Best Monofin Reviews 2023

There are different types and sizes of monofins available, and it's never an easy task trying to pick one that will suit your needs perfectly. After a rigorous research process, we have reviewed some of the best monofin brands on the market, looking at just one product from each of our featured brands. It’s important to point out, though, that these companies have several other cool monofins that you may want to check out, if the ones highlighted here are not up to your expectations. By the way, if you have a little princess who loves the idea of being a mermaid in and out of the water, we have a review for some great mermaid outfits!
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Our Top Choice
Finis Foil Technique Monofin
Finis's highly skilled team designs top-quality products for the safety and improvement of the swimming technique employed by the user.
Large surface area for quick core muscle workout. Lightweight, propels user through water faster and more smoothly. Depending upon size of the child, adult smaller sizes may fit.
Rubber material is prone to cracking and breaking. This model only available in yellow, but other designs.
Single blade style
2.9 pounds
Five adult sizes
Rubber straps
Natural rubber
Best Value
Sun Tail Mermaid Monofin
Sun Tail Mermaid designs kid- and adult-size monofins that fulfill the desire to own realistic mermaid tails and fins that won’t chafe or be uncomfortable.
Specially engineered for durability. Separate, self-adjusting and non-chafing foot pockets prevent feet from rubbing together. Soft, rubber footrests. Both gender neutral and gender "specific" colors.
The lack of an ankle strap sometimes makes it somewhat difficult for the feet to stay securely in the pockets.
Merfin style
3 pounds
Child and adult sizes
Soft foot pocket
Mahina Mermaid Classic Series Mer' Fins
Mahina Mermaid is dedicated to improving connectivity between people and the ocean through the art of “mermaiding,” or swimming with mermaid fins.
Sleek,authentic mermaid design and performance. Effortlessly tones core and leg muscles. Lightweight material and high propelling-power shape and ridges. Choice of neutral or gender "specific" colors.
With this monofin, you’ll be needing fin socks to reduce rubbing and chafing, especially at the ankles.
Merfin style
4.5 pounds
Child and adult sizes
Easy-off strap
Recycled rubber
FinFun Mermaid Style Monofin
The fame, functionality and beauty of its swimwear have made FinFun a household name in and around the United States.
Soft and comfortable neoprene cover. Feels like an extension of the legs when worn. Easy to pull on and off in and out of water. It improves speed and flexibility. Gender neutral color and design.
The neoprene cover tends to tear easily, leaving the plastic insert exposed.
Merfin style
1.5 pounds
Child and adult sizes
Soft neoprene pockets
Soft neoprene
Body Glove Mermaid Linden Kid's Monofin
Body Glove is a family-owned, one-stop shop for divers, surfers and water lovers. It produces safe, durable water gear for all ages.
Easy-pull, adjustable ankle strap. Protective rubber surrounds hard plastic core. Ridged water channels improve its efficiency. Available both gender neutral and gender "specific" color and design.
There are reports of the rubber separating from the plastic after the first few uses.
Merfin style
2.45 pounds
Child's size
Quick adjusting straps
Rubberized fin edges

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What is the Best Monofin?

Monofins are remarkable swim pieces that serve both decorative and functional purposes. When shopping for a great monofin, there are some vital features that you need to know about, which have been discussed in the buying guide you just read. Now you can proceed to the individual product review section, where we've showcased some top-notch products for your consideration.
Our Top Choice
The Finis Foil Monofin features a large surface area, open-toe and open-ankle design, Smart Fin Technology and a channeled surface for better control. If you’re looking for a monofin for younger swimmers with quick-release straps and a flexible blade, see the Finis Wave Monofin.

Finis Adult Foil Monofin – Available in 5 Sizes

Finis is dedicated to making swimming simpler and more fulfilling by designing and manufacturing high-quality products for safety and the improvement of the swimming technique employed by the user. Its staff includes swimmers, coaches and inventors who strive to combine various aspects of relevant knowledge in powerful products that you’ll love to own. Finis was established in the early 90s in California, USA. Over the years, it has invented and improved on a number of swim items, positioning itself as one of the top leaders in the industry. Whether you’re an athlete or a coach, a beginner or an Olympian, Finis offers what you need to start your swimming career or take it to a higher level.

