Best Men's Yoga Pants Reviews 2022

Men around the world are just starting to learn how great yoga pants and shorts can be when it comes to comfort and exercise. Whether it's for yoga, martial arts, or any active sport, you just can't go wrong with this new style. We examined the top clothing and active wear manufacturers to bring you a shortlist of five of the best men’s yoga pants brands you won't want to overlook.
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Good For
Our Top Choice
Verve Hanuman Knicker Yoga Pants - Men's Athletic Pants
Verve has created a range of durable, comfy athletic wear like these Hanuman Yoga Knickers.
Very comfortable according to users. Organic. Allows full range of motion. Just below knee length for breathability.
May not be warm enough as casual pants, but these are great for exercise.
Organic Cotton and Lycra
Espresso and Black
Small & Extra Large
Yoga, Climbing, Casual Wear
Comfortable Below Knee Length
Best Value
PrAna Sutra Yoga Pant - Men's Athletic Pants
PrAna makes life, travel and exercise easy with versatile athletic clothing like these wide-leg Sutra pants for men.
Comfortable mobility. Wide Legs. Recycled hemp material. Inseam gusset for comfort. Drawstring. Relaxed fit.
May be too thin for every-day wear in certain climates, but the thickness is great for intense exercise.
Hemp, Polyester & Spendex
Available in 7 Colors
X Small to XX Large
Yoga & Climbing
Wide-Leg Design
Yoga Addict Yoga Pants - Men's Athletic Pants
Yoga Addict creates simple, flexible clothing lines like this classic men's yoga pant.
Comfortable. Relaxed fit. Drawstring. Elastic waist. Allows full motion. Stylish.
May be a bit too baggy for some users, but the roominess provides better flexibility.
Cotton and Spandex
Available in 8 Colors
Small to XX Large
Exercise & Casual Wear
Outside Pockets
4-rth Fusion Yoga Short - Men's Athletic Shorts
4-rth calls these yoga shorts, but they're perfect for any vigorous exercise, as well as lounging around. Made from a fabric that is more durable and softer than cotton, they offer excellent moisture wicking.
Modal material for softer, more durable design. Moisture wicking. Form-fitting. Sleek style.
Some users found these shorts too short for comfort, but most enjoyed the extra freedom they offer.
Modal RIB Fabric
Available in 13 Colors
X Small to X Large
Exercise, Beach, Lounging
Sustainable Material
Candy Husky Extra Long Thai Fisherman Pants - Men's Martial Arts Pants
Candy Husky makes a wide variety of comfy pants for easy-going style. These fisherman pants have a unique design that not only make them good for men and women, but they fit plus sized bodies.
Unisex. Roomy. Comfy. 100% cotton. Lightweight.
One size fits all means you can't choose a size, but the fit is comfortable for nearly all users.
100% Cotton
Available in 17 Colors
One-Size-Fits All (to 56” Waist)
Yoga & Casual Wear
Unisex Design

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What is the Best Men's Yoga Pants?

We live in a world where we are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting apparel, and yoga pants are no exception. Unfortunately, more often than not, more variety doesn’t translate to better choices. Too many items to choose from may lead to selection paralysis, with the result being the possession of a substandard item. The good news is that you no longer have to worry about this. We’ve compiled a list of the five best men’s yoga pants from established brands that will fit any budget and body type.
Our Top Choice
The Verve Hanuman Yoga Knickers are loved by users for their comfort, style and flexibility – not to mention their soft organic cotton design. Want the same quality in a pair of shorts? Check out Verve's Men's Hanuman Shorts in black or steel.

Verve Hanuman Yoga Knickers -- Below Knee Length Yoga Shorts, Organic Cotton Blend, Form Fitting, Comfort Fit

Verve began its journey creating clothing for climbers to help them discover more of the world in comfort. That's why their clothing lines are simple, practical and dependable. Founder Christian Griffith began climbing in a time when the community was very small, and seeing others in climbing-wear instantly gave you a sense of that community. These days, Verve's quality clothing is built for more than just climbing, but the core community values are still around.

These yoga pants are made with lightweight organic cotton and Lycra for total durability. Users rave about their long-lasting and favorite pair of athletic pants. Their below-the-knee length is ideal for added breathability during intense workouts. Users also love how soft and snug these pants are, meaning they don't ride up or shift uncomfortably during a range of activities.

Verve has a wide range of similar clothing lines that are ideal for yoga, climbing, biking and many more athletic activities. Let's see what they have to offer:
  • Full-Length Athletic Pants
  • Partial-Length Pants: Knickers & Capris
  • Athletic Shorts
  • Athletic Tops: Sports Bras, Tank Tops & Windbreakers
Verve's range of clothing features male and female versions.
Best Value
PrAna's Sutra Yoga Pants for Men makes it easy to go from working out to hanging out, featuring a stylish design and wide legs for flexibility and comfort. Looking for something built for more intense working out? Check out prAna's JD Short.

