Best Mobility Scooter Reviews 2023

The market for mobility scooters (otherwise known as power scooters or electric scooters) is rapidly expanding in every direction, with new companies joining the fray. This means they now come in all shapes and sizes, sporting three or four-wheeled versions, batteries of various capacities, and even strategically-placed cup holders. We searched out the top 5 brands making this product. Each of these brands has several models from which we have chosen one to review. We will therefore be looking at five products and each will give you an idea of what the brand can offer. This should simplify the process of choosing your mobility scooter considerably. You’re welcome!
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Max Speed
Max Weight
Battery life
Our Top Choice
Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Scooter
Featuring a simple design while still packing some pretty convenient accessories, this mobility scooter from Shoprider will cater to your every need while at its helm!
A trustworthy manufacturer. A simple design with various additions. Deluxe captain's seat. An adjustable tiller.
The instructions are not detailed, so if you experience any problems the only safe choice you have is contacting the customer support.
49 x 22 x 38 inches ; 215 lbs
3 or 4 wheels
5 mph
300 lbs
25 miles
Best Value
Go-Go® Ultra X Scooter
Compact and easy to assemble, this three-wheeler from Pride Mobility will answer to the needs of a wide range of people.
A well-known manufacturing company. A simple design. Quick assembly and light parts. Flat-free wheels.
The unit can overheat if the temperature outside is too high.
37 x 19 x 20 inches, 76 lbs
3 wheels
4 mph
260 lbs
6.9 miles
Tzora Titan4 Scooter
Sporting a newly-designed, cheeky, outdoorsy look, this Titan4 from Tzora will take you to the places you want to go.
A company dedicated to innovation and effectiveness. An ergonomic design. Portable and foldable. Large tires.
The paint job is not the best - it may start wearing off pretty rapidly.
54 x 24 x 37, 159 lbs
4 wheels
6.8 mph
300 lbs
15.5 miles
EV Rider Transport Scooter
Coming from a well-known mobility company known for their curious designs, this sturdy and adaptable scooter is built to last.
Comes from a well-known company. Foldable. Adjustable. Powerful.
People may get spooked seeing you approach them on one of these mean machines.
36 x 21 x 37.5 inches, 70 lbs
4 wheels
4 mph
250 lbs
15 miles
Drive Medical Scout 3 Scooter
The product of a company specializing in medical equipment, this Scout3 is Drive Medical’s take on mobility products, this time coming in the shape of a high-tech scooter!
A well-known medical equipment company. A simple, elegant design. Quick disassembly. Padded armrests.
The battery charger is a bit awkwardly placed, making it somewhat inaccessible to some people.
42.5 x 20.5 x 36 inches, 85 lbs
3 wheels
4.25 mph
300 lbs
9 miles(12AH) / 15 miles(20AH)

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What is the Best Mobility Scooter?

If you need a mobility scooter, the first priority should be determining where you plan to be driving it – some models are more versatile than others. In addition, some of them feature some pretty impressive characteristics. We’ve already discussed some factors you need to consider. Hopefully, you now know what you want. Look out for it as we begin to review our selection.
Our Top Choice
When you look at a Shoprider Sunrunner 4, the first thing that will catch your eye is the incredibly cushioned seat – modelled after the chair of a commercial airplane pilot for maximum comfort. If you prefer a three-wheel version, then check out this alternative Sunrunner model.

Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Personal Travel Scooter - Available with 3 or 4 Wheels

Ever since their four- and three-wheeled high-tech products hit the US market back in 1988, the Shoprider brand has been enjoying the highest ratings on various field-specific consumer charts. This stems from the fact that each of their mobility scooters is manufactured in accordance to tough and unforgiving ISO9001 quality standards, which is additionally confirmed by the warranties they issue – Shoprider expects only the best from its products and would like you to do the same.

The Sunrunner model we're presenting to you here encompasses all the important features of their work philosophy, largely amounting to: more speed, more power, and increased stability in every model. Also, if you happen to experience any difficulties, their friendly and efficient customer service will be on the case in no time!

As for the star of the evening itself, the Sunrunner 4 comes equipped with features typically connected to a scooter. You get a pair of headlights, a mirror and a tiller shroud. The department where this machine greatly surpasses a traditional lowly scooter is its grandiose, almost regal-looking seat, which is sure to keep you comfortable as you enjoy a day out and about. If you want maximum comfort, the Sunrunner 4 has you covered.