The Finis Foil Monofin has an open-toe, open-heel foot pockets design joined to a single, wide blade which utilizes equal proportions of upward and downward kicks to propel the swimmer. It’s made from a lightweight rubber material designed for comfort and fit for users of all ages and capabilities. Its patented Smart Fin Technology ensures that the blade angle combines fluidly with the hydrodynamic vents, to make for a more naturally flowing motion.

The relatively large surface area of the blade helps strengthen leg muscles better than a standard fin normally would, which means you get your leg muscles toned faster and better. For accurate foil movement, it features technique channels that control the flexing of the fin, to mimic the undulating movement characteristic of the dolphin.

Here are more monofin models from Finis that might interest you:
  • Finis Luna Monofin, Mystic Melon, Small: Has adjustable silicone ankle straps designed to fit different shoe sizes. The luminous colors are translucent and produce a magical effect in the sun
  • The Finis Rapid Monofin: Comes with two separate foot pockets and adjustable ankle straps, with an open-toes and open-heels design
  • The Finis Aquarius Monofin: This monofin has a soft rubber foot pocket and silicone ankle straps for comfort and safety. It’s designed for swimmers age 12 and up and helps them learn perfect dolphin kicks
  • Finis Shooter Monofin: An ideal choice to work out the core muscles, with its open-toe and open-heel design. Used for butterfly stroke training, breaststroke, backstroke drills and sidekicks
  • The Finis Competitor Monofin: Features a marine-grade rubber foot pocket and blade made from tapered fiberglass. The blade is quite large and creates tension capable of propelling the wearer to greater distances while swimming
  • The Finis Trainer 1 Monofin: The athlete’s number 1 monofin of choice due to its medium-size fiberglass blade and foot pocket design
Best Value
The Sun Tail Mermaid Monofin comes without blister-causing ankle straps. It features soft rubber footrests and self-adjusting foot pockets. For a monofin with a mermaid tail made with swimsuit fabric, check out the Sun Tail Mermaid Designer Mermaid Monofin.

Sun Tail Mermaid Monofin – Available in Kids and Adult Sizes and Multiple Colors

Sun Tail Mermaid started out selling kid-sized tails and monofins for children who wanted realistic mermaid tails and fins that wouldn’t be uncomfortable during use. The brand later expanded into adult sizes due to the demands and positive feedback from parents who were totally bowled over by the performance of their kids’ tails and monofins. Its products are known for their four-way stretch that ensures optimum comfort. These tails and fins are true to size so you know you’re getting the perfect fit for you. They're made of superior quality materials and have breathtaking designs and color combinations that will wow you.

The Sun Tail Mermaid Monofin is a splendid creation designed for fun and power. It has a vivid color scheme and high-tensile plastic material that is specially engineered to make it less brittle and virtually unbreakable. This monofin has no blister-causing straps or stiff, uncomfortable rubber; instead, it has stretchy fabric and flexible plastic designed for utmost comfort and performance.

Here are some astounding features of this monofin:
  • Ridges reminiscent of a real fish tail that add strength to your kicks, letting you execute intricate mermaid turns and twists in water easily and smoothly
  • Its twin foot pocket is soft, stretchy and self-adjustable to give a snug fit for a wide variety of feet
  • The user’s feet doesn’t rest on the plastic, but on soft fabric that cushions them and prevents chafing and blisters
  • Plastic material that lets you bounce on its tips and off pool walls and hop around without them breaking or bending out of shape
  • Although the foot pockets are joined to a single blade, the feet are ensconced separately, eliminating sliding and making sure that the heels and ankles don’t bang or rub together
The Mahina Mermaid MerFin is lightweight and designed in a way that will improve your speed and propulsion in the water. If you want a smaller sized monofin with a single adjustable ankle strap, you’ll like the Mahina Mermaid Li'l MerFin Swim Mono-Fin. It is suitable for kids.

