Best Halloween Costumes for Men - Easy, Last Minute, Sexy, Fun, and Scary Men’s Halloween Costumes

The idea of going out for Halloween can be stressful – until you find the perfect costume! The best Halloween costumes are easy to put on and walk around in so you can enjoy yourself all night (or day) long. We've assembled a list of costumes from five of the best men’s Halloween costume brands so you can make this year's costume choice with ease. Even if you don't see a character you'd like to 'play' this Halloween, these brands have a huge selection of options to choose from.

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Our Top Choice
California Costumes Halloween Costumes for Men - Roman Gladiator & Lots More
California Costumes brings fantasies to life with authentic looking costumes. Become a Roman gladiator with this full costume, or choose your favorite.
Authentic looking body armor with attached cape. Roman-style accessories. 100% polyester for comfort.
Does not include sword and shield, but many users prefer to go without them, since they can be a pain to carry.
Roman Headband
Arm Bands & Cape
100% Polyester
Small to X-Large
Hand Wash
Best Value
Rubie's Halloween Costumes for Men - Deadpool (Or Pick Your Favorite Character)
Rubie's has all the latest costume trends like this Deadpool Muscle Chest Costume as well as many more classic men's Halloween costumes.
Comfortable polyester. Included mask. Fiber-stuffed muscle chest for enhanced super hero look.
You might feel the need to remove the mask after a few hours of Halloween fun.
Deadpool Mask
Muscle Chest Piece
100% Polyester
X-Small, Standard, X-Large
Hand Wash
InCharacter Halloween Costumes for Men - Dark Sorcerer (Plenty More to Choose From)
Incharacter's artistically-crafted costumes are bound to stand out at any costumed event. Become an ominous force of magic and evil with this sorcerer robe.
Comfortable. Attractive accents. Easy to put on. Pointy sorcerer hood adds versatility.
On the expensive side, but you do get premium fabrics in return.
Interchangeable Nametags
100% Polyester
Small/Medium to Triple X-Large
Machine Wash
Leg Avenue Halloween Costumes for Men - Top Gun (Plenty More to Choose From)
Leg Avenue specializes in costumes that accentuate your body for maximum appeal. This Top Gun style flight suit has a matching woman’s outfit to complete a couple’s look.
Comfortable polyester. Made to fit a variety of body types. Durable design. Interchangeable movie nametags.
The XL size may be too large even for bigger men – check user reviews to find the best fit.
Sorcerer Hood
Medallion, Sash
100% Polyester
Medium, Large, X-Large
Machine Wash
Elope Halloween Costumes for Men - Where's Waldo (Just to Name One of Many)
Elope is all about joy and laughter with wacky costumes like this classic Where's Waldo Halloween outfit.
100% Polyester for comfort. Well-fitted. Easy to put on and wear.
Not as durable as higher-end costumes.
Waldo Hat
100% Polyester
X-Small to X-Large
Machine Wash

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What is the Best Halloween Costume For Men?

Choosing a costume this Halloween depends mostly on your personal style. Whether you're looking to get wacky or play it cool, we've got something for you. We also compared prices against customer satisfaction to make sure you'll get your money's worth. Whether you're looking for a full-body disguise, character costume or fun accessory to finish off a home-made costume, these brands have got you covered. So, go ahead and grab a men’s Halloween costume - it might even help you win the Best Scary Costume award this year!

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Our Top Choice
This Gladiator costume has everything you need to transform into a legendary Roman warrior from the full caped body armor to the gladiator shin guards. If that's not your thing, become the prince of thieves with California Costumes' Robin Hood Costume.

California Costumes Adult Men's Roman Gladiator Costume with Body Armor, Medallion and Accessories (Shield & Sword Sold Separate)


California Costumes wants to do more than provide classic Halloween costumes. They work hard to keep up with trends and incorporate them into new costumes to create the best looks possible for any theme. They also provide consistent customer service when anything goes wrong, so you'll always get your money's worth.

This costume transforms any man into a roman gladiator from head to toe. The fine details make this costume stand out in any Halloween party from the buckles and body armor to the ruffled cape. A matching shield and sword can be purchased separately to fill out this costume even more.

