Best Mini Pool Table Reviews 2023

Having a beautiful pool table in your basement or patio is wonderful, but what if your home is not quite spacious enough to fit one? What if you have to make do with a smaller space but still want to accommodate an entertaining pool table there? In this case, a mini pool table is perfect for you! We have picked five excellent tables from some of the best mini pool table brands out there and analyzed their pros and cons. We present our findings in this detailed review, so keep reading! If you are one of the lucky ones with a large basement, check out our review on standard-size pool tables, maybe you'll find something to fill that space with!
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Our Top Choice
Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table
Hathaway makes a plethora of pool tables and accessories for them. The company also sells air hockey games and foosball tables at affordable prices.
Foldable steel legs. Comes with full accessories and carrying bag. Made from durable materials. Compact and lightweight.
Some tables arrived damaged, but they were quickly replaced afterwards.
6 feet long
Poly-sealed MDF construction
Balls, cues, chalk, bag, etc.
Foldable, made from steel
Best Value
Sunnydaze Décor Mini Tabletop Pool Table
Sunnydaze Décor offers compact and durable mini pool tables, in addition to offering an array of landscaping and patio items.
Compact, small and portable. Fits any interior décor. Comes with all accessories. Made from durable MDF and PVC laminate.
Surface only available in green.
3 feet long
Felt, wood grain finish
Balls, cues, chalk, triangle, etc.
Black, foldable
Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Billiard Table
Mizerak is a brand that specializes in pool tables in many sizes. The company also makes a wide variety of accessories such as ball sets, cues and others.
Durable MDF construction. Eye-catching. Comes with all accessories. Automatic ball return. Has leg levelers.
Aligning the legs correctly might be a bit difficult at first, but make sure you read the instructions manual carefully to avoid such issues.
6.5 feet long
MDF construction
Balls, cues, chalk, triangle, etc.
Black legs with levelers
Playcraft Sport Bank Shot Pool Table
Playcraft Sport makes a wide variety of entertainment options and play tables such as pool, air hockey and foosball tables. Their products are designed to be lightweight and compact.
Available in three colors. Solid MDF construction. All accessories included. Legs are detachable for easy storage.
The quality of the cues is not outstanding but certainly good enough to use.
3.3 feet long
MDF construction
Balls, cues, chalk, triangle, etc.
Three colors available
Trademark Mini Table Top Pool Table
Trademark sells an impressively wide variety of products including pool tables, foosball tables, storage boxes, decorative items, toys and even mosquito repellent.
Compact, lightweight, portable and affordable. Excellent for both kids and adults. Comes with all accessories. Solid construction.
The table, about 20 inches long, might be too small for some people but still playable for others.
1.6 feet long
Felt, wood veneer
Balls, cues, chalk, triangle, etc.
Doesn’t have legs

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What is the Best Mini Pool Table?

It is all about size when it comes to mini pool tables and in this review, we tried to provide you with a variety of options. Keep reading to find out the advantages of our five contenders and see which one fits in your house the best.
Our Top Choice
The Fairmont Portable Pool Table from Hathaway is six feet long and comes with foldable steel legs and a carrying bag with a complete accessory set. If you want a smaller pool table that is just over three feet long, go for the Sharp Shooter Table Top Billiard Table from the same manufacturer.

Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table – 6 Feet Long, Foldable Steel Legs, Accessories and Carrying Bag Included

Hathaway is a brand that specializes in different types of entertainment options, board games and accessories. The company offers a wide range of pool tables in different sizes (including compact, portable ones) at affordable prices as well as specialized lighting, chalk, ball sets, cues and other accessories for your pool table. If you're interested in air hockey, Hathaway also makes air hockey tables.

The Fairmont Portable Pool Table from Hathaway is six feet long and it comes with all the necessary accessories, including a triangle, ball, cues, chalk and even a carrying case. The table is equipped with durable, foldable stainless steel legs and leg stabilizers, so you can place this table on almost any surface and still have a stable pool experience.

The pockets of this table are made from rope and the top rails are made using durable melamine. The rest of the table is made from engineered wood, so this product is designed to handle a lot of wear and tear. The overall weight of the table is just below 200 pounds, making it relatively portable and lightweight compared to other types of pool tables.
Best Value
The Mini Tabletop Pool Table from Sunnydaze is 3 feet long and weighs only 14 pounds, so you can play pool anywhere, even on your patio. If this pool table fits well in your patio, then the 2 Person Hammock from the same brand will also fit excellently! When you're done playing pool, you can enjoy a power nap in the hammock to recover before your next game.

