Best MMA Shin Guard Reviews 2022

MMA, which stands for mixed martial arts, is becoming more popular and with the love of this sport increasing by the day, the value of MMA shin guards soar alongside. Because of this, we have researched on different manufacturers of these shin guards and have narrowed the choices down to 5 top brands that make some the best MMA shin guards. From the 5 chosen brands, we have carefully selected one product to showcase. But feel free to check out the other MMA shin guards from these brands in order to have more options.
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Our Top Choice
Hayabusa Grappling MMA Shin Guards
Hayabusa Fightwear Inc. is a force to reckon with in creating and developing equipment and wearables for combative sports credited to a foundation of consistency and quality service.
Adequate padding to cushion impact. Soft and balanced instep straps. Easy to put on. Doesn’t slip off accidentally.
The stitching may loosen easily.
S, M, L, XL
Vylar-2 leather
Shin and foot padding
Best Value
Everlast Prime MMA Shin Guards
From 1910 till now, the Everlast brand has been churning out safe and durable sporting and combat sports equipment, fueled by passion, quality and the trust of its customers.
Absorbs impact maximally with ISOPLATE foam. Comfortable. Balanced instep straps for steady guards and sweat absorption.
No other size options available.
One size fits most
Hook and loop
Center of shin padding
Combat Sports MMA Training Shin Guards
As a pioneer in the field of combat sports equipment production, Combat Sports International has come a long way in maintaining a standard of quality, durability and comfort.
Fits snugly. Protects length of shin bone. Durable leather surface. Comfortable neoprene sleeves. Extra padding.
The neoprene straps may cut off circulation a bit.
Large, regular
Shin bone gel shock padding
Revgear Grappling Shin Guard
Revgear was founded out of a deep desire to make safe and reliable sporting and combat gear. It has fulfilled that promise with over 20 years of quality service to boast of.
100% Leather. Lightweight neoprene. Comfortable snug fit. Easy to put on. Stays in place.
Taking them off after a workout may be a little difficult.
XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Hook and loop
Shin and instep padding
ProForce Combination Cloth Shin Guards
For 45 years, Pro Force has consistently manufactured reliable and exciting products in the field of martial arts, which never disappoints its numerous customers.
Easy to wash and remove foul smell or stain. Can be dyed if you want it in a different color. Protects impact areas in combat, like the instep.
The strap underneath your feet may pinch your soles uncomfortably.
Child-M & L, S, M, L, XL
Elastic cloth
Black or white
Shin and instep padding

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What is the Best MMA Shin Guard?

Deciding on the best MMA shin guards to buy can be a bit of a challenge, especially as there are lots of really eye-catching and durable ones available. But there are factors to consider first before choosing one and having read our buying guide, we believe you are now better equipped to make the right choice. Take a look at our reviewed products and pick the MMA shin guard most suited to your taste and needs.
Our Top Choice
The Hayabusa Grappling MMA Shin Guards are made to last for a pretty long time. Made with Vylar-2 engineered leather, they are extra fortified to ensure resilience and maximum comfort. They also won’t crack as they age. In the event you want to spend less but get just about the same satisfaction, please check out the Hayabusa Tokushu Grappling Shin Guards.

Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Black/Grey Grappling MMA Shin Guards – Available in 4 Sizes

Hayabusa Fightwear Inc. is a force to reckon with when it comes to creating and developing equipment and wearables for combative sports. Basing its strength on a foundation of safety, durability and quality service, Hayabusa has risen over the years to prove that nothing good comes easy but that consistency pays. It focuses its considerable experience on the production of carefully designed sporting items that aim to give the utmost satisfaction as well as serve their practical purpose. Hayabusa does not just stop at manufacturing; it goes ahead to generate new ways to keep improving on its existing products in order to match the fast-moving trends in sports. There’s no worry or fear in trusting Hayabusa to provide you with the topmost quality of fighting gear and wear.

The Hayabusa Grappling MMA Shin Guards are made to last for a pretty long time. They are made from Vylar-2 engineered leather, which ensures maximum comfort, together with resilience. The leather wouldn’t crack as it ages. It stays the same, only getting more comfortable as your legs get used to the shin guards. The guards also come with a sweat-absorbent inner lining that makes a great feature, considering the intensity of the sport. As an MMA combatant, there are some areas of comfort and safety that are non-negotiable. Sweat can easily make you lose traction if it isn’t properly mopped off somehow. These shin guards have got you covered in this area as you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your foothold while grappling. The sweat is licked off as it comes through your pores without you even knowing. Fantastic, right?

