Best Mexican Blanket Reviews 2022

Are you looking for a Mexican blanket to cushion your joints and body as you make difficult yoga poses? Do you prefer a brightly-colored blanket to use as a seat runner, but you’re spoiled for choice? We’ve researched the best Mexican blanket brands on the market, showcasing one from each, to help you pick one.
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Our Top Choice
Rolling Sands Premium Mexican Yoga Blankets
Rolling Sands is a family-owned manufacturer of high-quality and eco-friendly yoga, fitness, meditation, and muscle massage products.
Soft, comfortable & thick. Large enough to fit your whole body. Affordable & tightly woven for warmth. Available in many colors.
Has an initial bad smell. Not durable enough.
Yoga blanket
Patterned & banded style
Acrylic, polyester & cotton
78 x 54 inches; 3 pounds
Machine wash on gentle
Best Value
Yoga Accessories Mexican Yoga Blanket
Founded in 1997, Yoga Accessories is a company committed to making premium products for yoga, meditation and wellness, and spiritual and holistic living.
Warm, comfortable & has extra padding. Comes in a variety of colors. Durable, versatile & doesn’t fade. Great for yoga studio décor.
Delicate, hence needs extra care.
Yoga blanket
Bright colors/patterns
Acrylic, polyester & cotton
74 x 52 inches; 2.4 pounds
Del Mex Mexican Baja Blanket
Del Mex designs and sells various Mexican products, and lets two Mexican manufacturers do the hand job.
Versatile. Multi-colored. Soft and comfortable. Machine-washable. Handmade & attractive.
It can’t withstand heavy-duty applications.
Baja blanket
Striped patterns
Acrylic / cotton blend
72 x 48 inches; 2.4 pounds
Kayso Authentic Large Mexican Blanket
Founded in 2013 and based in South EI Monte, California, Kayso is an American company dedicated to manufacturing high-quality products.
Large enough to fit you or a twin bed. Durable. Affordable. Soft & comfortable. Available in multiple colors. Versatile and stylish.
Isn’t thick enough for added comfort.
Yoga blanket
Striped pattern
Acrylic, polyester & cotton
70 x 50 inches; ¼” thick
Canyon Creek Authentic Mexican Falsa Blanket
Canyon Creek manufactures high-quality products meant to ease everyday routines, such as yoga blankets.
Affordable. Warm, soft & comfortable. Comes in various bright colors. Premium-quality and durable. Versatile.
Bulky & can be itchy on the skin.
Falsa blanket
Striped pattern
Acrylic treated cotton
76 x 53 inches; 3.5 pounds

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What is the Best Mexican Blanket?

Choose an authentic or traditional Mexican blanket in your preferred color combination. Make sure it’s large enough to fit your body size and made from a soft and thick material for comfort and warmth. Find out if one of our recommended Mexican blankets is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Rolling Sands Hand Woven Premium Mexican Yoga Blanket is handmade and woven from cotton, polyester, and acrylic for a soft feel and comfortable use. If you prefer a Mexican blanket in a different set of colors with extra thickness, warmth, and softness, opt for the Rolling Sands Thunderbird Mexican Yoga Blanket.

Rolling Sands Hand Woven Premium Mexican Yoga Blankets – Available in Multiple Colors

Rolling Sands is an American company with a focus on using natural materials to manufacture premium products for massages. It offers individualized services for consumers who need custom-made products. The company is environmentally-conscious and ensures each handmade product is eco-friendly. The highly knowledgeable team at the company is committed to ensuring each product is amazingly finished and retails at a great price.

The Rolling Sands Premium Mexican Yoga Blanket is hand-woven for a personal touch, made from a blend of 10% cotton, 40% polyester, and 50% acrylic to come up with a soft, comfy, and absorbent cloth you can easily wash; simply machine-wash the blanket on gentle. This attractive blanket is also available in a variety of colors, so you have various patterns and designs to choose from based on your taste and preference.

Woven for occasional use in lyengar and restorative yoga, the blanket is thick to cushion your body in comfort. You can also fold the blanket easily and use it for kneeling or sitting yoga poses to cushion your bones and joints. What’s more, the folded or rolled blanket also insulates your body from cold flooring, offering you support or acting as a cover to keep you warm.

Tightly woven for increased thickness and warmth, the blankets support versatile use; use them to cover yourself when it’s cold, but not engaging in yoga. In addition to insulating your body and cushioning it from hard floors, it’s large enough to fit your body. Bring the blanket with you when going to the beach, for a picnic, or as an outdoor table cover.

