Best Milkshake Maker – Home, Vintage and Commercial Milkshake Making Machines for Classic Frozen Drinks, Malted Milks and Ice Cream Shakes

It’s not easy, even for the most experienced shoppers, to choose a quality milkshake maker from the hundreds available in the market. To help you pick your preferred milkshake-making machine faster, we’ve searched widely for the best milkshake maker brands in the market and come across five top manufacturers. We also went further and handpicked five milkshake makers from these trusted brands. We hope that you’ll find one on our list that’s relevant to your needs.

When you look at the products we featured, you will notice that 4 of the 5 are commercial, heavy duty milkshake machines. And you may be wondering why. Well, truth be told, if you are going to only be making homemade milkshakes occasionally, you could do it well enough with a high-speed blender, stick blender or smoothie maker. But if you are serious about your milkshakes and malteds, you are going to want the right kind of machine — and the power to do it right!

You will also notice that we only featured single spindle milkshake makers, but many of the brands also make machines for making multiple shakes at one time. However, for those of you who already know that’s what you are looking for, we wanted to go ahead and showcase some of our favorites. This will save you time and let you get right to it!

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Our Top Choice
Oster Chocomilera Commercial 3-in-1 Milkshake Maker
For close to a century now, the Oster brand has graced thousands of kitchen countertops with its stylish and innovative appliances.
Sturdy and stable. Features a sleek design. Easy to operate, clean, and maintain. Comes with a mixing cup.
International buyers may require power inverter to operate it.
Not available
110 watts
Best Value
Waring Single-Spindle Commercial Milkshake Maker
Waring is famed for introducing the first blender to Americans and has held a legacy of creating professional products for the home and businesses for 75 years.
High-performance motor. Durable metal construction. Classy look. Easy to clean.
It makes some noise while mixing and prepares only one cup at a time.
20” x 11” x 7”; 15 Pounds
138 watts
Artemis Mixer Retro Vintage Milkshake Machine
The Artemis Mixer company is renowned world over for high-quality and unique drink mixer designs for both commercial and personal use.
Heavy-duty design. Available in multiple colors. Sleek design. Comes with a cup. Dual-speed design.
Somewhat expensive.
9.7” x 7.1” x 18”; 13.54 pounds
350 watts
Multiple colors
Hamilton Beach Single-Spindle Commercial Milkshake Maker
Hamilton Beach is renowned for quality and versatile home appliances that are stylishly designed to appeal to various customers and surpass their expectations.
Hands-free operation. Durable metallic construction. Easy to clean.
By design, it can’t mix multiple drinks at a go.
6.6” x 19.9” x 6.6”; 14.37 pounds
300 watts
Cuisinart Retro Classic Style Homemade Milkshake Maker
Driven by its goal to help customers “savor the good life,” Cuisinart has excelled in manufacturing innovative culinary appliances for the past 40 years.
Beautiful design. Highly versatile. Comes with a mixing cup.
Its cup-catching mechanism tends to fail.
Home Milkshake Maker
9” x 21.4” x 10.9”; 8.5 pounds
200 watts

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What Is the Best Milkshake Maker Machine? Read Our Milkshake Maker Reviews!

Now that you’ve gone through the important factors to consider when choosing the best milkshake maker, let’s take an in-depth look at the featured products in our review. As you read through, see how each of the highlighted features relates to your needs. It’s our hope that you’ll find one of our featured products suitable for your needs—so let’s go ahead and take a look at our first pick.

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Our Top Choice
The Oster Commercial Milkshake Maker and Fountain Mixer is automatically activated when you slide in its aluminum cup and has two powerful agitators to give an excellent milkshake consistency with each blend. You can also pimp up your milkshake maker with an Oster Milkshake Blade for thicker and fluffier shakes.

Oster Chocomilera Tall Heavy Duty Commercial Milkshake Maker – Restaurant, Bar and Soda Fountain Milk Shake Machine, 2 speeds and Stainless Steel Spindle


When Mr. John Oster tasted success in the professional grooming industry, he decided to expand his manufacturing company to cover small home electrical appliances. This decision saw John Oster Manufacturing Company buy off Stevens Electric (famed for inventing the 1923 liquefier blender) in 1946. Stevens Electric was manufacturing drink mixers that targeted soda fountains and bars. But, John Oster directed his engineers to come up with ways of enhancing them for broad uses. Meanwhile, the Osterizer® Blender hit the markets, rising to become a staple in today’s kitchens. Now a subsidiary of Sunbeam Corporation, the Oster brand has built its name and reputation for providing stylish, powerful, and quality small appliances. Some of these include juice extractors, mixers, toasters, and bread makers.