Just wait till you see other packages that come with this sweet deal:
  • Easy to put on – but this doesn’t mean they slip easily. They latch on tight enough not to shift during training or combat but stay loose enough to allow comfortable movement.
  • Adequate padding – which is the dream of every combatant. Thick enough to protect but light enough not to be cumbersome.
  • Almost weightless – you wouldn’t believe you have shin guards on. Made with the best materials, they still remain amazingly light.
  • Fit for use during both practice and actual combat – so you don’t have to spend more than is necessary on shin guards. Remember that there are no worries about durability because they are built to last for a long time.
  • Soft and balanced instep straps – just in case you sweat under your feet. Beyond absorbing sweat, these straps don’t take away your balance. They are soft enough to go unnoticed.
Best Value
The Everlast Prime MMA Shin Guards come in a fashion that makes them ‘one-size-fits-most-people’. This means that they are adjustable to fit almost every body type, making them easy to wear without much hassles. If you are particular about color, you can try out a different one with the Everlast Black New Mixed Martial Arts Shin Guards.

Everlast Prime Grey MMA Shin Guards – One Size Fits Most

The year 1910 was when the Everlast brand came into existence, following an avid swimmer’s discontent with the below-standard sportswear that was available then. This discontent fueled a burning passion to produce better sporting and combat sport equipment. No company can exist this long in an industry as competitive as the sporting wear and gear industry, and be all about media hype. It is well-renowned for its manufacture of world-class fighting gear and other sporting equipment. Its products have stood the test of time comfortably and are used by champions all over the globe. Therefore, rest assured that your time, energy, trust, comfort, safety and money are in good hands. Everlast is the name to trust.

The Everlast Prime MMA Shin Guards come in a fashion that makes them ‘one-size-fits-most-people’ (keyword here is most). This means that, even though you don’t have worry too much about fitting, you have to remember that their ability to be adjusted to fit is not infinite. This also practically takes away the hassle of trying on too many shin guards in a bid to find a good fit. However, whatever your body type is, you would find that these shin guards are able to give you the much-needed protection without taking away from your balance and comfort. More than these, you also find that you can use these shin guards for other sports like kickboxing. Not only is it versatile in fitting, but also in usage.

Here are more reasons why this is a great option:
  • Built with ISOPLATE foam – which makes it easy for them to maximally absorb impact. This foam gives the guards double reinforcement to protect the fragile shin bones.
  • Comfortable – and not difficult to move with. You wouldn’t feel as if you have extra weight on some part of you as to inhibit your best output.
  • Balanced instep straps – both for anchor and for sweat absorption. You wouldn’t want to trade either of these for anything else in a sport as complex as MMA.
The Combat Sports Training Shin Guards are fashioned to absorb the greatest impact without getting through to cause you pain. Also, the leather cover is soft on your skin but strong enough not to crack under pressure. If you’d rather have an assortment of sizes, check out Combat Sports Kickboxing Sparring Shin Guards.

Combat Sports Gel Shock MMA Training Shin Guards – Available in 2 Sizes

As a pioneer in the field of combat sports equipment production, Combat Sports International has come a long way in maintaining a standard that is not easy to beat. Because it focuses on one field of production, its years of experience and expertise guarantee that whatever product you get is top quality. Its brand name represents quality, durability, class, and customer satisfaction. Bear in mind that Combat Sports doesn’t rely on past years of glory; it always finds innovative ways to keep setting the pace in providing maximum satisfaction because, you see, there are some things even money can’t buy.

The Combat Sports Training Shin Guards are built to withstand even the most intense training or combat. There have been cases in the past where injuries have occurred even with the presence of shin guards (not from this brand). The point is that these ones don’t disappoint because they are fashioned to absorb the greatest impact without getting through to cause you pain or injury. You don’t have to worry about your precious shin guards giving way in the middle of serious business. You also don’t have to worry about discomfort or bruising because the leather cover is soft enough to suit your skin but strong enough to hold out bravely in combat (it doesn’t scare easily).

And here are more:
  • Extra padding – for the best protection. The gel shock offers extra layer of protection which makes you doubly sure of not feeling any pain from impact, completely cocooning your legs.
  • Snug fit – giving no space for uncomfortable movements. During training or actual combat, there’s no fear of having to keep adjusting your shin guards due to some form of looseness. They fit perfectly without pinching your skin and they don’t hamper your movements, too.
  • Protects the entirety of your shin bones – and most of your feet, leaving nothing to chance. The double padding reaches all these areas in order to get the best output. It doesn’t get better than this.
  • Neoprene sleeves give perfect anchor – so your shin guards stay in place while you train or fight.
The Revgear Grappling Shin Guards are built to fit like a glove so you don’t have to constantly push them back into place, reducing your finesse and focus. They stay in place, unmoving, no matter the pressure on them. Need better cover for your instep and toes? Go ahead and check out Revgear Defender Shin Guard.

