Best MIG Welder Reviews 2022

Amongst all types of welding, MIG welding stands out for a number of reasons. One reason is because of its process and another is because of its results. However, a great MIG welder doesn’t come easy. To help you pick one from the crowded market, we have scoured the available products and found the five best MIG welder brands. In this review, we have featured one great unit from each brand. If, for any reason at all, you aren’t satisfied with these picks, feel free to visit these brands, as they have more MIG welders for you.
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Weld Range
Our Top Choice
Hobart Handler® Wire Welder
For over 115 years now, Hobart has been the go-to brand for both beginners and pro welders, when it comes to quality welders and accessories.
This welder stands out for its versatility and portability. It only takes a few minutes to set up. Additionally, it’s easy to use and is great for beginners and DIY enthusiasts.
Probably the only major downside of this welder is the lack of power flexibility you’d need to use a 230 volts power input.
24 gauge to 1/4" steel
115V, 140A
19” x 11” x 13”; 57 pounds
5-year limited warranty
MIG ready, 5 voltage controls
Best Value
Lincoln Electric Handy MIG Welder
Lincoln Electrics is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of welding products, welding equipment, and robotic welding systems.
Apart from user friendliness, other salient features of this welder include the adjustable wire speed control and the contractor safety feature, which keeps the welding wire "electrically cold."
The welding gas is unfortunately sold separately.
24 gauge to 1/8” steel
114V, 70A
18” x 16.8” x 10.3”; 49 pounds
1 year warranty
MIG and flux-cored
Miller Electric Millermatic MIG Welder
Miller Electric Millermatic® MIG Welder is made for all types of users, from beginners to professionals. This welder supports both MIG and flux core welding on steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.
This welder has several impressive features including Auto-Set™, infinite voltage control, and line voltage compensation. It’s easy to use on top of all that.
This welder is on the more expensive side.
22 gauge to 3/8" steel
208/220/230/240V, 210A
19” x 30” x 40”; 183 pounds
5/3/2/1 year warranty
Industrial application, wheels
Everlast Power I-MIG Welder
For the last decade, Everlast Generators has grown into a reputable market leader in the welding products industry.
This welder has a stepless control of voltage and wire speed. There are no tapped settings. The IGBT components assure you durability.
The quality of the ground clamp could be improved.
24 gauge to 3/16” steel
120V, 140 A
17” x 8” x 14”; 20 pounds
5-year warranty
Spool gun ready
Forney Easy Weld MIG Machine
Forney Industries is a brand that specializes in welding products, abrasives, welding safety gears, and accessories.
Apart from affordability, other dealmakers in this welder are its Tweco style gun and the large storage area, which holds between 2 and 10 pounds of wire rolls.
While it’s good for stainless steel welding, this welder is best for smaller projects requiring precise welding.
24 gauge to 1/4” steel
120V, 125A
23” x 11” x 18”; 41.9 pounds
6-month warranty
Large storage area

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What is the Best MIG Welder?

If you’re going to end up with the best MIG welder for you, you first have to define the nature of the jobs you need them for. Our guide will no doubt help you understand the individual reviews we are about to see better.
Our Top Choice
Hobart Handler® Wire Welder is an MIG ready welder, which operates on the standard 115 volts household current. For better performance, it has a 5-position voltage control selector and an industrial cast aluminum drive system. If you’re looking for a welder with a higher amperage output, we recommend this Hobart Ironman MIG Welder, which delivers between 30 to 250 amps.

Hobart Handler® 140 MIG Wire Welder – Also Available with Accessories

It’s almost 120 years since Hobart Welders first got into the welding market. Today, the company has positioned itself as a market leader in the competitive welding market. Apart from MIG welders, Hobart Welders manufactures and supplies other types of welders such as wire feed welders, welder generators, TIG welders, and stick welders. Other products from this brand include welding accessories, helmets, plasma cutters, and welding wires.

Hobart Handler® Wire Welder is one of the most popular wire welders on the market today for many reasons. First, it’s very portable, making it usable whenever and wherever. Second, its versatility: you can use it on auto bodies, home repairs as well as on projects that demand more intense welding.

