Best Motion Light Reviews 2022

Motion lights are an essential part of electronic home security systems, and with the advancements in technology, it's a tough call trying to sift through the myriad of motion light options out there. As usual, we've spent a lot of time researching and finally came up with, from a pool of brands, our top five brands having some of the best motion lights on the market. Having reviewed one product from each brand, we deemed it fit to let you know that our featured brands have got other motion lights that you should check out, apart from those analyzed in this review.
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Our Top Choice
RAB Lighting Super Stealth Sensor
RAB Lighting offers its customers the very best and most cost-efficient lights for home and business use.
Easy to install, adjust sensitivity, and use. Well-written instructions. Sturdy, weather-resistant, and versatile. 360-degree coverage.
This motion light has great features, but it is not recommended for use above 15 feet.
Deluxe Shielded Bell Floods
Wired; electric
180° out; 360° down
1 – 8 hours after dusk
Info not provided
Best Value
Maxsa Motion Activated Wall Sconce
Maxsa is wholly committed to creating innovative products that are valuable and truly one of a kind.
Out of the way. Efficient and easy to install. Adjustable light intensity. Solidly built. Weatherproof. Appealing look.
Cannot be turned on or off.
Wall Sconce Light
20 seconds after motion stops
80LM / 40LM (Full / Half Power)
Versonel Nightwatcher Motion Track Light
Versonel creates top-notch security products for its customers, and is always sure to add a flair of elegance to each one.
Detects both heat and motion. Well-labeled hardware. Easy to install without expertise. Bright light. 220-degree coverage.
This motion light’s illumination range could be wider.
Track Light
3 mins (return to center)
MicroSolar LED Solar Security Light
MicroSolar Inc., has charged itself with the job of designing, creating, and selling technologically progressive solar products.
Functional and affordable. Durable and heavy-duty. Automatically switches off at sunrise. 180 LEDs. 2000 Lumens.
May not function well in dark places during the day since the panel has to be charging the battery.
Solar Security Light
Adjustable 30 Sec - 10 Min
Mr. Beams Wireless LED Spotlight
Mr. Beams, with its parent brand Wireless Environment, has been developing successful off-grid lighting products for over a decade.
Easily adjustable direction. Instantly responds to movement. Simple, wire-free setup. Power-saving.
May not be as waterproof as needed.
Auto shutoff after 30 seconds

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What is the Best Motion Light?

A good motion light has an array of features designed to provide adequate security for the property of the user, while guaranteeing him peace of mind. Having gone through our buying guide, we believe you have a firm idea of the features to bear in mind when searching for the suitable motion light for your home or business premises. Go on to our product review section and have a look at the products we have lined up for you.
Our Top Choice
RAB Lighting’s Super Stealth Sensor with Shielded Bell Floods has dual-motion sensors, and offers up to a 360-degree coverage range for your benefit. If you prefer a motion light with a 1800 motion detection sensor, take a look at the RAB Lighting Two Adjustable LED Floodlight. It covers a distance range of up to 30 feet.

RAB Lighting Super Stealth Sensor with Shielded Bell Floods – Available in 2 Pack Sizes

RAB Lighting was established in 1946 with a commitment to developing LED lighting with controls that distributors would have no trouble selling, one that electricians would find easy to install; and most importantly, a lighting solution that would help end-users conserve energy. This company has, over the years, experienced exponential growth with an increasing demand for its merchandise. With manufacturing plants and engineering expertise, it keeps its increasing customer base supplied with products consistent in great value.

RAB Lighting’s Super Stealth Sensor is a floodlight motion detector that’s able to identify movement from distances as far as 60 feet within its 180-degree range. This gives you an early notification to the presence of a visitor (or intruder). It also has a 360-degree motion sensing that “looks” all around, even beneath the motion light itself; it can detect motion 10 to 15 feet beneath and behind it.

Another fabulous feature is the set of 3 light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are continuously scanning across the motion light’s face, a deterrent in itself as it can be seen from far away. It’s equipped with a motion detection advanced logic which decreases the occurrences of false alarms when things like the movement of leaves and twigs trigger the sensors of this motion light. Its sensitivity can be adjusted from 100% to as low as 30%, depending on your motion detecting needs. Your home’s electrical power is enough to keep it running, and the light should be installed by an electrician if you don’t have the necessary know-how.

