Best Motorcycle Alarm Reviews 2022

Motorcycle theft is increasing in the United States and anyone who used to own a bike that’s been stolen knows the pain, anger and heartache that go along with it. But, as thieves grow smarter, so do manufacturers, as they come up with new locks and motorcycle alarms that are to combat this growing problem. There are numerous alarms on the market, some good and others not so much. We understand that not everyone can afford the higher end alarms and locks so we’ve researched some of the best motorcycle alarm brands and 5 cool options to keep your bike safe without breaking your wallet.
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Our Top Choice
Xena Disc-Lock Motorcycle Alarm
Xena Security was started by engineers and motorcycle enthusiasts who came together to produce better locks and security that you can use to safeguard your bike.
Superbly designed. Lock bin is practically indestructible. Near impossible to pick or break. Freeze spray-proof. Built to last. Easily installed.
The alarm tends to go off on its own.
Disc-lock alarm
3.3 x 2.4 x 1 inches
1.35 pounds
Shock and motion
120 decibels
Best Value
Bolaxin Anti-Theft Motorcycle Alarm
Bolaxin is a relatively new brand on the market but it’s making waves with its heavily researched and developed motorcycle accessories.
Affordable. Offers numerous features for a great price. Has motion and shock sensors. Comes with a remote control. Remote engine start and power shut-off.
The alarm sensitivity is inconsistent.
Engine alarm
9.9 x 7.9 x 2.1 inches
0.25 pound
Shock and motion
125 decibels
Gorilla 9 Series Compact Motorcycle Alarm
Gorilla Automotive, known for delivering exceptional automotive parts to the market, continues to surpass expectations and receive praise for its quality products.
Has three different sensors. 2-way paging system with a long range. Remote controlled. LED warning light. Loud siren. Easy installation. Waterproof parts.
Alarm is a bit sensitive but it’s easy to adjust.
Engine alarm
9 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches
5.4 pounds
Current, shock, and tilt
120 decibels
Urban Security UR6 Motorcycle Alarm
Urban Security is a European security company focused on delivering top quality security measures such as disc-locks to consumers both in Europe and around the globe.
A solid, durable, and water-resistant body. Has a universal fit. Uses both light and sound for its alarm system. Backed by a 2-year warranty.
No shock or motion sensors.
Disc-lock alarm
8.5 x 6.1 x 2.4 inches
1.2 pounds
120 decibels
Genssi Basic Universal Motorcycle Alarm
Known for top quality LED products, Genssi has grown and entered the automotive industry by manufacturing and distributing affordable automotive parts and accessories.
Super affordable. Waterproof. Compact design. Built-in shock sensor. Loud alarm. Surprisingly good alarm for its price. Easy installation.
Alarm is a bit sensitive.
Engine alarm
8.9 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches
0.55 pounds
120 decibels

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What is the Best Motorcycle Alarm?

We’ve covered everything you need to know about shopping for a new motorcycle alarm. Now let’s check out these five great alarms to see how they compare and what they have to offer.
Our Top Choice
The Xena Disc-Lock Motorcycle Alarm is a stainless steel high nickel content lock with a mono-block body and a 10mm double-locking, carbide reinforced steel locking pin. Another great Xena lock is the Xena XZZ6L Disc-lock Alarm which features a smaller 6mm hardened steel pushdown-locking pin.

Xena Disc-Lock Alarm for Motorcycle, Stainless Steel, Pick & Freeze Spray Proof

Xena Security began back in the early 1990s when some UK engineers got together with motorcycle enthusiasts to create a better motorcycle lock. They focused on strength, building a disc-lock that was ridiculously strong and able to defend against numerous attempts at theft. This lock became the first of its kind, a premium disc-lock for motorcycles; XENA also became the first to add a new feature, which made this lock the first to become an electronic alarm. XENA Security manufacturers the world’s loudest, smartest and strongest disc-lock alarms.

The Xena Disc-Lock Motorcycle Alarm is a high-quality disc-lock alarm that features a stainless steel high-nickel content mono-block body with a broad fit profile and a top of the class 10mm double locking, carbide-reinforced hardened steel locking pin.

