Best Metal Shed Reviews 2022

The need for storage sheds by both individuals and companies has been on the increase, creating a rise in the number of brands of storage sheds in the market. In light of this, we have carried out in-depth research on different brands and have finally arrived at our top five brands with the best metal sheds in the market. Out of these five brands, we have selected one product from each; however, know that the featured brands have lots of other products which could equally suit your needs, so feel free to look at them, too. Please, also note that we have other reviews on different types of sheds – wooden and plastic sheds – if you would like even more options.
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Our Top Choice
Outsunny Outdoor Metal Storage Shed
Outsunny exists exclusively to cater to your needs regarding relaxation and storage, making your time outdoors soothing and easy. Enjoy the sunny side of life.
Can be easily dismantled. Has double sliding doors. Does not stand out awkwardly. Comes big enough to contain your tools, yet small enough to not be cumbersome.
Assembly may be a bit tricky.
Gable-style roof; double doors
10 x 5 feet
Galvanized steel/polypropylene
Gray, white
Best Value
Vestil Steel Storage Shed with Flat Roof
Vestil Manufacturing Corporation is a global leader in the industrial material production world, with over 55 years of growth and development, and is customer-friendly.
No difficulty in assembling it. Small enough to not take up too much space in your backyard. Comes with an open-floor design. Built in a shape that can house tools and materials.
This is a smaller storage shed, suitable for people who don’t have a huge amount of stuff. Open-floor design may make it somewhat unstable if left without an alternative floor.
Slanted roof; single hinged door
6.7 x 5 feet
Zinc-plated steel
Walk-in; vertical
Arrow Dallas Vinyl Coated Storage Shed
Arrow Storage Products is a world-renowned manufacturer of steel storage solutions, churning out products based on over 50 years’ wealth of knowledge and experience.
Comes in a size that can be put to more than one use at once. Door is large enough not to be inhibitive. Rust-resistant coating. Thick enough to withstand strong winds.
Assembling the various parts could be complex and long.
Gable-style roof; double doors
10 x 12 feet
Vinyl-coated galvanized steel
Walk-in; horizontal
DuraMax Colossus Metal Shed
DuraMax, a trusted manufacturer of vinyl products with over 30 years in the industry, produces items like deck covers, storage sheds and fences that will last for years.
Comes with a slanted-style roof. Gives no stress when assembling it. Adds beauty to your backyard. Has air vents over each door for proper control of ventilation.
Comes with no floor. You would have to build one yourself, if you want it. You can order the shed with an optional foundation kit.
Double doors; 2 front vents
10 x 8 feet
Off-white with brown trim
Walk-in; horizontal
Goplus Galvanized Steel Storage Shed
Goplus is established as a major player in the manufacture of highly effective and durable storage solutions and boasts over 25 years of excellent service.
Practical sloped roof eases the run-off of excess water. Double sliding doors that permit unencumbered entrance and exit. Large enough to be partitioned for dual purposes.
You may find putting the pieces together to be a tad difficult.
Double sliding doors; front vents
4 x 8 feet
Galvanized steel
Gray; green

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What is the Best Metal Shed?

When you decide to buy a storage shed, there are different features you should look out for. Many of these depend on the space you have in your yard, your storage needs and your general preference. However, since you have read our buying guide, you have a better idea of important and non-negotiable features. To get the best metal shed for your needs, please view our reviewed products and pick the one that best suits you.
Our Top Choice
The Outsunny Metal Storage Shed has extra storage spaces – the ingeniously-modeled overhang of the roof on two sides of the shed creates two extra spaces, in addition to the main storage. You pay for one; you get three! If you would rather have a storage shed that takes up less space, check out the Outsunny 8’.5 x 5’ Metal Outdoor Storage Shed.

Outsunny 10' x 5' Metal Outdoor Garden Storage Shed with Firewood and Side Storage in Gray/White

A sub-brand of Aosom, Outsunny exists exclusively to cater to your outdoor relaxation and storage needs. Staying indoors can get stifling; the outdoors, however, has a way of loosening you up (the sun’s rays and gentle breeze on your face are irreplaceable). Gardening also has a way of soothing and relaxing some folks. So, whether you desire some time alone to unwind, a little get-together or simply to get some work done in your yard, Outsunny has you covered with its oh-so-lovely and durable lawn furniture, hammocks, barbecue pits and storage sheds, like the Outsunny Metal Storage Shed, for all your tools. You can’t go wrong with Outsunny, whatever product you choose.

