Best Men's Underwear Reviews 2023

A good pair of men's underwear can provide comfort and support all day long, whether you are a workaholic who spends 16 hours at the office or a professional athlete. We have picked five excellent types of underwear from some of the best men's underwear brands out there. Let's find out what types of boxers or briefs are popular and appreciated by the majority of people today!
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Our Top Choice
Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Steel Micro Low Rise Trunk
Calvin Klein is a professional manufacturer of clothes and accessories for men and women. It's currently one of the most prestigious and appreciated clothing brands in the world.
The Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Steel Micro Trunks feature a contoured pouch, and you can pick from many color options, depending on your preferences.
There were a few complaints that these trunks were badly packed when delivered.
Low Rise Trunks
89% Tactel Nylon, 11% Elastane
26 colors available
Machine washable
Contoured pouch
Best Value
Jockey Classic Men's Brief
Jockey is a prestigious brand that is active in more than 120 countries. It makes high-quality underwear, socks, sleepwear and active wear.
The Jockey Classic Brief offers full rise coverage. It is comfortable and available in many colors for you to choose from. You also get three in a single package.
Some isolated concerns about the size. Make sure you always read the size chart.
Classic Brief 
100% cotton
15 colors available
Machine washable
3 pieces in pack
New Balance Flex Men's Boxer Brief
New Balance specializes in sportswear and active wear. This company makes shoes for all types of sport activities, for women, men and children.
The New Balance Mens Trinamic Brief is designed for the ultimate athlete. It reacts and flows with every move, provides next-to-skin fit, and offers support in sport activities.
One complaint that these briefs are a little expensive. Quality underwear lasts longer, so it is money well-spent.
Boxer Brief
Nylon, polyester and elastane
3 colors available
Machine washable
Supportive no-fly pouch
Tommy Hilfiger Men's Underwear, Cotton Brief
Tommy Hilfiger is a French brand that specializes in clothing items and watches. Most of its products already have numerous positive reviews on Amazon, and they are highly appreciated.
The Tommy Hilfiger Men's Cotton Briefs come in a pack of four. They are comfortable and machine washable, and they come in multiple sizes.
Some complaints that these briefs didn't fit perfectly. You should check the measure guide before you buy.
Cotton Brief
100% Cotton
6 colors available
Machine washable
4 pieces in pack
Hanes Tagless Sport-Inspired Men's Boxer Briefs
Hanes has been America's first name in comfort since 1901. This company sells family basics like underwear, socks, t-shirts and much more, and its products are reasonably priced.
The Hanes Men's Sport-Inspired Boxer Briefs offer great fit and come with an elasticized waistband for additional support and comfort.
These briefs have to be hand-washed.
100% Cotton
3 colors available
Hand washing
5 pieces in pack

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What is the Best Men's Underwear?

How many times have you heard the question “Boxers or briefs?” Every man has his own preferences, so the best pair of underwear for you will depend upon what factors are most important to you. Men's underwear can be very varied. Obviously, it differs in size and color, but you can also choose ones that are tagless or made entirely from cotton. Let’s take a look at some samples from five of the best underwear brands.
Our Top Choice
The Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Steel Micro Trunks are available in numerous sizes and colors, and they are completely machine washable. This is a superb pair of underwear that will make you feel more confident and comfortable. If you prefer a different design, we suggest checking out the Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Steel Micro Hip Briefs, which also come in many color options.

Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Steel Micro Trunks, Available in Numerous Sizes and Colors

Calvin Klein is known for making high-quality underwear, but this brand also manufactures beautiful shirts and denim jeans for men and women. This company is appreciated worldwide because its products are stylish and contemporary. You can even buy Calvin Klein accessories, such as handbags or purses.

