Best Men's Hoodie Reviews 2023

Fact: a man's wardrobe is incomplete without a nice hoodie (emphasis on the "nice"). If you're one of those with incomplete wardrobes, then worry not. Today, we're all about the best men's hoodies in the market. After doing some "snooping" we found five that we absolutely love and yes, we care to share! PS: you should know better than to get only one. Be sure to pick something else from your favorite brand since we all know bae automatically owns one. *winks*
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Our Top Choice
Carrhart Rain Defender Zip-front Sweatshirt
By employing only highly creative individuals, and listening to its customers, Carrhart has, for over 125 years, retained its position as a leading clothier.
Thermal-lined for warmth. Rain defender water-repellent finish. Full-length brass zipper. Two hand-warmer pockets. Stretchable cuffs and waist-band. With locker loop.
Might be too large for some folks.
S; M; L; XL; XXL
50/50% cotton/polyester
7 colors
2; front
Best Value
G-Style Contrast Raglan Sleeve Pullover Hoodie
Growing fast in leaps and bounds, G-Style USA has fast become the savvy choice of all fashionistas for the most trendy fashion styles at the most unbeatable prices.
Classic pullover hoodie with baseball raglan sleeves. Fleece-lined for warmth. Good quality strings. Made of durable quality fabric. Black/charcoal finish. Large heavyweight size.
Minor issues with stitching.
S; M; L; XL; XXL
80/20% cotton/polyester
13 colors
2; front
Ralph Lauren Cotton-Blend-Fleece Hoodie
We all know the brand that’s redefined American style with its revolutionary products. Ralph Lauren has transformed fashion into a lifestyle and encouraged its customers to live it!
Fleece baseball jacket for warmth. Fashionable. Split kangaroo pocket. Ribbed cuffs and hem. Quality drawstrings. Embroidered Ralph Lauren logo. 100% cotton hood lining.
A bit high-end for some.
XS; S; M; L; XL; XXL
84/16% cotton/polyester
14 colors
2; front
Alternative Rocky Eco-Jersey Zip Hoodie
Alternative provides customers with a wide range of soft and simple clothing that gives that lived-in look and feel, as well as concern for our beloved planet.
Lightweight hoodie-shirt. Can be worn alone as a shirt. Also great for layering. Full zipper closure. With split kangaroo pockets. Slim fit. Comes in cool eco-grey finish.
Not for extremely cold conditions.
50/38/12% cotton/polyester/rayon
40 colors
2; kangaroo
Hanes ComfortBlend Eco Pullover Hoodie
Selling fast across multiple continents, Hanes has maintained a top spot as a manufacturer and marketer of everyday apparels and innerwear that makes customers look and feel their best.
Pullover style sweatshirt. Cozy hood with drawstrings dyed to match. Comes with kangaroo pockets. Comfy ribbed waistband and cuffs. Withstands several washings.
Not very heavyweight.
S; M; L; XL; XXL; 3XL; 4XL; 5XL
50/50% cotton/polyester
28 colors
2; kangaroo

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What is the Best Men's Hoodie?

Now you know almost everything about hoodies, let's get down to the reviews and see what's killing it among men's hoodies right now.
Our Top Choice
Ready to snuggle up all warm and cozy this winter? Then you should get the Carrhart Rain Defender Hooded Zip-front Sweatshirt. It's got all the heat you need with its thermal-lining and stylish front hand-warmer pockets. How about a pull-over sweatshirt, also with thermal-lining, front pockets, and a more affordable price? See the Carrhart Midweight Hooded Logo-Sleeve Sweatshirt.

Carrhart Rain Defender Rutland Thermal-Lined Hooded Zip-front Sweatshirt – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

If a brand has been doing the same thing successfully for over 125 years with scores of testimonials against each success, wouldn’t you stick with it? Of course you would! Carrhart is a world-class apparel maker that’s invested time, resources and research into the making of the best garments with the highest quality to keep its customers feeling comfy and looking their best. Its customer care system is indeed second to none as the input of customers is highly valued and factored into the making of all clothes at this brand. Plus, its prices are great!

Now, here’s a cool way to keep warm this season (see what we did there? Cool...warm…lol): The Carrhart Rain Defender Hooded Zip-front Sweatshirt. It’s stylish and still gets the job done. You’re going to be warm and toasty in this thing.

It’s thermal-lined for your warmth and comes with two front hand-warmer pockets cos you know that cold starts from parts of your body like your fingertips, don’t you? Well, now you know. Plus, it comes with a Rain Defender water-repellent finish that protects you and your hoodie during the rain. It doesn’t matter what you run into, as long as you’ve got this guy, you’ll be alright.