The Oster Tall Commercial Milkshake Maker and Fountain Mixer is an attractive and classic appliance that takes after the mixers you’d find in soda fountains and bars of the 1950s. Don’t be mistaken though, this milkshake maker is powerful and smart enough to turn on or off when you insert or remove the accompanying polished aluminum cup. In addition to its stable base and auto-shutoff function, it incorporates an arrow support feature to allow you to blend your drinks hands-free. Using this milkshake maker, you can engage in other tasks in peace as you wait for your delicious treat.

Here are additional features that make this milkshake mixer stand out:

  • Has a powerful motor that can withstand heavy daily use.
  • The motor is covered with a chrome-plated metal to enhance its lifespan.
  • Comes with a stainless-steel spindle that doesn’t rust.
  • Can be used to make other shakes, drinks, and desserts.
  • Its polished aluminum cup has measurement slots for your ingredients.
  • The chrome head enables you to assess the batter without the need to remove the glass.
  • Comes with a speed selection lever for easy operation.
  • Easy to clean, thanks to its fine finish
Best Value
The Waring Single-Spindle Drink Mixer offers outstanding features at an affordable price. With a one-peak HP motor, it’s like a workhorse for mixing even frosty, stone-hard ice creams at a super-duper speed. Need a more efficient milkshake maker? Consider the Waring Commercial WDM240 Drink Mixer. It comes in a heavy-duty construction and double-spindle design for simultaneous mixing.

Waring Commercial Heavy Duty Milkshake Machine - Diecast Metal Single Spindle 3 Speed Frozen Drink Mixer


75 years ago, blending in America was messy, ineffective, and simply lacking. Then came Waring, with its idea of making this process manageable for customers. Today, Waring is among the top manufacturers of commercial appliances for foodservice, laboratory, and home industries. You can hardly mention commercial culinary appliances such as heavy-duty deep fryers, grills and griddles, or high-capacity food processors and blenders without this brand popping up. It also has a full line of consumer products of professional quality under its Waring Pro segment, which produces various food-processing appliances such as juice extractors and food slicers, among others.

The Waring Commercial Single Spindle Drink Mixer packs a myriad of features for its market price. With a die-cast metal housing and a high-performance motor, it can withstand daily use even in a café or restaurant setting, where large amounts of shakes are prepared. Its butterfly agitator is handy when dealing with soft ingredients or mixing different types of shakes.

Here are other features that make this milkshake maker stand out:

  • Has a three-speed rocker switch for selecting the speed at which your milkshake prepares.
  • Comes with a pulse switch to control the motor’s speed so you can make your ideal milkshake.
  • Extra cup clearance for convenient sliding of cups into place and removing without tilting
  • Automatic start/stop functionality for continuous and hands-free mixing
  • Comes with a bonus malt beverage cup made of stainless steel.
  • Has user-replaceable motors with thermal protection.
  • Comes with sealed ball bearings that provide long service without the need for replacement.
  • Has a limited one-year warranty.
  • Comes with NSF and cETLus certifications to ensure users’ safety.

By the way, Waring also makes wall mounted commercial milk shake makers too, if that's what you need. 

The Artemis Mixer COLOUR A-2001 comes in a heavy-duty aluminum design with a stainless steel cup and shaft. For those of you looking for a more economical home milk shake maker, check out the Nostalgia Two-Speed Electric Coca-Cola Limited Edition Vintage Milkshake Maker and Drink Mixer.

Artemis Mixer Commercial Milkshake Mixer – Vintage Retro Look, Available in Multiple Colors


The Artemis Mixer company has been in operation for more than 30 years. During this time, the Greece-based company has created innovative drink mixers that have received worldwide recognition. Besides being highly efficient, its milkshake makers are designed to allow you to mix a wide range of drinks with ease. This versatility is unique in that you buy one appliance for many uses, thereby giving you value for money.

The Artemis Mixer COLOUR A-2001 features a dual-speed switch for added mixing flexibility. The switch is also waterproof for assured safety and durability. It comes with a large 30-ounce stainless steel cup that allows you to serve more people at once. This milkshake mixer comes with a heavy-duty motor with noise reduction technology for quiet operation. The motor is also balanced, making it an ideal choice for mixing whipped cream and coffee.