Here are some other Rolling Sand blankets you might like:
  • Rolling Sands Solid Color Mexican Yoga Blanket – This is available in solid colors.
  • Rolling Sands Classic Mexican Yoga Blankets – These are of great value, featuring different patterns and colors.
  • Rolling Sands Diamond Mexican Yoga Blanket – This is a heavy-weight blanket.
The Mexican blanket measures 78 inches long by 54 inches wide and weighs about three pounds, making it lightweight and highly portable for use on-the-go.
Best Value
The Yoga Accessories Traditional Brightly Colored Mexican Yoga Blanket comes in bright and attractive Mexican patterns to accentuate your yoga studio or venue in color. Do you prefer an extra-large yoga blanket with a strap? Opt for the Yoga Accessories Solid Color Mexican Blanket in nine vibrant colors, including tassels.

Yoga Accessories Traditional Brightly Colored Mexican Yoga Blanket – Available in Multiple Colors

Yoga Accessories is a brand with a focus on providing you with the supplies you need to engage in yoga, meditation, or spiritual wellness for holistic living and personal enrichment. It only offers valuable and sustainable products proven to be environment-friendly and economical. The company also supports healthy lifestyles, personal development, and alternative healthcare for all.

The Yoga Accessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket is versatile and has tassels for use in restorative yoga and meditation. You can also use it as a mat for outdoor practice or a blanket you can bring with you to the beach or on a picnic. Available in various colors to suit different occasions, choose what suits your personal preferences.

The yoga blankets are bright and attractive in Mexican styles and patterns to brighten your yoga studio, class, or wherever you practice yoga for an accentuated look. Loosely woven, the blanket offers comfort, warmth, and extra padding, giving you the support you need when engaging in yoga. Handmade by experienced artisans, the blankets are given various patterns such as dark blue, dark green, dark brown, light purple, and red, among other natural, white, and gray finishes.

Since the blanket is versatile, use it to cover your body for warmth in winter and when not attending your yoga classes. The blanket is safe for machine-washing under a cold temperature setting and option for delicate fabrics. Tumble dry on low heat or use a clothes-drying line to air-dry the blanket.

Here are some other Yoga Accessories Mexican blankets you might like:
  • Yoga Accessories Extra Heavy Recycled Mexican Blanket – It features a woven plaid pattern and oversized design.
  • Yoga Accessories Striped Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket – This one is made of soft fabric with tassels and vibrant colors.
  • Yoga Accessories Thunderbird Supreme Mexican Yoga Blanket – It has Native American thunderbird accents, and is soft and thick.
The Mexican blanket measures 74 x 52 inches and weighs 2.4 pounds for use on-the-go if need be.
The Del Mex Mexican Vintage Style Baja Blanket in Fine Woven Acrylic is versatile for use in yoga, at the beach, as a home accent, or for everyday use to keep warm. Opt for the Del Mex Traditional Falsa Mexican Blanket if you want a different blanket, measuring 70 x 13 inches, that you can use as a table runner.

Del Mex Mexican Vintage Style Baja Blanket in Fine Woven Acrylic – Available in Multiple Colors

Del Mex is a company that retails various clothing and apparel for varying applications. Having been around for decades, the company manufactures Mexican blankets, products for babies and kids, dresses and blouses, roundies, bags, and home décor items. It uses high-quality materials such as cotton, polyester, and acrylic, while ensuring the products are machine-washable and/or hand-washable to suit the needs and lifestyles of different consumers.

The Del Mex Mexican Baja Blanket is a blend of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic to give you a soft touch and comfort when it’s in use. Measuring 72 x 48 inches, the Mexican blanket is large enough to cover your whole body when you need warmth from the cold environment. It’s also versatile for use as a yoga blanket to cushion your body and joints. Bring it to the beach to lie down on and bask in the sun on the sandy beaches.

Perfect for everyday use, you can also use the blanket as a home décor accent on your furniture. Available in multiple colors, choose a suitable finish to accentuate your interior space. Whichever color you pick, you can use the blanket as a runner on your living room furniture or bed for a more appealing look.

It’s made in Mexico and gets softer with every wash; you can machine-wash it or hand-wash and tumble dry. However, colors, patterns, and stitching may vary from one blanket to another.

Here are some other Del Mex Mexican blankets for your consideration:
  • Del Mex Solid Color Deluxe Mexican Blanket – This blanket is easy to wash, and features solid colors with fringes.
  • Del Mex Mexican Serape Blanket – Made from 100% acrylic, this blanket features thick yellow stripes and is versatile.
  • Del Mex Hand Made Woven Mexican Diamond Falsa Blanket – This one is 100% authentic, and can be used for indoor or outdoor use.
The Kayson Authentic & Large Mexican Blanket for Yoga is large enough to cover a twin bed and support use for yoga or meditation. Want your Mexican blanket in a solid or plain color? Opt for the Kayso Handmade Solid Color Mexican Yoga Blanket that’s extra-large and machine-washable.