Apart from its portability and versatility, here are the other features of the Hobart Handler® Wire Welder;
  • Operates on 115V household current, with a 20 amp circuit recommendation
  • You can fine tune the arc using the 5-position voltage selector
  • High quality to meet industrial performance requirements
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • A heavy duty, 200 amp work clamp
  • Output amperage of between 20 and 140A
  • Can weld 24 gauge to 0.25 inch mild steel
  • Has a duty cycle of 20% at 90 amps
  • Runs solid, flux core steel and aluminum wire
  • Comes with a Hobart 5-year limited warranty
  • Features an improved industrial cast aluminum drive system, adding to its durability and strength
This welder is sold without a nozzle gel. If you’d like a unit with a nozzle gel, it’s available too.
Best Value
If you're looking for a lightweight and user-friendly welder, the Lincoln Electric Handy MIG Welder is our recommendation. The welder is adaptable and flexible, as it welds both flux-cored and MIG. Would you prefer an MIG welder with a higher amperage output? Try out this 208/230 VAC Lincoln Electric MIG Welder; it’s also for both flux-core and MIG welding.

Lincoln Electric 70 Amp, 115 Volt Handy MIG Welder

Lincoln Electric is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of welding products, welding consumables, robotic welding and arc welding. It’s one of the few American companies that has been on the market for 100 years and still doing great.

Lincoln Electric Handy MIG Welder operates on the standard 115 volts, 20 amps outlets and can be used for MIG welding and flux-cored. Based on its specifications, this welder is great for hobbyists and home projects. So if you are a beginner or someone just looking for a welder to use at home, this is one of our recommendations.

Here is a highlight of other features in the Lincoln Electric Handy MIG Welder;
  • Welds 24 gauge to 1/8 inches mild steel
  • Has an output of between 35 and 88 amps
  • Cold contractor feature for added safety
  • Four voltage settings
  • Doesn’t overheat
  • 1-year warranty
Miller Electric Millermatic® MIG Welder is made for all types of users, , from beginners to professionals. This welder supports both MIG and flux core welding on steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. If this welder is not within your budget, check out the Miller Electronic MIG\/Flux Core Welder, with auto-set and manual mode features.

Miller Electric Wheeled Millermatic® 212 Auto-Set™ MIG Welder

If welding is what pays your bills, you don't need “any welder” available in the store. You need a powerful and reliable welder such as the Miller Electric Millermatic® MIG Welder, from the reputable Miller Electronic brand, a trendsetter in the welding industry.

Miller Electric Millermatic® MIG Welder is a feature packed welder, great for both beginners and pro welders. With this welder, you can weld stainless steel, aluminum, and steel metals. This welder is usable in numerous industries, such as boats, metal arts, sculptures, racing, and restoring. It’s also great for home hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts.

Here is a highlight of its other features;
  • Input voltage of 208/220/230/240V and 22 gauge to 9.5 mm
  • Has a rated output of 160 amps and 60% duty cycle
  • Amperage range of between 30 and 210 A
  • Auto-Set control feature for automatic welding settings
  • Manual mode settings, allowing for infinite voltage control for stainless steel and aluminum welding
  • EZ-Change™ Low Cylinder Rack for easy insertion and removal of cylinders
  • Fan-On-Demand™ cooling system for added safety and reduced power consumption
  • Standard Built-In Solid-State Contactor Circuit to keep the wire “electrically cold” unless the trigger is pulled
  • Even with power variation, the welding output is constant
  • For added safety, the heat light shuts off. This is in case the duty cycle is exceeded or a trigger switch occurs
  • Supports both MIG and Flux Cored processes
The inverter-based design of Everlast Power I-MIG Welder lowers its power consumption and weight while increasing the arc performance and duty cycle. If you are looking for a dual voltage welder that you can use anywhere there is a receptacle, try out Everlast PowerMIG MIG Stick Welder

Everlast Power 2017 I-MIG Welder – 110/120 Volts, 140 Amps

Everlast Generators is one of the latest entrants in the welding products industry that have earned global recognition. Founded in 2004, the California-based company is now a trendsetter in all their three product lines - generators, welders, and plasma cutters.