The Outsunny Metal Storage Shed is unique because it has extra storage spaces, meaning that you get more than one storage space for the price of one! Apart from the main storage inside the shed, the ingeniously-modeled overhang of the roof on two sides of the shed creates two extra spaces for your extra tools and firewood, without fear of leaving them exposed to the elements (Whew, thank goodness!).

Because it is made of metal, not wood, it stands the test of time better and longer, what with the rain, sun, snow and even wind. Better still, you don’t have to worry about accidental fires, rodents or termites; neither do you have to worry about dampness, which cannot be said of wood. More so, metal has got many years of life in it without fear of decay, so your sweet shed stays with you for as long as you need it, no hassles. This metal isn’t just any kind; it is galvanized steel, so that’s ciao to rust. You have one less thing to worry about (What didn’t Outsunny think of, right?). With the addition of polypropylene (PP) which is chemical resistant to a large extent, you can confidently store some chemicals and acids, within reason.

This one-of-a-kind toolshed has other features that come in handy…
  • Has a sloped roof with vaulted ceiling – No excess water or snow on it, removing the danger of caving and exposure to chilly weather, which are bad for tools. The vaulted ceiling facilitates the conditions your toolshed needs to keep your tools for as long as possible.
  • Can be dismantled – Meaning, you can move it around whenever you like, even if you are moving to a completely different place. We all know the troubles of transporting fully erect structures, but this can fit in your truck bed or moving van with the rest of your belongings.
  • Sliding doors – Apart from the fact that they’re easier to open when carrying lots of tools at once, sliding doors mean more than one, and that shows you have more space to navigate when going in or out of the shed. We believe this comes in handy when carrying bulky tools.
  • Doesn’t stand out awkwardly – You don’t need anything sticking out like a sore thumb around your property. Its neutral color makes it blend easily, but even if you choose to change it, it’s easy to achieve. You get the best of everything.
  • Big enough to contain your tools, yet small enough to not be cumbersome – There are no worries of a simple toolshed taking up space meant for basketball games, your kids’ playpens or just space for a party.
Best Value
The Vestil Steel Storage Shed is designed in such a way that you can comfortably and conveniently house all sorts of tools and materials, within reason, yet there are no worries it will take too much space in your backyard. If you need a different roofing style due to rain or snow, you can try the Vestil SHED-5932 Steel Storage Shed, Slant Roof.

Vestil Steel 59 x 32 x 78.75-Inch Storage Shed with Flat Roof

Vestil Manufacturing Corporation is a global leader in the industrial material production world, with over 55 years of growth and development. With a team of capable engineers working full time to ensure a constant fluidity in the technical and mechanical departments, Vestil stays ahead by continuously improving its vast, already-existing lines of products, like the metal storage sheds line, and creating new ones. Part of its strength lies in the fact that its customer-friendly values are non-negotiable, fitting products to suit a customer’s satisfaction. Also, its many products are hardly ever out of stock and are usually ready to be shipped the same day if you desire it, and this can only build confidence and trust in such a company.

The Vestil Steel Storage Shed comes in a shape that can comfortably house all sorts of tools and materials, within reason. Your long-handled garden rakes no longer have to lean on the fence because of lack of space to store them. This also means that you aren’t restricted to just garden tools; an array of items can sit in there without hassles. We can say this confidently because this shed is built with zinc-plated steel, which protects it from rust. Considering that natural elements like rain could also lead to extensive rusting of items you may wish to store for long periods, you are covered in that area.