If you need a pair of underwear that have a great fit and are comfortable, we think the Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Steel Micro Trunks are the perfect choice. Here is a quick list of their features:
  • Low-rise trunk
  • Machine washable
  • Great fit
  • Contoured pouch
  • Calvin Klein logo waistband
There are more options from Calvin Klein for you. Here are some other highly appreciated products from this brand:
  • Calvin Klein Men's Air FX Micro Low Rise Trunk – durable and fashionable, available in many colors
  • Calvin Klein Men's 4-Pack Cotton Classic Low-Rise Brief – classic underwear made from 100% cotton
  • Calvin Klein Men's Air FX Micro Hip Brief – comfortable and machine washable
Best Value
The Jockey Classic Brief offers total comfort for everyday wear. The sweat-wicking cotton material keeps you dry all day long. If you prefer men's underwear in a different design, try the Jockey Men's Underwear Classic Full Cut Boxer.

Jockey Men's Underwear Classic Brief, Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors, 3-Pack

Jockey specializes in underwear for men and women, as well as other types of clothing items such as sport trousers, soft tops and t-shirts. Its products are highly appreciated by the public for being fashionable, durable and reasonably priced.

The Jockey Men's Underwear Classic Brief is the ideal choice for everyday use and has a good price. Here are its main features:
  • Diamond White technology
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • 100% cotton
  • Y-front fly design
  • Underwear Style 9950
Jockey is a versatile brand and makes men's underwear in a variety of designs. Here are a few more great examples:
  • Jockey Men's Underwear Microfiber Performance Boxer Brief – featuring an eye-catching design, available in multiple colors
  • Jockey Men's Underwear Classic Boxer Brief – classic boxers made from 100% cotton
  • Jockey Men's Underwear Pouch Midway Brief – stylish, comfortable and machine washable
Jockey also has numerous options of underwear for women as well. Check them out!
The New Balance Men’s Trinamic Nb Flex Boxer Brief features Advanced Flex Technology to provide the best fit. It is available in several color options. If you prefer a product that offers you even more comfort, you should check out the New Balance Men's Dry Fresh Boxer Briefs (2 pack).

New Balance Mens Trinamic Nb Flex Boxer Brief, Available in 4 Sizes and 3 Colors

New Balance is a popular company in the U.S. One in every four pairs of shoes sold in the States is made by this brand. Along with high-quality underwear, New Balance also manufactures running shoes, sport jackets and a wide variety of clothing items for athletes.

If you're looking for underwear that is great for sport activities and fits all types of bodies, the Men’s Trinamic Nb Flex Boxer Brief is a great choice. Here is why:
  • Premium 3D Fit
  • Nb Flex Technology
  • Six-inch inseam
  • Wide ergonomic waistband
If you liked this model, here are some more attractive underwear types for you to choose from:
  • New Balance Mens Ice Boxer Brief – available in multiple colors, provides superior comfort
  • New Balance Men's Performance Underwear 3 Inch Inseam Trunk – machine washable and with anti-odor technology
  • New Balance Men's Performance Underwear 9 Inch Inseam Boxer Brief – design conforms to body
The Tommy Hilfiger Men's 4-Pack Cotton Briefs are great if you are looking for classic fit briefs, and they come in multiple colors. If you prefer boxers instead, you should check out the Men's 3 Pack Cotton Boxer Briefs from Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's 4-Pack Cotton Brief, 100% Cotton, Available in 4 Colors and 5 Sizes

Tommy Hilfiger makes a range of fashionable clothing items and accessories for both men and women. You can buy attractive shoes, slippers and jackets from this company, as well as luxurious hand watches and wallets.

Among men's underwear made entirely from cotton, this model from Tommy Hilfiger is top-notch. Let's discover its strong points:
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Classic fit
  • Durable, cotton hand feel
  • Logoed waistband
Here's some more attractive men's underwear from this company:
  • Tommy Hilfiger Men's 4-Pack Cotton Hip Briefs – available in many colors and made from 100% cotton
  • Tommy Hilfiger Men's 3-Pack Woven Boxer – attractive and comfortable boxers available in many sizes
  • Tommy Hilfiger Men's 3-Pack Knit Boxer – machine washable and stylish
The Hanes Men's Sport-Inspired Boxer Briefs have FreshIQ odor protection technology and are available in several colors. If you prefer machine-washable boxers, get the 7-Pack Hanes Ultimate FreshIQ Full Cuts Briefs.

Hanes Men's Sports-Inspired Boxer-Brief, 5-Pack, Available in 3 Colors and 4 Sizes

Hanes specializes in clothing items and accessories for men, women and children. Whether you are looking for active wear, socks, sleepwear, bras, panties or legwear, you will find something attractive among Hanes' products.

