Best Mini Sewing Machine – Easy to Use Portable and Handheld Sewing Machines for Home and Travel

Whether you’re a beginner, an infrequent sewing hobbyist or a crafting child, a mini sewing machine is the best tool to have around. We understand the challenges associated with searching through the various portable sewing machines in the market and choosing one which is ideal for you, and that’s why we have prepared this review and guide after researching some of the best mini sewing machine brands out there. Please note that there are other great models offered by these selected brands, so feel free to check them out. We've even included links to their complete lines to make it easy for you.

Before we get to our featured products, we want to point out that all the home sewing machines we reviewed are portable tabletop models. While they are lightweight and easy to move around, sometimes you want something even easier to take on the go. That’s where a mini handheld sewing machine comes to the rescue. If this is what you are looking for, we went ahead and researched some of those. Take a look!

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Our Top Choice
Brother Free-Arm Mini Sewing Machine
Brother International is a leading brand in the manufacture of electronics for both office and home use. Its products are designed to meet and exceed expectations.
25 stitch patterns to select from. Auto threading and thread cutter with drop-in bobbin loader. Free arm design. Electronically operated with foot pedal option.
Accessing the inner numbered stitches may be a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes pretty straightforward.
12.3 x 7.7 x 9.6 inches
11 lbs
120V AC
Best Value
Singer Stitch Sew Quick 2 Mini Sewing Machine
Singer is a brand synonymous with quality in sewing. It boasts of being the oldest brand associated with sewing globally, and dates as far back as 1851.
Handheld or tabletop design. Simply designed for amateur use. Auto bobbin winding, double speed and double threaded. Affordable and efficient.
Power switch is positioned awkwardly and needs a little bit of maneuvering so it doesn’t interfere with operation.
Tabletop & Handheld
3.5 x 8.5 x 7 inches
1.2 lbs
4AA batteries
Janome Portable Mini Sewing Machine
At Janome, it’s all about fusing the latest cutting edge technology with sewing devices to improve the sewing experience with technologically advanced products.
5-stitch selector. Higher than usual presser foot lift. Sleek, sturdy and lightweight. Top-loading bobbin design with pull-push winder.
Only one sewing speed.
10.5 x 9 x 5.8 inches
5 lbs
120V AC
Newrara Electronic Mini Sewing Machine
Ukicra was founded in 1995 and has since been growing from strength to strength in the consumer electronics industry.
5 different stitches. Free arm design. Adjustable thread width. Single and double thread design. Auto thread rewinder. Reverse and forward sewing.
Manual threading only.
9.4 x 4.5 x 8.1 inches
3.4 lbs
4AA batteries
Varmax Mini Sewing Machine KIt
Michley is dedicated to building products that are guaranteed to serve its customers well and make their lives easier and better.
Dual speed selector. Double thread design for clean stitches. Magnetic bobbin system. Dual power system. Foot or hand pedal options.
No reverse threading.
7.5 x 4 x 7.8 inches
1.4 lbs
4AA batteries

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What is the Best Home Mini Sewing Machine? Read our Reviews to Find the Right One!

The best mini sewing machine for you might not be the best for another. With the information we have gathered above, it is safe to say that you now know what you need. Here are our top 5 picks for you to make your choice.

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Our Top Choice
The Brother Free-Arm Mini Sewing Machine is portable and sports 25 built-in stitch patterns to make your stitching job even more easier and enjoyable. Looking for a lightweight portable sewing machine that has 60 built in stitches? Then the Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine is definitely worth checking out.

Brother 25-Stitch Free-Arm Mini Sewing Machine – Also Available with a Carrying Case


Brother leads in the manufacture of electronic goods for both office and home use. Its top notch products are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of its customers, thus providing unparalleled and innovative solutions to work and living. It’s a globally recognized brand with operations in various countries and its products are back-to-back award winners, thus reinforcing its leadership role in the industry. It features a wide range of industrial and consumer products such as its trademark Multi-Function Center, assorted types of printers, innovative and patented P-Touch electronics labeler, commercial and personal sewing machines and several other useful tools.

