Best Money Belt Reviews 2022

A money belt can be more practical than a regular wallet in many different situations. First of all, it can be more accessible since you just have to open a zipper and take out money instead of fishing for your wallet in your pocket and then fumbling through it for the amount you need. Also, many of them are more inconspicuous and therefore highly recommended when you travel. Take a look at the 5 money belts we picked from some of the best money belt brands out there and pick the one you like most!
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Good for
Our Top Choice
Atitlan Brown Leather Money Belt
Atitlan makes a wide variety of money belts in different colors and sizes as well as travel belts and wallets in order to cater to your every money-storing need.
Available in many sizes. Interchangeable buckle. 19.5 long zippered pocket. Can be worn with most outfits. Made from 100% authentic cowhide leather.
The buckle it comes with isn’t of the greatest quality.
Leather money belt
Dark brown
Multiple sizes available
1 pocket – 19.5 inches wide
Money, ID
Best Value
Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet
Shacke specializes in travel accessories such as bags, boxes and of course money belts. Its products are well-engineered and affordable at the same time.
Can be bought in 2 styles. 3 separate compartments. Easy to use. Has an RFID blocker. Can fit all currencies in the world.
A few complaints regarding material quality.
Travel belt wallet
0.1 x 5.1 x 7.8 inches
3 zipper pockets
Money, credit card, passport
Stashbandz Fashion Travel Fanny Pack
Stashbandz makes different types of travel belts which can be used by both women and men. Its products are made from durable materials and are highly secure.
Available in 3 colors and 3 sizes. 4 compartments. Made with silicone grippers for enhanced protection. Inconspicuous and comfortable.
Pockets don’t have zippers.
Travel belt wallet
Black, black-pink and ivory
Small, medium or large
4 wide pockets
Money, credit card, phone, cards
Eazymate Fashion Running Money Belt
Eazymate makes a plethora of travel-related accessories such as wallets, money belts, water bottles and small pouches which can accommodate a ton of valuables.
Available in 3 colors and 4 sizes. 1 year warranty. 4 zippered pockets. Comfortable to wear. Can accommodate smartphones.
Its pockets are tight; tough to get phone in and out quickly.
Running money belt
Black, blue or grey
Small, medium, large or X-large
4 wide zippered pockets
Money, credit card, phone, cards
Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Travel Wallet
Lewis N. Clark specializes in travel bags, backpacks, wallets, money belts and pouches. Its products are made from durable materials and are ideal for people who travel a lot.
Available in 2 colors. RFID-blocking technology. Ideal for money, credit cards, keys, passports. Made from durable nylon.
It’s fairly large.
Travel belt wallet
Black or tan
5 x 7 inches
1 zippered pocket
Money, credit card, passport

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What is the Best Money Belt?

As you can see, before buying a money belt, you first need to decide what you’re going to put in it. Its price and the quality of the material are also important factors to be taken into account. Here are the 5 belts we picked for this review. Analyze them carefully and you'll soon know which one is the winner!
Our Top Choice
The Men's Leather Money Belt from Atitlan has plenty of storage for both your bills and any copies of your passport or other ID that you may want to have on hand. If you want a more spacious belt which comes with 5 pockets then you should take a look at the Handcrafted Fanny Pack Travel Belt, which is also made by Atitlan.

Atitlan Men's Leather Money Belt with Interchangeable Buckle and YKK Zipper Pocket — Multiple Sizes Available

Atitlan is a company that makes money-related accessories such as money belts, wallets and travel belts with multiple pockets for your money, coins or personal documents. We like this brand because it makes a wide variety of money belts in different colors and sizes, so you can definitely find one matching your preferences and needs.

For example, the Men's Leather Money Belt from Atitlan is available in multiple sizes starting from 30 up to 48 and is hand-made from full-grain leather while its buckle is metallic and interchangeable. When it comes to sizing, the size corresponds to your waist measurement, not the pant size. Your waist size will generally be two sizes larger than your pant size, so be aware of this when ordering to ensure you get a good fit.

The belt is equipped with a large pocket situated on the inside. This pocket is 19.5 inches long and features a YKK zipper which secures your money inside. As for colors, this model is available in a beautiful dark brown shade, meaning that you can wear it with almost any outfit, but Atitlan makes similar belts in other colors if you're interested in something else.
Best Value
The Hidden Travel Belt Wallet from Shacke can be bought in 2 styles and features an RFID blocker which prevents credit card swiping or identity theft. If you prefer a larger and more spacious wallet which can be worn around your waist, go for the Money Belt Pouch from Shacke. This model is available in black and grey colors.

Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet with RFID Blocker and 3 Separate Zipper Pouches — 2 Colors Available

Shacke is known for making high-quality accessories designed particularly for people who travel a lot. For example, apart from its attractive line of money belts, this brand also makes packing cubes which are basically multiple bags of different sizes you can use to pack your personal belongings when departing on vacation. If you want a larger and more spacious bag, Shacke makes those too!

For now, let's focus on the Hidden Travel Belt Wallet and find out how it can make your life easier. This money belt can be worn around your waist, but you also have the option of buying one which can be placed around your neck. It’s made from a durable material and it also has RFID lining which basically prevents thieves from stealing your most precious belongings when abroad – your credit card and passport.

When it comes to storage space, this wallet has 3 separate compartments which are all zippered and have enough space to hold your documents. They also fit all types of currencies, from US, Europe, Asia as well as Australia. The zipper is made by YKK which means that it can take a lot of wear and tear and it won't break that easily, even if you use it all the time!
The Travel Money Belt & Fanny Pack from Stashbandz is available in multiple colors and sizes and is spacious enough to accommodate your personal documents as well as your smartphone. This model is specifically designed for women, so if you want a unisex money belt, check out the Unisex Travel and Running Belt from Stashbandz.

Stashbandz Fanny Pack Pretty Lace with Silicone Grip — Available in 3 Colors and 3 Sizes

The name Stashbandz is pretty much self-explanatory; we’re talking about a company which focuses on creating bands or belts where you can stash your money, documents or other personal belongings. It’s primarily focused on making travel belts for women, but you'll also find a unisex model which is suitable for men as well.

The Travel Money Belt & Fanny Pack from Stashbandz is available in several color options including ivory, black or black with pink as well as 3 different sizes. This model features 4 large pockets which can accommodate almost everything, from personal documents, passports, ID cards, credit cards and money to key fobs, lipstick, your own smartphone or even a fluffy bunny.

The secret of this excellent money belt is represented by the silicone gripper which basically keeps your stuff in place without making it uncomfortable for you. When you travel, your clothes will mask this belt and inside it you can hide your money, credit cards or other valuables, without giving any hint or suspicion to passersby.
The Eazymate Fashion Travel Money Belt is available in several colors and sizes and, best of all, it can take your smartphone and keep it safe while you run or perform any other activity. If you need an actual bag for keeping your money as well as other personal belongings such as a small digital camera, we suggest taking a look at the Small Casual Canvas Bag from the same brand.

Eazymate World's Best Stylish Travel Money Belt with 2 Zippered Pockets — Multiple Colors and Sizes Available

Eazymate Fashion, or simply Eazymate, is an attractive brand which strives to make affordable and smart money-storing accessories. For example, it designs and sells money belts, small pouches or bags for your money as well as elegant and spacious wallets made from leather. If you travel a lot, consider its water bottles which are made from silicone and are highly resistant to wear and tear.

The Travel Money Belt from Eazymate comes in several color options such as black, blue or grey as well as 4 different sizes from small to extra large. It’s specially designed by the experts at Eazymate to accommodate not only your money, but your keys and smartphone as well.

Apart from that, the pockets are zippered for enhanced protection and to prevent your valuables from jumping out of your belt while you run. That's right, this accessory is ideal for runners because it can keep their stuff in one place while you enjoy your outdoor workout. Lastly, we read that this belt is also comfortable to wear on a day to day basis, so why don’t you give it a try?
The Hidden Travel Belt Wallet from Lewis N. Clark is available in 2 colors and made 100% from durable nylon, so it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. If you prefer a more sophisticated stash which can also be worn around your belt, go for the Deluxe Waist Stash from the same brand.

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Hidden Travel Belt Wallet with Self-Repairing Zipper — Available in 2 Colors

We’re glad to be able to introduce a product from Lewis N. Clark in our review since this brand is known for manufacturing high-quality bags, pouches, stashes and wallets for its customers. For example, we were particularly impressed by the waterproof backpacks from this company, which are perfect for outdoorsy people or for those who go camping on a regular basis. Lewis N. Clark also makes neck pillows if you want to enjoy a more rejuvenating and relaxing sleep!

The Hidden Travel Belt Wallet we picked for this review is attractive, practical and available in 2 colors such as black or tan. It’s also equipped with RFID-blocking technology which protects you from electronic pickpocketing and similar crimes.

The design of the wallet is a slim one, although the belt wallet itself is quite spacious. For example, you can deposit different types of currencies inside as well as your credit card, passport, keys and other personal documents. The wallet is made from nylon and it also comes with a self-repairing zipper, so you can rest easy knowing that it’ll last you a long while. Lastly, the material with which this wallet is made will resist moisture and mildew development, so your belongings will be protected wherever you go!

