Best Men's Dress Shoe Reviews 2022

Men’s dress shoes represent a way to step with elegance and confidence into daily situations or special events. With the right pair of shoes, an outfit can become classy and polished, making you feel comfortable at the same time. For this review, we analyzed multiple men’s dress shoes from the market and picked five excellent models from some of the finest men’s dress shoes brands available. Let’s take a look at them.
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Our Top Choice
Nunn Bush Nelson Men's Dress Shoe
Nunn Bush has been producing stylish and affordable men’s dress shoes since 1912, bringing sophistication, comfort, and style into men’s lives.
The gel support sole eliminates the shock provoked by hitting rough surfaces. They are versatile, having a design and colors hat make them suitable for any occasion.
One customer complained that the shoes don’t fit. Double check the size before ordering.
Wingtip Oxford
Black, cognac or brown
Synthetic sole
5-eye lace-up
Best Value
Bruno Marc New York Men's Dress Shoes
Bruno Marc New York is a famous men’s footwear brand, specializing in creating classy shoes for genuine gentlemen.
The outsole is specially designed to prevent skidding. The shoes are fashionable and still affordable. They are made from a premium leather covering.
The toe area might be too tight for some customers.
Formal shoes
Multiple colors available
Stitched, comfy sole
4-eye lace-up
Allen Edmonds Mcallister Wingtip Oxfords
Allen Edmonds has been one of the finest men’s wear brands in the USA since 1922, known for a long tradition in shoe crafting.
They are made from the finest leather, have a durable sole, and an elegant design.
They might be tight at the beginning.
Wing tip shoes
Multiple colors available
Leather sole
6-eye lace-up
Dockers Gordon Oxford Dress Shoes
Dockers emerged as a brand from the mother company, Levi Strauss. It’s gained tremendous popularity after developing a special comfort technology.
They are made from high-quality polished leather. They are very flexible for such an elegant design, due to the rubber sole. They are affordable.
The rubber sole might not last a long time.
Cap-toe Oxford
Black or cordovan
Leather and synthetic material
Rubber sole
4-eye lace-up
Calvin Klein Brodie Dress Shoes
Calvin Klein is a first-class brand in the fashion industry, having a leading role in both women’s and men’s wear.
They are a top brand product, with an unique, minimalist design that denotes elegance. The padded foot bed and the upper part make the model comfortable.
Cracks might appear after much use.
Plain-toe Oxford
3 colors available
Synthetic sole
4-eye lace-up

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What is the Best Men's Dress Shoe?

We understand that buying the right pair of men's dress shoes is not the easiest thing in the world, but this is a purchase where you have to follow your personal preferences more than anything. Just imagine how you will look and feel in these five pairs of shoes, and if you think they fit your personal style, go for it!
Our Top Choice
The Men's Nelson Wingtip shoes from Nunn Bush come in three colors and have a special gel sole design that will make you feel comfortable throughout the entire day. However, if you want similar dress shoes but in a slightly different design then you should go for the Men's Ryan Wingtip Shoes from the same brand. These shoes are also available in multiple colors and sizes.

Nunn Bush Men's Nelson Wingtip Oxford - Made from Leather, Available in 3 Colors and Multiple Sizes

Nunn Bush is a high-quality brand in the industry of shoe manufacturing, being a top competitor on the market since 1912. The brand has always managed to combine the classy fashionable design with the comfort given by the special sole technology. From casual footwear to dress shoes, sandals, or boots, Nunn Bush builds durable models that last a lifetime. The brand has also a lot of products available on Amazon.

The Nunn Bush Men's Nelson Wingtip shoes will give you a classy appearance that you can wear with various outfits: suits, dress pants, or jeans. They are made from high-quality leather, and have a modern design and a comfort gel sole. The shoes are available in 3 colors (black, cognac, and brown) and in over 20 sizes (from 7 D(M) US to 9.5 2E US).

Let’s see its other characteristics
  • Gel Support Foot bed
  • Stylish, Modern Looking, And Qualitative
  • The Heel Is Approximately 1 Inch High
  • Versatile Design
  • High-Quality Leather
Best Value
The Bruno Marc Men's Formal Shoes have a classic design, a comfortable interior, and are available in 12 colors. These shoes also feature premium leather lining and you can select from multiple sizes as well. On the other hand, if you are interested in classy boots, take a look at these Bergen-03 Men's Formal Boots which are also available in numerous sizes and have a rubber sole.