Revgear Grappling Slip On Style Shin Guard – Available in 6 Sizes

A lot of truly top quality products in the market were born out of a need to phase out below-standard products which prey on the needs of consumers and the lack of genuine competition. Revgear is no different. Founded out of a deep and pure desire to put a brand on the market which produces safe, reliable and durable sporting and combat gear, Revgear has succeeded in doing just that, with over 20 years of quality service which isn’t about to diminish any time soon. Not only does it cater to the needs of the professional fighter, it also looks to provide combat gears and wears for the beginner and amateur ones. There is hardly any force as formidable as the combination of knowledge, passion and expertise and Revgear has it. What you get out of these leaves you satisfied and wanting more. Rest assured you are not entrusting your safety and victory to the wrong hands.

The Revgear Grappling Shin Guards are built to fit like a glove. You don’t discover, halfway through intense combat, that your shins are exposed because the guards have shifted to the sides or entirely to the back. They stay in place, no matter the pressure on them and this feature is supported by the quality hooks and neoprene sleeves attached at the back to eliminate accidental slipping. No need to constantly reach down and adjust your shin guards, causing you unnecessary distractions and taking away from your focus.

The following features also add to the awesomeness of these shin guards:
  • Space for air – so your legs don’t feel trapped, even though they fit so snugly. When your legs start to sweat and causes discomfort, there’s adequate provision for them to cool off without having to take off the guards completely.
  • Easy to put on – eliminating the usual struggle that comes with most shin guards. Just slip them on and you are ready to win.
  • Lightweight – enough to do their job but not impede your movements. You hardly remember that you have anything else on.
  • Comes in different sizes – to meet the needs of everyone, no matter your body type. There are large, medium and small sizes so you don’t have to abandon your preferred choice of shin guards just because of size. It’s got you covered in this area.
The Pro Force Cloth Shin Guard is amazing because of its ability to be worn on bruised legs. The risk of getting bruised brings up the need for a shin guard that both protects and soothes. This product solves that need. If what you need is a smaller fit? Then check out the Pro Force Shin Guard, Medium.

ProForce Combination Cloth Shin / Instep Guards – Available in 2 Colors & 6 Sizes

Pro Force is a tested and trusted brand in the field of martial arts all around the world. For 45 years, it has consistently manufactured products which are yet to disappoint its numerous customers. The technicalities and complexities of combat sports have kept changing but Pro Force has remained undaunted, matching them step by step. This is why in training and actual combat, this brand has remained one of the most trusted to provide quality, reliable, great and exciting equipment to suit whatever area of combat sport you specialize in. don’t forget that it doesn’t stop at just manufacturing and leaving it there; this brand keeps improving on the designs and technologies that back every one of their products. There are some things only experience and stability can guarantee you and Pro Force has got both.

The Pro Force Cloth Shin Guard is amazing because of its ability to be worn on bruised legs. MMA is one of the extreme combat sports that exist. Because of this, the danger of getting constantly bruised or actually injured is high. Even with some shin guards, you can still get minor bruising. However, with this particular pair of shin guards, you are not only protected but the material doesn’t further grate on already sore skin; it soothes it. There is no hardness to it, giving it flexibility and a broader scope for movement.

Other features include the following:
  • Can be washed – if you choose to do so. Due to the fact that it is made of cloth, you actually can wash it to remove any foul smell or stain. And, in the event you desire it in a completely different color, you can get it dyed.
  • Moderate padding – to ease the heaviness that sometimes, comes with too much padding. No need pulling extra weight about in combat.
  • Specially protects impact areas – in combat, like the instep. This sensitive and weak spot affords an opponent a winning chance if left unprotected. Most shin guards do cover this area but this particular product offers extra on it, knowing how vulnerable it can make you without adequate protection.
  • Easy to remove – eliminating the fuss of jumping and rolling just to get your shin guards off. It is pointless to add to an already long day of gruel sparring.

How Do I Choose the Best MMA Shin Guard?

Sports have evolved with time and sporting equipment keeps improving to meet this evolution. You find that boxing shoes are no longer just normal but sophisticated and divers now have diving masks which come with cameras and no extra luggage. Even children are not left out with the likes of kids’ punching bags, meant to help focus and stamina. With the advancement of complex sports like MMA (mixed martial arts) and soccer, shin guards have also been developed constantly to match them and their importance cannot be overlooked.