This hoodie also comes with a full-length brass zipper that screams quality and will definitely last as long as the garment itself. So, worry not – from hood, to jacket, to as small a thing as the zipper, you’ll be clad in style.

And because you cannot afford to gamble with your comfort, this hoodie comes with really comfy, stretchable cuffs and waistband that will contract to just about any size and fit snug on your wrists and waist. It even comes with a locker loop for easy hanging. This the definition of an eye for detail, we tell you!

PS: it also has an inner pocket!
Best Value
The G-Style Contrast Raglan Sleeve Pullover Hoodie, with its stylish baseball raglan sleeves, effortlessly puts a simple, yet interesting, twist on the classic pullover hoodie. And, of course, it keeps you warm! Or check out this zip-up sweatshirt that comes with front hand pockets, a lovely coral color and a more affordable price. See the G-Style USA Premium Heavyweight Zip-Up Hoodie.

G-Style USA Contrast Heavyweight Raglan Sleeve Pullover Hoodie – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

Located in Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District, G-Style USA has steadily stolen the hearts of American fashionistas with its assortment of high-quality fashion styles that you can’t in good conscience say no to. Being in direct contact with the wholesaler, this online fashion store doesn’t just provide you an array of styles, it also boasts some of the most unbeatable prices you’ll ever find. To put the cherry on the sundae, customer service is a-ma-zing! This brand takes care of its own like family. If you don’t enjoy shopping at G-Style USA, chances are you don’t enjoy shopping elsewhere. Service is that super!

There are pullovers and then there’s the G-Style Contrast Raglan Sleeve Pullover Hoodie. Boy oh boy! This is style! Check out its cool baseball raglan sleeves that add a simple yet interesting twist to the plain old pullover sweatshirt. Your girlfriend will definitely “borrow” this so be thinking of getting two.

It’s fleece-lined on the inside for warmth, so even if you’re single, you can still have your weather for two with just you and your hoodie and you won’t even miss not having an SO! The hood comes with good quality drawstrings, not something that will get shredded in the wash. Plus, it’s made of real quality fabric that lasts through many wears, washings, seasons, and basically anything.

With its beautiful black/charcoal finish, your hoodie comes in an attractive contrast that makes it really unsafe to leave near the other half or any other friend that has an eye for beauty and quality.

We repeat, grab another for the bae, we see her borrowing this hoodie the way only baes know how to!
You already know what to expect with the Ralph Lauren Cotton-Blend-Fleece Hoodie: statement-making clothing and, of course, quality. This fleece-lined hoodie will keep you warm and fashionable whatever the occasion. Too pricey? There's another with a pullover design, lovely white color, front pockets, and drawstrings. Plus, it costs less! See the Ralph Lauren Men's Performance Fleece Hoodie.

Ralph Lauren Cotton-Blend-Fleece Hoodie with Full Zip – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

Ralph Lauren has redefined American style forever and there’s no going back. But hey! We’re not complaining. If redefining means style and quality, then we’re all in. For over 40 years, this brand’s set the trend, with every new product taking the fashion world by storm, from apparel to a broader scope of lifestyle. Taking a step further to bring in its customers into the inner circle, this brand encourages its customers to actively participate in that lifestyle in the best way. From vintage to contemporary, you’ll definitely find something to make you a happy camper over here. And the whole world knows when you wear a Ralph Lauren, you’re clad in nothing less than pure, unadulterated style.

The Cotton-Blend-Fleece Hoodie is, well… it’s Ralph Lauren! Need we say more?! Okay yea since we are here already we may as well “ooh” and “aah” over it already.

First off, it’s fleece-lined, so tick “warmth and insulation” off the list.

Second, it’s got these really snug split kangaroo pockets in front that just look too cool to be legal when you put your hands into them. And, of course, they also do the more practical job of helping you not to catch your death with the chills.

Next, the cuffs and hem are ribbed and comfy, plus there’s the world-famous seal of quality embroidered on the hoodie that ensures nobody is confused about your high-class tastes in fashion: The Ralph Lauren Polo logo.

What more do you want? You get to stay warm and you still look super cool while at it. Why not order already! You hardly needed this review in the first place. Again, it’s Ralph Lauren!
Who says you have to wait till the winter to rock a fantastic hoodie? With the Alternative Rocky Eco-Jersey Zip Hoodie, you get a lightweight hoodie-shirt that's cool to wear alone and works great for layering too. Or would you prefer something slightly heavier and more pocket-friendly? Then you'd definitely be a happy camper with the Alternative Men's Challenger Hoodie Sweatshirt.