Bruno Marc New York Men's Dress Shoes - Formal Design, Classic Lace Up System, 12 Colors Available

Bruno Marc New York is a well-known men’s footwear brand, specializing in creating classy shoes for genuine gentlemen. Their products have a comfortable cushioned foot bed and an elegant exterior appearance, being available at affordable prices.

The Bruno Marc Men's Formal Shoes are flexible, comfortable, and classy Oxfords. Available in 12 colors and a perfect fit, these shoes are perfect for turning a common outfit into a distinct and sophisticated one. Moreover, their outside sole prevents skidding and unpleasant accidents.

Let’s see its other characteristics
  • Soft, Cushioned Interior
  • Non Skidding Outsole
  • Classic Leather Exterior
  • Available In 12 colors such as black, brown, and more
  • High Rates Of Comfort And Elasticity
The McAllister Wingtip Oxfords from Allen Edmonds are luxurious, made from long-lasting materials, and they can be recrafted for your own size. They are available in numerous colors and sizes. If you also need a pair of exquisite boots, the Allen Edmonds Men's Dalton Boots are also an elegant choice for the fall season and they are available in 2 colors and multiple sizes.

Allen Edmonds Men's McAllister Wing Tip Dress Shoes - Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors

Allen Edmonds is an upscale men’s footwear brand, popular in the USA for the past 100 years. Besides producing luxurious men shoes, they have expanded to other men’s wear items and accessories. They have differentiated from other shoe crafters by providing customers with shoes that are adjusted to their sizes. Their shoes are perfect for an elegant gentleman, but also for one who seeks after a long lasting, comfortable pair of footwear.

The McAllister Wingtip Oxfords have a polished design, being a must-have item for men who want to step with confidence into the world. The model has a nice perforated dots pattern and an elegant toe medallion, elements that denote refinement. The upper part is made from calfskin leather, the exterior is made from premium leather, and the sole is oaken crafted.

Here are more features of these shoes.
  • Polished design
  • Premium leather coating
  • Durable oaken sole
  • Recraftable
  • Available in over 11 colors such as black, walnut, merlot and more
The Dockers Men's Gordon shoes, with a cushioned collar and rubber sole, are ideal for daily wear and special occasions. They are available in 2 colors and over 11 sizes. If you are looking for something more casual, check out the Dockers Men's Agent Slip-On Shoes which are made from leather and available in 3 sizes.

Dockers Men's Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford - Made from Leather, Available in 2 Colors and Multiple Sizes

Dockers is dedicated to developing comfort technology in order to provide its customers with a wide variety of shoes, from casual to dress shoes, that have common characteristics such as: high-quality materials, timelessness, elegance, and comfort.

The Dockers Gordon Oxford Dress Shoes are a great choice for office wear, but also for other daily tasks. Due to the flexible rubber sole and the cushioned collar, they will not only make you look sophisticated, but also feel comfortable. These shoes are available in over 15 sizes starting from 7 D(M) US. The foot bed is made from latex and the synthetic sole prevents sweating and keeps unpleasant odors at bay.

Let’s see its other characteristics:
  • Flexible rubber sole
  • Comfortable cushioned collar
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Available in 2 colors such as black and cordovan
The Calvin Klein Men's Brodie Oxford shoes are ideal for the business environment or for any other formal events, and you can choose between the plain black or the black patent, which makes them even more elegant. On the other hand, if you want a similar pair of shoes but in a slightly different design, go for the Men's Bartley Brush Off Loafers which are available in 2 colors and multiple sizes.

Calvin Klein Men's Brodie Oxford with Synthetic Sole - Available in 3 Colors and Multiple Sizes

Calvin Klein is among the most famous and trendiest clothing producers in the world. They manufacture various types of clothing from haute-couture and outrageous clothes to daily wear gowns. Being an important competitor in the fashion industry since the 1970s, they offer high-quality products and fashionable designs.

The Calvin Klein Men's Brodie Oxford shoes have a simple, practical, but, at the same time, extremely elegant design, being a vital item for any gentleman. The model comes in 3 colors: black, medium brown, and black patent, and comes in various sizes as well. The heel of this shoe measures approximately 1 inch and the overall aesthetics of the shoe is highly elegant and eye-catching.

Here are some more features of this pair of shoes.
  • Smooth leather exterior
  • Comfortable, cushioned interior
  • Flexible, rubber sole
  • The stitching respects the color pattern of the leather

How Do I Choose the Best Men's Dress Shoe?

