Best Men’s Trench Coat Reviews 2022

Trench coats are classic outer garments created with the working man in mind. Browsing through the various trench coat options out there can be quite bothersome and we have decided to make this process easier for you. We have researched some of the best trench coat brands and come up with our top five, which offer some of the best trench coats out there. We have highlighted one product from each, but do bear in mind that these brands have other products which might be ideal for you, so feel free to check them out.
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Our Top Choice
London Fog Raleigh Trench Coat
London Fog is a leading American producer of coats and other outdoor clothing. It has a history overflowing with classic, stylish designs and reliable products.
Gives you a tailored fit. Has roomy pockets. Has a detachable collar. Large enough to wear a sports coat underneath. Gives a warm and cozy feel.
Its flimsy plastic belt buckle makes this trench coat difficult to fasten and secure.
Black, British khaki
36 – 50; long, short
69% Polyester/31% Nylon
Dry clean only
Best Value
MOGU Men’s Twill Trench Coat
MOGU is an Asian brand that offers top-notch and high-quality apparel for men. Its stylish and innovative designs set the pace for other Asian clothing brands.
Highly durable cotton fabric. Inside chest pocket. Complete with finely detailed stiches and buttons, which give it an exotic look.
Extra-thick material makes it unsuitable for use in hot weather.
7 Colors
34 – 46; Asian
95% cotton/5% polyester
Cold water hand wash
Hart Schaffner Marx Classic Fit Trench Coat
Hart Schaffner Marx is an American brand with an unflinching commitment to outfitting the classic man with next-level innovative, stylish, suave and high-quality clothing.
Detachable zip-out liner, making it perfect for all seasons. Detachable collar, which can be removed depending on your preference. Classic, military-style look.
The Burnett is made of a delicate material that can only be dry cleaned so as to prevent degradation of the fabric.
. 4 Colors
38 – 54; long, short
60% cotton/40% polyester
Dry clean only
Tommy Hilfiger Poly-Twill Trench Coat
Tommy Hilfiger is an American brand with a mandate to churn out products with luxury styling, top-notch quality and good value for money to customers worldwide.
Soft, lightweight, 100% polyester material. Fashionable notched collar. Button-tab cuffs. Removable, zippered, gray liner.
Its removable, gray liner has a zipper which is flimsy and doesn't hold up after extended use.
S, M, L, XL, XXL
100% polyester
Machine washable
Custom Leathercraft Rain Wear Trench coat
Custom Leathercraft is committed to fusing classic styles with functional features to produce the perfect gear that fits the needs of both the outdoors and the working man.
It’s a storm front coat complete with double-fly snaps. Affords you full protection from harsh weather conditions. Has a detachable drawstring hood.
It is difficult to select a form-fitting size, as the cut of this trench coat is unusually large.
Rain wear trench
M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL
100% polyester
Hand wash

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What is the Best Men’s Trench Coat?

Trench coats have a variety of features that you should consider when you want to purchase one. Now that you have read the entirety of our buying guide, you are in a better position to select a trench coat, as you know the features to look out for. To pick the best trench coat for you, read through our reviewed products and choose your favorite.
Our Top Choice
The London Fog Raleigh is a trench coat with a detachable zip-liner that makes it easier to wear. It also has a detachable collar. With its double-breasted front, you get a classic look with which you can never go wrong. If your preference is a coat made entirely out of polyester, check out the London Fog Men's Plymouth Twill Belted Double-Breasted Iconic Trench Coat.

London Fog Raleigh Long Trench Coat with Removable Liner – Available in 2 Colors

London Fog was created in 1923 by a man named Israel Myers. It is a brand with a rich history of reliability, so much so that its products were used by the US Navy during the Second World War. A leader in the manufacture of outdoor coats and apparel, its products give you the ultimate in terms of reliability and style. It supplies outdoor clothing to customers around the world, therefore, you are getting a product which has been accepted and approved globally.

The London Fog Raleigh Trench Coat has a detachable zip-out liner. This removable liner is made of smooth polyester, which makes the trench coat easier to wear and increases its overall comfort. You don't have to stress about experiencing discomfort of any kind while donning this trench coat. It has a double-breasted front, which makes it very stylish. The classic look of this unique trench coat makes it ideal to wear in formal and informal settings. It is also large and roomy enough to wear a sports coat or a suit underneath.

With this trench coat, your suit won't have any wrinkles and will be protected from harsh weather conditions. This amazing trench coat also has a detachable wool collar. We understand that sometimes you might have no need of a collar, and this trench coat gives you the luxury of choosing the form in which you wish to wear your trench coat. The London Fog Raleigh trench coat is also durable and highly resilient. With this product, you are getting good value for your money in terms of usage and durability. You don't have to worry about your trench coat falling apart after consistent use. It also has roomy pockets in which you can keep your valuables. The contents of your pockets are always secure while wearing the London Fog Raleigh Trench Coat.