Still on adjustments, the Super Stealth Sensor has a timer that can be adjusted from as little as 5 seconds up to 12 minutes. It has a temperature compensation function that automatically adjusts the sensitivity of the motion light to ensure that it gives consistent motion detection in ambient, cold, and hot temperatures.

It features a built-in surge protection that provides up to 6000 volts protection and is capable of lighting up floodlights with a combined wattage of 1000 watts. What’s more, this motion light is protected from interference from radio frequencies.

Here are a few more features of this motion light:
  • An evening timer that ensures the light stays on for 1 to 8 hours after sundown
  • A customizable photoelectric function that turns off the lights at daytime
  • A CU4 plate that makes mounting the sensor under a soffit possible
  • A protected wall switch manual override with automatic reset
  • An incredible 10-year sensor warranty for your confidence and protection
  • This motion light works with both LEDs and incandescent bulbs
It has a UL listing that indicates that it’s good for wet locations.
Best Value
The Maxsa Battery Powered Motion Activated Wall Sconce Light features a bright LED bulb in a classical wall sconce, with weatherproof glass and a mirrored rear panel for intensity. If you would rather have a solar-powered motion light, you can search out Maxsa’s 44311 Black Solar Motion-Activated LED Security Spotlight. It’s an eco-friendly gadget.

Maxsa Battery Powered Motion Activated Wall Sconce Light – Available in 2 Colors & 2 Styles

Founded by Skip West in the year 2003, Maxsa Innovations is a company with a passionate dedication to products that are not only unique, but innovative in every sense of the word. This mission has been the driving force of the brand and has to be the reason Skip, its founder and president, was honored with the Consumer Technology Association’s 2016 Innovation Entrepreneur Award for 'Small Business Executive of the Year'. This company is the proud manufacturer of a vast range of products that are designed for safety, security, and convenience. Being the forward-looking company that it is, its merchandise is precision-manufactured and a great many of them are solar-powered. Its products are available through various specialty stores, retail chains, online stores, and catalogs across the United States and Canada.

The Maxsa Motion-Activated Wall Sconce has a design that adds a touch of class to wherever it’s installed. Its strong aluminum body—available in bronze and copper finishes—is weather-immune, scratch-resistant, and built to last for years. This light is powered by four batteries and doesn’t require any expertise to install.

It doesn’t feature a power button but will automatically come on with the setting of the sun (it might do so earlier if the sconce is in a shaded area). It has a light and motion sensor in the bottom end of the sconce; the light sensor detects sunlight and turns off while the motion sensor detects movement when the light is on. For optimal, satisfying service, you should ensure that the sensor isn’t obscured so that it’s able to detect light and motion at proper times—and not drive you crazy lighting up when it shouldn’t. This implies that this motion light ought to have its sensors facing sunlight if it’s intended for use as a security measure outdoors.

Its LED intensity can be adjusted to half power and full power; at half power, it gives 42 Lumens and 85 Lumens at full power. The motion sensor has a distance range of 23 feet and the LED bulb stays on for about 20 seconds after the motion that triggered it stops. For ease of installation, a mounting bracket, some screws, and an installation guide are included in the pack.

Maxsa makes great motion lights and listed below are a few of them:
  • The MAXSA Innovations 43218 Battery-Powered Dual Head LED Security Light - a spotlight motion detector with adjustable heads. The duration the light stays on after motion has stopped, the amount of darkness required to turn on the light, and the motion sensor’s range are adjustable as well.
  • The MAXSA Innovations 40235 Motion-Activated LED Wedge Light - a solar-powered motion light with 2 LEDs that give over 90 Lumens. It has 2 modes: “always on” and “motion-activated”.
  • The MAXSA Innovations 40231 Motion-Activated LED Indoor/Outdoor Anywhere Light - a great motion light for indoors and outdoors. It’s battery-powered and certified to work in any climate.
The Maxsa Motion Activated Wall Sconce is covered by a 1-year limited warranty.
The Versonel Nightwatcher Security Motion Track Light features a licensed motion device, incorporated into its Passive Infrared Sensor lamp. It turns the lamp directly at the intruder, aims, and follows them. For a motion light with a color camera and 4GB SD card, we recommend the Versonel Nightwatcher Pro Motorized LED Security Motion Tracking Flood Light with Color Camera.