Kayso Authentic & Large Mexican Blanket for Yoga – Available in Multiple Colors

Kayso uses a blend of premium-quality fabrics to hand-make yoga blankets. The blankets are striped with detailed patterns in-between and fringes at the ends for yoga or meditation. All products made by this company are handmade under Fair Trade standards for optimal quality. It also offers exceptional customer care services.

The Kayso Mexican Blanket is big enough to cover a twin bed or your entire body from the cold. It’s perfect for yoga and meditation practices, and comes in multiple colors to choose from. This hand-woven blanket is warm, thick, and soft for comfortable use, made from 40% polyester, 50% acrylic, and 10% cotton for a truly luxurious blanket you can use in many ways.

The quarter-inch thickness also offers additional comfort and cushioning when using your blanket for whatever reason. Other than using it for yoga or meditation, you can use the blanket for interior décor; fold it nicely and use it as a living room or bedroom runner. Some colors to consider include blue, burgundy, light blue, purple, and so many more. From the color variations, choose what suits you most.

Here are a few other Kayso Mexican blankets you might like:
  • Kayso Authentic Mexican Siesta Blanket – This blanket features a striped pattern, and is multi-purpose.
  • Kayso Mexican Molina Indian Blanket – This versatile blanket is durable and available in varied patterns.
  • Kayso Authentic Mexican Serape Blanket – Featuring an extra-large design, this blanket comes in random assorted colors.
The Canyon Creek Authentic Handmade Mexican Yoga Falsa Blanket is made from a blend of cotton and acrylic to keep you warm during cold winter nights. However, if you want a similar blanket in a different hue, opt for the Canyon Creek Mexican Blanket that’s thick and durable.

Canyon Creek Authentic Handmade Mexican Yoga Falsa Blanket – Available in Multiple Colors

Canyon Creek manufactures yoga mats and blankets made from a blend of soft acrylic and cotton for increased comfort. The company hand-makes each product in a range of colors to suit the unique tastes and preferences of its consumers. The materials used are natural and premium to ensure the products are of high quality, eco-friendly, and durable. The majority of its products are versatile for a wide range of application. This is certainly a company that thinks about its customers first!

The Canyon Creek Authentic Mexican Yoga Falsa Blanket is stylish and durable. Roll it up or fold it for use in your yoga classes to support your joints from the hard floor. It can find other use when you’re not taking part in a yoga class, as well; for instance, you can use it in the living room to curl up on the sofa for warmth during the cold season. Made from soft fabrics, the blanket isn’t just comfy, but also machine-washable.

Measuring 76 x 53 inches, this Mexican blanket is large enough to cover your whole body or fit your size when doing yoga or meditating. Although the blanket is a bit bulky and scratchy initially, it softens up with every wash. If you’re looking for a gift to give your friend or loved one, you won’t go wrong with this Mexican blanket. The stitches on the edges of the authentic Mexican blanket increase its durability, and you can also accentuate your house with the blanket as a table, seat, or bed runner.

How Do I Choose the Best Mexican Blanket?

The history of Mexican blankets dates back to more than two-thousand years ago in ancient Mexico and southwestern cultures. Made from acrylic, cotton, or polyester—or a blend of two or three of the materials—Mexican blankets are generally soft, comfortable, and lightweight. The soft and comfy nature of Mexican blankets makes them ideal for use in yoga classes to cushion your joints and bones from the hard floor when making difficult poses. They’re an ideal replacement for your yoga mat.

The blankets have been revamped over the years and given a modern look. They’re a perfect addition to your yoga set. Although they can be woven using machines, the authentic Mexican blankets are hand-woven for a personal touch. Mostly available in Mexican art and traditional themes, these blankets are made in various patterns and color combinations to suit your unique taste and preference. Consider one that matches your yoga pants for a stylish look.

Since Mexican blankets are highly versatile, different colors and patterns on them are ideal for different application areas. A colorful or bright blanket with engraved artwork or patterns for a traditional touch is ideal for interior décor. The blankets are mostly used as runners indoors to accentuate interior spaces with an appealing look. You can fold your blanket nicely and place it on your living room furniture or bed as a runner.

Mexican blankets are also ideal for use as table cloth covers, especially when used outdoors. You can bring your blanket with you to the beach, on picnics, or even when going camping. You can also curl up on your couch on those cold winter nights and cover yourself with a Mexican blanket for warmth.