If we are not wrong, the Everlast Power I-MIG Welder is the lightest MIG welder there is on the market. However, don’t mistake its small size with wanting performance. In fact, some users indicate that it can match the performance of some of the more highly priced and larger welders. Its small size and weight make it very travel-friendly, as you can easily carry it with you.

Recommended areas of usage include garages, farms, motorsports, portable repairs, and home shops while recommended metals include mild steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly, and aluminum.

Here is what else you should expect from this welder;
  • This 120 volts powerhouse has a transformer of 140A, at 20% duty cycle and can be used anywhere
  • The inverter design delivers a better output compared to a transformer based welder
  • Has a stepless control (no tapped settings) of voltage and wire speed
  • It’s easy to use and learn, thanks to the basic yet compact design
  • The welder is sold when it’s spool gun ready
  • Sturdy drive mechanism serves for years
  • The standard drive rolls feeds a wire diameter of between 0.023 and 0.030 inches
  • Works well with both 4 and 8 inches wire spools
If you’re looking for an affordable yet powerful 120V input, 125A output MIG welder, the Forney Easy Weld MIG Machine is one of our recommendations. It has a large storage area and a Tweco style gun. If you’re looking for a welder with a lower amperage capacity check out this Forney Flux Core Welder, which is a 95-Amp, 120-Volt tool that also has a tweco style gun.

Forney Easy Weld 120 Volt MIG Machine – Available in 9 Sizes

Founded in 1932, Forney Industries is one of the oldest family-owned businesses in the US. The brand specializes in welding and metal working products.

Forney Easy Weld MIG Machine stands out for its design and the quality of weld it produces. It’s a plug and play unit, which welds up to ¼ inch and runs up to 10 pound spools, giving it an incredible versatility. It weighs 42 pounds, making it highly portable. Adding to its portability is the torch wrap.

Lets discover other features in this best selling welder;
  • Has an input of 120 volts and delivers 125 amps
  • You can use it to weld 24 gauge to ¼ inch
  • Supports Gasless/flux-core welding only
  • Great for beginners as well as pros
  • Comes with a 6 month warranty
  • Has 10 speed settings for the wires, 10 being the highest
  • Great for small precise welding jobs
This welder is a 125FC size. If you’d like a different sized welder, there are 8 different sizes to choose from.

How Do I Choose the Best MIG Welder?

Let’s start this with a story. Natalie (not her real name, lest she hunts us down for putting it there) is quite a stickler for detail. For her, a dress is not perfect if the stiches aren’t properly aligned, if there are threads hanging out here and there, or if all the buttons aren’t fixed in such a way that all the holes are facing the same direction. One day, she asks Bob (obviously not his real name for ethical reasons) to make her welded coffee and console tables with stained wooden tops to complement her vintage-themed home. Bob heads off and, on the agreed date, he presents the tables to her. Now, one would expect that Natalie would be ecstatic, seeing as her tables arrived on time, but her reaction was quite the opposite, to Bob’s chagrin. She looked the tables over and shook her head in disapproval, then she pointed out each joint to Bob and asked him why they weren’t smooth, and how secure he thought such joints would be. Bob’s response and the ensuing discourse between professional and client won’t be detailed here but, as you can guess neither was satisfied.

The thing is this: our friend, Natalie, had seen cleaner, smoother welds on furniture in the market but, being her unique and creative self (something many of us can relate to), she decided she wanted something custom-made. What she didn’t know was that the process through which those welds were produced, even though it included welding helmets and gloves, didn’t include the regular welding tool. MIG welders are the tools you use to create secure and supple joints that are smooth and have the least amount of distortion. They come in different designs and can be used on an industrial scale and for smaller projects as well; there is a high chance that this was what was used to create the joints on the furniture she saw in the market.