The following are other exciting and reliable features of this shed…
  • Easy assembly - You’ll need little or no help to get it standing. Some people may shy away from buying a product due to the complexity involved but, with this, that concern doesn’t rear its head.
  • Small enough to not take up too much space in your backyard - This one is just a little over five feet high and three feet wide.
  • Slightly slanted roof - This is good thinking, as it makes it somewhat easy for water and snow to slide off the roof so that their weight doesn’t end up causing the roof to sag, or cause a chill in the shed.
  • Comes with an open-floor design - That gets your creative juices flowing! You aren’t restricted to an unyielding pattern which you may not like, so you can go to town on what you want the floor to look like.
  • Silver-colored body - Gives a neutral background to get artistic on, if you wish to do that. You could also just paint it whatever color you like; the point is, you have neutrality to work on. Silver could also fit in well with your backyard colors, so you may do well to leave it as is.
The Arrow Steel Storage Shed is outstanding because it comes with accessories that allow you to fix it to suit your personal needs, be it storage or workspace-related; a workbench certainly fits without stress. Need to look at another option with a smaller footprint? Check out the Arrow HM86 Steel Storage Shed, which is available in three sizes.

Arrow VD1012-D1 Vinyl Coated Dallas 10-Feet by 12-Feet Steel Storage Shed

Arrow Storage Products is a certifiably world-renowned manufacturer of steel storage solutions because it has churned out products which have been affirmed by customers to stand the test of time. Besides, this depth of value can only come from years of experience, and Arrow has over 50 years of it. It produces uniquely designed steel storage sheds which, though they tend to not look sturdy enough to withstand any kind of buffeting due to their delicate colors, last for longer than you may need them (a case study of ‘looks can be deceptive’). You get your money’s worth in strength, beauty, time and size. Arrow throws its weight and expertise mostly behind storage products and, having sold millions of units, trusting it to take care of your needs in that department is a wise decision.

The vinyl coat on the Arrow Steel Storage Shed gives it a solidity that is second to none. Five times thicker than your normal coated steel, it resists rust and corrosion for longer than is expected. Also, this thickness makes it heavy, and not in a bad way, because it cannot be easily carried off or brought down in strong winds. This coating doesn’t stand out in any way as to make it unsightly, but adds all the goodness of vinyl to it. Apart from this, you get the chance to fit it to your personal needs. The accessories that come with this shed can be adjusted to suit whatever purpose you put it to, when assembling it. This feature can be put to great use, if you know what you are doing.

The following additional features further describe this product, even though they are not exhaustive…
  • Comes in a big-enough size - So you can either use it as just a storage space or turn a part of it into a workspace. You can store items like lawn mowers and irrigation sprinklers and still have room to place a workbench. Also high enough to create a comfortable amount of head room and a chance to hang a tool belt, toys and coats without making the place look cluttered.
  • Large door - Comfortably admits any size of equipment you may wish to store without being inhibiting. As inconsequential as this feature looks, it is important. You may have an item to store but, due to the size of the door on your shed, you are forced to keep it somewhere else, wasting valuable space.
  • Color coordination won’t be a problem - This cancels out any worries of blending your shed into its surroundings. It comes in almond, which is light enough to be attractive, yet not without any hue as to make it drab.
  • Warranty is 15 years - And we all know that isn’t a short time. No company would give that length of warranty if it isn’t sure of its product. So you know you have this shed for at least 15 years.
The DuraMax Metal Shed is built with galvanized steel and coated with vinyl, which triples its solidity and intensifies its insulation against rust, dents and rodents, as well as strengthening it against gusts of wind. Like this shed but not digging the colors? Spice up your backyard décor with the DuraMax Metal Shed with Green Trim.

DuraMax 10 x 8-Feet Colossus Metal Shed with Brown Trim

An established and trusted manufacturer of vinyl outdoor building materials and items, DuraMax is a division of US Polymers Inc., a company specialized in the extrusion of poly vinyl products. In the same vein, DuraMax produces durable patio and deck covers, storage sheds, fences and much more, made of vinyl. Because of its attention to detail, you’re able to beautify your yard and have no worries of rust, decay, discoloration, pest infestation or short-term satisfaction. All of its products are built to last and satisfy. It has over 30 years of ever-increasing growth under its belt, so you know it’s not just word of mouth; experience comes from practice and practice takes time. Rest assured that you won’t be disappointed.