The Brother Free-Arm Mini Sewing Machine is a sleek and multifunctional sewing machine designed for efficiency and portability. Its features are meant for both beginner and expert users as they’re easy to understand. It’s designed to simplify the art of sewing while giving you advanced sewing options for a professional finish. Using this sewing machine allows you enjoy the fun side of sewing, make excellent clothes with little or no stress and access different beautifying stitches and embroidery programs all on the same machine.

Here’s a list of the other interesting features of this sewing machine:

  • It’s efficient, functional and portable, hence you can take it wherever and make your dress on the go
  • It features about 25 built-in stitch patterns and each has multiple functions, bringing a wide array of stitches at your disposal which you can access with just a turn of the dial
  • Takes the hassle out of needle threading with its automatic needle threader, thread cutter, easy-peasy drop-in top bobbin loader and automatic high speed bobbin winding
  • The free arm has a small built-in accessory storage unit that is convenient for safe and easy-reach storage of your sewing accessories
  • Single step, one-size auto-buttonholer that lets you easily punch in buttonholes and the included button fitting foot for quick fixing of the buttons
  • The free arm is perfect for sewing sleeves, cuffs and other small cylinder-shaped patterns
  • It can be electronically operated with the included power adapter and cord or manually operated with the foot pedal
  • Another special feature is the attached light-bulb which adequately illuminates your work space for more precise and accurate stitching
  • Comes with 11 extra accessories to make your home sewing projects more enjoyable, and a 25-year limited product warranty from the manufacturer
Best Value
The Singer Stitch Sew Quick 2 is ergonomically designed, compact and perfect for beginners. For a more advanced, lightweight home sewing machine, look at the SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Easy Sewing Machine. It is packed with features and comes with bonus accessories too.

Singer Stitch Sew Quick 2 White Mini Sewing Machine


When you think about sewing, the first name that comes to mind is Singer. It boasts of being the oldest brand synonymous with sewing globally, and dates as far back as 1851. Its products are evergreen, and made from the highest quality materials guaranteed to perform exceptionally and last for as long as you wish. It has always been at the forefront of innovative designs and manufacture of leading products in the industry, and has proudly celebrated several firsts in the field such as the first ever zig-zag machine, the world’s most advanced embroidery machines, and the first electronic sewing machine among others. Its tradition of creative design and innovation that was the bedrock of its inception is still alive in every product manufactured from its stables.

Meet the ergonomically designed Singer Stitch Sew Quick 2, where function fuses seamlessly with class to deliver the best performance with elegance and speed. It’s compact, easy to use, fast, reliable and lightweight, so you can carry out your sewing projects conveniently. It’s a great learning tool for beginners with its preset modes and operation.

Listed below are some of its most interesting features:

  • An exceptionally portable, hand held gadget with rubber bearings beneath in case you want to use it on a table or countertop
  • It’s battery operated, requiring 4 AA batteries which you can easily get from stores around you
  • It comes with auto bobbin winding, double speed and dual stitch thread for fast and seamless sewing and eliminating the hassles of trying to manually feed in your bobbin and threading your needle
  • Its shell is made of high impact durable plastic that can withstand falls and a few knocks
  • A simplistic design that is easy to use for beginners, but also enough features to be useful for a professional
  • Comes with an instruction manual for easy use
  • Its amazing price means virtually everyone can own a portable sewing machine for quickly taking care of urgent and outdoor jobs that you may not be able to lug your main sewing machine out for
The Janome Mini Sewing Machine has a high-end, sleek design and comes in 3 lovely colors. And what's even better is that comes with tutorials and beginner accessories. If you’re looking for a sewing machine that's more advanced but still easy to use, check out the Janome 7330 Magnolia Computerized Sewing Machine with 30 Built-In Stitches.