One worry of many motorcyclists is that even with locks, their bikes aren’t safe thanks to thieves now using freeze sprays and being able to pick the locks as well, but you don’t have to worry about that with the Xena Disc-Lock Alarm. It’s freeze-spray resistant and pick proof. It also has a built-in 120db (decibels) alarm built in that’s triggered by shock & motion sensors. It’s powered by a single CR2 (coin sized) lithium battery which lasts up to a year. It’s self-arming but has no on/off switch; it simply rearms itself in 15 seconds flat. We can understand if you’re worried about the alarm being an issue when it's due for a battery change, but even though you can’t turn it off, the instruction manual shows you how to remove it without it going off.
Best Value
The Bolaxin Anti-Theft Motorcycle Alarm features an effective 125db alarm and remote engine start. It also has an adjustable shock and sensitive motion sensor. If you need new lights for your bike then take a look at Bolaxin’s 15 LED Motorcycle Turn Signals, which are compatible with 12 Volt bikes and give off an amber yellow light.

Bolaxin Anti-Theft Alarm for Motorcycle, with Remote Engine Start and 4-Button Remote Control

Bolaxin is a simpler name for the Shenzhen Gaidong Electronic Technology Co. Ltd which was founded in 2016. It’s an automobile accessories company with an independent research facility that develops quality automobile products for its customers around the globe. Even though it’s a relatively new brand, it’s slowly rising up the ranks with product after product.

During our research, we came across many great alarms and some not so wonderful ones. The motorcycle alarm that really stuck when it came to value was the Bolaxin Anti-Theft Motorcycle Alarm. It features a sensitive motion sensor and an adjustable shock sensor as well. It comes with a 4 button remote control that you can use to start and shut off your engine. The alarm also warns you if your bike is in trouble by flashing a warning light and triggering its 125dB siren.

It’s compact and works with practically any 12V motorcycle. Another cool feature is that this alarm can cut off your bike’s power supply if it’s being stolen, stopping the thieves dead in their tracks. It’s easy to install that works with all motorcycles, including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, etc.
The Gorilla Automotive Compact Motorcycle Alarm has a 120dB siren and features 3 sensors, a current sensor, a shock sensor and a tilt sensor. Another great product from Gorilla Automotive is the TG1 Tire Pressure Gauge which has a pressure range from 0 to 50-PSI.

Gorilla Automotive Compact Motorcycle Alarm with 2-Way Paging System

Gorilla Automotive have one main belief and that’s “people make the company, not the other way around.” This speaks to the way Gorilla Automotive strives to treat its employees as well as its customers with the utmost value and respect. With over 40 years in the industry, Gorilla Automotive has put its best foot forward with high-quality products and service that you can trust. Gorilla offers just about every automotive accessory on the market from wheel locks, access to lug nuts and security alarms; Gorilla Auto has got you covered.

The Gorilla Automotive brand is known for its quality products that shine on the marketplace, which is why it won’t come as a shock to many that we came across Gorilla Automotive during our research. The product that caught our eye during our research was the Gorilla Automotive Compact Motorcycle Alarm. It’s a terrific alarm system and let’s talk about why.

It’s compact yet features a powerful 120dB alarm which some think is even higher than 120dB. It also has a 2-way pager, which receives signals up to ½ mile away, and tells you if the alarm has been triggered. If it was an accident, you can deactivate it with your 3-button remote without having to go directly to your bike.

What makes this alarm even better is that it has three sensors unlike the standard one or two that you find with many other motorcycle alarms. The first is its internal tilt sensor, which tells you if the angle of your bike has changed. This is especially useful if thieves try to lift your bike into a truck without trying to turn it on whatsoever. Next up is its current sensor, which goes off if someone is trying to hotwire your motorcycle. The third sensor is an adjustable 2-stage shock sensor which goes off if someone hits your bike.

This Gorilla alarm has an LED warning light to let you know when it’s armed and it’s a proven visual deterrent against theft. It’s covered by 2-year warranty which covers it against any manufacturer defects plus its siren and connectors are waterproof. This alarm is one of the best on the market and what’s even better is that it takes less than 30 minutes to install and doesn’t require any special tools.

The Gorilla Automotive Compact Motorcycle Alarm is a part of Gorilla’s 9 Series which also has the Gorilla 9000 and Gorilla 9000-2R motorcycle alarms too.
The Urban Security UR6 Motorcycle Alarm is a disc-lock alarm which features a 120dB anti-theft sound alarm and a light signal which gives it its Double Alarm System. To increase your bike’s security, pair the UR6 with the Urban Bike Hexagonal Steel Lasso. It’s a hardened steel lasso with a fabric sleeve to protect your bike’s paint job and frame.

Urban Security Water-resistant UR6 Motorcycle Alarm with 120db Alarm

Urban Security focuses on providing top quality security locks for the best possible price. It offers a complete range of locks with two lines: standard and homologated. All locks are made using the highest-grade materials and are thoroughly tested at the Urban Security lab in Europe. Each Urban Security lab has surpassed industry expectations and is trusted by consumers around the globe.