Mahina Mermaid Merfin Classic Swim Monofin – Available in Different Colors and 6 Sizes

Mahina Mermaid is focused on taking the almost unknown sporting activity of "mermaiding" to a globally recognized level where it’ll be incorporated into watersports activities. With products carefully designed to help one connect freely and fluidly with oneself and the ocean, it’s poised to take over the industry and revolutionize playing and working out in the water. Its products show a rare combination of quality and high performance with simplicity, making them stand out among others in the same category. With its efficient customer service team, customers are assured of ready help when needed.

The Mahina Mermaid MerFin features a sleek design guaranteed to give the wearer a realistic mermaid look and performance. Its blade is made of lightweight material that will not weigh the user down, and shaped in a way that improves speed, propulsion and turns in the water. The ankle straps are easily removed, and they ensure the feet stay secure and safe in the accurately measured foot pockets that give the right fit for individual users. This monofin is highly functional, requiring little effort but returning amazing workout results, especially in strengthening and toning the core muscles.

Here are some other fun swim items from Mahina Mermaid:
  • The Mahina Mermaid Kids MerSwim Set with Leggings (Bikini Top & Bottom): A 3-piece set of bikini top and bottom with leggings. Each has an adorable mermaid scale design that looks great both in and out of water
  • The Mahina Mermaid Kids MerWear Swim Shirt: Helps protect your little swimmer from the sun. It works well either alone or in combination with other Mahina Mermaid products
The FinFun Mermaid Monofin fits the wearer seamlessly. It has a neoprene cover with reinforced tips, a patented open-bottom design and soft, ankle-hugging fabric. If you’re looking for a monofin with an attached mermaid tail for both genders, check out the FinFun Mermaid Tails for Swimming with Monofin. It has excellent reviews on the Web.

FinFun Mermaid Swim Fin Monofin – Available in Junior and Pro Sizes and 2 Colors

The family-owned FinFun was founded in 2009 when a granddaughter asked her grandma, who is a seamstress, to make a mermaid tail for her. Its products have grown to become a household name in and around the United States. Its main focus is to help little (and not-so-little) swimmers take their swimming to a whole new level by making it easier and infinitely more fun to perform mermaid turns and moves while in the water. Its products are unique, with a design that sets them apart and closely imitates the looks and movement of the fish tail. They're extremely safe to use and affordable as well. FinFun makes donations to children’s causes with proceeds from sales, so its customers are helping children who need help.

The FinFun Mermaid Monofin is designed for comfort, durability and performance. It’s made of breathable neoprene wrapped around strong but flexible plastic for a unique and high-quality monofin. Its patented open-bottom design lets you pull out the polypropylene insert quickly and easily if needed.

Some of its notable features include:
  • Double-reinforced tip with neoprene to prevent wear and tear and ensure longer usage
  • Snugly fitting wraparound material that hugs the ankles, keeping your feet safe and secure in the monofin while eliminating chafing and uncomfortable rubbing
  • Easy and fast pull on and pull off design lets you wear the monofin effortlessly with a single tug in or out of water
  • Helps increase the user’s speed and flexibility in the water by increasing the propulsion power for downward or upward movement
  • The engineered polypropylene insert is extremely lightweight, and coupled with the breathable and buoyant neoprene cover for easy passage of air and water
  • Flexibility, light weight and fast action combine to help the user execute perfect dolphin kicks and other mermaid-like twists and moves
  • Simple design that gives you the exhilarating feeling of being in tune with the water
  • Comes in several sizes to suit different feet sizes
  • Allows users to build and tone the core and leg muscles while having fun
  • Easy to clean by rinsing it out with clean water after every use
The Body Glove Mermaid Linden Monofin features an easy-pull, adjustable Velcro ankle strap. It has a hard plastic core surrounded by soft rubber and a removable foam insert. Looking for a fitted long-sleeved wetsuit? Try the Body Glove Wetsuit Co Junior Basic Fitted Long Arm Rash Guard.

Body Glove Mermaid Linden Child's Monofin – Top Rated Kid's Mono Fin Available in 2 Colors

Body Glove was established by twin brothers Bill and Bob. It remains one of the few remaining family owned surf/dive company in the USA, and has a long tradition of producing quality and durable water gear for all ages. In 1953, it designed and manufactured the world’s first practical wetsuit made with neoprene to combat the cold waters of California, thus revolutionizing surfing and diving. Its products are mostly designed to protect users above and below the water surface. The brand enjoys the patronage of water lovers around the globe.