Let's see some examples of other detail-oriented costumes you can get from California Costumes:

  • Deluxe Toga Set
  • Cutthroat Pirate
  • Renaissance Knight
  • Evil Jester
  • Sadistic Scarecrow
  • Pimp
  • Mad Hatter
  • Full Gorilla Suit
Best Value
This Rubie's Men's Deadpool Costume instantly turns anyone into the wise-cracking super hero from head to toe. Not into Deadpool? Rubie's has a huge selection of super heroes and other characters – how about the one of Rubies Deluxe Star Trek Uniforms? Choose from classic Star Trek or the Next Generation. There's matching sexy women costumes too!

Rubie's Men's Marvel Universe Classic Deluxe Muscle Chest Deadpool Costume with Jumpsuit & Mask


Rubie's is a family business with over 65 years in the industry. They offer a huge selection of costumes for all types of occasions including Halloween, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, New Years and more. They make sure to get all the latest pop culture costumes, which brings us to Deadpool.

Now that Deadpool has launched his way into the popular culture, he's become a hot choice for Halloween. This official full body costume includes the iconic mask and a deluxe muscle chest piece to accentuate your super hero figure.

But Rudie's has many other characters and costumes to choose from such as:

  • Marvel's Spider Man
  • Inflatable Godzilla
  • Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz
  • 60's Hippie
  • Classic Stormtrooper
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  • Joker from Suicide Squad
  • Thor from Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Han Solo
  • Superman from Man of Steel
The InCharacter Dark Sorcerer Costume is bound to bring out your dark side, featuring an accented robe, pointed hood and magical medallion. Looking for something more upbeat? How about InCharacter's party classic – the Oktoberfest Bavarian Guy costume.

InCharacter Costumes Men's Dark Sorcerer Robe with Jeweled Bat Medallion


InCharacter combines the broad selection of a huge brand with the passion you'd expect from a mom and pop shop. Their products are widely sold at specialty costume stores and feature premium fabrics and finely tuned details.

This costume is similar to a classic wizard robe, but with a twist. Instantly become an ominous sorcerer with dark and mysterious powers. Complete with a pointed hood, wide wizard sleeves and a waist sash, you can't get any more magical than this. The costume also comes with a jeweled bat medallion to pull it all together.

Not feeling so magical this Halloween? InCharacter has plenty more where that came from:

  • Robin Hood
  • Ghostly Gentleman
  • Cowboy Renegade
  • Pirate Captain
  • Medieval Crusader
  • Egyptian Pharaoh
  • Prince Charming
  • Dashing Devil
  • Ninja Warrior
  • Gothic Vampire
Leg Avenue's Top Gun Flight Suit Costume brings out the daring air force pilot as soon as you put it on, featuring a well-fitted design and authentic looking flight patches. Not a fan of Top Gun, but still want the macho look? Try the Leg Avenue Swat Commander Costume and become an imposing force to be reckoned with.

Leg Avenue Top Gun Men's Flight Suit Adult Costume with Embroidered Flight Patches


Leg Avenue is all about living out your fantasy and becoming whoever you want to be. They offer a wide range of well-fitted costumes as well as daring lingerie to bring out the beauty in every customer.

This Top Gun flight suit features interchangeable nametags so you can go as one of the two characters from the movie and features a set of authentic looking flight patches. The well-fitted jump suit is made to give you the look of an air force pilot so you can get your groove on this Halloween. Zippered pockets make this jumpsuit as practical as it is stylish. Try adding a pair of aviators to finish off the look.

And if you're not a fan of Top Gun, Leg Avenue has a wide range of attractive costume options for men including:

  • Fireman Captain
  • Police Officer
  • Oktoberfest Lederhosen
  • Assassin from Assassin's Creed
  • Pillaging Pirate
  • Egyptian God
  • Military General
This Elope Where's Waldo Costume Kit is the full package for a quick and easy Waldo costume, including his classic hat, glasses and shirt. Looking to craft your own wacky costume? Elope sells a wide variety of single hats and accessories such as their classic Gandalf Wizard Hat (as well as many other Lord of the Rings characters) so you can put together your own costumes.