The DuraMax Colossus Metal Storage Shed is built of galvanized steel, which is made to resist rust. Steel, on its own, is somewhat rust-resistant. Fortified by being galvanized, its strength is practically tripled. More than this, it has a far better chance of resisting rot, rodent infestation, termites and even leaks. Again, its vinyl coat lends it sturdiness, creating a stability that withstands gusts of wind so it doesn’t get knocked down easily, and a thickness that doesn’t easily allow dents. Heavy-duty tools may cause dents or even a perforation on thinner metal sheds, but this isn’t a concern for the Colossus.

Other exciting features include:
  • A slanted-style roof – Which, compared to a flat-style roof, is a blessing. You don’t have to do the extra work of getting excess water or snow off of it, in order to avoid an eventual caving. On a flat roof, snow rests comfortably and, because it’s heavy, it would eventually weaken the roof and cause it to cave.
  • Air vents over each door – A necessity in a shed which is often overlooked. Proper ventilation eliminates mustiness in an enclosed space and, believe it or not, your tools need to ‘breathe.’ This shed has two sliding doors, which means it comes with two air vents. These give you the chance to rightly regulate the weather within it in order to properly preserve your tools.
  • Easy to assemble – An added advantage when you live alone. No intricate or complex attachments and accessories, yet it comes out beautifully.
  • Adds beauty to your space – As well as class. Its light color with brown trim blends well into your yard. Everyone appreciates the finer things of life around them, and there’s nothing like coming out of your house and seeing convenience wrapped in beauty.
The Goplus Steel Storage Shed is made of fortified, heavy-duty galvanized steel, a step above the usual because it’s not easily shaken by wind or any impact. This also means extra protection from rusting or termite infestation. You get a chance to be even more creative with the more spacious Goplus 6 x 8 Steel Storage Shed.

Goplus Galvanized Steel Outdoor Garden Storage Shed 4 x 8 Ft Heavy Duty Tool House with Sliding Door – Available in 2 Colors

Goplus is established as a major player in the field of manufacturing highly effective and durable storage solutions. Steadily growing through the ranks in over 25 years of excellent service, it has proven that honesty, dedication and knowledge cannot be bought over the counter. Its elite line of storage sheds is second to none. They are built to serve you beyond the usual storage needs; their colors also take your desire for the aesthetic into consideration. Goplus has a reputation for being customer friendly and it’s not just media hype; whatever your questions or complaints are, you will surely leave satisfied. Don’t look too far to get that storage need sorted out. Goplus aims to meet it.

The Goplus Metal Storage Shed is made of fortified, heavy-duty galvanized steel. This is a step above the usual ones because it is not easily shaken by wind or any impact. Plus, it has extra protection from easy denting, rusting, rot or termite infestation (It’s amazing how much damage these tiny creatures can make, right?). This ensures that you have your shed for a number of years and your stored items will be safe and sound. Air vents make this shed even better. They are small enough to control air flow but also wide enough to let in the adequate amount of air needed to remove mustiness and mildew.

Don’t move yet; there are more features to further sweeten the deal:
  • Large enough to be partitioned – Into two separate storage spaces or to be used as a workspace/storage. This is up to you to decide. You have the room to get creative.
  • Practical sloped roof – Ensures you don’t have a short-lived shed. Snow and water can easily bring the roof down with their weight, but the sloped roof makes it easy for them to run off and, what’s more, saves you from the job of having to clean the roof manually.
  • Double sliding doors – And this equals easy entrance or exit, no matter how bogged down you are with tools.
  • Comes in colors that blend easily – Which is a plus for your house. Though it wouldn’t be a problem for some, there are those who appreciate a perfect mix of colors.

How Do I Choose the Best Metal Shed?

Safety is important, as is tidiness and aesthetics. Handling the chaos that comes from clutter can be a constant chore and stressful. Sometimes, you may be tempted to just let things lie as they are, but when you have a two-year-old who is fascinated with everything, you know you can’t afford to leave your leaf blower and gas chainsaw lying around.

A storage shed is a simple, usually single-room structure (there are exceptions to this) used to conveniently put away items and tools that are necessary but not needed daily. It can also be used as a workspace if it’s conducive enough to the activities you’d like to do. The purposes that storage sheds serve are endless, but those are just a fraction of the entirety of things to consider when buying one. You have to consider the type, material, assembly and price.