Sunnydaze Décor Mini Tabletop Pool Table – 36 Inches Long, Includes Triangle, Balls, Cues, Chalk and Brush

Sunnydaze Décor is a company that seeks to improve your home’s atmosphere with its lightweight pool tables, landscaping options, and patio accessories. Its range of products includes water features, statues, lighting options, hammocks and many others.

The Mini Tabletop Pool Table from Sunnydaze is three feet long and it comes with a one-year warranty. Because the table weighs just 14 pounds, you can set it up in your basement, living room, patio or anywhere else in your home.

The table’s surface features the classic green felt while the sides incorporate a beautiful wood grain finish. The black legs are foldable for added portability. Along with the table, Sunnydaze includes a complete set of accessories, including cues, a ball set, triangle, chalk and a brush. When it comes to materials, this table is made from a combination of medium-density fiberboard and PVC laminate, so you'll be able to use it for years to come without problems.
The  Dynasty Space Saver Billiard Table from Mizerak is 6.5 feet long and it has built-in leg levelers to create an even playing surface all the times. If you want a larger table, you should go for the Donovan II Billiard Table which is eight feet long and available from the same brand.

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Mini Pool Table – 6.5 Feet Long, Automatic Ball Return, Accessories Included

Mizerak is a brand dedicated to creating some of the most practical and eye-catching pool tables available. The company offers a wide range of pool tables in various sizes and colors, to accommodate the needs of players of all ages. In addition to pool tables, Mizerak also makes cue sets, ball sets, and other accessories for the professional or amateur pool player.

If you want a compact and durable mini pool table, take a look at the Dynasty Space Saver Billiard Table from Mizerak. This model is 6.5 feet long and includes leg levelers to ensure that you are always playing on an even surface, no matter where you place the table.

This Mizerak table includes a full accessory set such as a ball set, chalk, cues, a triangle and a brush, so you don’t have to buy them separately. The table offers automatic ball return, saving you time and making your game more enjoyable. When it comes to aesthetics, you'll be pleasantly surprised to observe that the table, made of medium-density fiberboard, has black corners and other accents while preserving that classical pool table design.
The Sport Bank Shot Pool Table from Playcraft is available in three colors and features a durable MDF construction which can take a lot of wear and tear. This table comes with detachable standard legs, but if you prefer a taller table, you might also need to get the Long Legs Set for Bankshot Pool Table, which are 26 inches tall and available at an affordable price.

Playcraft Sport Bank Shot Pool Table - 40-Inch Long, MDF Construction, Accessories Included, 3 Colors Available

Playcraft Sports makes some of the most entertaining and portable play tables out there, whether you want to play pool, air hockey, or foosball. You can even buy a multi-purpose table from them. On top of that, this brand also makes excellent accessories for pool tables such as ball sets, cues, triangles and other items.

The Playcraft Sport Bank Shot Pool Table is 40 inches long and available in three colors – red, green and blue. It features a solid MDF construction and comes with legs that are easy to detach and reattach. Thanks to its detachable legs, this table is lighter, more compact and easier to store and carry around than others on the market.

This mini pool table can be easily set up in almost any indoor or outdoor setting such as in the living room, basement, patio or even in the attic. It comes with all the accessories, including chalk, cues, a ball set, a triangle and a brush. When you receive the table, all that you have to do is to attach the legs and you're ready to play!
The Mini Table Top Pool Table is around 20 inches long, making it ideal for quick games during coffee breaks. It is perfect for your kids, too! While they play with this mini pool table, you might want to play an exciting adult game and for that we recommend the Shot Roulette Casino Drinking Game! Yes, it is exactly what you think it is!

Trademark Mini Table Top Pool Table with Cues, Triangle and Chalk – 2 Center Compartments, 20 Inches Long

Trademark is a very versatile brand that makes a wide variety of products, including board games and play tables. Apart from mini pool tables, you can also get everything from foosball tables to diamond-studded key chains from Trademark!

The Mini Table Top Pool Table from Trademark is just approximately 20 inches long, but it can provide tons of fun for you and your friends as it comes with all game accessories and can be stored practically everywhere. The table has two center compartments for ball storage. Because the table doesn’t require any assembly, you can play right away as soon as you get the table out of the box!