The Body Glove Mermaid Linden Monofin is a favorite with kids who love to swim and role-play in the water. Its easy-pull, adjustable ankle strap is extremely comfortable, with strong Velcro to hold it in place. This fin consists of a soft rubber portion surrounding a hard plastic core. This design ensures the monofin lasts longer and doesn’t tear easily from contact with the pool floor. Another unique feature is the removable foam insert that lets you expand the size, making it possible for several users with different feet sizes to wear the same monofin. The hard plastic core has high-efficiency water channels that increase its functionality and help propel the wearer through the water.

Some other related products by Body Glove include:
  • Body Glove Women's Smoothies Mika Halter Triangle Swimsuit Bikini Top: Comes in a variety of delectable colors and has soft removable cups. Made from super-soft and smooth microfiber material and can be easily hand-washed
  • Body Glove Women's Smoothies Solo Underwire Bikini Top: Has underwire, and removable soft cups with a convertible strap. It comes in several lovely colors and can be hand-washed
  • The Body Glove Paddle Pals Motion Hologram Learn to Swim Life Jacket: Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard as the premium learn-to-swim aid for children. It’s made from a tough polyester material for durability, and has adjustable chest straps and safety shoulder harnesses

How Do I Choose the Best Monofin?

For a long time, people have strived to mimic the motion of fish underwater. The need for greater strength, agility, and speed while underwater has led to the invention of many apparatuses to help swimmers and water athletes attain greater depths and records in the water. If you're a water-loving geek or underwater sports athlete, you'll be familiar with the monofin. The monofin came into prominence in 1971 in Europe during the fin-swimming championships, when one of the Russian swimmers took the games to new heights with a monofin she constructed and wore to the championship.

A monofin is single fin-shaped blade joined to two-foot slips or pockets. This design increases the total transferable power from the upper part of the body down to the feet, giving more kick to the feet thrust. You can’t confuse it with scuba diving fins that come with heel straps and boots and allow less transfer of power down to the feet.

Kids are not left out in the use of monofins. The monofin often comes as part of a mermaid or merman costume ensembles for kids who'd like to play make-believe in the pool or for a dress-up party. Let your children have the time of their lives in the pool with their monofins, which come in different attractive patterns and colors reminiscent of the fabled sea mermaids. As a casual swimmer, you may want to take your swimming and diving to another level, and there's no better way to do it than getting a monofin for yourself. Using a monofin together with other gear such as a diving mask is a sure way of reaching deeper into the sea, and also coming up faster when you need to. Apart from improving your swimming skills, a monofin is great exercise equipment that helps strengthen and tone the back and abdomen muscles while improving and toughening the leg muscles.

Before you invest your money in a monofin, there are some features and factors that you'll need to consider carefully, such as the design, blade type, size, and material, the age of the user, and the price tag on the brand you're planning to buy. We will be discussing these features in a short while, so keep reading.
Different factors affect the price of monofins. Things like the design material and style are the major factors at play here. Monofins with foot pockets made from the same mold are less prone to cracking, and therefore more costly than monofins with bi-fins attached to the blade. When considering the price tag on the monofin you want to buy, you'll want to check the design and decide if you can compromise on durability.

The monofins featured in this review range in price from $29 to $100, to cover a good variety of products that are guaranteed to serve you for a long time. The brands we chose are household names in the aquatic equipment field, and you are sure to get maximum value for your money with any product from our lineup. During our research, we came across some cheap monofins. Because of their poor designs, we decided to skip them and concentrate only on quality products from which you can make a choice.
To help you make the right choice of a great monofin, we have listed and given helpful insight into some related features that you need to consider. They include:
  • Design
  • Size and age of user
  • Blade type
  • Manufacturing material
  • Extra features
Construction and Design
A monofin consists of a blade joined to two foot slip pockets, so that once your feet are securely encased in it, they perform and kick as one entity mimicking the movement of a dolphin or whale tail. The foot pockets are the major point of design difference in monofins. There are two ways of affixing the foot pockets on monofin blades. In the first instance, the manufacturer gets a pair of bi-fins and attaches them to the blade with space between the two-foot pockets. In the second case, the foot pockets are made from a single mold and then glued to the blade. The former design tends to crack in the space between the two foot pockets, due to the difference in the applied pressure from each of the legs. The latter design lacks that space and thus does not crack from pressure differential. As we mentioned earlier, this is one of the major determinants of the pricing of monofins, so you may want to keep this fact in mind.

