Best Men's Running Shoe Reviews 2023

If you adore a good run then the first thing you need to do is buy a pair of comfortable, safe running shoes that will improve the results of your workouts. Shoes that are specially designed for running will keep your feet stable, prevent injuries, and allow you to travel longer distances—they also look more attractive and eye-catching. In this review you will find out more details about five great pairs of running shoes for men. These products come from reputable brands and they are in a mixture of price points.
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Heel Drop
Our Top Choice
Saucony Men's Ride 9 Running Shoe
Saucony has made running shoes for more than 100 years. The Ride 9 jogging shoes are specially designed to protect your feet and enhance comfort while you run miles after miles.
Durable and solid construction. Adherent sole. Enhanced protection and stability. Minimizes the stress on your knees.
Few customers complained that the shoes come up small. They come in different foot sizes, so buy accordingly.
Tri-Flex, EVERUN Top sole design
8 mm
Everun, rubber, plush
4 Stylish Designs
Best Value
Brooks Men's Glycerin 13 Running Shoe
Brooks specializes in running shoes for men and women. The Glycerin 13 jogging shoe is your best ally, particularly if you jog outdoors, as it will protect your feet and knees.
Sturdy, well-built shoes that will last for years. Toe protection. Lightweight and flexible. Reasonable price. Top-quality materials.
Isolated complaints on the quality of lining.
Super DNA midsole
Approximately 10 mm drop
Mesh, synthetic
10 Stylish Designs
ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe
ASICS is a prestigious brand in the fitness industry. If you want the utmost comfort and protection while you run, the Gel-Kayano 23 jogging shoe is a great option.
Top-notch manufacturer. Designed with safety and comfort in mind. Durable. Excellent for almost any surface. Stunning design.
Slightly more expensive, but this is one of the most modern and safe sports shoe you can buy.
GEL Cushioning Systems
10 mm drop
Textile/Synthetic, rubber
5 Stylish Designs
New Balance Men's Vazee Summit Trail Shoe
New Balance is a top manufacturer of sports shoes. The Summit trail shoe is designed for active people who jog frequently; protecting the foot structure for a comfy ride.
Perfect for running on uneven terrains. Outstanding, eye-catching looks. Enhanced protection against rock and debris.
Few complaints regarding the fact that the shoe didn’t fit correctly. Remember to buy the right size for you.
3/4 Rockstop plate, Toe protect
10 mm drop
Fabric and Synthetic, rubber
2 Stylish Designs
Adidas Performance Men's Duramo 7 M Running Shoe
Adidas is a well-known brand that specializes in sports gear and fitness equipment. The Duramo 7 M jogging shoe is ideal for marathoners as well as casual runners.
Top manufacturer. Good value for money. Technologically advanced and safe. Great for beginners and pros. Lightweight and compact.
Isolated complaints regarding the lack of grip, but such opinions are always subjective.
EVA sockliner, ADIWEAR outsole
Neutral overpronation
11 mm drop
Textile and Synthetic, rubber
11 Stylish Designs

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What is the Best Men's Running Shoe?

Selecting the right running shoe for you is never easy because there are so many beautiful models on the market. With that being said, take a look at these five running shoes from top brands and see which pair fits your needs. At the end of the day, any running shoe is better than a regular shoe as it provides enhanced protection and stability.
Our Top Choice
The Saucony Men's Ride 9 Running Shoe is designed for competition and it is used worldwide by beginners and professional athletes. This pair of jogging shoes features an attractive design and come with a rubber sole. If you prefer a synthetic sole then check out the Hurricane ISO 2 Running Shoe from the same manufacturer.

Saucony Men's Ride 9 Jogging Shoe w/ Rubber Sole and Plush Cushioning, Available in 4 Designs

Saucony is a company that makes fitness shoes since 1898 and they have a pedigree for running gear. The company was founded in Pennsylvania by 4 businessmen and with the passing of years, the experts behind Saucony have continuously refined their shoe-making skills. Nowadays, top athletes all around the world participate in large competitions using Saucony shoes. For this review, we have picked the Ride 9 running shoe which is great for almost all running surfaces.

Here are several interesting features about this jogging shoe.
  • The Ride 9 cross-training shoe is available in 4 eye-catching designs and multiple sizes, so regardless of how big or small your feet are, you will find a suitable pair.
  • The sole is made from rubber which ensures adherence while you run as well as a Tri-Flex outsole design that improves stability.
  • The construction of this shoe is clever: the pressure on the forefoot is reduced, so that you don’t injure yourself.
  • The Ride 9 jogging shoe also features plush cushioning which allow smooth landings and more protection for your feet.
  • Thanks to the reduced weight and the top-quality construction of this shoe, you won't get tired that quickly and be able to jog for longer distances.
Best Value
The Men's Glycerin 13 Running Shoe from Brooks provide enhanced comfort and safety during your workout, not to mention that these jogging shoes also look "dangerously" good! However, if you prefer similar shoes, but with an adjustable saddle construction then check out the Brooks Men's Ghost 8 Running Shoe.