Versonel Nightwatcher Security Motion Track Light, White

Versonel is a renowned maker of groundbreaking products that are reliable and stylish to boot. It’s a brand that’s aware that technology changes rapidly and it seeks to be at the forefront of that, by listening to and implementing customer feedback. It also takes information from its research and channels it into the development of higher quality products. The goal of this company is to provide you with the best products available in its field, products that promise long-term service without interruption, that will add a touch of class to your space. It searches out and employs only the best of hands and materials in the manufacture of its impressive line of dependable merchandise.

The Versonel Nightwatcher Security Motion Track Light features an aluminum (cast metal) and plastic build which gives it a tough and sturdy construction for long-lasting term service outdoors. It does require assembly, a task that doesn’t require expertise—in other words, it’s quite easy to set up and install.

This motion light is fitted with a PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) lamp that has a patented smart decoder that’s activated by motion and heat. It’s designed to detect movement in a 220-degree field range and at a distance of about 55 feet. A sweet feature of this unit is its ability to turn its head (from left to right) and aim its light at the heat source—that is, the intruder— and follows them until they move out of its range. The light will automatically re-center and the light goes off when the source of the heat is out of its detecting range; this takes 3 minutes. For its power source, a hardwire coupling to a 120-volt power source is required.

Some other features of this motion light include:
  • Sealed, waterproof, and boasts a IP55 waterproof rating, so it can be left in the rain. Ensure there’s a tight seal around the mounting bracket for best results.
  • Withstands temperatures of 0 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit for use in any climate.
  • Its light source is eight 120-Lumen LED bulbs which are quite bright and durable.
  • It has an All Day mode (works from day to night), and a Nighttime mode (works only at night).
  • It has a push-button with which any of the modes can be selected.
It’s covered by a 12-month warranty that begins from the date of purchase.
MicroSolar’s 180 LED Solar Security Light is designed to harness solar power to give brilliant motion lighting solutions with its 180 LEDs delivering an impressive 2000 Lumens of white light. For a solar-powered motion light with 80 LEDs and a 1000-Lumen output, take a look at the MicroSolar 80 LED Motion Sensor Light.

MicroSolar 180 LED Solar Security Light

With facilities in the US and Europe, MicroSolar is a brand that has positioned itself to effectively cater to the outdoor lighting needs of its teeming customers. It’s all about developing technology that will improve its customers’ experience while marking it as the go-to brand for all things solar lighting.

The MicroSolar LED Solar Security Light is basically two floodlights with remarkable brilliance and an aluminum construction. It features two robust solar panels, polycrystalline, and is powered by a powerful Li-ion battery. This unit is fitted with 180 LED bulbs, that in total produce 2000 Lumens of light; the light given off by these bulbs is a natural brilliant white. Its construction is dust and water-tight, can hold its own against strong jets of water, and is thus weatherproof and can be used in any climate throughout the year.

It also features a metallic frame and mounts for the solar panels, which make mounting this motion light even in windy areas possible; plus, that’s something you don’t get to see in many cheaper options. One cool feature is the digital adjustment that can be used to set both the time and intensity of the light. It doesn’t have any knobs, but features two special waterproof buttons; the ‘select’ and ‘up and down’ buttons in the place of common knobs. With a detection range of 16 feet to 32 feet and a timer that can be adjusted within a range of 30 seconds to 10 minutes, you don’t want to miss out on this product.

Other features of this motion light are given below:
  • A motion sensor that’s separate from the light for your convenient placement
  • An automatic on and off feature that’s regulated by the presence of sunlight
  • A 16-foot-long cable that allows the lamp and panels to be set up at different places
  • It features an 8000-milliamp Li-ion battery with the capacity to provide 8 to 10 hours of non-stop lighting. If there’s a need to use it with the battery alone, the light simply needs to be disconnected from the panels
It also comes with easy installation accessories and a 1-year warranty.
The Mr. Beams Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell is a bright, power-saving motion light with a 140-Lumen brightness, and 30-foot detection range. If you wouldn’t mind a 20-Lumen motion light with a simple and fun design, check out the Mr. Beams MB726 Stick Anywhere Wireless Motion Sensor LED Night Light.