How Do I Choose the Best Money Belt?

More and more people are starting to use money belts — and for good reason. These items are similar to a wallet or small pouch, yet they can be worn around your waist, or even around the neck in some cases. But what’s their main advantage? Well, they're more accessible, more spacious and in some cases, safer even than a travel wallet or a secretary wallet.

A money belt can also act as a duty belt because it usually features multiple pockets which are zippered and provide lots of space for your personal belongings, even for your phone or small tools. If you regularly work with money, having such a money belt will make it easier for you to undertake transactions and conduct business.

The purpose of this guide is to help you realize the importance of money belts and how they can make your life easier. This is true especially if you’re traveling on a regular basis, since a money belt can help you store money in different currencies as well as your passport and credit card. As some money belts are designed to be hidden under clothes, there will be fewer chances for thieves to "have a try" at your belongings. Read on to find out how to buy the right belt for you!
Let's start with the price of a money belt and discover what influences it. First of all, just like the number of pockets and the size of the wallet, the material from which the belt is made can have a big impact on its cost. For example, most high-quality money belts will eventually cost between 10 dollars and 35 dollars for regular models. Some belts can be more expensive than that, going up to 50 or even 100 dollars, but you’ve probably already realized that you'll eventually pay for a fancy material or decorative accessories such as Swarovski crystals and the like.

In a similar fashion, you’ll also find a plethora of money belts at the other end of the price scale. Obviously, these cheap models are made from poor quality materials which can rip quickly and, unless you deliberately want to lose your money or credit card, you shouldn’t be aiming for these.
Now let's take a look at the bells and whistles money belts are equipped with and what makes them so practical and useful in various situations.
  • Type — there are different types of money belts out there, some disguised as regular belts which can go well with most outfits, others resembling the looks of regular pouches, but which can be worn around the waist, etc
  • Size — similarly, some belts are larger or smaller than others and this usually will also have to do with the measurements of your waist. Therefore, when buying one, make sure you that you take the proper measurements and order the correct size to make sure the belt will fit you like a glove
  • Pockets — this is one of the most important aspects. Some belts allow you to hide even your smartphone inside while others have room just for your money and credit card
  • Color — particularly if the belt is not designed to be worn under the clothes, you might want to pick your favorite color as well, just to feel even better when you wear the belt!
Before proceeding to the next section, you might also want to go for belts which have zippered pockets, as an extra-safety measure. The zipper will make sure your belongings are kept in place while you travel. If you jog regularly, it’s mandatory for the belt to have zippered pockets, otherwise your belongings might jump out while you aim for that 5K.
Construction and Design
Another important aspect is the material from which your money belt is made. Popular materials include nylon, fabric as well as Lycra. In most cases, these materials are durable enough to hold your belongings and very often you'll also encounter YKK zippers which are some of the best out there. Some belts might also be equipped with a strap so you can wear them around your neck.

You'll eventually encounter the "RFID-blocker" term when you shop for money belts. That's a good feature to have, although not mandatory. RFID-blocking technology basically prevents electronic pickpocketing and identity theft if you’re keeping your credit cards and other important belongings in the belt. Believe it or not, these days it’s easier for thieves to commit electronic frauds than to steal something from you in the good ol'-fashioned way and this technology will prevent that.
Performance and Ease of Use
Today's belts are designed to help you take your money, credit card, passport, mobile phone, keys, even your lipstick with you wherever you go. That's because they’re designed to be spacious and feature multiple compartments or pockets. However, again we'll stress out to take the right measurements before buying such a belt, to make sure it will fit your waist perfectly. Most belts are available in the classic small, medium or large sizes and the manufacturer also provides instructions on how to pick the right size.

We’re happy to mention that money belts can also be resistant to moisture, mold and mildew, and they require little to no maintenance. This takes a worry off of you as you don’t need to clean your money belt from time to time. If something goes wrong with the belt, you can take advantage of the warranty the manufacturer provides as well.

Get the Best Money Belt of 2022!

There's no need to emphasize how important it is to protect your money, credit cards, passports, keys or other personal belongings when travelling. As we’re sure you’re aware thanks to our review of some of the best money belts out there, one of these handy wallets can do exactly that, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Get yours today and you'll have more peace of mind!

Our Top Choice
Atitlan Brown Leather Money Belt
Best Value
Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet
Stashbandz Fashion Travel Fanny Pack
Eazymate Fashion Running Money Belt
Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Travel Wallet