If you decide to get a metal shed, you have to be knowledgeable about the pros and cons of using metal. As easy as it may be to just pick any one and get on with it, you have to take some things into consideration. How safe is it for children? Would wiring it prove harmful in any way, now or down the line? These are just examples. However, metal sheds can serve you much better than any other type if you choose right. The type of metal used in building it, the roofing style and even the thickness of the metal involved are key factors. Read on as we explain these important details further.
Because of the beauty and variety of the metal sheds in the market, you may be tempted to overlook some key factors that count when it comes to pricing. However, pick a shed according to the budget you have, as far as it is safe to use. The price of the featured metal sheds in our review range from $120 to $1,120. They are somewhat pricey, but considering the fact that whichever you choose will last for many years and give you the space you need, we think these are great bargains; besides, this is not an item you buy frequently. Note that these prices are not exhaustive, but beware of really cheap metal sheds, because most of those are made with unsafe and inferior materials, or may be faulty.
Making a choice of a metal shed based on its practicality, comfort and durability can be less tedious if you understand what you should look for. Below are the key factors you should consider…
  • Specific Need
  • Type
  • Manufacturing Material
  • Assembling It
  • Extra Features
Take care to stick to these important factors; you can hardly go wrong with them.
Construction and Design
For those storage sheds with roofs, taking note of the roofing style is important. Most of the roofed ones come sloped or slanted, which enables any excess water or snow to easily slide off – otherwise, rain and snow can cause the roof to cave. When the weight of snow or water continuously rests heavily on the roof, it weakens it and, over time, causes it to yield under the weight. A vaulted ceiling is also important for proper ventilation. And, in case you decide to turn it into a workspace, you will really appreciate the free flow of air.

You have choices based on the materials used. There are metal sheds, wooden sheds and even sheds made of burlap. Now, you are in the best position to choose but let your choices be practical. Consider your options carefully, remembering the items you need to store. Also, check dimensions and shape; be sure of your specific needs because you would not want a dwarf-sized shed when you have long-handled rakes and shovels to store.

Check the floor design. Some sheds have the tendency to fold or squeeze. Is the floor right for the size and weight of what you want to store? Many buyers may not consider this, seeing as it will stand on solid ground, but if the floor is delicate and can’t take some weight, the damage would eventually show up and may cause some inconveniences. In addition to this, if you decide to go with a metal shed, take care how much concrete you keep close to the panels, because concrete is highly corrosive, even though it makes for a better flooring material.
Performance and Ease of Use
Sheds are practical inventions and built to satisfy the basic need of storage. Most storage sheds, however, especially the metal ones, need to be assembled, and this may be tricky. Make sure you can handle this before you buy. As lovely as some may seem, they could be intricately fashioned. What’s the point of buying a trendy shed that you cannot set up? And if you don’t have anyone to help you, especially at the time you need it, you could get frustrated.

Metal tends to stand the test of time better and longer than wood or burlap, but don’t let that keep you from buying any of the others. Wood has its advantages over metal; it is cozier and handles insulation better. Burlap is easier to fold, if need be, and can be readjusted to fit more things. It is not advisable to get a metal shed made with thin metal. Apart from the fact that it can easily dent, any heavy wind will bring it down or even destroy it completely. You would also do well to go for steel that is galvanized, because it is resistant to rust.

Maintenance needs could vary, depending on who is using the shed and the purpose it serves. But generally, metal is easy to handle because it doesn’t absorb dirt, wipes easily and admits no pests. You won’t have to spend too much time on cleaning.

Get the Best Metal Shed of 2022!

We appreciate you for reading to the end of this review. We trust that the provided information will help you choose a great metal shed. Place your order today and feel free to check out more product options from these brands using the included navigation links.

Our Top Choice
Outsunny Outdoor Metal Storage Shed
Best Value
Vestil Steel Storage Shed with Flat Roof
Arrow Dallas Vinyl Coated Storage Shed
DuraMax Colossus Metal Shed
Goplus Galvanized Steel Storage Shed