Alternative Rocky Eco-Jersey Lightweight Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

It’s been over two decades since Alternative opened its doors for business and it hasn’t backed down since then on its brand promise: to deliver soft and simple clothing with that lived-in look and feel that just makes you look like you rolled out of bed looking awesome. With regard for our planet, this brand makes it a point to incorporate recycled materials into the making of all its clothes. Customers love this brand not just because of the quality it brings to the table or its love for our planet – they love it for the care and support they get whenever they shop at this brand. It goes without saying that Alternative has all grounds covered and is more than capable of serving you the way you deserve.

We’re not going to wait till it’s the winter before we rock our hoodies. We’re not bound by rules and here’s something that’s not bound by rules either: The Alternative Rocky Eco-Jersey Zip Hoodie. Amazing item!

Because it’s lightweight, you can easily wear it any time of the year, especially if you’re of the Mark Zuckerberg stock and love to wear hoodies 365. With a full-zipper closure, it’s your call to decide how much warmth you need each time you wear it.

This hoodie comes with split kangaroo pockets and its slim fit design will do justice to your build, showing off all those hours at the gym nicely and effortlessly. It won’t even look like you’re showing off, even though we all know you are.

Going to the gym soon or just heading to the game to support your little nephew? Take style with you. Rock this hoodie!
You can look dapper without smashing your piggy bank, and we know just the thing: the Hanes ComfortBlend EcoSmart Pullover Hoodie. It's affordable, plus it looks good with its cozy hoodie and dyed-to-match drawstrings. There's also something that would look cool on your teenager. It's affordable and comes as a dapper zipper style hoodie: the Hanes Youth ComfortBlend EcoSmart Full-Zip Hoodie.

Hanes ComfortBlend EcoSmart Fleece-lined Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

You only need look at Hane’s products to know what it is they stand for, and that’s excellence. Selling fast across several continents, quality is never compromised here and neither is customer satisfaction. With A-class customer service, no customer is left out whether potential or longstanding. It stays with you all through the purchasing experience and guarantees you 100% satisfaction. Whether innerwear or activewear, you’ve sure found a spot where you can snag the choicest pieces at the best prices.

So, you can’t seem to get an affordable hoodie that doesn’t look like it was bought from a thrift shop. Totally understood. Get ready to say an excited hello to the Hanes ComfortBlend EcoSmart Pullover Hoodie. It’s all you’ve dreamed off in a great hoodie that doesn’t drill large holes into the pocket.

It’s a classic pullover sweater with a really nice kangaroo pocket so your hands can get some loving too. Or so you can hide your fidgeting hands as you try to talk to the girl next door. Don’t worry – it happens to the best of us! We don’t judge you.

And since we’re on the issue of the girl next door, this hoodie will definitely get your foot in the door. Its bold and confident black color plus its matching drawstrings will look sick on any guy, complexion regardless.

Plus, for your comfort, it’s got ribbed cuffs and a snug waistband. And trust us, when she finds out you’re eco-friendly (cos this hoodie is actually made from recycled materials), you bet your entire baseball cards she’s going to finally accept your invite to dinner.

Yea, we know we’re godsends. Thank us later. Your hoodie (and the damsel) awaits!

How Do I Choose the Best Men's Hoodie?

We love hoodies and there are so many reasons why. They’re stylish, they make you look effortlessly dapper and they don’t cost a fortune to own. So why not? In fact, it should be passed into law that you cannot be a full-fledged dude without owning your own hoodie.

The hoodie is an essential of any guy’s wardrobe cos it serves so many purposes. They can be worn casually as a dapper outfit and we all know their more popular uses which is for insulation against the cold. Whatever way you chose to swing it, you can’t go wrong with a hoodie. It’s simply a bare essential just like socks and underwear. Yes, guys’ underwear is an essential. Going commando is just wrong!

You might not know it, but hoodies go as far back as the early twentieth century. Most couldn’t let go of the more common coats and stuff, so they weren’t really feeling the hoodie so much…

Until the 70’s and 80’s.

Then boom! It suddenly became the new black. Everybody wanted to get a piece of the sweet new items. From then till now, people haven’t stopped digging them and, of course, the baes won’t stop taking their man’s own even when they have theirs. We still love them though.

