts or by armed forces. If you have to scream to make yourself heard, you need a megaphone that will make your job easier. Take a look at the five megaphones that we have picked from some of the best megaphone brands out there. If you find yourself straining your voice to pass on a message, these megaphones will catch everyone's attention.
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Our Top Choice
Pyle Megaphone PA Bullhorn with Siren
Pyle produces high-quality woofers. Its products enrich its customers' media experience.
It's lightweight and works with batteries. It has two audio functions and an ergonomic handle. It comes with an external microphone.
Batteries are not included.
1.15 pounds
800 yards
Wrist strap
Detachable microphone
Best Value
Playmaker Toys Road Rage Megaphone
Playmaker Toys manufactures innovative and engaging toys for children. Its toys are made of high-quality materials.
This megaphone is small and lightweight, so it will fit perfectly in your car. It's suitable for people with road rage, as it will do the job for them.
Not suitable for kids because of the inappropriate language.
1 pound
10 yards
Shoulder strap
Red and gray
Western Safety 50 Watt Megaphone
Western Safety is based in Seattle and distributes safety equipment. The products it sells are from high-quality manufacturers.
Powerful megaphone with adjustable shoulder straps. Suitable for most environments and spaces, as it has a voice range of 656 yards.
Isolated complaints that the siren is a bit weak.
3.95 pounds
656 yards
Shoulder strap
Clever Innovators Professional Megaphone
Clever Innovators sells megaphones for a living. Its products are compact, made of high-quality materials, and have multiple functions.
Compact and lightweight, yet powerful. It has carry straps and a foldable handle for easy transportation and storage.
Only available in one color option.
1.15 pounds
900 yards
Wrist strap
White and red
Red Cobra RC-503 Megaphone
Red Cobra sells high-quality car security products. Its products are innovative and sturdy.
It has a 3 RMS power and a voice range of 660 feet. The microphone is unidirectional, and the batteries will keep it working for up to 10 hours.
Requires six D batteries, instead of four as stated.
1 pound
220 yards
Wrist strap
White and red

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What is the Best Megaphone?

Before getting a megaphone, check to see if it has the features you are looking for. Do you need a big power range or an external microphone? If you go to multiple events, you will need a megaphone that can be easily stored and transported.
Our Top Choice
The Pyle Megaphone PA Bullhorn features a built-in siren, has adjustable volume and straps for easy carrying. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. However, if you are looking for a smaller megaphone then we recommend the Pyle Compact Megaphone which has a power of 20 watts.

Pyle Professional Megaphone/ Bullhorn with Siren, 1 Year Warranty, Used by the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines

Pyle is a premium provider of replacement speakers and car audio, home audio and even professional audio and musical instruments. It is a known brand in the music industry, as it manufactures drums, guitars, mixers and other accessories for the music field. If you drive all the time, you should check out its line of car accessories. You will definitely find something that you like.

The Pyle Megaphone PA Bullhorn with Built-in Siren is really powerful and does its job indoors or outdoors. It has an adjustable volume, so if you think you aren't loud enough, you can increase it. If you press the built-in button, you will activate the siren alarm function. If you want your message to be heard by everyone around you, consider this megaphone, as it is used by the Armed Forces. Batteries are not included in the package, but they are sold separately and will run for weeks. Every customer who gets this megaphone will also benefit of a warranty period of 1 year for his purchase.
Best Value
You can use the Playmaker Toys Road Rage Megaphone on the highway if drivers annoy you. It has multiple sayings that you can deactivate if you wish, but you will definitely be heard in traffic! On the other hand, if you want to play jokes on your friends then you can use the R-Rated Megaphone from the same brand. This megaphone acts as a BS detector and it has 8 different amusing sayings.

Playmaker Toys Road Rage Megaphone for Adults Only, Operated by 2 AAA Batteries

Playmaker Toys was founded in 2005, and has gained popularity due to its inventive toys that capture children’s attention and provide them with endless fun. Its toys are safe, made of premium materials and have reasonable prices. This brand markets its toys worldwide, so you might have one of its toys in your house already. Its portfolio is huge and includes multiple popular toys, action figures and electronics such as Flingshot Flying Animals and the Tubby Scrubby bathtub toy.

The Playmaker Toys Road Rage Megaphone is useful if you spend a lot of time in traffic and the other drivers annoy you. This megaphone will let them know you are angry. It is colorful and lightweight, so it will fit perfectly in your car. It uses two AAA batteries that will keep it working for several weeks. However, make sure that there are no cops around you when you use it, otherwise you might get into trouble for inappropriate language.
The Western Safety 50 Watt Megaphone has a safety siren and a wired microphone that you can keep in your hand. It requires eight D batteries and has a sturdy construction. If you are looking for a megaphone with a three-signal siren then you should check out the 10 Watt Handheld Megaphone from the same brand.

Western Safety 50 Watt Megaphone with Safety Siren, Handheld Microphone, Pistol Grip Talk Switch and Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Western Safety sells everything you might need for safety equipment. It makes decontamination showers, glasses, respirators, hearing protection, gloves and more. It is a popular distributor of this safety equipment and offers quality and great customer service. Its work wear line is really popular among contractors and other professionals.

Western Safety's 50 Watt Megaphone is incredibly loud and powerful. You can use it to record songs, concerts or anything you desire. The batteries it requires will keep it working a long time, so you don't have to worry about it losing power. It is made of rugged ABS, so it is sturdy and built to last. This megaphone is an ideal choice for use in crowds or emergencies. It is available in white.
The Clever Innovators Professional/Pro Handheld Megaphone has a built-in siren and recorder. It has adjustable volume and a power on/off switch with a led indicator. If you are looking for a more compact megaphone, we recommend the Clever Pro Mini Megaphone which also comes with siren and sound recording features.