Mr. Beams Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell – Available in 2 Colors & 4 Pack Sizes

Since its launch in 2006, Mr. Beams—a brand under Wireless Environment—has been releasing products that have enabled it to carve a niche for itself as a force to reckon with in the field of LED technology. At present, it has filed about 38 patents, with 13 issued in the USA and several others filed internationally. It seeks to create forward-looking LED lighting tech to be used off the grid, and sees a future where lights will be run off-grid. It’s pledged its existence to ensuring that there are lights that function fully when they’re off the matrix or that shift conveniently between wireless and wired. Its products are also motion-activated, pocket-friendly, and offer easy lighting solutions wherever you need them.

The Mr. Beams Wireless LED Spotlight can be installed wherever; from porches to hallways, garages to fences, and more. It has a tight, waterproof seal for use outdoors in rainy climes, and the ultraviolet-resistant material in its construction allows it to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight while retaining the strength of its casing. One of its commendable features is its wireless setup that translates into an easy installation experience that doesn’t require the services of an electrician.

This motion light has a sensitive motion sensor that turns on the light immediately as movement is sensed; and trust us that it does that really quickly. It detects movement within a 30-foot range and has a 140-Lumen LED bulb that’s capable of lighting up a 400-square foot area. A sensitive photocell that turns the motion light on and off at dawn and dusk ensures that your batteries are only required to power the light for real detecting jobs. It’s designed to be powered by 3 D alkaline batteries.

Some other features of this motion light from Mr. Beams are below:
  • A head that pivots up and down/left and right for convenient directing of the light to where it’s needed
  • The light automatically goes off after 30 seconds if further movement isn’t detected, thus prolonging battery life
  • It comes with mounting anchors for securing the screws to whatever surface you’re setting it on
As for warranties, there’s a 1-year warranty, and an extra year is added if the motion light is registered.

How Do I Choose the Best Motion Light?

“Every man's home is his castle,” and as such, should be fortified as much as possible with the best security system that one can afford. There are many types of security systems for the home and business premises that guard the property against unwanted visitors. Electronic security systems such as the intercom, security alarm, and video monitoring security cameras are some of the most commonly used security systems for the home; but if you're looking for a better and more discreet way to secure your house, or want to beef up your already-existing security system, then you should be thinking about getting a motion light.

Motion lights work with motion sensors or detectors that detect movement through infrared, microwave, or ultrasonic technology by measuring the heat emitted or sound waves of moving objects. When change is detected, the motion sensor electronically triggers on the light—usually LED or spotlight—and illuminates the area where it’s positioned, thus exposing the stealthy intruder and scaring him away. Its discreet nature and commonplace look make it hard to detect as a security measure; therefore, it works perfectly as a surprise element to startle a would-be burglar.

It can also serve to light up your way when you’re walking through a darkened hallway, corridor, garden, garage, deck, or front doors. With a motion light installed, you don’t need to carry a flashlight or lamp with you around your house, and they're decorative enough to blend in quite well with your home décor.

As with all security systems, the efficiency and reliability of the unit are of utmost importance and should be the top-ranking consideration when shopping for one. We’ll be looking at some of the features such as the design, light output, rotation, power source, and duration of illumination that affect the efficiency of a motion light. The price tag on the unit is another factor we’ll be considering as well, so please stay with us.
Talking about securing any property, we recommend that you go all out and get the best that you can afford. Trying to cut corners to get it cheap doesn't always work, and most times it's counter-productive. Nevertheless, you can decide to go for a motion light with passive infrared detecting technology which is less expensive when compared to the ultrasonic or tomographic motion detectors.

The prices of motion lights we featured range from about $23 to $150, which gives you a wide range to choose from—the low-end to the high-end and everything in-between. The motion lights in our lineup are guaranteed to be highly efficient and reliable, coming from well-respected brands in the electronics industry. While conducting our research, we found some cheap motion lights with low-quality designs that aren’t reliable, so we overlooked them and concentrated on bringing you products that you'll be glad you bought.
Now that you're in the market for a reliable and durable motion light, here are some features you should look out for without bothering to go into all the technological terms associated with electronic security systems. These features include:
  • Design
  • Output
  • Rotation
  • Power source
  • Duration
  • Other extra features
Construction and Design
There are several designs and styles of motion lights, typically in terms of the number of light heads or the type of bulb.
Some of them feature multiple light heads that are adjustable to help cover more areas, although most brands manufacture single-light head units. Even though the multi-light head type may cost more, it's advisable if you have several dark areas around your home that you want to be illuminated.