Other amazing trench coats by London Fog include:
  • London Fog Dakota Microfiber Long Raincoat: It has a removable liner that gives you the luxury of donning this trench coat no matter the weather
  • London Fog Coventry Wool Top Coat: With a single-breasted front, which gives you a modern sense of style
  • London Fog Fremont Full Length Top Coat: Which features a notch collar perfect for the modern, sophisticated man
Best Value
The MOGU Twill Trench Coat has a secure waist belt that allows adjustments for a slim fit or a roomy fit. It is made of lightweight material, which makes it extremely comfortable and perfect for the man on the move. If your prefer a stylish leather look, go for the MOGU Men's Faux Leather Trench Coat.

MOGU Men's Double-Breasted Belted Twill Trench Coat – Available in 7 Colors

MOGU is a clothing brand that originated in Asia. Over the years, it has consistently offered top-notch coats and other outerwear for the classic man. Its products are guaranteed to be the best in terms of innovation and design, and give you that modern, stylish look you crave. Its designs set the pace for other brands in Asia, and it is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the Western world. Furthermore, it focuses on giving you the ultimate in terms of comfort, durability and long-term guarantee. You will definitely get your money's worth in terms of resilience and material durability with MOGU.

The MOGU Twill Trench Coat has a double-breasted front. You will agree with me that you can never go wrong with a double-breasted front, as it gives you that suave, contemporary, stylish look you want. This trench coat also has an adjustable secure belt. This gives you the option of setting the fit for your trench coat. You can wear it slim, so as to outline your figure, or you can go for a roomier fit. The roomy fit is perfect for formal outings, as it allows you to wear a sweater or jacket underneath your trench coat.

This unique trench coat also comes outfitted with intricate stitches and fine buttons. If you are the extravagant type, then this trench coat is perfect for you, as its detailed stitching gives it an elegant look. The MOGU Twill Trench Coat is made of extremely lightweight cotton. You don't have to worry about being uncomfortable while wearing this trench coat. Its lightweight fabric is perfect for the man on the move and you practically forget that you are wearing a trench coat. It can also be ironed at low temperatures, therefore, you can stop worrying about having to don a wrinkled trench coat. Lastly, this trench coat is as durable as they come. It doesn't decline in quality after extended use and is guaranteed to serve you for a long time.

Other trench coats on offer from MOGU include:
  • MOGU Trench Men's Outerwear Khaki Trench Coat: Which is made of extra-tough khaki material for use in harsh weather conditions
  • MOGU Men's Autumn Spring Double-Breasted Trench Coat: With a classic and innovative design you can't help but love
  • MOGU Men's Faux Leather Trench Coat: For a wholesome, stylish leather feel
The Hart Schaffner Marx Burnett Trench Coat is made of a water-resistant outer weave, perfect for rainy weather. With its belted waist and adjustable-length cuffs, you can get the perfect fit you desire and deserve. If you are after a trench coat which offers more flexibility and comfort, check out the Hart Schaffner Marx Men's Hartsdale All Weather Coat.

Hart Schaffner Marx Men's Burnett Cotton Blend Trench Coat – Available in 4 Colors

Hart Schaffner Marx is an American brand that was created in 1887 by two brothers. Over the years, it has developed a culture of unwavering commitment to outfitting men in modern clothing. You are getting the latest style with this brand, as its designs are up-to-date and next-level in some cases. Its attention to detail is unmatched as every seam, lining and button is crafted to give you the best. The most seemingly inconsequential of details are blended together to make you look smart and presentable with this brand.

The Hart Schaffner Marx Burnett Trench Coat has a detachable zip-out liner. With this feature, you can detach and attach the coat's liner at your convenience, depending on the temperature. This means that you can use this trench coat in any season, be it winter, autumn or even summer. This one-of-a-kind trench coat also has a belted waist and adjustable-length cuffs. This means you can adjust how fitted your trench coat will look, depending on your preference. You also don't have to worry about the sleeves being too long for you, as you can also adjust the length.

Its outer weave is made of a water-resistant, synthetic material. Water forms beads that simply roll off this trench coat, making it perfect for use in the rain. The synthetic material is also extremely lightweight, giving an added boost to your comfort needs. The Hart Schaffner Marx Burnett also has a detachable collar, which can be attached when you need it. It has a classic, vintage, military style that gives you a very stylish look, perfect for all occasions. You don't have to worry about looking out of touch at that formal occasion, as you are always covered with this trench coat.