The Sunrunner 4’s list of exquisite features:
  • Seat capable of sliding and swivelling
  • 25-mile battery capacity
  • Comes with a mirror and an adjustable tiller
  • A full tiller shroud for good measure
All in all, if you need a mobility scooter to go places and you want to be comfortable doing it, get yourself a Sunrunner 4, and you’ll find the ride you need! Its durable battery will make sure you don't run out of juice for your indoor and outdoor excursions!
Best Value
Featuring a lightweight, easy-to-assemble body, this mobility scooter from Pride Mobility can be fit snugly in your car’s trunk without taking up too much space. If you're more of a four-wheeler type of person, then you might want to opt for a GoGo Elite Traveller Plus model instead.

Go-Go® Ultra X 3-wheeled Travel Mobility Scooter

Holding a position as one of the best mobility machine producers in the world, the company named Pride Mobility encompasses a wide range of different products, from lift chairs to ramps and scooters. They produce the advanced rehab chairs designed to help patients overcome the post-traumatic issues related to movement. With its headquarters in Exeter, Pennsylvania, the main line of products is designed for sale within the US. However, since the quality of their products is world-renowned, they have representative companies in other countries, including China, Canada, Australia and the UK.

The usual mileage of the battery installed in this scooter amounts to about 10 miles (of course, the type of terrain and the size of uphill/downhill sections are a factor). The entire contraption can be disassembled, with the largest individual piece weighing somewhere around 28 pounds.

The complete list of features:
  • Scooter can be broken into ten parts
  • Largest piece weighs in just about 28 pounds
  • Wheels are flat-free, meaning you can ride on virtually any surface
  • Auto-connecting front-to-rear-cable
  • Modular design for easy serviceability
All in all, a perfect solution for anyone in need of a compact and easily-assembled mobility scooter which can go on for long distances without requiring a recharge too often. The flat-resistant wheels mean that this little plucky vehicle can endure some rough-terrain to boot!
Sporty and enduring, this plucky little mobility scooter from Tzora will perform well indoors and show some proper dirt-track tenacity outdoors! If you prefer three-wheelers, check out this Titan3 alternative!

Tzora Titan4 Scooter Hummer XL Folding 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter

Expanding its already sizeable market, the Tzora brand has recently gained momentum in the world of mobility and exercise devices, thanks to their assertive and innovative approach to their manufacturing techniques. Nowadays, they sell their products to more than 30 countries around the world, the biggest customer being the US.

Their work philosophy revolves around a simple, border-pushing idea, which features durability and compactness as their main goal when developing a new mobility project. This mentality is observable in all of their products, and the model we're describing - named Titan4 - is definitely no exception!

Its sizeable back wheels will lead you across every surface imaginable, and offer comfort and stability throughout your adventure-filled outdoor exploits. Containing fully-operational suspension contributes strongly to this model's tough and sturdy nature, making your ride smoother.

Titan4 - the most important features:
  • Works beautifully on all terrains
  • Featuring full suspension, guaranteeing comfort and stability
  • Comes with large back tires
  • Includes a battery gage indicator
  • Durable rubber and neoprene hand grips

Tough and rugged, yet fashionable and comfortable, this heavy-duty Tzora scooter looks like a sized-down Japanese drag racer! The enlarged back wheels, combined with a sturdy body and adjustable settings means you'll be rolling ahead to meet whatever the conditions are head on!
This unique product is one of the toughest and most adaptable models the EV crew has come up with. Built to deliver the absolute best in durability and convenience, the EV Rider Transport is designed to get you to your final destination in comfort. If you have a preference for blue, or just prefer the stability offered by more spaced out wheels, have a look at the RiderXpress model, also from EV Rider!

EV Rider Transport Foldable Mobility Scooter

Producing tirelessly one tough-looking model after another, the EV Rider folks have doggedly pursued one unique design after another, establishing a tradition of ingenuity and innovation. If you are looking for a creative take on mobility solutions, you’ve found the perfect brand.