Janome Easy to Use Mini Sewing Machine - Portable, Compact Sewing Machine Perfect for Beginners


At Janome, it’s all about incorporating the latest high-end technology into your crafts room to improve the sewing experience. This brand has products that are more technologically advanced than its peers in the industry, thus making them unique and one step ahead of their competition. It’s no wonder that they have achieved several landmark and groundbreaking milestones in the industry, such as the first computerized sewing machine in 1979 for domestic use and the first quilting machine with a long arm in 2003. Its latest wave-making gadget is the pioneer wireless sewing machine that has the capacity to wirelessly hook up to your PC, iPhone or iPad. All these innovations are geared towards simplifying the art of sewing and giving life to the imaginative side of the tailor when it comes to styling and embroidering.

The Janome SewMini Sewing Machine is an amazing machine with all the panache and flair of a full-fledged sewing machine, but in a smaller version. Its sturdy design and numerous functionalities makes it a favorite among do-it-yourselfers who are given to making their own clothes or just mending a few tears here and there. It has a sleek design that belies its great performing ability, and it doesn’t cost as much as other products in the same high-end category are wont to cost.

Here are some of its distinguishing features:

  • 5 different built-in stitch patterns and lengths that you get to choose from with just the turn of a dial, including 3 different stitch widths
  • It’s designed and modeled after its larger cousins under the same manufacturing conditions, hence it has all the qualities for which the maxi Janome machines are known for
  • Built for the expert but also great for the upcoming enthusiast who wishes to take their sewing abilities to a greater level
  • Strong and sturdy design, doesn’t in any way look or feel flimsy
  • The bobbin has a top loading design and a push-pull winder, including a reliable 4-piece feed dog and manual control of thread tension for greater precision
  • This exceptional machine comes in three lovely colors that you can choose from: beachcomber, honeycomb and merlot
  • In spite of its sturdy design, this machine weighs just a mere 5 pounds which means you can take your favorite sewing machine along with you everywhere you go
  • Its presser foot lift is several inches higher than other mini sewing machines in the market
The Ukicra Miniature Sewing Machine is portable and comes with an incredible 5-stitch selector dial, making it an efficient tool for all your sewing needs. Just need a simple portable machine for repairs on the go? Then take a look at the SLEPPGO Cordless Mini Handheld Sewing Machine.

Ukicra Newrara Electronic 2-Speed Mini Sewing Machine - Easy-To-Use Features for Beginners


Foshan Ukicra Electric Company, Ltd was founded in 1995. Its goal is the research, innovation and development of competitive styles, performance and image in the industry through the manufacture of top quality products that’ll stand the test of time. Its main products include water-soluble PVA films, mini compressors, simple sewing machines and advanced sewing machines with multiple functions. Each of its product categories has a style that stands out from the crowd, making it the most sought-after in its class. Satisfying its numerous customers round the globe is the focal point of its research and development unit, which it achieves with products that are problem-solving oriented.

The Ukicra Miniature C Sewing Machine is an extremely portable and efficient device that is designed for use by amateur tailors or for home use to quickly mend and adjust loose ends in any piece of clothing. It’s quite compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to move from place to place so you can always get your sewing done whenever you need to.

Here’s a list of additional features that you might find interesting:

  • It comes with an easy turn dial for choosing from the 5 built-in stitch types and patterns to suit whatever type of design you’re sewing
  • An adjustable thread width gives you additional leeway to fully unleash and exploit your imagination
  • Its free arm design lets you comfortably sew any cylindrical object like cuffs, small baby’s pant legs and others
  • Single and double needle design so you can use whichever best suits your needs, including an automatic thread rewinder
  • It features super-fast double speed sewing with reverse and forward sewing modes
  • For versatility, this product features a dual power supply, allowing either a direct electric power supply or battery-operated mode utilizing 4 AA-sized batteries
  • Its built-in LED light provides adequate illumination over your work area to reduce strain on the eyes
This portable mini sewing machine is affordable, efficient and easy to use, thanks to its magnetic bobbin system. New to sewing and need supplies? The ARTIKA Premium Sewing Kit has everything you need to get started on your sewing journey. It also makes a great travel sewing kit.