Elope Where's Waldo Adult Costume Kit with Classic Waldo Hat, Glasses and Shirt


Elope was founded in 1988 and named from the phrase "everybody's laughing on planet Earth." It all started as a collection of silly hats that could bring joy to anyone's face and has blossomed into something much bigger. With their passionate commitment to joy and laughter, it's no surprise that they also contribute to social causes, sponsoring events to raise money for cancer research and other worthy causes.

This classic Where's Waldo kit has everything you'd expect, but in high quality materials made with 100% polyester for breathable comfort – even if you're partying all night long. The kit includes Waldo's famous hat, glasses and shirt so you can easily slip into disguise. Just add a pair of blue jeans and you're good to go.

Elope also has a wide variety of kits and single accessories available so you can let your imagination run wild! Here’s few ideas to get your mind going:

  • Mad Hatter Costume Kit
  • Cat in the Hat
  • Royal Crown Hat
  • Gothic Vampire Glasses
  • Harry Potter Gryffindor Tie
  • Mad Spy Vs. Spy Costume
  • Adventurer Hat
  • Dragon scale Hat

How Do I Choose the Best Halloween Costume For Men?


Video: 30 Cool Halloween Hacks

Learn About Some Cool Halloween Hacks for Men. | Courtesy of 5-Minute Crafts MEN


When you use that cranium to brainstorm on what to wear this coming Halloween holiday, you are probably thinking of using your own best features and accentuating them. Perhaps it’s your strong muscles, in which case you should consider a sleeveless costume to vividly highlight them. Or maybe your free flowing, curly blonde locks are more handsome than horrifying so you’d rather cover it in a hat or a wig accessory. We all have some personal features and attributes that our Halloween costumes can stem from.

Choosing men's Halloween costumes used to be a big challenge, but now many stores stock a huge selection of quality made selections and any guy can find a perfect fit for holiday parties and theatrical productions. One of the great delights of walking into a Halloween party is seeing a bit of everyone’s personality and interests on show…living in a fantasy world for a night! You could finally be Darth Vader or Gladiator and immerse yourself in your imagination. Or maybe you’d rather dress up as Where’s Waldo just for a laugh! You could even choose your kids’ Halloween costumes to create a whole film cast!

And don’t forget your significant other. Be sure to include them in this decision as well. We have a review on Halloween costumes for couples so together you can turn into a force not to be reckoned with! Don’t forget the selection of accessories like masks, wigs, and magician’s tools to complete any look.

Now that you have some idea of what is available, let’s take a closer look at the features you should look for when selecting your costume.


Men’s Halloween costumes are perhaps the simplest and the most affordable of all the costumes. A good costume will cost you between $25 and $50. There are still some cheap men’s Halloween costumes out there, but we don’t recommend them for obvious quality concerns. Spend your money on something that will make the Halloween holiday memorable and worthwhile. Price will usually depend on the quality of fabric used and the level of customization done on the piece. If you still have some extra bucks to spend, gather some Halloween accessories like masks, boots, hats, and much more.


Halloween costumes should depict your own personality, that’s why every year comes with its own set of themes, and this October is no exception. Getting a great men’s Halloween costume shouldn’t be a problem given the vast variety of options out there. Just pick your favorite superhero and run with it. Here are some critical features to look for:

  • Character –Be a superhero like the Batman or Spiderman by donning a replica body suit. Of course, there are lots of other characters you can take up like a Top Gun guy, or many more less specific designs like a vampire or a creepy clown!
  • Size – If it’s a full bodysuit, ensure that the waist size and height are right. However, wrap-up costumes will rarely fail to fit. All you need is a decent warrior’s belt to wrap things up.
  • Accessories – Halloween accessories are useful for bringing out different looks and characters. Warriors never walk without weapons. Consider a toy sword, a scary mask, gloves, army boots, and other matching accessories to perfect your preferred style.
Construction and Design