The model you're seeing on this list is an adaptable, uniquely designed vehicle - a product true to its manufacturer's nature. It can be folded quickly and once it is fully operational, there's no stopping it! Its powerful 270 Watt 4-pole motor offers a massive push when you need to power through a rough section of road, which the provided batteries will let you do for about 10-15 miles at a time.

As for its storage and space-related merits, it can snugly fit in a small corner of your house without taking up much space. Other than that, its copper-penny finish adds a certain retro-quality to its already unique appearance!
  • Powered by a tough 'n' plucky 270 Watt motor
  • Easily stored in any corner of you house
  • Battery will last you for about 15 miles
  • Pronounced front offers improved stability
  • Quickly folded in three steps
It offers a comfortable driving experience and is designed to tackle just about any terrain. With a scooter like this, you can competently keep up with all of your family!
If you're after an elegant and serious-looking mobility solution, then look no further than this Scout3 model from Drive Medical. It's simple and features a couple of useful accessories. If you like the idea, but would like to see another wheel on this model, check out the Scout4 scooter, from the same manufacturer.

Drive Medical Scout 3 Compact Travel Power Scooter

With their facilities spread around the world, the Drive Medical company folks have made it their goal to deliver their goods swiftly to each-and-every person in need! Their work philosophy is to unrelentingly pursue methods to help other people and make their lives easier and more active.

One of the most recent entries on their lengthy list of new design solutions is this Scout3 scooter, featuring a number of attractive properties, all made with the mission to transport and protect the person in the seat. How compact and easy to handle are some of the most important qualities the producers insist on, and with this model you receive a quick, no tool-requiring disassembly.

Also, in the power department, this mobility scooter works like a mini power-plant, as it has interchangeable units, quick-connect batteries, and an advanced throttle control technology. The wheels are made to be puncture-resistant, so getting a flat tire will not be one of your concerns.

The complete list of features:
  • Quick, no-tool disassembly
  • Height-adjustable swivel seat
  • Flat-free tires
  • A sizeable plastic carry basket
  • Available with 12 AH or 20 AH batteries
All in all, a great potential solution for a person looking for a mobility scooter sporting a serious and elegant appearance, combined with some additional conveniences. With its flat-free tires and, quick assembly and useful additions such as the plastic carry basket, this Scout3 model could become your new mobility companion!

How Do I Choose the Best Mobility Scooter?

Mankind has always wished to do things humans naturally cannot do. We want to fly, to live under water, to live in space … and above all, to live actively forever. We’re always finding ways to achieve a semblance of these goals. We can now fly thanks to airplanes. We can now live under water, thanks to submarines. We can now live in space thanks to space expeditions. We can now live forever thanks to…. Well, we haven’t found a way to achieve this yet. Sorry for disappointing you! You obviously thought for a minute there, you’d finally gotten your wish to live forever.

Though we haven’t found a way to live forever, there are at least found ways to make living much more comfortable – at least for the length of time anyone has to live. Mobility is one of the characteristics of living things and this is one thing that reduces with age. Mobility can also be lost or greatly hampered by sickness or mishaps. When this happens, the victim begins to look for alternatives to help them maintain their mobility.

From simple devices like walking canes to more complex devices like 3 wheel walkers and very complex machines like electric wheelchairs, it’s easy for many to regain some form of mobility. Even more complex and offering more mobility is the mobility scooter, which is what we bring to you today.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to choose a mobility scooter that meets your exact needs. We’ll look at important factors you need to consider to help you find the perfect one. By the time you’re through reading this guide, you’ll know exactly how to find the best mobility scooter for your needs.
How much does a power scooter cost? Well, there’s no fixed answer to this question, mainly because there are many different types of mobility scooter from different brands. Prices will usually be determined by factors like the class, size, capacity, and other features. Naturally, a class 1 mobility scooter costs less than a class 3 model. So, the price you pay will be determined by the features you want.