Urban Security has a great lineup of products but during our research, the one that really stood out to us was the Urban Security UR6 Motorcycle Alarm. It’s an IP54 water-resistant disc-lock alarm with a metal body, ABS plastic cover and anti-rust treatment. Its Double Alarm system uses a 120dB siren and a light signal, which is currently the most powerful light signal on the market for a motorcycle alarm. If you want, you can also use the lock without the alarm as both the siren and light functions are optional and you can activate and deactivate them whenever you choose.

It has a 6mm hardened steel locking pin which adds to its overall dependability. The U6 is covered by a 2-year warranty for any manufacturer’s defects. It’s powered by a CR2 (coin type battery), uses a hexagon key and you get it with a complimentary pouch. This disc-lock alarm was carefully designed to give you durability and security for your motorcycle.
The Genssi Basic Motorcycle Alarm is an affordable waterproof compact alarm with a built-in shock sensor and 6 tone siren to alert you whenever someone tries to steal or tamper with your ride. Another great motorcycle alarm from Genssi is the 2-Way LCD Motorcycle Alarm Pager. It has a two-way range of over 5000 meters.

Genssi Basic Security System Universal Motorcycle Alarm with 2 Remote Controls & 6 Tone Siren

Genssi and Genssi LED are one in the same. It was started in 2013 and produces some of the world’s top LED products used by successful racing teams in the BAJA 500/1000. However, Genssi’s LED products aren’t only for successful racing teams, its products are used for home improvement as well as aquariums and more. Genssi has also ventured into manufacturing and distributing automotive parts and accessories, which has earned it a nice spot in the automotive industry.

Our featured Genssi product is the Genssi Basic Universal Motorcycle Alarm. It’s an affordable anti-rob system with a built-in shock sensor and 6 tone siren. It’s controlled by a wide scope remote and has a compact waterproof design, allowing you to fit it into tight spaces. When you get the Genssi Basic Motorcycle Alarm, you’ll also receive 2 remotes which are great in case you accidentally lose one. Plus, it also features remote engine start and a kill switch, but you don’t have to install those features if you don’t want to.

It’s easy to install with most users doing so in about 15 minutes. It might take longer for you if you decide to install more features, but even if that’s the case, it won’t take longer than an hour to install. Overall, it’s a great motorcycle alarm to get if you’re on a tight budget.

How Do I Choose the Best Motorcycle Alarm?

For many, a motorcycle is more than just a way to get around; it’s their baby. They work hard, day in and day out, to buy their bike and treat it right. They put thought and effort into getting the right tires, helmet, and jacket to ensure that they have the right look and feel when they’re blazing down the highway.

That’s why it’s so sad to know that in just 2016 alone, 46,467 motorcycles were stolen in the US. This is a 2% increase from 45,555 stolen in 2015. Honda owners were the ones who suffered the most as Hondas were reported stolen more than any other brand.

These statistics show that motorcycle theft is on the rise. Thieves are becoming smarter and craftier. For them, this is a job and while their skills range from amateur to professional, you cannot take any chances. Your bike is an investment and you’ve got to do all you can to protect it.

The best way to do this is to invest in a good motorcycle alarm and lock. If you haven’t already and aren’t sure what to look for then we’ll help you learn what to look for when buying a motorcycle alarm then show some of the great models we came across during our research. The good news about these is that they aren’t ridiculously expensive, and besides, it’d be better you pay for one now and prevent your bike from being stolen than regret not having bought one after you come out of your house to find your bike missing.
When you’re investing in a motorcycle alarm, you want to focus on quality first and second. We understand that you’re on a budget but you want to ensure you get the best value for your money. On the low end, you’re looking at maybe $30-40 if you’re shopping online but in store, you could find alarms as low as maybe $50. On the higher end, you’re looking at maybe $200-300. The type of alarm and its features will affect its price. For example, in most cases Disc-lock alarms will cost less than engine alarms.

Those with sensors, which are often standard with engine alarms as opposed to disc-lock alarms, will cost more than those which do without them. We advise that you opt for those with sensors because it’ll definitely make a difference in the protection of your bike. You’ll likely come across some cheap motorcycle alarms both online and in store, but it’s best to avoid those, because if you rely on lesser models you could very well find yourself without an alarm as well as a bike. Quality and strength is the way to go.
When you’re looking to buy a new alarm for your bike, a few notable features will make all the difference when your bike is in jeopardy.