A pair of great dress shoes shouldn’t be missing from any man's personal shoe collection, especially if you're a businessman and have to attend important meetings with your clients. Your image is an important factor in your overall success, so making sure that you look good is paramount everywhere you go. For that matter, gentlemen also use tie racks, coat hangers and even velvet coat hangers to preserve and organize their delicate garments, ensuring that they look exquisite at the next business meeting.

If you are shopping for your next pair of men's dress shoes and don’t know what to buy, you are not the only one because there are so many options available on the market. Dress shoes come in various styles, colors and sizes and can be made of different materials. It is a good idea to go with your gut, but also do your homework and learn more about men's dress shoes before buying.

Keep reading this guide to find some interesting tips and tricks. We are going to get into details regarding how to buy the right pair of dress shoes, what budget to prepare and how to care for them.
The price of a pair of men's dress shoes is heavily influenced by several factors, such as the size of the shoe, the materials of which it is made and also the manufacturing company. Brands which make men's dress shoes usually set their own prices, and if you want a great pair from a reputable brand, you will have to take a little bit more money out of your pocket. To help you come up with a budget, we discovered during our research that most high-quality dress shoes for men cost something between $30 and $600 for a high-end pair.

You could settle for a pair of cheap men's dress shoes, which probably costs less than $30, but in this case you are almost always going to get a bad-quality product. Especially if you care a lot about your image, spending a little bit more on shoes will make the difference next time you go to an event or meet with an important client.
We already discussed the main features of a dress shoe, but let's take a closer look at these aspects and give you some more useful pieces of advice.
  • Size - Sizes usually range from 7 to 16 and, especially if you are buying online, make sure you double check the size options to ensure you get the right pair of shoes. Your shoes can also be exchanged if you make a mistake.
  • Materials - Most men's dress shoes are made of premium leather, and they might come with a synthetic or leather sole.
  • Colors - The most common color is black, but men's dress shoes can also be bought in shades of brown or dark red.
  • Heel Size - This is usually about 1 inch, but it can differ from shoe to shoe. Small guys might want to go for a pair of shoes with a 1-inch heel, as it could make them look a bit taller, but it is not mandatory, obviously.
The type and style of laces is also an important factor to consider. Most shoes come with black and thin laces, which help keep the shoe stable on your foot and complement the shoe's beautiful design.
Construction and Design
Today's men's dress shoes are solidly built, and as mentioned earlier, they come in a wide variety of styles. It is actually a good idea to see many types of men's dress shoes to discover what you like and what you don’t like. For example, some shoes have a pointy tip, while others feature a more rounded shape. The color options can also be different, from matte blacks to high-gloss brown shades. It is up to you to decide what works best in any given situation, but remember that your choice of men's dress shoes should complement your suit as well.

Thanks to the fact that most men's dress shoes are made of leather, they will feel comfortable on your foot and ensure proper ventilation, even if you wear the shoes for a long period of time. The shoes might come with extra pairs of laces, and these are made of high-quality composite or synthetic materials to resist a lot of wear and tear. The sole can also be made of synthetic materials or rubber, and it is designed to keep your foot in a comfortable and correct position while you walk.

Some shoes are known as cap-toe Oxfords, and this basically means that they incorporate a small piece of material at the tip of the shoe for decorative or protective purposes. These shoes are very elegant and highly popular, so make sure you see a couple of models to determine whether they fit your style. Many high-end shoes also feature a padded or gel footbed that makes you feel more comfortable while wearing them, so this is a big plus!
Performance and Ease of Use
As most men's dress shoes are made of leather, periodic care is required to ensure that they remain in top condition for years. Brands which manufacture men's dress shoes usually provide customers with special lotions or gels that can be applied periodically to restore the leather's appearance and consistency. If you spend good money on a pair of shoes, it would be a good idea to also get such protective lotions to care for your investment and make sure your men's dress shoes look good at your next event. The lotion can be applied once every few months, but for best results, always read the instructions before using.

Get the Best Men's Dress Shoe of 2022!

At the end of the day, some of the best men's dress shoes will not only make you look good, but make you feel comfortable too. Remember that these five prestigious brands have other models, so shop around to see many options before deciding.

Our Top Choice
Nunn Bush Nelson Men's Dress Shoe
Best Value
Bruno Marc New York Men's Dress Shoes
Allen Edmonds Mcallister Wingtip Oxfords
Dockers Gordon Oxford Dress Shoes
Calvin Klein Brodie Dress Shoes