Other amazing coats by Hart Schaffner Marx include:
  • Hart Schaffner Marx Sheffield Classic Fit Wool & Cashmere Coat: With a three-button closure for formal gatherings and extra room in the chest region for comfort
  • Hart Schaffner Marx Shooter Wool Blend Quilted Jacket: With a faux-suede trim on the upper front and collar tops, which gives you a quilted, herringbone finish
The Tommy Hilfiger Poly-Twill Trench Coat has a removable, zip-out puffer bib, which enables you to control the amount of warmth you feel. It is also single-breasted to give you that sought-after rakish style. If your preference is a trench coat with a hood, then you might want to check out the Tommy Hilfiger Men's Hooded Rain Trench Coat.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Poly-Twill Trench Coat with Zip-out Puffer Bib

Tommy Hilfiger was founded in 1985 by its American founder of the same name. This brand has 32 years of experience in consistently churning out products that lead the market in styling, quality and value for money. With this brand, you are getting the ultimate in style and quality, with years of experience put into each product. It is a leading brand, internationally recognized for products with that American-cool style. You cannot put a foot wrong with this brand, as you are guaranteed classic American products of the highest innovation.

The Tommy Hilfiger Poly-Twill Trench Coat has a removable, zip-out puffer bib. This innovative feature helps you to control the amount of warmth generated while wearing this trench coat. You don't have to worry about using this trench coat in hot weather, as this feature makes it suitable for all weather conditions. This unique trench coat also has a single-breasted front, which gives you a one-of-a-kind, rakish feel. It’s a trench coat in which you always look smart and presentable.

It also comes with button-tab cuffs and a fashionable notched collar. These features give this trench coat an exotic feel and that delicate, dramatic effect without overdoing it. The Tommy Hilfiger Poly-Twill Trench Coat has a removable, zippered, gray liner. This gives you extra room to wear a suit or sweater underneath without losing your sense of style and uniformity. It is made of 100% soft, lightweight and insulating polyester, making it incredibly comfortable and flexible. It is also outfitted with top-side entry pockets which, apart from being a safe place for your valuables, are also roomy enough to accommodate those cold, idle hands.

Other amazing trench coats by Tommy Hilfiger include:
  • Tommy Hilfiger Men's Wool Melton Unfilled Top Coat: For the ultimate insulating experience
  • Tommy Hilfiger Men's Hooded Rain Trench Coat: For a stylish, hooded trench coat with a twist of modern sophistication
The Custom Leathercraft Rain Wear Trench Coat is made of a heavyweight polyvinyl chloride material ideal for harsh conditions. It also has rear mesh vents, which give you the added advantage of increased aeration. If you are partial to a trench coat with a corduroy collar for added comfort, check out the Custom Leathercraft R114L Heavyweight PVC Rain Jacket.

Custom Leathercraft Rain Wear R105X .35 MM PVC Trench Coat With Rear Mesh Vents

Custom Leathercraft is a brand dedicated to the manufacture of products which fuse classic styles with functionality. Its philosophy is to turn out high-quality products at reasonable prices. You don't have to worry about your product not being functional enough for the outdoors, as its products are specifically made to brave the elements. It is a brand with impeccable attention to details, as every stitch, detail and material is consistently crafted with great care and thought, so as to give you a product that doesn't wear out over time. This means that there is no fear of having a defective or substandard product with this brand.

The Custom Leathercraft Rain Wear Trench Coat is made of heavyweight polyvinyl chloride material. It is specially crafted to be as durable as possible. This trench coat can, therefore, brave tough weather conditions without degradation. This highly resilient trench coat also has rear mesh vents. These vents provide an avenue for the inflow of air, ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible while being protected from the elements. It also has sleeves that are outfitted with buttons, enabling you to alter the fit of this trench coat to your liking.

This unique trench coat also has a detachable drawstring hood. With its bright color, you are as visible as possible while donning this trench coat, even in a heavy fog. The Custom Leathercraft trench coat is essentially a storm front coat with double-fly snaps which, while giving you full protection from weather, also ensure easier accessibility. Lastly, this trench coat is extremely portable, as it can be easily rolled up and placed in a backpack or briefcase. This means you can carry it around with you without any stress.

Other coats by Custom Leathercraft include:
  • Custom Leathercraft R114L Heavyweight PVC Rain Jacket: Which has a corduroy collar that gives you added comfort
  • Custom Leathercraft R1054X Heavyweight PVC Trench Coat: Which has a wider range of sizes
  • Custom Leathercraft Large 2pc Rain Jacket R114L: For a more stylish look

How Do I Choose the Best Men’s Trench Coat?