PrAna Sutra Pant – Recycled Hemp Blend, All-Purpose, Wide Legs, Advanced Mobility, Range of Sizes, 7 Color Choices

PrAna is dedicated to the pursuit of happiness through travel, yoga and adventure. Their wide range of clothing lines are built to combine practicality and style. These Sutra pants are comfortable enough for daily use while also providing a full range of motion for climbing, yoga and any intense athletic activities. They have a front seam and wide legs that make these pants look like casual wear instead of athletic wear, letting you easily slip between hanging around and working out. Overall, users enjoy these pants for the relaxed fit and flexibility.

Let's see what other great athletic gear prAna has to offer:
  • Casual Tops, Jackets & Hoodies.
  • Athletic Shirts, Tanks & Bras
  • Casual Pants
  • Athletic Pants, Shorts, leggings, Capris & Crops
  • Scarves & Hats
  • Yoga Mats, Blocks, Straps & Towels
The Yoga Addict Men's Yoga Pants are ideal for intense activity as well as casual wear, featuring a relaxed fit and super flexible material. For a shorter version built for intense exercise, check out Yoga Addict's Men's Athletic Shorts.

Yoga Addict Yoga Long Pants for Men – Cotton & Spandex, 2 Pockets, Relaxed Fit, 5 Sizes, 8 Color Choices

Yoga Addict's mission is to make yoga available and easy for everyone. The company is run not by yoga experts, but by passionate students looking to spread the joy of yoga. They know what it takes to enjoy yourself and the experience of yoga no matter where you are. That's why Yoga Addict has this classic men's yoga pant – ideal for yoga, Pilates, tennis or any active sports. The relaxed fit also makes them perfect for casual wear. They feature a super flexible material and drawstring.

These slim, yet relaxed yoga pants provide a full range of motion without fitting tightly against your legs. Their convenient pockets and drawstring make these pants ideal for casual wear and traveling in addition to a wide variety of fitness activities such as yoga, Pilates, martial arts, dance, etc. Overall, users like the sleek, stylish look you get with these lightweight athletic pants.

Yoga Addict also sells a variety of yoga gear to get you started on your journey:
  • Yoga Towel Set
  • Yoga Blocks & Straps Kit
  • Compact & Supreme Yoga Mat Bags
  • Toeless Yoga Socks
  • Stretchable Athletic Shorts
The 4-rth Men's Fusion Gym Shorts make it easy to get into your workout, featuring ultra-comfortable material and a durability users rave about. Looking for a full pair of pants with the same high quality material? Check out 4-rth's Long Cuffed Jogging Pants.

4-rth Fusion Crosstrain Gym Short for Men -- 100% Made in USA, 5 Sizes, 13 Color Choices

4-rth's founder left a career in private banking to pursue his passion: environmental sustainability. That's why 4-rth uses the most comfortable sustainable fabrics in the industry. On top of eco-friendly materials, founder Doug Donahue has made sure his products are up to the challenge in terms of rugged durability and sleek style.

These shorts are made with a superior material known as modal, which is both soft and durable compared to commonly used materials. That's why so many users rave about how long they've had these shorts, and how there's not a scuff or tear to be seen. These American-made shorts ship for free and are breathable, making them ideal for sports and yoga. Many users also like to wear these comfy shorts around the house.

4-rth also offers a range of other sustainably made clothing for superior comfort and training. Let's take a look at some of the pants and shorts they have available:
  • Long-Cuffed Jogging Pants in a range of styles
  • Eco-Friendly Lightweight Track Pants
  • Ultra-Flex Tri-Color Cuffed Yoga Pants with below-the-knee length
  • Cross training Thermal Yoga Pants
  • Eco-Friendly Lightweight Track Shorts
  • Transition Yoga Shorts, slightly longer than the Fusion line.
Candy Husky's Yoga Pants are roomy and ultra-comfortable, made with 100% cotton for soft breathability. Looking for something comfortable, but not quite so lofty? Check out Candy Husky's Unisex Running Pants, featuring practical waist and ankle drawstrings.

Candy Husky Yoga/Fisherman Pants – Extra Long, One Size Fits All/Plus Size Too, Unisex Design, 17 Colors

Candy Husky was named after the founder's dog, Candy. The company is passionate about easy going clothing that looks cool without trying too hard to compete with this week's fashion trends. Their lines of lofty, comfortable pants are great for lounging, days at the beach and fitness, since they're so roomy and flexible.

These pants could be called fisherman's pants, dancing pants, martial arts pants, maternity pants, yoga pants…The list goes on. Overall they're comfortable and let you move around easily, making them ideal for a wide range of casual and intense activities. Their 100% cotton design gives them a lofty, breezy feel that users enjoy.

Let's see what other casual and athletic pants Candy Husky is offering:
  • 100% Hemp Drop Crotch Pants & Shorts
  • Harem Pants in a wide range of Floral Prints
  • Tie Dye Capris
  • Hippie Boho High Cut Harem Pants
  • Smocked Waist Drop Croth Harem Pants
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How Do I Choose the Best Men's Yoga Pants?