Clever Innovators Megaphone/Bullhorn with Siren and Recorder, Lifetime Warranty

Clever Innovators sells multiple megaphones that come in a variety of colors, and with numerous different features. Most of its products are lightweight, so you can carry them with you wherever you go. They're sturdy, so they will be by your side a long time. This company sells a variety of megaphones, even mini versions of them. Some have wired microphones attached, while others can record music or concerts. Most importantly, Clever Innovators sells megaphones for every budget.

The Clever Innovators Professional/Pro Handheld Megaphone is compact and lightweight. It is really powerful, so you will be heard in a crowd. It is the same size as a normal megaphone and does its job properly. The on/off button clicks, so you don't have to hold it down whenever you have something to say. The siren also has an on/off button and sounds exactly like a police siren. You can also record your voice or music with this recorder just by clicking on a button. This megaphone has adjustable volume that is controlled through a scroll wheel under the general buttons.
The compact and lightweight Red Cobra RC-503 Megaphone has a built-in siren and a recorder. It requires D batteries and it is available in 2 sizes. On the other hand, if you are looking for a larger megaphone then check out the RC-1503 Megaphone from the same brand.

Red Cobra Compact Professional Megaphone with 660 Feet Voice Range, Available in 2 Sizes

The products that Red Cobra sells are highly innovative and sturdy. It emphasizes customer satisfaction and design innovation. Along with megaphones, it also sells park sensors, backup cameras, volt relays, universal car alarms and multiple other car accessories. Red Cobra wants you to feel safe in your car, and thus provides accessories and products you can use in order to achieve that.

With the Red Cobra RC-503 Megaphone, you can record your voice if you feel like it. It is suitable for outdoor or indoor activities, as it's powerful enough to make you the top voice in the crowd. It is lightweight and portable, and will fit in a backpack. It is capable of projecting your voice for over 660 feet. The volume can be adjusted so you can grab the attention of anyone. Its total power is five watts, and it is available in two sizes, large or compact.

How Do I Choose the Best Megaphone?

Hellllooooo! Can you hear us? No? Well, then we'd better get a megaphone so we can project our sweet voices to all of you!

Do you want to make yourself heard above any crowd? Are you going to a parade and you want everyone to hear you? You need a megaphone to make yourself heard! Megaphones are amazing inventions. They can focus sound waves and enable them to travel long distances. They're basically binoculars for the ears. When it comes to these items there is a megaton of options which is why we are here to help you by giving you some tips in finding the right megaphone for your needs.

Sometimes you need a little help and a megaphone is suitable for those of you who participate in events with big crowds. You'll also need a couple of D batteries if you want to spend multiple hours talking and maybe a heated jacket if you plan to stay all night long outdoors. However, if the meeting is during the day, it will be good to have with you a sun hat that will protect you from dangerous UV rays.

Megaphones come in multiple sizes and colors. The shape stays the same though. There are models that are suitable for indoor meetings and the powerful ones which are great for outdoor meetings and are capable of being heard up to 1000 yards away.
We're sure you'll be happy to find out that megaphones are not that expensive. Usually, for a good quality item you could expect to pay between $12 and $30 depending on the model. The more powerful the megaphone, the more money you'll have to take out of your pocket.

There are also cheap megaphones out there, but it's good to stay away from them. How embarrassing would it be if you stood up in front of a crowd and only the front line can hear you! So if you are rallying fellow students in a crowded gymnasium, it's good to go for quality and to spend a bit more.
At first glance, it might be difficult to make differences between one megaphone and another. They have the same shape, an integrated microphone and a handle. Fortunately for you, we have some guidelines that you can follow when purchasing a quality megaphone.

Here are the most important features to look for:
  • Power - You'll be able to find megaphones that run from 5 watts to 50 watts. But you should know that even the ones with low wattage can be heard in a crowd. It's good to consider a megaphone that is big enough for your crowd.
  • Range - When it comes to the yard range, you'll be able to find megaphones that can be heard from 10 to 1000 yards away. Depending on your purpose, choose the one that suits best.
  • Additional Features - There are megaphones that come with additional features such as a siren alarm, adjustable volume control, a carry strap, etc.
  • Dimensions - Dimensions are really important. Megaphones have to be easy to hold and to carry around so you won't get tired after keeping it in your hand for half an hour.
Let’s move further and see what construction and design aspects of megaphones are.
Construction and Design
All megaphones look virtually the same but they may vary in size and color. However, when purchasing the right megaphone it's good to go for a lightweight and compact one that can stay comfortably in your hand.

Quality megaphones have ergonomic handles that are also foldable for maximum portability. If you're going to be in noisy crowds it’s good to go for a megaphone that offers you as much power and coverage as possible. It is the size of the cone that makes the megaphone more powerful. But if you really want to impress those 2,000 crazy teenagers, some megaphones also work as music players, letting everyone dance in the streets to some great tunes.
Performance and Ease of Use
Before getting a megaphone is good to check its features and choose the one that is suitable for your purpose. There are megaphones which have alarms, can record short messages or have detachable microphones. According to the situation you'll use it in; you need to decide which features you need.

When in doubt, it's better to overestimate your needs as it's better to turn down the volume on a powerful megaphone than to try use a smaller megaphone beyond its capabilities. Your audience will thank you!

Get the Best Megaphone of 2023!

Some megaphones come with wired microphones, while others have recording functions or built-in sirens. You have to choose the right one in order to be satisfied. Get one and start preparing for your next event.

Our Top Choice
Pyle Megaphone PA Bullhorn with Siren
Best Value
Playmaker Toys Road Rage Megaphone
Western Safety 50 Watt Megaphone
Clever Innovators Professional Megaphone
Red Cobra RC-503 Megaphone