Brooks Men's Glycerin 13 Jogging Shoe w/ Toe Bumper, Padded Collar and Rounded Heel for Less Joints Stress

Brooks is a prestigious company which specializes in sports shoes. This brand manufactures a wide variety of shoes such as flexible shoes, protective shoes, stability shoes, walking shoes, cross-training shoes, lifestyle shoes and more! They also make shoes for women (and we have a separate review on that), but for this review we will stick with the Glycerin 13 which is a sports shoe specially designed for men. This is the company's best selling product and it is received well by the big public.

Here are the highlights of the Glycerin 13 jogging shoe.
  • This shoe features a visually striking design and it comes in multiple color schemes for you to choose from.
  • The Super DNA midsole offers better cushioning, so your knees will be more protected in the long run.
  • Unlike regular shoes, the Glycerin 13 running shoe is designed to distribute the pressure evenly, so that you spend less energy with each step you take.
  • If you love running on roads, get this sports shoe! It is purposely-built for road running.
  • Similarly, this shoe is particularly suitable for you if you have medium or high feet arches and it will protect your joints during your running sessions.
The ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe is the ultimate sports accessory for professional joggers. This shoe is highly technologically advanced, offering improved stability and comfort while running. If your budget is smaller, get its little brother – the ASICS Men's GEL-Kayano 22 Sports Shoe.

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 23 Jogging Shoe w/ Rubber Sole, Exoskeletal Heel and GEL Cushioning System

Whether you are a beginner or a professional runner, it is very likely that you have heard of ASICS before as this brand is renowned for the fitness products it makes. The name of the brand is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "Anima sana in corpore sano" which basically means a healthy mind in a healthy body.

ASICS specializes in fitness shoes and this company makes shoes for almost any type of sport or fitness activity you can imagine. They have a whole range of running shoes specially designed for men and from this line we have chosen the Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe because it offers tons of features.

Let's take a look at a couple of strong points this jogging shoe brings to the table.
  • The Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems will make your workout more comfortable and protect your knees and joints, particularly if you run for long distances.
  • The ASICS FluidFit is a technology implemented in the Gel-Kayano 23 sports shoe which basically means that the shoe will take the shape of your foot, offering more stability and comfort.
  • The rubber sole prevents slip and fall accidents and gives you more peace of mind while running.
  • This shoe is lightweight, compact, available in multiple sizes and several color schemes for you to choose from.
  • While you run, the Gel-Kayano 23 cross-training shoe will absorb the impact force and spread it evenly, so that no part of your feet gets damaged after long running sessions.
The Men's Vazee Summit Trail Shoe from New Balance offers everything an athlete needs: comfort, stability, grip and proper cushioning. This running shoe also comes in several beautiful color schemes to choose from. If your budget is higher, go for the Foam Zantev2 jogging shoe as it delivers enhanced stability and control while running.

New Balance Men's Vazee Summit Running Shoe w/ Hydrohesion Rubber Sole and Toe Protect

New Balance is an established company in the US which specializes in footwear and sports apparel. This brand manufactures approximately 4 million pairs of sports shoes every year and their products are used by millions of fitness enthusiasts all over the world. For the purpose of this review, we have selected the Men's Vazee Summit Trail Shoe which is specially designed for athletes who want a no-nonsense pair of fitness shoes.

Here are the highlights of this fantastic pair of running shoes from New Balance.
  • The Rockstop plate and Toe Protect feature offer additional protection and comfort while you run, keeping trail debris at bay.
  • The outsole is designed for enhanced grip and adherence, offering you more stability during your workouts.
  • This sports shoe is available in multiple sizes and 2 color schemes for you to choose from.
  • The no-sew upper design makes this shoe lighter, allowing you to run faster and for longer distances.
  • The rock-solid construction of the Summit trail shoe minimizes pressure and stress on your knees and joints, so you are not likely to develop the runner's knee disease in the long run.
The Duramo 7 M Running Shoe from Adidas is excellent for every runner, especially for beginners. It features high-quality materials that offer great comfort and cushioning as well as a rubber sole for enhanced grip. If your budget is larger and you want upmost protection and support, get the Terrex Boost GTX running shoes from Adidas.

Adidas Performance Men's Duramo 7 M Jogging Shoe w/ Comfortable Textile Lining and Upper Air Mesh

Adidas doesn’t need any introduction as this brand is a famous manufacturer of sports equipment and fitness gear. The experts behind this company design and sell boxing gloves, sports jackets, footballs and of course, running shoes. Adidas currently has multiple types of men's sports shoes on sale and we have chosen the Duramo 7 M jogging shoe because it offers excellent value for money.

Let's discover a couple more interesting features related to this product.
  • You can have the Duramo 7 M noad-running shoe in up to 11 different color schemes, so choose according to your preferences.
  • This shoe comes with the Traxion technology which ensures proper grip and stability while moving multi-directionally on any surface.
  • The air mesh which covers the upper part of this shoe improves ventilation and gives you a pleasant sensation of comfort while running.
  • The EVA sockliner is another piece of technology implemented in the Duramo 7 M sports shoe which enhances comfort and support, preventing injuries and pains.
  • The outer sole features deep grooves for weight reduction and increased stability.