And that’s not all! Here are other features of this drink mixer:

  • Comes with quality paint that’s durable for a glossy look.
  • Has three agitators for added food and drink processing options.
  • CE, EMC and LVD certified for assured user safety
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty a guarantee for quality
The Hamilton Beach Single-Spindle Drink Milkshake Maker comes with a universal motor with sealed ball bearings for reduced friction and vibration. On a tight budget or looking for machine for making milkshakes at home? The Hamilton Beach DrinkMaster Classic Drink Mixer is a best-selling option. This home milkshake maker comes with a detachable spindle for hassle-free cleaning.

Hamilton Beach Single Spindle Commercial Drink Mixer - 3 Speed Milk Shake Machine, Hands Free Operation


Hamilton Beach is wholly owned by Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. It specializes in household appliances, such as juicers, milkshake makers, toasters, blenders, and coffee makers. Its milkshake blenders are strikingly designed and ergonomic for ease of use. Also, the company owns other brands, such as Eclectrics®, Proctor Silex®, and TrueAir®, and prides itself on having attained over 35 million sales in appliances.

The Hamilton Beach Single-Spindle Drink Milkshake Maker features a 3-speed switch and a pulse button that gives full control of the drink mixing process. It comes with unmatched operating flexibility, as you can start it using the up guide mechanism or the pulse switch. Its cup is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and maintenance. This drink mixer features a stability bar that’s fixed on its rear to prevent it from falling when in use.

Here are more features of this milkshake maker:

  • Sealed rear side for assured user security
  • Built to allow the use of various agitators for added mixing options
  • Designed to allow hands-free operation so that you can do other things as your drink mixes
  • Backed by a one-year warranty as an assurance of quality

In case you were wondering, Hamilton Beach also has milkshake machines with mutiple spindles for making more than one drink at a time.

The Cuisinart Retro Classic Drink Mixer/Milkshake Maker comes in highly durable die-cast metal construction for assured long years of service. Want to make your own ice cream for truly homemade shakes? Pick up the Cuisinart Electronic Ice Cream Maker with Countdown Timer.

Cuisinart Classic Drink Mixer Vintage Milkshake Maker - Retro Style Countertop Milkshake Machine for Home Use


Cuisinart continues to shape the American culinary tradition by providing customers with state-of-the-art kitchen appliances and professional-grade cooking tips. Its products range from simple cutlery to advanced baking equipment. The brand prides itself on providing products that are highly functional, durable, and stylishly designed. Its drink mixers, in particular, are praised for their durability and affordable prices.

The Cuisinart CDM-100G Retro Classic Drink Mixer is highly versatile, as it can be used for other functions such as egg beating, crushing ice, and whipping cream. This eliminates the need for other appliances to do these tasks, thereby saving you on cost and kitchen space. Its two-speed design gives you the flexibility of changing the mixing speed depending on what you are blending. This way, you don’t overwork the machine, which means it will give you more years of service. Its feet also come with non-slip rubber fittings for added stability.

Best Milkshake Machine Buying Guide – What to Look for in a Home Milkshake Maker or Commercial Milkshake Machine

On a hot summer day, you’d agree with us that a cold milkshake is refreshing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re out on the town or lazing in the house; a well-done drink will revitalize and cool you. However, mixing a good milkshake starts by getting quality equipment and the right ingredients. For instance, you can make your own ice cream or invest in a quality knife set and cutting board for slicing fruits if you fancy fruity milkshakes. When the time comes for blending your ingredients, you’ll need a milkshake maker that’ll beat them into a smooth and frothy mixture.

Milkshake machines are available in either handheld or freestanding designs. They also come in varying sizes and thus differ in output. Your choice of a milkshake maker will depend on your desired output and your recipe. The good news is that, irrespective of size, quality milkshake machines give you the flexibility of controlling the blending process to give you a better consistency and an even distribution of flavors. Also, because of their fast action, milkshake makers produce chillier drinks. However, countertop blenders are also available if you aren’t shopping strictly for a milkshake maker. So, let’s find out what we need to look for when choosing a milkshake maker.

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How to Make Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry Milkshakes. | Courtesy of Yummy </center

The price of a milkshake maker depends on its type and design. For example, a single-speed drink mixing machine can cost you about $125, while a three-speed commercial milkshake maker with three spindles can cost more than $300. There are also cheaper models in the market, but they’re likely to have weak motors that aren’t efficient. But there’s no cause for alarm, as we haven’t featured such products in our review. It is important to focus on products that meet your needs and are within your budget.


Whether you’re making milkshakes for sale or home consumption, you need a machine that’s efficient and reliable. No one wants to work with equipment that breaks down unexpectedly. It’s thus important to select your milkshake maker carefully to make sure that it meets your drink mixing needs.