Anyway, there’s a lot more to picking a hoodie than meets the eye. It’s more than just the fit, or the design. You still need to factor in what you need the hoodie for cos that’s what determines which hoodie is best for you. For instance, if you’re an athlete, you need something different from a guy who just wants to impress or someone that needs some warmth from the cold.

But hey, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. If you want to know what kind of hoodie is best for you and your persona, then you’d better not stop reading.
Men's hoodies come in a full range of prices, from budget-friendly ones to high-end ones. Of course, you already know designer hoodies cost you more, running to $100 and even higher. And then there are those that go for $15 or even less. It depends on how much you've got and how much you're willing to pay for fashion. Other factors like the style (zipper or pullover) and the weight also affect pricing. Zippers and heavyweight hoodies are generally slightly pricier than pullovers and lightweight hoodies.

If you're thinking of getting a cheap men's hoodie, squelch the thought right now. While we were "snooping", we came across some of them but most were ugly, looked cheap and there were lots of complaints about those guys bringing out wool like crazy barely days after they were purchased. Don't be one of those telling the sad story. Avoid!
Now you want to get a hoodie, we've got to savvy you up with all the info you need to get the best buy. We have, below, a quick rundown of a few features to look out for in a hoodie.
  • Material
  • Size
  • Style
  • Hood
  • Cuff
  • Insulation
Let's get into the details already!
Construction and Design
Hoodies can come in different kinds of materials but mostly cotton and fleece. Many times, the material used to make the outer part of the hoodie is different from the one used on the inside. This is because hoodies are also used for insulation, so they have to be thicker in some cases.

For the outside, you'd mostly see hoodies in materials like cotton or fleece. For the inside, you can also get cotton or fleece or fur. It depends on how warm the hoodie is supposed to keep the wearer.

For instance, fur interiors will keep you warmer than cotton, definitely, but they'll also suck more of your money from your pocket. Generally, though, you can always find different combos of materials that work for different types of weather.

Because hoodies are so versatile, there are loads and loads of styles to pick from. And there are no rules! There are the plaid, the striped, the athletic, the graphic, solid-colored, and more. You can have one of them. You can have all of them! It's up to you and your credit card.

One quick word before we move on from style: if you're an athlete, there are special athletic hoodies which we advise you to get. Most of them come with water-resistant finishes that allow you to train even when the weather is brutal.

Now on to the hood – the reason it's called a hoodie in the first place.

So what's the word on hoods? They usually come with the same interior as the rest of the jacket and most are adjustable. While some will adjust with drawstrings, others feature zippers while some come with neither.

There's an obvious advantage to having a hoodie with drawstrings. Well, at least until it gets to the wash. Most drawstrings get pulled or shredded in the machine, and once that happens, it's kaput for your hood. The entire shape is altered and you might not like it. Might. Nothing is set in stone.

Lastly, we will talk about the cuffs....

Usually, they are made to be resilient, so they can easily contract and relax, contract and relax… You get the picture. But keep in mind some cuffs are tighter than others. So, if you love rolling up them sleeves, you'll want a more relaxed cuff, but then they do not insulate as well as tight cuffs for obvious reasons.

A drawback to tighter cuffs, though, is that once they break through their elastic limits, there's no coming back, they remain that way till kingdom come.

PS: Pullovers feature tight cuffs more than zipper styles.
Performance and Ease of Use
Now let's talk about insulation, the reason many are in the market for hoodies.

While there are hoodies that we just wear to look cool, weather regardless, there are those specifically made for the cold. Those made for casual wearing usually come in cotton material. On the other hand, if it's insulation you need, think thick fleece or fur.

The good thing about these kinds of hoodies is that they don't just insulate, they equally resist wind. So whatever way our capricious friend aka weather decides to go, you'll be just fine.

Now, if you're an athlete or you want to gift an athlete a hoodie, think lightweight for several reasons. One, a heavier one will slow said person down and two, as s/he runs, s/he will heat up, and a heavyweight hoodie will make things worse for said person.

Get the Best Men's Hoodie of 2023!

We're sure you've found "the one" from our top five, so won't delay you any further. On the off-chance you’re not convinced, have a look what else is available from our featured brands – we promise they’ll be good quality and value for money. Go ahead and order!

Our Top Choice
Carrhart Rain Defender Zip-front Sweatshirt
Best Value
G-Style Contrast Raglan Sleeve Pullover Hoodie
Ralph Lauren Cotton-Blend-Fleece Hoodie
Alternative Rocky Eco-Jersey Zip Hoodie
Hanes ComfortBlend Eco Pullover Hoodie