For a long time, men who rocked yoga pants were treated with great suspicion. They were seen as free-spirited hippies who had ditched the ethos of western culture and embraced what could only be described as weird habits (such as always wearing flip-flops regardless of the day’s weather). Turns out that yoga and being a hippie are two entirely different things. Today, yoga is an accepted exercise that has even been proven to reduce stress.

As more and more men embrace this culture, many have come to the realization that the clothes you wear also influence your flexibility and endurance as you perform various yoga maneuvers on that thin yoga mat. Yoga pants are the perfect apparel for this. However, it’s important that we mention that yoga pants are not the only thing that will guarantee you success in that two-hour-long yoga session. You also need to be in top physical condition. Unfortunately, your energy levels will dip during certain days, leaving you feeling lethargic and unmotivated. This is when a pre-workout drink comes in handy.

We are all aware that fitness is positively correlated with a happy life. While we don’t all possess the athleticism and speed to punch a speed bag 500 times in a minute, we can all perform light exercises such as walking around your neighborhood. The good thing about our selected yoga pants is that they can also serve as casual wear. Just imagine how cool and sophisticated you would look as you strut around your neighborhood rocking a pair while burning some calories!
The chic design of modern men’s yoga pants often scares away many potential buyers who feel that they may be too expensive. Usually, such individuals go for simple sweatpants. The truth is that anyone who can buy sweatpants can afford a pair of yoga pants, as evidenced by the affordable men’s yoga pants in our selection. However, if you’re looking for a lightweight, durable, and stylish product, we suggest that you select the more expensive picks. Also, be sure to avoid cheap yoga pants if at all possible, as these are likely made from lesser-quality materials or in less-efficient designs.

The price of men’s yoga pants ranges from around $10 to $90 dollars. The difference in price is due to the material and features. For instance, a pair of pants made from heavy cotton is more durable than one made with modal RIB fabric and will, therefore, cost you more. Extra features also chime in on the price. For example, a pair of yoga pants that has outside pockets will be more expensive than those without.
Yoga pants are supposed to give you the freedom of movement that normal clothes fail to provide. While a sleek parkour move will leave your yoga pants intact, the same cannot be said for your beloved beige khaki pants. Aside from size and color, there are other factors that one has to consider when purchasing a pair of men’s yoga pants. Let’s take a quick look at some of them:
  • Material - Heavy cotton is more durable than lightweight spandex.
  • Place of Use - Some pants can only be worn in one setting, while others can be rocked in multiple environments.
  • Length - Partial-length pants cannot be worn in cold-climate areas.
  • Extras - Pockets are convenient for carrying your phone and keys when in a casual setting.
  • Who Can Wear - Some men’s yoga pants can also be worn by women.
Construction and Design
We believe that the primary factor to consider when purchasing a pair of yoga pants is the material. If a light yoga session leaves you drenched, yoga pants made with cotton will serve you well. On the other hand, if you’re looking for lightweight pants, a synthetic fabric such as RIB fabric will be a better option.

Length is another crucial element to take into account when selecting a pair of yoga pants. Full-length yoga pants can be worn in multiple settings; in contrast, partial-length ones can attract awkward stares in some settings, leaving you feeling insecure. For maximum comfort and confidence in numerous environments, we believe it’s best that you select the full-length ones.
Performance and Ease of Use
Where and when one should wear men’s yoga pants is an absolutely acceptable question to ask another man. After all, this product is relatively new to us. While your friend may not have the answer, we have it. Apart from yoga, these pants can be worn during any form of exercise (such as rock climbing) and as casual wear. A good pair of yoga pants is one which serves all these purposes.

On the other hand, ease of use extends to who can wear the yoga pants. While some pairs can only be worn by men, some can also be worn by women. In addition, one of our selections is one-size-fits-all. If your girlfriend is always passing over exercise with the excuse that she has nothing to wear, this is the best pair of men’s yoga pants to have.

Given that some yoga pants can be worn in a casual setting, it makes sense to go for a pair that has casual features such as pockets. This will enable you to carry personal items such as your wallet, keys, phone, and loose change.

Get the Best Men's Yoga Pants of 2022!

When it comes to selecting yoga pants, style, comfort, and quality are the most important determinants. Our expert brands pay close attention to these factors, meaning that regardless of your choice, you’ll end up with a high-quality product. We hope our guide and review helped you pick the best pair of men’s yoga pants for you—if not, don’t sweat it, as these brands have even more options to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Verve Hanuman Knicker Yoga Pants - Men's Athletic Pants
Best Value
PrAna Sutra Yoga Pant - Men's Athletic Pants
Yoga Addict Yoga Pants - Men's Athletic Pants
4-rth Fusion Yoga Short - Men's Athletic Shorts
Candy Husky Extra Long Thai Fisherman Pants - Men's Martial Arts Pants