One also has to wonder why Bob’s welds weren’t up to par, especially since it was a paid job – didn’t he know about these MIG babies, and didn’t he think they were worth their hype? MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welders are actually quite easy to use; they’re a type of arc welder that utilizes non-reactive gas, aka inert gas, to melt metal electrodes into the spots that you’re welding. The gas shields the weld from oxidation, giving you cleaner welds. They’ll steadily feed the electrode and melt it, sustaining the pre-set arc length. What’s more, they can be used on a variety of metals and metal thicknesses, which means that whether you’re a pro or an enthusiast, you can use these welders for a wide range of welding projects.

They come in a wide price range, so there is a great-quality MIG welder for just about any budget. They’re faster to work with and the continuous wire feed greatly reduces the need for stopping and restarting, producing a more reliable weld and increasing your productivity. Having said all this, one just has to wonder about Bob and hope that we don’t have to wonder about you too.
When it comes to the all-important issue of price, we advise that you invest in an MIG welder that’ll offer premium performance for a long time so that you don’t end up spending more. The welders we reviewed in this article fall within a $140 - $2250 price range, and if you’re thinking that’s a pretty wide range, we agree with you. There are reasons for that difference and we’ll try to explain them. A major reason for the price difference lies in the features offered by the MIG welders; the more basic the welder, the less expensive it’ll be and vice versa. So, you won’t expect MIG welders that use only flux core wires to sell for as much as those that employ shielding gas, or both options. Whether you’re handling heavy-duty or DIY projects, you shouldn’t expect the best deals from cheap MIG welders, as they may not offer the kind of results you seek.
When you’re shopping for an MIG welder, you should know the kinds of tasks you intend to accomplish with it, as knowing that will enlighten you on what features to look out for. Having said that, here are some important features of an MIG welder:
  • Welding Range
  • Input and Output
  • Size
  • Duty Cycle
  • Warranty
  • Extras
Construction and Design
Choosing an MIG welder without considering its welding range is akin to replacing your favorite drink with your least favorite one; are you going to enjoy it? No. You’ve paid for it? Yes. Trust us, it’s a frustrating situation to be in. The welding range refers to the sizes of metals that the welder can effectively, or is designed to, work on. As you weld, you’re bound to come across metals of varying thicknesses. This isn’t a problem, as you can set the MIG welder to the amount of power needed. However, you should take note of the maximum and minimum ranges so that you don’t overwork the welder, causing damage to it.

When we talk about input and output in MIG welders, we’re referring to the amount of electrical power that is required to run the welders. The typical power requirements for MIG welders are 110V and 220V; you’ll even find units that offer a flexible dual-voltage system. What you should know about this is that the higher the voltage required, the more power the welder will use and, consequently, the thicker the metal sheets that it’ll be able to weld.
Performance and Ease of Use
Duty cycle refers to the length of time within a 10-minute period that your MIG can be operated for, before allowing it some rest. For instance, an MIG with a 3% duty cycle can be run for only 3 minutes out of 10 before it needs to be turned off and allowed some rest. If you’re going to be using one of these for professional, paid projects, you’ll have to look for those with high duty cycles.

Another feature of importance is heat protection. It can work by shutting off the machine if it gets too hot, or by keeping it electrically cold. This is a safety feature that everyone can benefit from, whether you’re a pro or DIY enthusiast.

Take note of the size of the MIG welder before deciding on one. This is because if it’s too large, you might find that it’ll be
somewhat bulky and cumbersome to move around. Depending on where you’d like to set it up and how often you’ll be moving it around, ensure that the weight isn’t a deal or back breaker. A handle is definitely going to make life a lot easier if you’re going to be moving your MIG around.

A warranty is important with products like this, as you’ll want to ensure that what you ordered is what got delivered and that it’s in functional order, as this is no small investment. Check out the warranty that backs the unit you’re interested in so that you can shop with confidence.

Get the Best MIG Welder of 2022!

And there we have them, the best MIG welders on the market from the leading welding product brands. We do hope you’re ready to make your order, enjoy!

Our Top Choice
Hobart Handler® Wire Welder
Best Value
Lincoln Electric Handy MIG Welder
Miller Electric Millermatic MIG Welder
Everlast Power I-MIG Welder
Forney Easy Weld MIG Machine