Here’s what you should look for when purchasing a new motorcycle alarm:
  • Siren — The sound of a siren is sometimes all you need to deter criminals and notify you when something is wrong. The decibels of each siren differ but they’re typically never under a hundred. 120dB is usually a good mid-point for a siren as it’s loud enough but not too loud.
  • Motion sensor — Sensors are a great feature for any motorcycle alarm. Motion sensors trigger your bike’s alarm when your motorcycle’s being moved.
  • Tilt sensor — This sensor triggers your motorcycle’s alarm if your bike is tilted. This especially comes in handy if thieves are trying to move your bike into a truck but your alarm doesn’t have a motion sensor.
  • Current sensor — Detects when your motorcycle’s engine has been started without the key, say when someone’s trying to hotwire it
  • Location sensor — This goes off when your bike has been moved without you starting the engine.
  • Strength — If you’re getting a disc-lock alarm, you need one that’s durable and strong so it won’t be easy to cut or break.
  • Remotes — Usually employed in two-way paging systems. These tell you if your bike is in danger using either a light, siren or both — Definitely worth the extra cash in most cases.
While your alarm’s features are important, you need to focus on the materials used to make it as well.
Construction and Design
We’ve mentioned before that motorcycle alarms come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and designs. There are disc-lock alarms that often come with sirens but often have the bulk of their merit in their design.

Now, when it comes to the design and construction of your alarm, the merits for a disc-lock alarm differ from the merits for an engine alarm.

When getting a disc-lock alarm, you probably want something strong that won’t be easy to break off. You also may want something that won’t be easy to pick, just as you may want it to be freeze-proof, as many thieves now use freeze sprays to break it open. While they may be a bit more expensive, consider the disc-lock alarms with sensors such as shock and motion sensors. Also consider getting a lock with a hardened steel locking pin, which will be that much harder to cut.

We likewise advise you to get both disc-lock alarms as well as engine alarms with waterproof components, which protect them from easy tampering. Engine alarms that are compact and easy to install and hide in your bike are valued, as it’ll make it less prone to tampering by thieves. Ultimately, you want to make your bike as difficult as possible to steal as thieves won’t risk their money or their freedom for a bike that they don’t think is worth the hassle.
Performance and Ease of Use
When you’ve gotten your first motorcycle alarm, the setup usually depends on the alarm and its features. Engine alarms require more time than a simple disc-lock alarm because you have to utilize the wiring of your bike to install it. Some alarms have more features than others and thus take more time to install. The instructions are a great help and, if followed correctly, the average installation of a new alarm takes less than an hour, which really isn’t very long. If you’re unsure how you can always get your mechanic to help you or even do it for you.

When installing your engine alarm, the quality of the installation is also a huge factor. We recommend you hide your alarm in or under the airbox and all of the wiring in the factory looms.

We’ve covered what to look for when you’re buying your motorcycle alarm, whether it’s a disc-lock alarm or an engine alarm, but we want to share a few tips with you on how you can better secure your bike.

We know your bike is important to you. It takes time and money to take care of it and we want to be as helpful as possible. While a disc-lock or engine alarm is great, another added level of security is to attach your bike to an immovable object. Some thieves will try to hot-wire your bike to steal it. Others will simply lift it and put in a van. Make this virtually impossible for them.

Thieves focus on low hanging fruit and if your bike takes longer than necessary to steal, they’ll move on to the next target. You can secure it by using a chain lock and attaching to something strong and immovable in the ground. When you’re doing this, leave as little space as possible for sledgehammer or freeze attacks. Also, don’t chain the wheel. These are easy to remove and aren’t as effective as many people think.

When you’re using the disc lock, lock the rear wheel as the front wheel is easier to take off. Another tip is never to leave your bike outside. If you live in an apartment complex then rent a temporary garage space. Do whatever you can to protect your bike, and that starts with shielding it from the view of prying eyes.

One tip we found during our research is that, if you’re temporarily parked outside, remove your clutch lever so they don’t hijack your ride. However, don’t do this every night, because sometimes thieves are watching and will make note of your actions and just bring their own clutch lever, so ensure it’s fastened to the ground and locked up tight. We know your ride is more than just a ride. It’s your baby and we want to know it’s safe for you to ride and not some crook’s payday.

Get the Best Motorcycle Alarm of 2022!

We know the very thought of losing your bike can cause a mix of emotions from sorrow to rage. That’s why we hope this review of some of the best motorcycle alarms has helped you to pick one that’ll smartly protect your bike and your investment.

Our Top Choice
Xena Disc-Lock Motorcycle Alarm
Best Value
Bolaxin Anti-Theft Motorcycle Alarm
Gorilla 9 Series Compact Motorcycle Alarm
Urban Security UR6 Motorcycle Alarm
Genssi Basic Universal Motorcycle Alarm