If you are looking for briefs that are ideal for sport activities and that will remain fresh all day long, you have found them. Here are the features of Hanes Men's Sport-Inspired Boxer Briefs:
  • Advanced odor protection
  • ComfortFlex® waistband
  • Sport styling
  • Cool Dry fabric
  • Hand wash
Check out some more men's underwear from Hanes:
  • Hanes Red Label Men's 5-Pack Knit Boxers – available in multiple colors and featuring boxers closure
  • Hanes Men's Sports-Inspired Boxer-Brief – perfect for athletic people
  • Hanes Men's Red Label of Boxer Briefs – pack of 7 boxers, excellent value for money

How Do I Choose the Best Men's Underwear?

Men, let's face it! For you, buying underwear is not a big deal. You usually purchase it from the nearest store, or wait until your birthday to receive a few interesting pairs. But you shouldn't give so little consideration to something you wear every day. We’re sure you pay a lot of attention to your swimsuit and choose the one that can capture all the glances on the beach (or avoid the unwanted ones). You certainly care about your partner looks when it comes to her underwear or lingerie as well. In this case, why shouldn't you start paying more attention to the underwear you are wearing day in and day out?

Some men think that if underwear is not seen, they don't have to pay attention to it. However, buying underwear should be an important task for both men and women. A great number of men wear the wrong underwear, which is not only uncomfortable but also a bit risky, because the wrong underwear might cause infections and irritations. To prevent all these nasty effects, you will need quality underwear, and we know how to help you make the best choice.
The price of men's underwear usually depends on the overall design and the material it is made from. Prices are also influenced by any other benefits it comes with, such as support for sport activities or increased comfort.

There are cheap men's underwear options on the market, but often the sizes are not right, and they may fall apart after a few washes. The price for quality men's underwear ranges between $17 and $24, and for this price you can get great design and functionality.

Now let’s see what you should consider when purchasing men’s underwear.
When choosing your underwear, try to figure out what your needs are and what you like. If you want freedom, you can go for a pair of boxers, and if you want maximum support, you should go for classic briefs. If you want a combination of these two types, you should get low rise trunks. Below are the most important features to look for in men’s underwear:
  • Type - Do you prefer low rise trunks, classic briefs or boxers?
  • Size - Check out the size chart and find the one that suits you
  • Material - Men’s underwear is usually made out of cotton or nylon and elastane
  • Colors - Check out the available colors and get the one you prefer
  • Pack Size - Economy packs are perfect for anyone
With these features in mind, you will be purchasing underwear that is not only safe and comfortable, but also aesthetically pleasing!
Construction and Design
Men's underwear comes in many designs and patterns. The ones that are really popular are classic and boxer briefs, and low rise trunks. Of course, when you choose the right one, you’ll be influenced by personal taste and preferences, but the most important factor you should consider is your body and how a certain design will look on you. Measure yourself before getting men's underwear, so you won't pick a pair that will not fit you.

The best men's underwear is designed in such a way that it offers you the support you need, and also the comfort your body needs.
Performance and Ease of Use
The most important two aspects of men’s underwear are the size and the material. Both these qualities will make you feel comfortable during your daily chores. Undersized underwear causes chafing and, ultimately, rashes. Play it safe and go for quality men’s underwear.

When it comes to cleaning, you usually just have to throw underwear in the washing machine, and that’s it. Pay attention to labels, as some types of men’s underwear can only be hand-washed.

Get the Best Men's Underwear of 2023!

As you can see, these underwear for men are not hugely expensive, and they can last for a long time. Get your favorite ones now and you will feel comfortable almost everywhere! If the ones we have featured are not the perfect fit for you, these great brands have many more to choose from. Simply click a link and shop around!

Our Top Choice
Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Steel Micro Low Rise Trunk
Best Value
Jockey Classic Men's Brief
New Balance Flex Men's Boxer Brief
Tommy Hilfiger Men's Underwear, Cotton Brief
Hanes Tagless Sport-Inspired Men's Boxer Briefs