What’s more, you can order a custom-made Mexican blanket in your choice of fabric combinations and colors for a personal touch. However, expect to pay more for custom Mexican blankets. When shopping for one, first decide on the type you want, such as Saltillo serape, Navajo, falsa, rebozo, or Rio Grande, among other types.

This is a review of various types of Mexican blankets and we hope our guide can help you make an informed buying decision.
The material, size, and quality of Mexican blankets determine their prices. The longer a blanket lasts, the more it costs. Extra-large blankets also cost more than small blankets, while authentic Mexican blankets are pricier than modern variations. Thick and soft blankets with extra padding for increased comfort can also cost more due to the workmanship invested in them and the quality of the materials used.

A simple Saltillo serape blanket can cost as low as $5 or even less. Large blankets range in price from $10 to $25, whereas extra-large Mexican blankets retail for anything between $30 and $70. Finally, high-end designer Mexican blankets designed for luxury use in attractive colors can cost up to $600.

Now that you have a broad view of what to expect in terms of pricing, we also want to ask you to avoid cheap Mexican blankets. We understand that a tight budget can make cheap items alluring, but a low price tag on these blankets may mean that low-quality materials were used or that they weren’t hand-crafted. To get the very best for yourself or your loved one, we recommend dishing out a little more for something that’s worth every penny.
Mexican blankets are both decorative and functional to support use in various settings. Apart from their common use as yoga mats to offer extra cushioning and comfort, they also make perfect interior décor pieces. Therefore, a good Mexican blanket should have certain features to meet their intended use. For instance, a yoga blanket should be soft and comfy.

Here are the important features to look for and consider in a Mexican blanket:
  • Type: Different types include rebozo, falsa, Saltillo serape, etc.
  • Design: This could be a simple or sophisticated design, and should be in a preferred pattern and color combination.
  • Material: Some popular materials include cotton, polyester, and acrylic.
  • Size: The size of your Mexican blanket should be suitable to fit your body.
  • Maintenance: A blanket should be easy to clean and maintain.
With a warm, thick, and soft Mexican blanket, you won’t just do your yoga in comfort, but also keep yourself warm in winter or even decorate your home.
Construction and Design
Looking for a yoga blanket or a versatile throw blanket you can use as a runner if need be? Here are the most important factors to consider when shopping for a Mexican blanket, in more detail from what was mentioned above:

Type – Mexican blankets are available in various types. Decide whether you want an authentic blanket made from polyester, acrilan, acrylic, cotton, or even a traditional-style blanket originally made from cotton or wool. Rebozo or serape Mexican blankets are ideal for use as shawls, throw blankets, or runners for interior décor as they’re lightweight.

Consider Rio Grande, Navajo, and Falsa Mexican blankets as they’re usually thick and soft for comfort and heavy-duty to withstand wear and tear from yoga poses.

Design – Mexican blankets are hand-woven differently to suit different needs and purposes. They’re mostly square, rectangular, or triangular-shaped with multiple color combinations and patterns. Long Mexican blankets mostly find use as throw blankets, runners, or wall décor items.

Material – Traditional Mexican blankets are made from cotton, wool, or a combination of the two for ultra softness and comfort. Modern variations are made from a blend of polyester, acrylic, cotton, and acrilan.

Size – Mexican blankets are not made the same. They are available in various sizes to suit different needs and body sizes; choose a size suitable for your needs. The larger the blanket, the more versatile it can be.

Care – Choose from blankets that can be hand- or machine-washed. Read the manufacturer’s recommendations for care to ensure you maintain your Mexican blanket well for lasting use. Blankets suitable for machine washing usually require gentle care and air-drying.
Performance and Ease of Use
The beauty of a Mexican blanket is its authenticity. Buy from known brands to ensure you only get the best of these blankets. Opt for high-quality blankets for unmatched durability, and choose colors and patterns of your liking for your chosen blanket. If you intend to use it for interior décor, make sure the blanket is in colors that match your interior décor theme and colors for a more appealing look.

Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or simply want a versatile blanket to use variedly as you deem right, go for a durable blanket you can use for years. Opt for a large, soft, thick, and comfortable blanket that’s easy to care for. Also look out for care guidelines from the manufacturer to ensure your blanket lasts.

Get the Best Mexican Blanket of 2022!

Whether you’re looking for a Mexican blanket for you, or want one to give out as a gift, there’s one out there for you. We hope this guide was resourceful enough to help you find a suitable Mexican blanket. In case you need something else, check out our other blanket reviews.

Our Top Choice
Rolling Sands Premium Mexican Yoga Blankets
Best Value
Yoga Accessories Mexican Yoga Blanket
Del Mex Mexican Baja Blanket
Kayso Authentic Large Mexican Blanket
Canyon Creek Authentic Mexican Falsa Blanket