Monofins come in different sizes and are designed for different ages. They're broadly classified into adult sizes and children’s sizes. The ideal monofin should have a tight fit that will not slip off while in use, and at the same time, not be uncomfortable for the user. When shopping for a monofin, be sure to check the size, especially when shopping for a child.

Three types of sizes or fits are available when it comes to monofins: tight, standard, and comfort fit. The tight type is often used by professional athletes during competitions. It’s usually extremely snug, and therefore fit to use for only a short period in games. The standard fit type has a little leeway for the feet and is used by most freedivers, who intend to swim or dive for an extended period of 20 or 30 minutes before the legs start feeling pinched from the monofin. The comfort fit comes with more room in the foot pockets, and is suitable for use for an extended period or if the free diver wants to use the monofin in combination with stockings. Whatever size you go for, the ideal monofin ought not to slip off your feet while in use.

The blade of the monofin is the main component of the equipment, and it determines the dynamics of the monofin. Generally, the thicker the blade, the more water it displaces and the harder it is to move in the water. Monofin blades are designed to be thicker near the edges of the foot-hold pockets, and thin out towards the edges. A blade can also be soft or stiff, with stiff ones being much more powerful, and useful for deep diving to power down and up from the water as well.
Performance and Ease of Use
Monofins are relatively easy to use. The majority of them feature a quick-release heel strap that may or may not be adjustable, but putting one on for the first time may seem a little bit tricky. You may need to wet your feet or apply a lubricant like soap before you can successfully put the monofin on. The heel strap holds the monofin firmly in place and prevents it from slipping off while you’re swimming. It should be placed directly over the heel bone. Since most monofins are made from rubber or neoprene materials, they're incredibly easy to clean and maintain. It doesn't take much to clean one; just rinse out the monofin, air-dry it, and you're ready to go. Monofins come fully assembled, so there are no small pieces or parts to try to fix up again.

For improved performance, the surfaces of most monofin blades have channeled designs, or raised ridges that encourage proper movement and graceful executions by controlling the flexibility of the fin. Some monofin blades are angled to conform with your extended legs, aligning the blade with the body and creating a straight line from the head to the tip of the toes. The monofin unit often comes with wings at the sides, which boosts performance in several ways. Winged monofin blades keep more water on their surfaces and are thus easier to move in the water. They're usually an extension of the foot pockets, streamlining the monofin perfectly with the lower body. The wing buoyancy increases the proper movement of the blade in the water, especially for thicker monofins.

Monofins are usually manufactured from rubber or plastic. Plastic is readily available for use, but with the tight-fit design of most monofins, it quickly becomes uncomfortable and may even start chafing one's feet if worn for any stretch of time. For more comfortable use, some brands have propylene or neoprene inserts for their monofins, so users can be more comfortable and use the monofin for longer times without having to pull it off. Other manufacturing materials include fiberglass, carbon fiber, and carbon composite, a combination of glass and carbon fiber.

Most monofins are built to be lightweight, so they don't add unnecessary load while you're swimming. You'll want to check the weight and dimensions of the monofin before committing your money, so you don't end up with a monofin that is cumbersome or totally unusable.

Get the Best Monofin of 2023!

Thank you for reading our review. Now that you’ve seen all our selected products, you should be able to make an informed choice of the best monofin for you, and place your order today.

Our Top Choice
Finis Foil Technique Monofin
Best Value
Sun Tail Mermaid Monofin
Mahina Mermaid Classic Series Mer' Fins
FinFun Mermaid Style Monofin
Body Glove Mermaid Linden Kid's Monofin