Men’s Halloween costumes may take the form of a warriors robe, a body suit, or a decent suit like the kind recognized with the Top Gun dude. But to vividly bring out your character, you’ll need some awesome accessories to add a finishing touch to your costume. Here are a few you can consider:

  • Halloween Hats – For a man, a simple garment never completes an outlook, but a perfect Halloween hat will surely do. For a pirate’s costume, be sure to accompany it with a pirate hat made with the typical skull and crossbones.
  • Fake Mustaches and Beards – You can steal the party with some colorful stick-on mustaches and terrifying fake beards at this year’s Halloween party. Depending on the character you choose to bring out, you can also throw in whiskers that range from blonde to brunet – curly or straight.
  • Halloween Toy Armor – As a worrier, the costume has to be accompanied by some sort of lethal armor like The Troy’s sword, toy machine guns, or plastic shields. Just ensure it’s not a real armor! Everyone wants to feel safe around you.
  • Halloween Masks – You can terrify everyone this Halloween by throwing in a scary Halloween mask. You can sample from some of the latest latex masks in a wide range of looks that will chill out your guests. A night friend animated mask is another scary option to go for. Some options include the Batman Zombie mask, the Dark Night mask, and the Halloween Whispers Mask that can look devilishly realistic.

Which ever character you decide to go for, make sure you costume has the details that will make sure it’s obvious exactly who you are. It’s always a bit disappointing when you have to explain who you are to everyone at the party!

Performance and Ease of Use

When shopping for men’s Halloween costumes, sometimes you don’t have to go for the trendiest outfits you can find on the market. Men are authentic by nature and they still go for the old Halloween costumes that sell year after year and still maintain their popularity regardless of the changes in the movie and entertainment landscape. For instance, the Batman, King Tut, Napoleon, Chucky soaked with blood, and King America have literally refused to go out of style.

One important consideration is the fabric your men’s Halloween costume is made of. Is it a one-time wonder costume that you’ll probably dispose of after the Halloween holiday, or are you planning to use it for several seasons to come? If the former holds true, you can opt for any funky looking fabric without worrying about its quality, but if you need to use it one more time, consider the durability and ease of cleaning. Strong fabrics that can be machine-washed without bleaching or shrinking should be your best bet.


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Simple and Easy but Still Scary Haloween Make Up for Men. | Courtesy of Nathan Graff

Get the Best Halloween Costume For Men of 2023!

The two most important factors to consider when choosing the best men’s Halloween costumes are comfort and style. Pay close attention to the reviews of other users on the site to find out which costumes fit comfortably and consider the look you're going for before purchasing. Even if you didn’t find an ideal match from our list, these brands have plenty of costumes to fit your needs.

Our Top Choice
California Costumes Halloween Costumes for Men - Roman Gladiator & Lots More
Best Value
Rubie's Halloween Costumes for Men - Deadpool (Or Pick Your Favorite Character)
InCharacter Halloween Costumes for Men - Dark Sorcerer (Plenty More to Choose From)
Leg Avenue Halloween Costumes for Men - Top Gun (Plenty More to Choose From)
Elope Halloween Costumes for Men - Where's Waldo (Just to Name One of Many)

Halloween Costume For Men FAQs

What costumes do men like to wear for Halloween?
Men like to wear Halloween costumes that complement their style. For instance, some men prefer costumes that make them look wacky. Others, not so much. All they want is to play it cool. So, it could be a character costume, full-body disguise, or a fun accessory. When broken down, the costumes could boil down to a hat, fake beards & mustaches, masks, or toy armor. Every man is free to choose what he likes.
What are the best Halloween costumes for men who don’t like to dress up?
The best Halloween costumes for men who don’t like to dress up are standalone items like hats, toy armor, and fake beards & mustaches. You can keep your everyday outfit and still get into the Halloween spirit.
What are the best Halloween costumes for men when you have no money?
The best Halloween costumes for men when you have no money are those that cost below $25. Luckily, the market is full of such items, which target men looking for a bargain. You only need to check out the online stores to find an affordable Halloween costume. If you are looking for man’s Halloween costumes to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.