This mini pool table is suitable for anyone age 14 and up who wants to play pool but faces tight spaces in their house. You can trust this table’s construction of solid medium-density fiberboard. The table is designed to be used for years, so don’t hesitate to play as hard as you want!

How Do I Choose the Best Mini Pool Table?

Pool is a quite popular sport played by people of all ages. It’s one of those games that it is easy to learn, but hard to master. If you are serious about your pool skills and want to show your friends who's boss when it comes to pool games, you might need to start practice in the comfort of your own home. Regular training sessions will make you a specialist and for that, all that you need is a pool table, a set of pool balls and several pool cues.

Getting the cues and pool balls is not tricky, but what if you live in a small house without the space for a proper pool table? This doesn’t mean you should quit your hobby or only play in bars. You might want to invest in a high-quality mini pool table. You can think of such items as a miniature tables which can still be used to play pool and enjoy the experience.

We have created this guide to help you buy a suitable mini pool table. It is not that hard, but you also need to keep in mind a few things, besides your budget. Keep reading and find out the do's and don’ts when it comes to mini pool tables.
When it comes to mini pool tables, the price range can start around 25 dollars and go up to 400 or 500 dollars for some really high-end models. Now don’t get discouraged; you don’t have to go for those expensive ones if you don’t want to. Most tables within this price range are excellent for daily fun in the company of your friends. The higher-end models are usually embellished with some bells and whistles that other tables leave out, explaining their higher price.

However, make sure you avoid excessively cheap mini pool tables at all costs. For example, paying 20 dollars or less for a mini pool table might feel like the bargain of the century, but you might regret your decision soon because such products are made from poor-quality materials without all the accessories included.
Let's keep the momentum going and continue with several important properties you should keep an eye out for when shopping for your mini pool table.
  • Size – since you are going for a mini pool table, its size is paramount, so that you know where you can fit it. Most mini pool tables are usually three to six feet long, but of course you might find some exceptions
  • Accessories – you need to go for a table which has all the playing accessories included such as cues, a triangle, a ball set, a brush and chalk. In some cases, you'll even receive a carrying bag, helpful for transporting the table around
  • Materials – this aspect will be covered in greater detail in the next section, but for now you must know that high-quality tables are made from medium-density fiberboard, often abbreviated as MDF
  • Color –you or your kids might have preferences when it comes to the color of your table’s surface
You should take a good look around your place and decide where you want the table – whether that’s in the basement, garage, patio, living room, attic or even kitchen. Afterwards, we would set up a budget, take measurements and go for a table which fits those measurements. Remember that you also need some space around the table for moving around.
Construction and Design
Earlier on we mentioned medium-density fiberboard (MDF). We are happy to report that most mini pool tables are made of MDF, because this material is durable and can take a lot of wear and tear. Some tables might also incorporate chromed accents around corners (this might increase the price of the table) and the pockets are usually made from different types of durable rope.

Although mini pool tables are designed to be compact and lightweight (some of them weigh in at about 15 pounds), they still preserve the classic feel of a regular pool table. So, you should expect to see a wide variety of wood grain finishes on the mini pool tables you review.

We want to mention here that most tables have a green surface, but you might also find the felt in red or blue. This doesn’t compromise your experience; in fact, these colors would make your pool table unique! Some mini pool tables come with foldable or detachable legs, so decide which features are most important to you before you make your purchase.
Performance and Ease of Use
Even though their construction is durable, most of today's mini pool tables also come with warranties of a year. This will cover for any deteriorations or defects that might occur. If you are wondering about maintenance, there is little to no need for it. You might need to use a damp cloth to wipe dust off your table, focusing on the chrome areas to restore their natural shine – but ideally you’ll play regularly so dust won’t accumulate anyway. That's it!

Get the Best Mini Pool Table of 2023!

There is no need to quit playing pool just because you don’t have space for a proper pool table in your house. Have you ever seen Ronnie O’Sullivan or other pool greats play? A mini pool table will help you or your kids replicate some of their tricks or at least try to pull those off! Get yours now and start practicing today.

Our Top Choice
Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table
Best Value
Sunnydaze Décor Mini Tabletop Pool Table
Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Billiard Table
Playcraft Sport Bank Shot Pool Table
Trademark Mini Table Top Pool Table