Most motion lights function with light emitting diode (LED) bulbs, and for better illumination, these LED bulbs come in groups of between four and sixteen. LED bulbs are extremely durable and don't require changing, unlike regular incandescent bulbs that have a short lifespan. A few brands outfit their motion lights with powerful floodlights or spotlights instead of the LED lamp. The floodlight design is much more suited for large properties as it usually has bright and powerful beams.

The motion lights are often encased in high-impact plastic materials for protection against the elements, and some manufacturers may use an aluminum material for safety against vandalism, especially for outdoor motion lights. Motion lights incorporate photocells that deactivate the light during the day and activate it at night.

There are three primary power sources for a motion light: solar, battery, and electricity. The majority of them are battery-operated which means you may have some downtime in-between cell changes, although the batteries are supposed to last for a long while—up to 2 years in some cases. One huge advantage of the battery-operated type is that it’s completely wireless, so you don't have to contend with the hassles of wiring that you would with the hardwired type that uses electricity as its power source. The solar-powered motion light has a rechargeable battery and a converter that transforms sun energy to electrical energy and stores it in the battery. This light will function properly once the battery is charged, even on a non-sunny day.

Once the motion detector senses movement, the light is triggered on and lasts for a set period until no more motion is detected. This time frame may be seconds or minutes, and can range from anywhere between 30 seconds and 20 minutes.
Performance and Ease of Use
A good motion light should be easy to set up. For easy installation, some of them work with existing light sockets; all you need to do is screw the motion light holder in the socket, and it starts working. A few others, notably the electrically-powered types, will require some wiring and drilling to set up; the solar-powered types just need a minor connection and for the solar panel to be where it'll absorb sunlight maximally.

To make the process easier, most manufacturers include a well-detailed instruction manual in the pack to help get the unit up and running smoothly. There’s usually little or no maintenance required for a motion light, except to change the battery when it exhausts its lifespan for the battery-operated types.

The light output and color of the motion light are paramount when you think about the performance. The light emission by the bulb is measured in lumens, and can vary from 150 lumens to 850 lumens. A higher lumen value translates to a brighter and better unit. Conversely, brighter or higher lumens consume energy more than lower lumens, so if you're concerned about energy consumption and its attendant high bills, then you'd be better off with motion lights with a smaller lumen value.

Most motion lights emit white light while some emit a bluish-white light, so you should be sure to check the color of the light emitted by the bulb to ensure it matches your needs.

Another yardstick that determines the performance of a motion light is the area it covers, which includes the radius and the distance in feet. Some motion lights cover up to a 360-degree radius, while others may be 180 or 220 degrees. The distance covered is measured in feet and ranges from a mere 12 feet to an impressive 60 feet. Also, note that motion detectors with a higher radius coverage often cover short distances, while those with smaller radius coverage have long-range distance coverage. Some manufacturers design their motion lights with robotic heads that rotate from left to right and even up and down. A few of them turn according to the movement detected, so the intruder might feel that he's being followed.

Some motion lights feature control knobs or panels where you can adjust the illumination, set the sensitivity range to minimize false triggers, change the auto-off timer, and even configure the level of darkness before the photocell deactivates and the unit starts functioning. In case you have pets that are likely to send off false triggers when they cross the path of the motion light, there are pet-friendly motion lights designed to be immune to movements from objects up to a certain weight, so you might want to be on the lookout for such models if you do have a pet.

You can have the option to use some of the motion lights as a conventional lighting unit by the simple flicking of a switch. This turns the light constantly on till you flick it off again, returning it to its normal security function.

Get the Best Motion Light of 2022!

We hope you enjoyed reading our buying guide. We’re certain you’ve identified the motion light that will suit your needs, so why wait? Go ahead and place the order now. If by any chance none of the products snagged your attention, you may want to check out other great motion lights from our featured brands using the navigation links provided.

Our Top Choice
RAB Lighting Super Stealth Sensor
Best Value
Maxsa Motion Activated Wall Sconce
Versonel Nightwatcher Motion Track Light
MicroSolar LED Solar Security Light
Mr. Beams Wireless LED Spotlight