Here are the important features to look for in a milkshake machine:

  • Type of Milkshake Maker – Is it handheld, freestanding, or wall mount?
  • Size – What are its dimensions and weight?
  • Speed Variations – How many speeds does it have?
  • Spindles – How many spindles does it have?
  • Power – How much electricity does it consume?
  • Color – How many color variations is the milkshake machine available in?
  • Construction material – What materials are used to make the machine?
  • Accessories – What accessories (i.e. mixing cups) are sold together with the milkshake maker?

These features will help identify a milkshake maker that works for you.

Construction and Design

Different manufacturers use different materials to build their milkshake makers. Some brands use die-cast metal for the body work, while others use durable plastic. However, when it comes to the whisk design, stainless steel is the most common material used.

The overall design of a milkshake machine will depend on its type. For example, the features of a handheld machine are different from those of its freestanding counterpart. While the handheld milkshake machine will feature an ergonomic handle, the freestanding machine is likely to have a tilting spindle head and a large base. In addition, most of these freestanding milkshake machines will have docking stations for mixing cups that are equal to the number of spindles.

At this point, it’s important to note that the mixing cups may or may not come together with the machines. This depends solely on the manufacturer. However, it’s important to confirm the recommended mixing cup size before ordering the machine if it doesn’t come with one.

Milkshake makers are specially designed to run on electric motors that use AC or DC power. The AC-powered machines usually come with extension cords to allow convenient plugging into the power source, while the ones that run on DC use batteries.

The motor used may provide single or multiple speeds. Each speed is meant to cater for a specific work load, and thus, the most versatile machine will feature multiple motor speeds. So, as you choose a milkshake maker, focus on what you want to use it for to help you gauge the expected output.

Video: How to Make the Ultimate Thick, Creamy Milk Shakes

5 Really Thick MilkShakes. | Courtesy of CookingShooking
Performance and Ease of Use

As you shop for a milkshake maker, look for features that make it easy to clean, use, and maintain. For instance, if you decide to buy a handheld machine, consider one with a handle that’s soft and comfortable on hands. On the other hand, freestanding designs with detachable tilting spindles are easy to clean. It’s also important to note that machines with multiple spindles give you the flexibility of serving multiple orders at a go, and are thus the best options for busy businesses.

Milkshake recipes are diverse, and it’s common for people to prefer certain ingredients over others. To help you make a variety of great milkshakes with different ingredients, you’ll need a machine that gives you multiple motor speeds. This is because each speed offers a specific level of smoothness suitable for certain ingredients. Therefore, a milkshake maker with multiple speeds is a good choice for a restaurant or food stand where customers are likely to order drinks that are flavored differently. It is, thus, wise to go for a machine that will give you the flexibility of making milkshakes using various recipes.

Get the Best Milkshake Maker of 2023!

Having gone through our review on the best milkshake makers, it’s our wish that you’ve found one that works for you. If you still wish to see other machines by these trusted brands before making up your mind, follow the links on this review page. You won’t be disappointed!

Our Top Choice
Oster Chocomilera Commercial 3-in-1 Milkshake Maker
Best Value
Waring Single-Spindle Commercial Milkshake Maker
Artemis Mixer Retro Vintage Milkshake Machine
Hamilton Beach Single-Spindle Commercial Milkshake Maker
Cuisinart Retro Classic Style Homemade Milkshake Maker

Milkshake Maker FAQs

What is the best milkshake maker?
The best milkshake maker could be freestanding or handheld, depending on your personal preference. However, the milkshake should be of the quality and size in addition to being easy to use when mixing ingredients to get a better consistency. Importantly, the milkshake maker should be affordable, have several speed settings, and have a sturdy built. It should have accessories such as mixing cups, be electric-powered, and have an appealing color. We have a detailed review of the best milkshake makers. Check it out!
How to use milkshake maker?
To use a milkshake maker, fill the cup with the necessary ingredients. You may need to mix ingredients in the ratio 1 to 2 for milk to ice cream, respectively. After adding sugar and other desired ingredients, tilt the head of the machine back. Then lock the cup into the cup holder and submerge the blade and spindle with ingredients. Start the machine and move the cup up and down to blend the ingredients together. Ensure the blade is submerged throughout the entire process. When you finish blending the ingredients, turn the machine off, remove the cup and pour the drink into a tall glass. Enjoy!
Where can I buy a milkshake maker?
One of the best online retail stores to buy a milkshake maker is Amazon. Apart from unbeatable deals, it has a wide variety of products. If you are looking for a milkshake maker to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.