Having said this, we did some digging and found that with between $600 and $1500 you can get a good mobility scooter. Of course, based on the price range, there will be obvious differences in the features you get, with the more expensive ones having more features. This doesn’t mean you’ll not get good value from the lower priced ones. These are not cheap mobility scooters that are of such low quality that they offer absolutely no value. With these, you will get the value you pay for.
Now you’re ready to get a mobility scooter, it’s important you get one that serves you well. The only way to achieve this is by knowing exactly what you want in a mobility scooter. We’ll help you find this out by listing a few things you need to consider to enable you decide on the exact type you require. Some of the factors to be considered include:
  • Type
  • Number of wheels
  • Capacity
  • Size
  • Battery
  • Controls
  • Other use-related issues
Let us now try to look at these factors in some detail.
Construction and Design
The very first thing anyone should consider when getting an electric scooter is the type they want. Basically speaking, mobility scooters come in three major types or classes.
  • Class 1 – These are manually powered. They don’t have any electric power, so they must be pushed by an attendant or the user. As you can imagine, this is not a very popular type, as it defeats part of the purpose of a mobility scooter in the first place.
  • Class 2 – These ones are electric powered and are ideal for use only on pathways. They usually cannot exceed speeds of about 4 miles per hour.
  • Class 3 – These are the top class of mobility scooters. These are also electric powered but have more power and can be used on roads and highways. They can achieve speeds of up to 8 miles per hour.
Now, those are the three broad types from which you can choose based on your needs, but there are other differences which could also constitute a form of classification. These mobility scooters can come with different number of tires. They can have anywhere from three to five tires. Generally, if you require the best balance, then you should go for the four tire option. Some three wheelers have two additional tires in the front that adds some balance. These are the ones we described as having five tires.

Another thing to note about the tires is that just as with cars, some of these scooters can be front or back wheel drives. Front wheels drives are okay for use indoors and for users weighing less than 255 pounds. For outdoor use (indoor too if you choose) and for people weighing over 255 pounds, a back wheel drive is definitely a better option. Actually, some back wheel drives can accommodate weights of up to 550 pounds. Be sure to check for this when shopping for your mobility scooter.

Just to continue on the issue of the scooter’s capacity, you should be sure to find out how much weight the scooter can conveniently support. You should of course get something that will very easily support the weight of the user plus any shopping or luggage likely to be used.

Still on the issue of types of mobility scooters, we should also look at the size of the mobility scooter. Size? Yes, the size of the scooter can also be used to categorize it. Mobility scooters come in three major sizes. There is the Boot Scooter, the Mid-size Scooter and the Town and Country Scooter.
  • The Boot Scooter – This type of scooter is so named because it can fit into the boot of a car or at least most cars. This means it’s portable, which in turn affects other aspects including its functionality. For starters, it’s smaller, has smaller seats, has less shock absorption, can support less weight and does not have much power because its batteries are usually small too. They usually last for about 10 miles.
  • The Mid-size Scooter – This, of course, is bigger than the boot scooter and so will slightly make up for the shortcomings we listed in the boot scooter. For example, it usually has batteries that can last for up to about 30 miles. That’s almost 3 times the range of the boot scooter. It also has better balance and should you need to transport it, most of them can be dismantled.
  • The Town and Country Scooter – This is the biggest of the three and offers the most power and comfort. Understandably, it offers more weight capacity than the previous two and also has more power, achieving speeds of up to 8 miles per hour. This is not in any way portable and was not built to be that. It was built to offer the best mobility scooters can offer.
Performance and Ease of Use
To be sure your mobility scooter will serve you as well as you need it to, you need to know its battery capacity. The battery capacity will be an indication of how far you can go without needing to recharge. You don’t want to get midway and discover the battery has run down. The only way to avoid this is to know how far you can safely go with your mobility scooter. This is very important.

Another thing that can affect how easy it will be for you to use your mobility scooter is the controls. In most mobility scooters, the controls are split between the left and the right hands. The controls for the forward movements are usually found on the right while the controls for the reverse movement are usually found on the left. This is sometimes reversed for left handed users. If this is you, then look out for this.

There are a few other things to consider like the adjustability of the tiller and the braking system. By the time you’ve considered all the above factors, you’ll be in a good position to get the mobility scooter that suits you just right.

Get the Best Mobility Scooter of 2023!

It’s great to see that you took the time to read through this guide and review. It’s our sincere hope you found the information we provided helpful. Your next action should be to go right ahead and place your order, so you can begin to enjoy increased mobility without delay.

Our Top Choice
Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Scooter
Best Value
Go-Go® Ultra X Scooter
Tzora Titan4 Scooter
EV Rider Transport Scooter
Drive Medical Scout 3 Scooter