Varmax Portable Sewing Machine with Sewing Kit - Easy Sewing Machine for Beginners or Simple Sewing Projects


Michley is dedicated to building products that are guaranteed to serve its customers well and make their lives easier and better. Established in 2005 in Silicon Valley, USA, it has developed within a short span into a major consumer electronics manufacturer and marketer in the States. Its products range from small to large, and can be found in retail stores across the country under several brand names like Tivax, MiTraveler, and Lil Sew & Sew. Its customer service team is top notch and personable, always ready to listen and proffer expert advice and solutions and also follow up customers that already bought any item to ensure total customer satisfaction.

The Michley Lil' Sew & Sew Mini Sewing Machine is an easy-to-use piece of equipment that can sew anything from silk material to denim with ease. It’s sturdily built for durable use and extremely lightweight, weighing just 1.4 pounds, ready to go with you wherever you’re heading to. It’s designed for both the amateur and expert seamstress for home use, and can also be used to teach kids how to sew. It’s pocket friendly, and you might get more value from this little machine than you’ll ever get from other pricier options.

Some of its unique features include:

  • A two-speed selector so you can choose the appropriate speed to suit your material or skill
  • It’s double threaded and makes a perfect lockstitch that is tight and long lasting
  • The bobbin loader is a top drop-in design with a stress-free and efficient automatic winder. The bobbin system is fully magnetic, which is designed to hold the bobbin firmly in place
  • Comes with a foot pedal to start it but you can also use a hand pedal, whichever one that is most convenient for you
  • It has a dual power system, using either the direct electric supply with the included power adapter or it can be battery operated with 4 AA-sized batteries which you can easily get in stores around you
  • As a bonus, you’ll be getting electric scissors and a pack of colored threads that you’ll love in the package
  • It has varying knob colors so you can choose the color that suits you
  • The machine comes with an instruction manual, thread bag, foot pedal and a power adapter

Best Easy Mini Sewing Machine Buying Guide - How to Pick a Handheld Sewing Machine for your Home DIY Crafts

Most people want to learn how to sew but are not comfortable enough to purchase a full-size sewing machine, either because they need to learn first or because of the price. Others need to get a sewing tool for their kids to use in learning how to sew or for their craft works. What better tool to buy other than a mini sewing machine? A mini sewing machine is lightweight, portable and less expensive than a regular sewing machine. It is also easy for a beginner to master and learn with it, and it is perfect for smaller and simpler tasks. It is convenient to carry around when traveling for events or to sewing classes.

Mini sewing machines come in two different types:

  • Tabletop: These are made to look almost like the full-size ones and operate similarly, only they are smaller and simpler. You need to place them on a solid, flat surface such as a craft table before using them. They operate by using a pedal or a knob attached to the machine, and are considerably cheaper and more portable than full-size machines.
  • Handheld: As the name implies, these are small and can be operated with one hand. They are ideal for travel and for people who do not sew often. To operate it, you hold it and feed your material or cloth along the stitch-line in the other hand. A knob located on the machine moves the needle when pressed. These are mostly battery operated, and are ideal for beginners doing minor craft work.

Some mini sewing machines come with certain accessories such as thread, scissors, tape measurers, and pin cushions, which you can add to your sewing basket. These will make your crafting a cinch.

Keep reading if you want to discover some of the features and factors to consider when choosing your ideal mini sewing machine


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10 Sewing Projects for any Skill Level. | Courtesy of HGTV Handmade

Mini sewing machines come in different types with differing features, and these are some factors that affect their prices. For instance, a manual mini sewing machine will not have the same price as an electric type, same as how a mini sewing machine with nine stitches may not cost the same as one with four stitches. Other factors that affect the prices are brand and country of manufacture.