A shin guard is a protective gear worn on the front of the shin to safeguard your legs from aggressive tackling and kicking. Shin guards meant for MMA are quite different from those meant for cricket, baseball or soccer. Depending on your personal comfort and style, there are different types of MMA shin guards and you should take these into consideration when buying one. Most MMA combatants don’t wear shoes so some of these shin guards come with foot straps that help traction under sweaty feet. Also, you have to consider the material used to make them, how comfortable you are with the padding, the size and the closure (some of them are not ‘one size fits all’).

As unimportant as some of these factors may seem, you would be amazed that you could get uncomfortable with some types of manufacturing materials or they may cause you to sweat more than normal. You could also find that some types of closures bite into your skin only when you are already in combat. So, you would do well to properly check these features before fixating on any particular product. As you read further, you would get detailed descriptions to help you buy the best MMA shin guards.
Don’t put a price tag on your safety and comfort. While you shouldn’t go overboard as it concerns spending on MMA shin guards, on the flip side, don’t spend too little on them. As much as you would want the best-looking ones, remember to check type, size and material because these come into play in pricing. The color could also matter because the more in demand a particular color is, the scarcer it gets and the higher the price. The price range of our featured products is between $15 and $130. So don’t push for so called cheap MMA shin guards as they may mean inferior materials and production, making them unsafe for use.
Narrowing down the choices of MMA shin guards to buy would be less of a chore if you adhere strictly to important features. Here are some of the non-negotiable ones…
  • Type
  • Material
  • Balance
  • Size
  • Padding
  • Closure
  • Color
These are the basic factors to guide your purchase. Any extra factor would be just that: extra.
Construction and Design
Everyone knows what suits them best so as an MMA combatant, choosing the best shin guard based on its features, shouldn’t be a problem. What type of material irritates your skin easily? Which causes you to sweat fast? Knowing the complexity of the sport, choosing the shin guard that is designed with a material that soothes your skin type and gives you no discomfort is important. If you fall under the category of people who don’t react adversely to any material, then this doesn’t apply to you.

Check the type of closure your choice of an MMA shin guard comes with. Don’t be too quick to choose and neglect this important factor. Some closures loosen easily when leg muscles are flexed repeatedly while others become too tight over the course of combat. Some may even grate uncomfortably against your skin, leaving you with bruises or welts. Discomfort can also come from getting a size too small or too big. Even the tiniest inch makes all the difference. Take your time and check; don’t be in too much of a hurry to be done with this business.

Padding is extremely important because that is the part that takes most of the heat. If your shin guard is not adequately padded, you may have wasted money. Some people don’t do well with too much of it and can withstand the impact that comes with light padding. But most combatants need heavy padding. However, don’t choose a shin guard with too much padding as to make you ungainly. You know that protecting your shins and staying in the game are both important.
Performance and Ease of Use
Beyond buying showy and expensive MMA shin guards, you have to consider how easy they are to use and maintain. As they age, would the cover materials still allow you to use them or would you have to keep getting them covered? Do they absorb sweat easily without getting soggy? How many years do they actually have in them before you absolutely have to get another one? These are important questions you should ask before you pick one out. Even though they are affordable, you wouldn’t want to constantly have to replace your shin guards.

Study the closures of your preferred choices of shin guards. While some may just have to be worn due to having rubber straps at the backs, others may have really complicated closures. Yes, these are done to avoid accidental openings during combat but be sure that they are easy for you to use; there’s no point in using an item that leaves you unhappy, no matter how necessary it is.

Be sure to pick out a size that fits you perfectly. Choosing a size that is even a fraction of an inch smaller or bigger may affect your overall performance. The ‘one size fits all’ types may have an edge here because with them you wouldn’t have to worry about expansion, at least not for some years. However, don’t take this factor for granted. Know your size and work with it, for maximum satisfaction.

Get the Best MMA Shin Guard of 2022!

Thank you for reading through this review. We believe you got the necessary guidelines to help you make an informed choice of the best MMA shin guards for yourself. If the featured ones did not meet your specification, take a quick peek at more options from these brands. We are sure you will find something that’ll be value for your money.

Our Top Choice
Hayabusa Grappling MMA Shin Guards
Best Value
Everlast Prime MMA Shin Guards
Combat Sports MMA Training Shin Guards
Revgear Grappling Shin Guard
ProForce Combination Cloth Shin Guards