Are you looking for outerwear to give you that classic, modern look? Do you want to put away your bomber jacket and don something more suave and formal? Or maybe you are looking for the perfect clothing to pair with your brand new suitcase?? Then look no further than the trench coat. A trench coat is a classic garment with enough functionality to protect you from the elements without subtracting from your classic look. This amazing product can shield you from rain like an umbrella and still pack a punch of handsomeness.

A trench coat is essentially a stylish overcoat with enough functionality to keep you warm and protected all day. It was originally created for use by military men during the world wars before making the leap to Hollywood and then becoming popular as a must-have garment for the working man. The trench coat comes in different styles, such as single breasted and double breasted. But whatever style you choose, you can rest assured that this outerwear is ideal for all occasions, be it formal or informal.

A trench coat also comes in different materials, depending on your insulation preferences, and are also made in different lengths, which cater to either your conservative or elegant style. Deciding that you need a trench coat is only the first step in getting it. To select the ideal trench coat for you, you need the right information on some features, such as the type of trench coat, material and even the color. These features affect the performance and functionality of your trench coat. Keep reading as we discuss these features.
Trench coats come in a wide range of prices depending on the material, features and size. You’ll have to pick a trench coat that suits your budget, as long as it has the necessary features to keep you looking functional and stylish. The trench coats we’ve selected for review vary from $15 to $220 and they range from the luxury, high-end trench coats to the budget ones. You can rest assured of good value for your money, no matter the trench coat you pick from our selection.

During our research, we came across some cheap trench coats, but we left them off this list, as they did not meet the requisite quality and functionality.
Selecting the ideal trench coat for you will be a lot easier if you know exactly what features to look out for. Some of these features include:
  • Type
  • Color
  • Size
  • Material
  • Extra Features
  • Care
Construction and Design
When it comes to choosing a trench coat, there’s a few things to do with its construction and design that you need to consider. These are mainly type, material, color and size. Let’s look at these in more detail.


There are different types of trench coats, each one specifically designed to cater to your needs, be it formal, informal or outdoors. We have the double-breasted front style trench coat, which gives a classic, suave and polished look. They usually come outfitted with six to ten buttons, depending on the length of the trench coat. Double-breasted front trench coats are the original designs, and are guaranteed to give you a vintage look. Trench coats might also be of the single-breasted variety. This type is usually reserved for the smaller man, as it prevents him from looking buried under too much fabric, while still retaining a confident, stylish look.


Trench coats are made of different materials, which may be wool, cotton or leather, depending on your preference. Woolen trench coats are usually made to repel water and are lightweight. Perfect for the man on the move and with extremely high heat-retaining capabilities, a woolen trench coat gives you a handsome look. While they may be a tad expensive, they give you good value for your money. Trench coats may also be crafted from a more traditional cotton and polyester blend. This makes the trench coat durable and highly resilient. Although it might not have as high a heat-retaining capability as a woolen trench coat, its durability and long-term use makes it a must-have. Lastly, trench coats might also be made of leather, and these are quite warm. Although they are not ideal for all occasions, they retain a rakish look which puts them atop our list.

Color & Size

Trench coats also come in a variety of colors and sizes, which should be taken into consideration. These different colors range from the more functional khaki and black to the flashier ones, such as red and yellow. Do keep in mind that flashier colors, while giving you an exotic look, get stained more easily. Generally, roomier sizes are preferred if you intend to wear a jacket or a suit underneath, while slim-fit sizes are guaranteed to give you a confident look.
Performance and Ease of Use
When picking out a trench coat, a feature you should look out for is how it’s cared for. Trench coats might be machine washable, dry clean only or hand washable, depending on the quality of material. It’s logical that you should select a trench coat with cleaning and care requirements that are suited to your personal preferences.

Trench coats come outfitted with a variety of extra features that add to their functionality. Some come with adjustable belts and cuff straps, which help to adjust the fit of the trench coat, depending on whether you intend to wear a suit or a jacket underneath. Others feature a storm flap, which is essentially a protective feature that prevents water from seeping into your trench coat.

Some trench coats come with breathable wedge vents. These vents increase the breathability of your trench coat while also giving you added flexibility and comfort. Raglan sleeves also increase the flexibility and comfort of your trench coat, and this is an extra feature that should be considered if you intend to wear your trench coat over multiple layers of clothing.

Get the Best Men’s Trench Coat of 2022!

Thank you for reading through to the end of this informative review. We believe that you are well informed and can now select a trench coat perfect for your sartorial needs. Go ahead and place an order for your amazing trench coat. If you want to review other trench coat options, we have included navigation links for you to follow.

Our Top Choice
London Fog Raleigh Trench Coat
Best Value
MOGU Men’s Twill Trench Coat
Hart Schaffner Marx Classic Fit Trench Coat
Tommy Hilfiger Poly-Twill Trench Coat
Custom Leathercraft Rain Wear Trench coat