We understand that there may be confusion as to what price is ideal for a mini sewing machine, and to that, our response is: “it depends.” We have conducted extensive research and found out that the prices for good mini sewing machine ranges from $30 to $95. The price that is right for you is dependent on your sewing expectations. During the research, we saw some cheap mini sewing machines that were of a lower price than the range mentioned above, but we ignored them because we could not trust their durability and instead stuck with those that present good value for your money. So, rest assured that the sewing machines included in our review are those that you can trust.


Most times, the first features that strike a purchaser of a mini sewing machine are color and price, because if the color of the sewing machine does not appeal to you, the price might. However, these are not the only features that are to be considered when choosing the right mini sewing machine for you. Other features to be considered are:

  • Type
  • Stitches
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Accessories
  • Size and weight
  • Noise level
  • Ease of operation

This is a concise list to help you understand what to look out for when choosing your ideal mini sewing machine. Read on to further understand what implications these features have on the sewing machines.

Construction and Design

Before making your final choice for a mini sewing machine, your workspace should be considered as it will determine the type you will choose. If you have a flat surface where you can place your machine while in use, then it is okay to get a tabletop type, but if you have limited space for your work, you better stick to a handheld type. However, the volume of work you are to do will also determine the type of mini sewing machine you should choose. Doing a large volume of work with a handheld mini sewing machine will be not only tedious and near impossible, but also harmful to your health due to the risk of carpal tunnel.

Your sewing expectations come into play when considering which power source your mini sewing machine should have. If you work outdoors, a battery powered type is the better option for you since you would not need to bother about a power outlet while working. Some mini sewing machines come with both battery and plug-in options, which make them more convenient. If you are choosing a battery-powered type, also consider the number of batteries to be used and duration of the battery to know whether it is cost effective for you.

A number of sewing machines are sold with accessories to help cut cost for the buyer. Some accessories that often come with mini sewing machines include thread, tape measurers, pin cushions, thimbles, scissors, needles and threaders. When choosing your mini sewing machine, look for information on available accessories.

Since you are looking out for a mini sewing machine, it is imperative that it is portable enough for you to move around, especially if you are getting it for a child. Here is where the size and weight of the sewing machine come into play; anything weighing more than 15 pounds is no longer a portable mini sewing machine. Look out for the size and weight of the mini sewing machine you are choosing.

The best mini sewing machine for you is that which allows you to work with ease with little or no complicated guidelines. If you are not as techy as your next-door neighbor, it would be counterproductive to choose a mini sewing machine with complicated buttons and programs. Go for a mini sewing machine that is simple enough to meet your sewing expectations.

Video: How to Operate a Mini Sewing Machine

How to Use a Sewing Machine. | Courtesy of EDZ
Performance and Ease of Use

No one knows your sewing needs better than you. There are as many mini sewing machines and different stitches as there are people out there, so you are sure to find one that suits you and your projects. Always check that your mini sewing machine of choice has the stitches you need available, so that you will not be purchasing a tool that will not be used maximally.

You need to know at what speed your mini sewing machine operates and if the speed is adjustable. This information will help you determine if you can use it. Some sewing machines have adjustable speed settings, which means that you can adjust the speed at which your fabric is being fed into the machine while sewing, but with others, you may have to stop at intervals and feed your fabric. Whichever option works better for you will influence your decision on the mini sewing machine to purchase.

You can find information on the noise level of your machine from the packaging. You do not want to buy a sewing machine that will keep the neighbors awake or not allow the little ones sleep while you are using it. So, depending on where and when you will be using your sewing machine, the noise level should be a point to consider.

Get the Best Mini Sewing Machine of 2023!

Did you find your ideal mini sewing machine? We trust that the information provided above is sufficient to guide you in making your purchase decision. All that is required of you now is to select the best mini sewing machine for you and make your purchase.

Our Top Choice
Brother Free-Arm Mini Sewing Machine
Best Value
Singer Stitch Sew Quick 2 Mini Sewing Machine
Janome Portable Mini Sewing Machine
Newrara Electronic Mini Sewing Machine
Varmax Mini Sewing Machine KIt