How Do I Choose the Best Men's Running Shoe?

If you've suddenly decided that now is the best time to get off the couch and start getting into shape, you are making a great decision! Your health can improve quickly through sports and fitness activity and you don’t even have to go to the gym if you don’t want to. Even a 10-minute jog in the nearest park will provide tremendous benefits to your health (not to mention that girls will secretly check you out)—and in no time, you'll feel better, start losing weight, and have more energy throughout the day.

If you're new to fitness, you are probably wondering why you should buy a specially designed pair of shoes just for running. The answer is that a good pair of running shoes will provide better protection to your feet and ankles, prevent injuries, reduce shocks and vibrations associated with running on different types of surfaces, and best of all, such footwear is very, very light!

Once you become more experienced, you might also want to invest in other useful sports accessories such as a fitness tracker, a heart rate monitor, or a special type of armband which keeps your phone stable while running. These gadgets are useful whether you run outdoors or on a treadmill at your favorite gym. For now, keep reading to find out more about running shoes, how to buy a good pair, and how to identify the pair suitable for your particular needs.
Many people say that most sports accessories are rather expensive, but that's not necessarily the case and it’s also just half the story. A plethora of such accessories are designed to protect you while working out, so instead of paying thousands of dollars for treating an injury, it is better to pay just a couple of hundred dollars to prevent it. For example, most high-quality men's running shoes are priced between $35 and up to around $500 for a really sophisticated model. Most shoes don’t cost more than $200 and can be used for years, so we think that’s a fair price.

The actual price of a running shoe is determined by the manufacturing company, the size of the shoe, the materials used, and the degree of protection it offers. You should never go for very cheap men's running shoes because these don’t offer adequate protection and if you’re unlucky, you might get injured during your next jogging session.
It is worth digging deeper into this subject to learn more about running shoes. Here are a couple of aspects you need to take into account when buying such fitness footwear:
  • Size - A running shoe is similar to a regular shoe, so pick the size correctly according to your own measurements. Running shoes come in all sizes, from kids to adults.
  • Color/Design - Same story here; jogging shoes are vibrantly colored and they come in hundreds of designs and color combinations, so spend some time viewing more products before deciding.
  • Heel Drop - This is basically a number that tells you how tall the heel of the shoe is in comparison to the forefoot. If the heel drop is high, you'll land primarily on your heel first. If the heel drop is low, the amount of shocks and vibrations that travel up your leg is minimized.
  • Materials - Today's running shoes are made from a broad range of materials including rubber, mesh, synthetic and textile materials, etc.
There are more interesting aspects you need to take into account. For example, most running shoes feature breathable materials to allow proper ventilation while you jog. This minimizes sweating and makes you feel better while you run.
Construction and Design
After analyzing the market and looking at various products, we can confidently say that men's running shoes are mainly designed to improve grip on almost all surfaces including asphalt, hardwood floors, and even grass. These fitness accessories feature a rubber sole which sticks to the surface of the ground, preventing slipping. As mentioned earlier, fitness shoes can also incorporate synthetic materials, textile materials (mainly for the laces), mesh, and others.

We want to talk about the heel drop of running shoes because this aspect is important. If you go for a pair of shoes with a small heel drop (around 3 - 4 millimeters or 0.12 - 0.16 inches), there is basically minimal protection between your foot and the ground, so it might take a while to accommodate to such footwear. You'll eventually feel a couple of bumps; however, your leg will absorb the shocks and vibrations equally, so damage to your knees is minimized. Professional athletes typically switch to running shoes with a small heel drop.

On the other hand, if you run casually and want to enjoy a more comfortable and "cushioned" experience, go for a pair of shoes with a big heel drop. When you run, you will land primarily on your heel and feel less shocks and vibrations. Such shoes might actually make you look taller, especially if the heel drop is around 12 millimeters (about half an inch) or larger. Lastly, almost all running shoes come with thick and long laces, so you can secure the footwear properly before you run and prevent accidents.
Performance and Ease of Use
It really depends on the type of running shoe you purchase, but most of them can be used on all surfaces, whether you want to run indoors or outdoors. We like the fact that manufacturers make men's running shoes as light as possible, giving you the sensation that you’re actually "flying", not running!

Make sure that you clean your shoes with a damp cloth after each run (it is a good idea to maintain your precious fitness shoes from time to time), or you can even put them in the washing machine—but only if the manufacturer tells you it is safe to do so.

Get the Best Men's Running Shoe of 2023!

Large sports equipment manufacturers have created some of the best men's running shoes to help you stay safe, look good, and feel great while jogging in the park or on a treadmill. Join the club; get your own running shoes and each jogging session will be much more enjoyable and beneficial for your health! And just in case you haven’t found your ideal pair of running shoes, our featured brands have more great options to pick from. Check them out!

Our Top Choice
Saucony Men's Ride 9 Running Shoe
Best Value
Brooks Men's Glycerin 13 Running Shoe
ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe
New Balance Men's Vazee Summit Trail Shoe
Adidas Performance Men's Duramo 7 M Running Shoe